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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on April 9, 2015
Looks good in the pictures, almost exactly like the Public bike with similar features (7-speed). My wife is happy with it, and it's for her, so in the end, that's good. There are a few caveats:

1. You *will* need to get the bike tuned. And assembled. I did the basic assembling, but the brakes and wheel hub bearings in particular needed adjusting on ours. Plus the wheels were slightly out of true. So, unless you're a capable bike mechanic and are good at truing up bike wheels (not a straightforward thing if you're not trained to do it right), expect to pay anywhere from $60 to $100 at your local bike shop to get the bike in truly decent working order. Most shops will also fully assemble and tune the bike for you, but again, this "hidden cost" adds to the cost of the bike. Maybe you are willing to just assemble it out of the box and not worry too much about fine-tuning. For me, I wanted to be sure the bike - brakes especially but also shifter, wheels, hubs, etc. were in top tuning condition before I put my wife on it, though.

2. It all looks good, but on closer inspection none of the components are particularly well-built and all but the shifter/derailleur are no-brand parts. Kind of what you expect at such a low price point - I get that. But, keep in mind the extra $60 to $100 you'll likely spend to get the bike in shape, and add that to the cost of this bike when you compare costs of other bikes. This isn't really a $299 bike. It's at least a $360 bike, probably $400 if you're planning on needing a bike shop to do all the work for you.

3. At a $400 price point, you could probably get a number of other very similar looking bikes with better, at least branded, components. See, E.G., the Public 7-speed bike. We live in the San Francisco bay area, and I really wanted to get the Public version of this for my wife for the sale price of $429, but the $299 price of this Cirtical Cycles version made my cost-conscious wife go with this instead. After we paid for a tune up, the difference was only around $50 compared to the similar Public bike. For that difference, the Public bike had a step up in all components - brakes, shifter, derailleur, etc. On a bike, you really get a better, safer machine when your components aren't bottom-rung quality, so this is a big deal to me.

In the end, with my wife's strict budget, this was the only bike she was willing to buy in this style (which is the style she wanted). The baby blue is "cute" and nice and feminine, so again, Wife loves the look of this bike. At least I got her on a bike and we're having fun, but in hindsight, paying only a little more for other brands (like, but not just, Public) would have gotten us a solid step up in quality and components.
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on May 6, 2013
Bought this bike on a whim as there were few reviews for this specific model. Most reviews on their site is for their fixed gear bike.

Product arrived in one large box, make sure you are there when the package man arrives otherwise you may have to haul the over sized package from a ups/FedEx drop facility which I imagine would be challenging.

Inside the bike was mostly assembled as claimed by the manufacturer. However there were not any instructions in the box. The instructions on the website were for their fixed gear bike. However taking stock of the parts it seemed like it only needed a few screws here and there, and the front wheel installed. I used the detailed picture view on amazon and the manufacturer website to see where things go. Customer support was very quick in answering questions.

Once assembled I took it to the bike shop for brake tuning which cost 15 dollars.

On the first couple of rides, it rides beautifully, minor issues, need to readjust front brakes as they do not make contact with the wheel. The shifters are effortless and display what gear you are in.

Notable Flaw:
Kickstand is too long, so bike falls over every time. I do not know how to fix this. Its not a deal-braker but an annoyance that my 300 dollar bike cant stand on its own.

Also the light looks metallic in the picture but is in fact metallic-looking plastic. The light has a cheap finish. Assembling it was finicky and an integral plastic bit inside that held the battery compartment to the plastic frame flew off as I was trying to put a screw in. The battery compartment is secure but might fly off on a bump. Also cant figure out how the light attaches to the front. At the moment it is dangling ungracefully from the front of my bike.

In conclusion good bike, except for light and kickstand issue. Also there is some vibrations on the pedal and I believe it might be the rear fender rubbing against the wheel as I read in another review. Since it doesn't cause any other issues I might fix it at some point.

Update 8/1/2013
Well I have had this bike for a few months, rode it everyday for a while to get to class, and I must say it is a pretty good ride. I fixed the kickstand by bending it with my foot, the light is still not on nor do I know how to put it on. I have gotten compliments on it which has never happened to me with any other bike. The cream color means it will show dirt and marks but its no deal breaker.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on January 21, 2016
I ordered this bike for my wife as a Christmas gift. The package was in rough shape, however, it seemed to be wrapped well inside of the box. As I took everything out, there were no assembly instructions to be found. Most of the assembly was pretty simple. As I put it together though, there was a dent in the front fender and both the front and rear fenders had been bent/torqued so when they were in, they did not align with the tires. The rear rack was another nightmare. The mounting brackets interfere with the rear brake no matter how you assemble or adjust it making the rear brakes worthless if you have the rack on. I ordered a replacement hoping to salvage the bad parts, but the new one arrived and it also had a dent in the front fender. At that point I decided to cut my losses and return the bike. Very dissapointed with the quality of this bike.
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on April 23, 2014
The bike is even better than I had hoped for. I read a ton of other reviews and waited for months before I ended up buying a used one. First, I couldn't even tell it has ever been used. The bike is beautiful!! Second, the assembly was quick and painless and sense I am not an assembly master and certainly not a bike master I still took it to a local bike shop to make sure I had done it correctly and everything from tires to handle bars is in working order. The size is also perfect for me as I am 5.4". The only down side, is I like many others have no clue how to assemble or put on the headlight and while the bike is sturdy and appears to be of a very high quality the headlight is plastic with chrome paint. This is not such a big deal for me since I never ride in the dark. I cannot wait to buy a basket!!
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on August 21, 2013
I bought this bike a few months back when there were only 2 reviews on here for it. For starters, it doesn't come with any instructions on how to assemble. They advertise it as being so easy to assemble, with the tool included. Big selling point for me since I know nothing about bikes and wanted something cute and affordable. The website listed on the side of the box was strictly for assembly of a fixie, which this bike is not. I took out all the pieces, watched the video once and realized I would NOT be able to do it myself. Took it to the shop and had it built there. It really is a good looking bike from afar. Every little bump in the road is felt though, maybe should have considered a bike with suspension for these mean, flat surfaced, paved streets. I got caught in a rainstorm for 5 minutes one night home. Put it in garage (where it is always kept, away from the elements) and was unable to dry it off but since it was the only time I have gotten it wet I didn't think it'd be a problem. I was wrong. I didn't ride it for about two weeks after that. Bell was so rusted and disgusting it doesn't even work and was falling off. The rack is very rusted as well along with the spokes of the wheels and around pedals. This really irritated me. The accessories are cheaply made.The lamp is plastic.The seat comes loose sometimes too. Overall this bike still functions and gets me around with no problem. I get many compliments on it as well. Just don't ride it in inclement weather.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on August 26, 2013
I counted the days until my bike arrived and couldn't wait to get it together and go for a ride. As mentioned in previous reviews, the bike is shipped in a large box with little packaging to protect it which often results in damage before you even remove the pieces from the box. In my case, one fender was dented and the bracket for the other fender was so severely bent that the short bolt that was provided would not fit through both the bracket AND the frame so it couldn't be attached. Even my brother "the bike guy" couldn't determine where some of the "extra" pieces should go. As suggested in other reviews I contacted the company to request assembly instructions.... NO response from Critical. Another suggestion was to seek advice from YouTube... no videos for this particular model. Our (at this point there are 3 people attempting to assemble the bike - and use all of the pieces provided) frustration was only compounded by the fact that the site boasts "EASY 20 MIN ASSEMBLY." Right. Maybe if it isn't damaged before it gets to you and you have some bike knowledge. Hey Critical... we spent $300 on your product - how about you throw us a bone and include 1 piece of paper to guide in the assembly.... or answer requests for instructions when sent??? I would take instructions over the useless tool you provided. In the end I wound up spending another $100 on a $300 bike to have a bike shop assemble and tune.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on August 3, 2013
After having to return the first bike I received because it had the wrong front fork, I've had nothing but trouble with the replacement that was shipped out (since I ordered from Amazon, the company would not send out a replacement fork, I had to ship back the whole bike). The bracket for the derailleur was bent, along with one of the adjustment screws. There is something inside the back wheel making a rattling noise. It feels like it will ride nicely, but it is very frustrating that over a week after I received the first bike I ordered, I have not gotten to ride it yet.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on August 20, 2013
Where did all the 5 star reviews come from? Or did I get a different bike? Gears are awkward, seat is miserable, tires are thicker on my yard fertilizer spreader. Tires are like at most, 2 inches wide. Had the bike shipped to a professional bike shop and they put it together so it wasn't me. They were unimpressed and so am I. I will say if it was a better built bike, the design would be awesome.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on July 22, 2015
The basic specs of this bike are good, and it looks great out of the box. That is where the love affair ends. We found that after dozens of emails back and forth with Critical Cycles, the company knows very little about its product or bikes really. We bought the 38/SM size and this bike was unboxed two weeks ago. We thought we would have it on the road in a matter of days.

Out of the box we put it on the bike stand (I worked in a bike shop in a past life) and after checking the bike out a bit we followed the easy instruction video on Critical Cycles website (only for single speed) and here is where the problems began.

Right away, the fender rubbed against the rear wheel and no amount of tightening or loosening would fix it (we contacted Critical Cycles, and they told us to bend the U-stay, bend the fender, etc., sent us the wrong sized fender - total mess and terrible service), and then we finally contacted Amazon (who responded with a prompt offer of a return and replacement, a discount, or a refund).

We ordered the Small 38 step through (women's).

Basic Problem:

The geometry was all wrong in my view. It was as if the bike had been built but Critical never had anyone build and test these at the plant before sending them from China to the USA. The rear fender rubbed, and was not workable with the wheels provided (Critical sent the wrong size as a replacement - see picture), and after emails back and forth with Critical Cycles we decided to stop trying with them and ask Amazon for a full refund.

Other issues:

The rear rack required tweaking (beyond normal) to fit (see picture)

The front V-brake mounts seemed to be the wrong size for the brakes. No amount of tweaking could get it to work. V-brakes are easy to work with and should work with slight adjustment UNLESS the wheel/mounts on fork/wheel size are wrong.

Any teenage kid without any training can build a bike out of the box and only fine tuning and wheel adjustments require a shop. I have a home shop with bike stand, and have taken bikes apart and put them together for over 20 years, and this bike had real problems. The geometry was all wrong for the wheel set, brakes, rack, etc.

I am sure the other sized version of this is better and even if I were a short person (I bought this for a 5'3" woman) I think the larger size is the only way to go. Even then, the complaints about geometry and fit are quite abundant here. Just have a look at all the "fender does not fit" etc., complaints. While some people like winging it - I felt that the bike should build and ride as advertised. Some of the more positive reviews here - if you read between the lines - also had some of the same problems. Why buy a bike that is only 70% what it is supposed to be. There are many other better bikes out there.

As I began this process I had rated this as a 4 star purchase, then after customer service did nothing (Critical Cycles) I finally asked Amazon to take it back and after a few hiccups with the return Amazon refunded 100% of our cost. The hours wasted on this bike I'll never get back.

We finally sent it back after 30 days of time wasted trying to get Critical to stand behind their product and ordered a Windsor bike elsewhere. On Amazon, Schwinn offers a solid city, commute, and grocery shopping bike for under $200 on Amazon (Wayfair) so if you are looking for a basic bike I'd go with that. We spent a bit more and got a Windsor bike and love it. Once again, hats off to Amazon for the refund!
review image review image
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on March 31, 2014
This is a really good cruising bike and a really affordable price; I have already gotten many compliments for the aesthetic of this pretty bike and will definitely take for more leisure rides around the city. The gears are really slow at transitioning which is a real pain but it was expected at the cheap cost. You really get what you pay for.

After having this bike for 3 months so many problems started to occur. First the gears did not shift properly as I since learned there is a disclaimer on their website- which I did not read on Amazon at the time of my purchase and not in a manual that should have come with the bike - that the "derailleurs are not set up and need to be properly adjusted to stop and shift correctly" so for a while I was constantly jerking during gear s***s so after I couldn't handle the annoyance it was time I went to spend more money and see what was going on only after a few weeks of having it and boy it was embarrassing when I brought it to the bike shop they tuned it up and it worked much better but then more issues occurred the cheap bell broke and the striker clip fell right off, then the plastic chrome painted light that came with it kept falling constantly not even holding up on its hinge; it was such a pain I used tape and bows and random stuff to hold it together but then it got too ridiculous.

After a second need for a tune up since my gears were acting up again, I thought maybe it was me but the guys at the shop told me my money would be better spent on a more reliable bike they told me about the Schwinn bikes which are the same price range and far superior to the gears and overall quality and they knew what they were talking about they even had a wonderful trade in program and took the frame brakes and wheels parts of my bike priced them nicely and applied it to the one they said was what I would probably love even more which is a schwinn wayfarer 700c womens bike it is what I basically paid for this critical bike but is like 1000xs better after 2 months with it I wish I walked into the bike shop first and did not have to deal with Critical in the first place. So in my opinion this bike was not worth all the hassle and resentment it was a shot but I did buy the bike when there was like a handful of reviews so hopefully Critical gets better parts for new consumers because since moving on I am much happier with my Schwinn please read below of the response they will probably give you if you do have gear issues... but honestly I don't believe you should waste your patience, time and hard earn money... go to a bike shop and ask they will know the best!
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