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on October 18, 2016
Purchased the marauder pistol because I wanted a stealth gun for squirrels and rabbits that could fit into a backpack without raising eyebrows. The "p-rod" fits the bill almost perfectly. Here are some strengths and weaknesses:

Very pellet picky - I was shooting 2-3 inch groups at 20 yards with crosman hollowpoint premiers. Absolutely horrible. Then I tried H&N Field Target Trophy pellets (5.53 head size) and I can now shoot dime size groups at 25 yards. Awesome.

Pretty Loud - I know marauder rifles are very quiet and assumed the same with this pistol, but this gun is actually loud. Would not call this backyard friendly. I installed a TKO muzzle brake (but the gun was still too loud). I then purchased a Neil Clague LDC and this quieted the gun down perfectly.

Pitiful stock - as many have mentioned. I purchased an AR stock adapter and ACE folding stock kit. Its now a perfect fit for the backpack and looks awesome.

Great power efficiency for relatively small air tank. I get about 24 shots (3 clips) at about 650 fps. The small tank also makes it fairly easy to pump up manually.

Very accurate gun to 40 yards once you get the right pellet. Perfect for squirrels and rabbits.

Love the carbine configuration. This is perfect if you need a portable stealth gun but want the accuracy and look of a tactical rifle, especially if you have a folding/collapsible stock.

Lots of aftermarket tunes and accessories to customize to your needs.
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on October 16, 2016
Awesome little PCP!! Have really been wanting to get a PCP after owning several springer and CO2 air guns. Was a little intimidated by having to invest in the hand pump- which sounded like it could be a real workout to use - or tanks which added about $300+ as far as I could tell. But so glad I made the jump and orders this with the Benjamin Handpump. My Maurauder arrived already precharged w about 1000 psi and in about 20 pumps I was up to the 3000 psi max! Super easy for my 56 year old self. I've been topping it off after the pressure drops to down to 2000-2500psi and it takes less than 10 pumps to get it to max pressure - so easy I'm afraid I'll over fill. So not gonna worry about the tanks for awhile - though a buddy bottle etc would be a great asset to throw in a backpack when in the field. It's dropped tree rats one shot no prob at 20-30 yards. Super quiet. And super light - one reason I went with the Maurauder rather than the 12lb Hatsan AT44-10. Also the carbine length stock makes it super easy to maneuver. This rifle is holding up to its reputation for accuracy. Popping pecans off the tree and yard no problem. Using Benjamin Discovery 14.3 grain dome heads now. Will experiment w others later. VERY happy with this airgun.
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on April 17, 2016
I just got this little pistol and all I can say is that it is awesome, got it sighted in at 25 yards and stacks one pellet over the other. Mine is shooting great the Crosman premier 14.3 grain pellets, which is great I can buy them locally everywhere. I usally buy JSB pellets but seens that with this pistol I dont need them since the Crosman pellets work great. I highly recommend it, goes great with a UTG Leapers 3-9x32 AO scope.
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on November 8, 2015
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on October 15, 2015
I bought this pistol after buying the Benjamin Marauder rifle .22 caliper. It out shoots the rifle. I put a Center Point 3-9X40MM scope on it that was supplied with my Benjamin Trail XL 1100 .22 cal break open. I will see if I can attach a photo of the groups at 20 yards. Trigger is very nice, low pull and play and very smooth. Action works smooth and I like the 10 round magazines, easy to load and use. I bought some extras. I use Crossman atomic hand pump to pump the PCP. It isn't bad for the pistol but the rifle takes some work with its bigger storage volume.
Didn't take long to sight it in and I found it really likes the Crossman Hollow Point 14.3 gr rounds. I do have some other high end pellets coming just to see how it does.
I have a major Rabbit problem in the area eating everything. First started live trapping and moving them miles away. Didn't make a dent. Moved to lead poisoning ;-). Had two out back at 45 yards, pulled down on the first and dropped it first shot, ran one foot. Second was on the move now and hit it with the first shot and dropped it with the second. So its accuracy and hitting power is excellent.
Don't think I can attach a photo. Two targets with 10 rounds (one clip) each. Bulls eye is only the size of a big pee. All 10 of each group are touching or in the bulls eye. And I am not a great pistol shooter, I wiggle to much. Hope this helps
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on March 7, 2017
This is my first PCP pellet gun. I bought the Taousa 70018 pump to go with this. Going from 1500-3000 psi is about 80 aerobic pumps. It gets my heart pumping. I put a Hawke Vantage 2x7x42 AO mildot scope on it. At 10 meters with both .22 JSB Match, and Predator Polymags (they fit the mag easily) it can shoot 5 rounds into less than 1/4" (~675fps). The trigger is excellent. I used a little Instamorph (heat moldable plastic) on the carbine grip (top/back)to take out the slight vertical play. Hot glue would work too if used with a little release agent (veg oil). The trigger overtravel screw under the trigger guard is sharp. I shortened mine so it protrudes less, and covered it with some Instamorph.

Loudness: measured at 3' with the mic pointing directly at the muzzle, I get 108 db (A) (w/Polymags).

This is a superbly accurate, fun to shoot, air pistol. I use National Target ar5 10 meter targets with a 1/4" red dot in the 9 ring. On my 10 meter range, I watch a hole appear in that dot. At times its hard to tell that subsequent rounds hit the target at all. But later I find the pellets stacked into a lump in my trap - see the image.

I think this is excellent performance for the money spent. There are quite a few videos on YT on the Marauder Pistol. The Taousa pump comes with a bottle of silicon oil which is also good for lubricating the chamber o-ring on the Marauder.
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on August 11, 2016
An extremely accurate pop air pistol that propels a pellet more than 450 feet per second. I ordered this air pistol after having watched Ted's Holdover on u tube. He reviewed the pistol, performed the chronological tests, then tested for accuracy. Needless to say, I was deeply impressed by what I saw. I have owned some CO2 powered pistils as well as pump, springer styled pistols and was not at all impressed with them. My advice is to not waste your money on these types of air pistols but buy this PCP air pistol built by the excellent firm of Benjamin-Crossman. This air pistol does everything advertised and Ted proved it in his u tube video. I had a chance to nail a flower destroying bunny and the results of my 22 cal pellet was astonishing! Dropped it as if hit by a 20 lb mallet. This is a fun gun to shoot and one of the best feature it has is that the basement can act as your own private firing range. No sound equals no nosy neighbors.
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on April 19, 2017
I own a Marauder rifle (Gen 1) which has amazing knock down power with Beeman Crow Magnum 18 grain pellets. Very accurate but it weighs a ton. This pistol with H&N terminator 16 grain pellets comes surprisingly close in power and accuracy and feels light as a feather compared to the rifle. I have it set up with the included carbine stock and a red dot sight and it's great out to 50 feet or so, the rifle 2 or 3 times that distance. I easily get two mags (16 shots) between pump ups. Once you try PCP air guns, there is no going back to springers, not even nitro pistons.
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on January 2, 2017
If your looking at this on amazon your at the point where these reviews are just being read to help sway you, there is more information on the web about this air rifle than most people would care to read, if your this far in just but it already.

Want more.... well Im glad I finally bought mine I love it for its intended purpose, light agile short range varmint elimination and some good ol fun plinking with a multishot mag. Easy to use, easy to adjust, easy to modify, easy to like, affordable. Good for a first timer or for seasoned airgunners alike.
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on April 7, 2016
If you are looking for a powerful, accurate .22 caliber pellet pistol then look no further. This Benjamin Marauder is as good as it gets. While it pumps up nicely with a manual pump, I'd highly recommend a tank. The best shot string happens between 1500 to 2500 PSI, so there's no need to pressurize the pistol to maximum. I found I get the best shot groups from Crosman Premier Magnum Pellets at a nice 1/2" group at 20 Yards! If you plan on using this pistol for pest control, I would highly recommend a premium-quality scope and H&N Hornet pellets for a humane take-down. I used a Nikon Scope and an Atlas Bipod on my Marauder. Deadly accurate combination...
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