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on January 8, 2014
I'm pleased to report that indeed, 16 GB of RAM does work correctly in the 2011 MacBook Pro, and, it is even recognized at it's full speed: 1600 MHz. All the functions of the MacBook Pro work correctly, including waking from sleep. Having this much RAM may seem like too much, but it is great if one uses several programs at a time or works with large datasets or image files.

Installing this RAM is relatively easy. There are instructions in the MacBook Pro's User Manual and online at Apple Support; even nicer instructions with step-by-step pictures can be found at sites like ifixit. Basically all one has to do is remove the screws on the bottom of the case, being careful to keep track of location of three of the screws that are longer than the rest.

As for quality of the Crucial RAM, the actual memory chips are by Micron, a respected manufacturer that supplies Crucial with most of the RAM they sell. After installing the RAM, I used the Apple Hardware Test (AHT) to verify that this RAM worked as it should in my MacBook Pro. I followed up on the AHT by running Memtest overnight to test the RAM - it passed with flying colors!

You may wonder how come it's ok to use 16 GB of RAM when Apple specified a maximum of 8 GB of DDR3 1333 MHz RAM for the 2011 series of MacBook Pro laptops? As you can see if you peruse the web, there are many, many reports of users installing and successfully using a maximum of 16 GB of RAM in the 2011 MacBook Pro laptops. The reason why Apple specified only 8GB as a maximum is that when these MacBook Pros were released, RAM modules denser than 4GB were not available in the appropriate sized SO-DIMM. With the subsequent improvement in RAM manufacturing technology, it's now possible to use up to 16 GB of RAM in the 2011 MacBook Pros. It's simply the case that Apple has not upgraded the specifications of the 2011 MacBook Pro.

In sum, if you are considering increasing the RAM in your MacBook Pro, and it's a 2011 model, it's safe to use this DDR3 1600 MHz RAM instead of the 1333 MHz RAM. You may ask why would one want to use 1600MHz vs. 1333 MHz. I choose to do so because, surprisingly, the 1600 MHz version was actually cheaper than the slower 1333 MHz type. It may not always be the case because RAM prices are very volatile, but it bears checking into if you are shopping for new RAM.
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on July 23, 2013
If you go to the crucial website and have them scan your MacBook, they'll recommend you a CT kit with a serial number that doesn't match this one. As alarming as that might seem, the crucial website FAQ's indicate that the serial numbers may vary for warehouse storage and distribution, and that you should pay attention to the listed specs instead.

Anyways, the installation was surprisingly easy. It consists of a simple unscrewing and removal of the back panel followed by popping the old ram sticks out and popping the new sticks in that even an tech-unsavvy person like me could perform. I found the RAM replacement video guide on crucial's site helpful, since the guy points out a few safety considerations like static discharge and the numbers and placements of screws.

Once installed, I immediately noticed the difference in the upgrade. Applications are opening much more rapidly than they used to, and Parallels for Mac is running in seamless clarity. I highly recommend this upgrade to other MacBook Pro users running on 4 GB of RAM or less.
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on April 30, 2013
I initially installed this memory in the already-open slots 1 and 3 (the factory RAM was in slots 2 and 4) and got 3 beeping sounds and no bootup. After following the advice of another reviewer here, I turned it back off, opened the memory compartment back up, and swapped the positions of the factory RAM and the Crucial RAM so it went like this:

Slot 1: 4GB Apple RAM (Top slot if iMac is upright)
Slot 2: 8GB Crucial RAM
Slot 3: 4GB Apple RAM
Slot 4: 8GB Crucial RAM (Bottom slot if iMac is upright)

That worked fine and I now have 24GB of RAM installed on the Late 2012 27" iMac.

Tip 1: the Crucial RAM is a tight fit in the memory slots. To get them back out to swap their positions, I first had to remove the Apple RAM so that I could get a better grip on the Crucial RAM.

Tip 2: I had difficulty getting the memory access panel off of the iMac because my finger wasn't going far enough in to depress the button all the way. I used a small key (a screwdriver would work too) to push the button in all the way to get the access panel to pop open.
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on December 2, 2016
Perfect and easy fit for my iMac (27-inch, Late 2012). My iMac came with base 8 GB and Supports up to 32 GB according to Apple specifications, Adding the Crucial 16GB Kit (2x8GB) gave me a total of 24GB which i can see and feel when i run multiple applications. I just recommend following manufacturing instruction to replace and add RAM. you can find the information on the apple support website. [...] . I have also included the steps but the website have graphics.

1 Turn off your computer by choosing Shut Down from the Apple menu.
2 Disconnect the power cord and all other cables from your computer.
3 Place a soft, clean towel or cloth on the desk or other flat surface to prevent scratching the display.
4 Hold the sides of the computer and slowly lay the computer face-down on the towel or cloth.
5 Open the memory compartment door by pressing the small grey button located just above the AC power port.
6 The memory compartment door will open as the button is pushed in. Remove the compartment door and set it aside.
7 Locate two levers on the right and left sides of the memory cage. Push the two memory cage levers outward to release the memory cage.
8 Once the memory cage is released, pull the memory cage levers toward you, allowing access to each DIMM slot.
9 Remove a DIMM by pulling the module straight up and out. Note the location of the notch on the bottom of the DIMM. When reinstalling DIMMs, the notch must be oriented correctly or the DIMM won't fully insert.
10 Replace or install a DIMM by setting it down into the slot and pressing firmly until you feel the DIMM click into the slot.
11 Once you have all of your DIMMs installed, push the memory cage levers back into the housing until they subtly click back into place.
12 Replace the memory compartment door. You don't need to depress the compartment door release button when replacing the compartment door.
Place the computer in its upright position. Reconnect the power cord and all other cables to the computer, then start up the computer.
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on July 27, 2015
I have had my Apple Macbook Pro (early 2011) now with basically no problems at all. The only thing I started realizing was the speed of everything. It took a long time to open any window. I started looking into upgrading memory and was told by apple to check out Crucial Memory. On their website they have a computer scanner that will quickly scan your system to let you know what size you need and the maximum amount you can add. I located it and soon realized it was cheaper on Amazon's website with free shipping. I would recommend doing this. Crucial Still will back up their products even if you buy it from a third party company. The serial numbers however didn't match up which first had me concerned. I spoke to someone at Crucial and they advised the numbers may be different due to it not coming directly from the manufacture. So don't be fooled by the numbers.

Installation was an absolute breeze. Quickly was able to unscrew all the little screws and pop out the old memory cards. Make sure you install the new ones the exact was the old memory comes out. Within 30 seconds it was installed.

Now for the moment of truth. I checked the system under "about this Mac" and it now shows I have 8GB instead of 4GB. The results are absolutely amazing. I no longer have to wait for different programs to open. I also no longer get the little spinning wheel from time to time. It was a great buy and I would highly recommend it to anyone with a apple computer. Even if your speed seems okay, spend the money and upgrade! You won't be upset! Any questions please feel free to ask me. I can help you to the best of my ability.
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on June 3, 2016
I am so happy with this product.
This is a dream come true!
I was told it would cost 100's to upgrade my ram, But it cost me 60.00 To go from 4gb to 16gb AMAZING DEAL!

For those of you not tech savy, You can go on the Cruical website, and they have a free scanner to scan your computer! Then you can buy the RAM they recommend. I decided to price check on Amazon instead of buying directly from Them, and I saved 10.00!!

This ram is easy to install, But depending on your computer it may be difficult or easy, If you arent sure what to do, you can look up tutorials online or take it to a professional to install for you!
I went with the 16gb instead of the 8gb because the pricing was nicer.

Before I installed this, My computer was 4gb, So I upgraded to 16, My computer used to lag terribly when I played my first person shooter videogame, But after the installation it doesn't lag at all! Even when I get into intense gaming moments!!

I can't wait to upgrade my internet, So it's faster. I feel like my computer is now slowed down by the internet. But so far I'm seeing a pretty big difference. And when I'm ready to upgrade the ram in my laptop ILL BE BACK!
I used this ram for my HP all in one.
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on October 30, 2014
Put 2 pairs of those in my iMac 27" mid 2010 with 2.93GHz quad core i7, replacing the 2x2+2x4=12GB I had before. So that puts me at 32GB. First, you should know that this iMac is supposed to use the previous generation in terms of RAM speed at 1333MHz PC3-10600 CL9 (I believe), but this RAM here works perfectly on it, but of course at the lesser speed that my iMac can do. Yes it works, and I wish someone posted that when I researched. It has caused ZERO issue so far and I use my iMac quite a bit. It is immediately recognized and yes, up to 32 even though Apple officially says only 16. But it works and OWC documented this a long time ago, for the quad core i7 on the 27 inch model. The performance seems completely normal, which is fast, and which provides huge amount of space to work in memory with no swapping, and with huge file caching as well. It's not faster to open an app or a file the first time, but as you keep working, it's much faster than before. Also if you have multiple users logged in and of course multiple apps open, the Mac will not slow down at all with that much memory. Mac OSX Yosemiter seems to use plenty of the memory you give it, which is nice because by caching aggressively you gain performance instead of letting your RAM do nothing. When you launch new apps it seems to reduce the cache to make room for the new app. So... happy!
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on June 17, 2016
This RAM is one of the best choices I have ever made in upgrading my computer. I went from lots and lots of spinning beach balls and long program load times to snappy performance on my Mac. These upgrades have worked flawlessly in my 27" 5K iMac, and have been well worth the money I spent on them. My iMac came with 8 GB of RAM installed at purchase, so I decided to buy 2 of the 16 GB kits so I would end up with a total of 32GB of RAM in my iMac. The kits came in just a few days and were very easy to install. Within about ten minutes, the process was done, and I had my iMac back up and running. And did it ever run! Fast! The difference from before I installed the RAM to after I installed the RAM is like night and day! Everything loads much faster, and it was well worth the purchase. I highly recommend this RAM to anyone who needs an upgrade, and if you have an iMac, this RAM should work fine. I saw a lot of reviews stating that this RAM gave them a lot of trouble, but it my experience it's been nothing but a massive improvement over what I had before. I hope you have the same good results I did!
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on November 29, 2015
The RAM was easy to install and it works perfectly in my late 2012 Mac mini.

The computer came with 4 GB of RAM and had become sluggish when there were several programs and browser windows open. A memory monitoring app helped some, but it had to optimize the memory frequently, so there were still bothersome delays and hiccups.

The computer runs smoothly now but uses 8 to 10 GB of RAM routinely, so I definitely recommend upgrading to 16 GB instead of 8 GB to extend the useful life for a few years.

This is the second time that I have upgraded a Mac with RAM from Crucial. It is made by Micron Technology, the same company that made the original RAM. It is easy to verify compatibility on their website.

The sticks were safely packaged in a plastic clamshell that opens easily.
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on April 28, 2016
I installed this RAM in my QNAP TS-451+ NAS (which officially only supports up to 8GB of RAM, however I can tell you the NAS recognizes and utilizes all 16GB of this RAM without issue) and I immediately noticed a speed boost. Quicker bootup, no more slowdowns while multitasking, and even when not multitasking it seemed all-around snappier, so this RAM is a winner in my book. If you have a TS-451+, buy this RAM with confidence. Just be ready to disassemble practically the entire NAS to get to the slots to install it (not very difficult as long as you're careful and static free). For those of you looking for other uses, I can still recommend this RAM, I just don't know how much better it will be than what you already have (It's probably better, especially if you have less than 16GB to start with). As a plus, I've also only ever had pleasant experience with Crucial CS, and even better than that, I've only ever had to contact them once in over 12 years of using their RAM.
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