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on October 12, 2015
I wanted some smaller ice cubes than the giant ones I have right now so I checked Amazon for some smaller cubes and found these! I made my first batch today and followed a review that said let them sit before removing from the tray, so I did just that and all of the ice cubes fell out easily. So far so good!
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on March 27, 2013
I purchased these trays recently because I love small ice cubes. I was hesitant after reading so many negative reviews, but I figured for $6, it was worth a try. Here's the key: You MUST leave them on the counter until the tray becomes a little flexible. I would say 5 minutes is about right. When the cubes start to melt enough to drop out, the tray WILL twist.
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on May 11, 2015
I was drawn to these trays because of the small cube size: most of the benefits of crushed ice without the nuisance of an ice crusher, I thought.

However, these trays are very stiff. They are hard to twist enough to eject the ice cubes. (I'm a non-arthritic senior who goes to the gym a couple of times a week.) Now I've twisted the trays enough to break them.

If you run hot water over the bottom of the tray, you don't get substantially easier ejection. While a few more cubes will come out, the rest stay in their containers suspended in a thin layer of water (the physics of this is way above my pay grade).

The only way to extract most of the ice cubes in my experience is to twist the tray and then slam it against a flat surface -- for example, a kitchen towel on kitchen counter. Even doing this inside a plastic bag, a few ice cubes end up on the floor. So every use of the tray involves a floor mopping.

I tried the suggestion of one reviewer to "let the tray sit on the counter". That didn't work for me. It was still either frozen hard or slightly melted with the mysterious coating of water on each cube. Maybe I could watch the ice cube tray more diligently and improve my timing, but I've resolved to work on tasks that are more entertaining than watching ice cubes melt.

Save yourself a lot of trouble and go with the Camco 44100 Mini Ice Cube Tray, also available at Amazon. It has smaller than average ice cubes. However, unlike this tray, it ejects them easily and safely into a bag or onto a plate.
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on December 6, 2017
These are PERFECT for putting them in water pipes with openings too small for regular ice cubes! Love! Love! Love! The only gripe is, getting ice out 9f them takes an effort, unless you quickly run minimal amount tap water over all the ice THEN twist and turn upside down, then they come out instantly, however, a piece or two, or three, or four, ALWAYS get stuck and won't fall off, so you gotta bang it against the kitchen counter to get them out. Or if you're like me, I just ignore it and refill the water and throw it back in the freezer, voila! It's not a problem if you don't let it be a problem to you.
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on June 27, 2016
This is when amazon needs a zero rating!! All ice cube trays must be malleable enough that you can bend then to get the ice cubes out. These do not work as the are not capable of being bent (except by a strong-man) when they arrive. I somehow missed that and cleaned them, filled them with water and put them in the freezer. When the mini cubs were totally frozen the cubes could not be ejected in any way. I tried them only half full; that did not work either. Many of you with automatic ice cube makers in your refrigerators will have never dealt with ice cube trays. I have in an RV 2 door refrigerator, and saved some others from long ago. They are still with me and are malleable, by which I mean they can be easily bent holding them at each end and pushing each end in an opposite direction to loosen the ice cubes and carefully dump them into a container. You cannot do that with these trays!!!
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on February 3, 2018
I debated between 2 and 3 stars on this. It is compact and fits the space in my freezer I needed it to and makes the ice cubes the size I needed. However, filling the tray has to be done in the sink and you have to allow the water to run over the entire tray to get each space filled. Then once frozen the cubes won't come out at all. You can't crack the tray like you would a larger one to lessen the cubes, cracking the tray doesn't loosen the cubes and eventually it cracks. In order to get the cubes out of the tray you have to turn it upside down and slam the entire tray down on a hard surface. Even when you do this, only a few cubes come out at a time, so you have to slam it down several times to empty the entire tray. I would recommend the flexible silicone trays instead, not these harder plastic ones. I really give it 2.5 stars.
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on November 6, 2016
I hate using these--impossible to dispense after freezing! You can't twist them at all--you have to wait until they thaw a bit --try to drain off the accumulated water--then dispense with a bit of difficulty into ice cube bin, which involves trying to twist (again) and also having to hit them against my ice bin--all in all it takes at least a couple minutes to get them all out. THEN ( because all the accumulated water hasn't all drained into the sink) said water then makes all the cubes in your bin stick together--I can't begin to imagine what my downstairs neighbor thinks I'm doing up here when I have to go through the contortions required to then unstick all my frozen cubes from each other when I want to use them--banging on the counter--shaking the bin, et, etc!! I'M DONE WITH THESE FOREVER--I'S NOT WORTH THE TIME REQUIRED TO USE THEM--- Really ticks me off when Amazon sells items not worth purchasing!
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I needed some ice trays for use with a straw in an insulated water bottle. These were on the low cost end. You get what you pay for to a large extent. Since I didn't see exactly what I wanted, and the descriptions were less than complete I purchased 4 different types (all from/fulfilled by Amazon) to compare. I have reviewed one (unsatisfactory) set already and will append this there also. dimensions are approximate. 3 of 4 trays taper the cubes to allow release, dimensions are measured at top surface.
DIMENSIONS and the Numbers
Progressive International tray: 8&5/8 x 4&3/8 x 1" ice: L 3&3/8" w 5/8" d 3/4", 8 sticks 2 trays/set
Arrow Plastic 00055 tray: 10&5/8 x 3&7/8 x 1" ice: dia.5/8" h 5/8", 60 bullet shaped, 1 tray
Cubette mini tray 10&3/8 x 3&5/8 x 5/8" ice: 1/2" cubic, 90 cubes, 2 trays/set
Camco 44100 RV mini 8&3/4 x 37/8" x 1&1/8" ice: L 7/8" w 3/4 d 1/2", 21 cubes, 2 trays/set
Progressive: They are floppy and just miserable. You need to bring the water to them.
Arrow: Very Good, very easy. Pouring off excess to level is fairly easy.
Cubette: Very Good. very easy. Slightly easier to level than others because there is no lip.
Camco: Very Good. Easy. Slightly more care needs to be taken to level, but easy enough (with good eyes & steady hands).
Progressive: a misery. Sticks must be pulled out individually or tray can be 'prolapsed' to pop them.
Arrow: Excellent. The non-stick nature of material helps both filling and release.
Cubette: Poor. Hot water run over back side, then you need a bowl under to capture as you whack out.
Camco: Very Good. Easy.
I favor the Camco, with the Arrow a close second. If I had more of the Arrow they might be my
favorite, but they cost double. Camco gives larger cubes, so they last longer; while the Cubette give you lots and lots of small cubes that melt fast (and freeze fast). Cubette is closest to restaurant ice, while the Camco are just about half the size of the normal ice cubes you get from the standard trays. Arrow is in between. I've had all of them for several months and they are going strong still. The Camco tray arrived slightly warped, probably from manufacture, so the fill level will not be uniform (they do not sit exactly flat).
Only the cubettes have a flat bottom that is mostly insensitive to the surface they lay on, others are more sensitive. I honestly use all 3 types. The hassle of using hot water on the Cubettes then having to whack them repeatedly (and capture the ice) is somewhat compensated for the amount of ice you get from them. Although the Arrow release easily, there are so many it is not too hard to scatter them as they fall, so they too could use a bowl to capture. Smaller ice cubes of the Arrow and especially the Cubette will dilute drink flavor faster, but that is an aesthetic issue.
I gave up using the Progressive, I'll toss them out or maybe find a more tolerant home. What a waste.
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on January 10, 2018
Purchased these for DIY sugar cubes! Works great, they release like the older style ice cube trays where you twist them to pop the little squares loose. Have used for ice too with no issues, the small cubes are perfect for dropping in small mouthed water bottles. For everyone who has complained about having the ice melt quickly, they are small cubes and will not last as long as large cubes (of course!), but still do last significantly in already cold beverages. Ice cubes typically aren't used to cool down a beverage, but to KEEP the beverage cool. They've kept my kids water bottles cold through sports practices and events... with no complaints! I know that a lot of people here seem to have a lot of stress with these trays, but I'm not sure why, they are very simple and straight forward.
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on December 24, 2017
These trays are great if you need something to put under a wobbly table, or you happen to enjoy being irritated by simple things.

EVERYTHING about these is wrong: the plastic is too rigid to remove the cubes, the cubes come out shattered instead of in cubes, and everything else that is supposed to be good about ice cube trays. Obviously the designer of this fine product is a sadist.

THESE ARE JUST ICE CUBE TRAYS THEY AREN'T SUPPOSED TO HAVE A SKILL LEVEL OR A LEARNING CURVE is what I thought in caps lock the first time I tried these. After struggling and getting lots of shattered ice but no cubes, the trays found themselves flying through the air, into the living room and out the 10th story window and landing in the empty lot next door. I hope they may find much happiness and fulfillment in the home of a woodland creature with a wobbly table.

Anyway these are useless crap, don't buy them.
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