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on October 12, 2015
I wanted some smaller ice cubes than the giant ones I have right now so I checked Amazon for some smaller cubes and found these! I made my first batch today and followed a review that said let them sit before removing from the tray, so I did just that and all of the ice cubes fell out easily. So far so good!
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on March 27, 2013
I purchased these trays recently because I love small ice cubes. I was hesitant after reading so many negative reviews, but I figured for $6, it was worth a try. Here's the key: You MUST leave them on the counter until the tray becomes a little flexible. I would say 5 minutes is about right. When the cubes start to melt enough to drop out, the tray WILL twist.
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on August 20, 2016
I'm not the type of person to complain. This is actually my first ever 1 star review. I'd like to give the product a semi-positive spin but I can't find one. The tray is too rigid. When you try to twist it to remove the ice cubes, nothing happens. Yes, I tried leaving it out. Yes, I tried running it under water. In the end, probably about half of the cubes refused to come out at all and I just had to leave the tray out on the counter until they melted so I could package the trays up to be returned. I bought a different set of mini ice cube trays after this and the comparison is like night and day. While the first set felt like the ice was cemented in, the second set released the ice so easily that the first time I twisted it (a bit too firmly because I was nervous it wouldn't work) a handful of ice cubes shot out of the tray, three inches in the air!!! Moral of the story, DON'T BUY THESE, BUY A DIFFERENT SET.
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on June 27, 2016
This is when amazon needs a zero rating!! All ice cube trays must be malleable enough that you can bend then to get the ice cubes out. These do not work as the are not capable of being bent (except by a strong-man) when they arrive. I somehow missed that and cleaned them, filled them with water and put them in the freezer. When the mini cubs were totally frozen the cubes could not be ejected in any way. I tried them only half full; that did not work either. Many of you with automatic ice cube makers in your refrigerators will have never dealt with ice cube trays. I have in an RV 2 door refrigerator, and saved some others from long ago. They are still with me and are malleable, by which I mean they can be easily bent holding them at each end and pushing each end in an opposite direction to loosen the ice cubes and carefully dump them into a container. You cannot do that with these trays!!!
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on December 2, 2012
I needed some ice trays for use with a straw in an insulated water bottle. These were on the low cost end. You get what you pay for to a large extent. Since I didn't see exactly what I wanted, and the descriptions were less than complete I purchased 4 different types (all from/fulfilled by Amazon) to compare. I have reviewed one (unsatisfactory) set already and will append this there also. dimensions are approximate. 3 of 4 trays taper the cubes to allow release, dimensions are measured at top surface.
DIMENSIONS and the Numbers
Progressive International tray: 8&5/8 x 4&3/8 x 1" ice: L 3&3/8" w 5/8" d 3/4", 8 sticks 2 trays/set
Arrow Plastic 00055 tray: 10&5/8 x 3&7/8 x 1" ice: dia.5/8" h 5/8", 60 bullet shaped, 1 tray
Cubette mini tray 10&3/8 x 3&5/8 x 5/8" ice: 1/2" cubic, 90 cubes, 2 trays/set
Camco 44100 RV mini 8&3/4 x 37/8" x 1&1/8" ice: L 7/8" w 3/4 d 1/2", 21 cubes, 2 trays/set
Progressive: They are floppy and just miserable. You need to bring the water to them.
Arrow: Very Good, very easy. Pouring off excess to level is fairly easy.
Cubette: Very Good. very easy. Slightly easier to level than others because there is no lip.
Camco: Very Good. Easy. Slightly more care needs to be taken to level, but easy enough (with good eyes & steady hands).
Progressive: a misery. Sticks must be pulled out individually or tray can be 'prolapsed' to pop them.
Arrow: Excellent. The non-stick nature of material helps both filling and release.
Cubette: Poor. Hot water run over back side, then you need a bowl under to capture as you whack out.
Camco: Very Good. Easy.
I favor the Camco, with the Arrow a close second. If I had more of the Arrow they might be my
favorite, but they cost double. Camco gives larger cubes, so they last longer; while the Cubette give you lots and lots of small cubes that melt fast (and freeze fast). Cubette is closest to restaurant ice, while the Camco are just about half the size of the normal ice cubes you get from the standard trays. Arrow is in between. I've had all of them for several months and they are going strong still. The Camco tray arrived slightly warped, probably from manufacture, so the fill level will not be uniform (they do not sit exactly flat).
Only the cubettes have a flat bottom that is mostly insensitive to the surface they lay on, others are more sensitive. I honestly use all 3 types. The hassle of using hot water on the Cubettes then having to whack them repeatedly (and capture the ice) is somewhat compensated for the amount of ice you get from them. Although the Arrow release easily, there are so many it is not too hard to scatter them as they fall, so they too could use a bowl to capture. Smaller ice cubes of the Arrow and especially the Cubette will dilute drink flavor faster, but that is an aesthetic issue.
I gave up using the Progressive, I'll toss them out or maybe find a more tolerant home. What a waste.
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on May 11, 2015
I was drawn to these trays because of the small cube size: most of the benefits of crushed ice without the nuisance of an ice crusher, I thought.

However, these trays are very stiff. They are hard to twist enough to eject the ice cubes. (I'm a non-arthritic senior who goes to the gym a couple of times a week.) Now I've twisted the trays enough to break them.

If you run hot water over the bottom of the tray, you don't get substantially easier ejection. While a few more cubes will come out, the rest stay in their containers suspended in a thin layer of water (the physics of this is way above my pay grade).

The only way to extract most of the ice cubes in my experience is to twist the tray and then slam it against a flat surface -- for example, a kitchen towel on kitchen counter. Even doing this inside a plastic bag, a few ice cubes end up on the floor. So every use of the tray involves a floor mopping.

I tried the suggestion of one reviewer to "let the tray sit on the counter". That didn't work for me. It was still either frozen hard or slightly melted with the mysterious coating of water on each cube. Maybe I could watch the ice cube tray more diligently and improve my timing, but I've resolved to work on tasks that are more entertaining than watching ice cubes melt.

Save yourself a lot of trouble and go with the Camco 44100 Mini Ice Cube Tray, also available at Amazon. It has smaller than average ice cubes. However, unlike this tray, it ejects them easily and safely into a bag or onto a plate.
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For those who love to crunch on ice
This tiny size is nice
Just pop a couple in your mouth
And roll them round like dice

For making icy cocktail drinks
This size is pretty swell
And mixed with all those milky shakes
They'll grind up very well

The only problem that you'll find
Is popping from the tray
You have to let them sit a while
Or in there they will stay

The tray is not too flexible
It doesn't like to bend
You have to wait a minute plus
Before you can up-end

The way that really works for me
Is first, to let them sit
Then flip it on a paper towel
And thump the back a bit

Quick to freeze because they're small
But sadly and alas
You'll need to buy a lot because
Each tray fills just one glass

Amanda Richards, July 14, 2012
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on March 15, 2017
So I bought these for my mom, who likes to chew ice. Came out to visit her a few months later and the trays were collecting dust on a high cabinet shelf. "They're useless!" She says. "You can't get them out!"

"Mom, I told you, you have to let it sit on the counter first! Here let me show you."

We filled it up and the next day I plopped them on the counter and set a timer for 30 seconds.

"Oh. Maybe it was a minute." Another thirty second timer.

"Okay, it must have been three minutes."

"Yeah, I just don't have time to babysit ice."

Three minutes later, the tray is a little more pliant, but still no where near ready to give up those stupid cubes. I run it under some water upside down. Now I can twist it, but the cubes still won't come out unless I bang it on the side of my cup. But my cup is not a foot long like the tray is, and I lose cubes to the counter. So I'm sitting here picking out these dumb cubes one by one with my fingernail into a cup. I have half a glass full of cubes now. 10 minutes later they are melted to tiny ice bergs.


Mom, you were right. Sorry I got you such a crappy gift. You can't outsmart the reviews! Just believe us- save your money and buy a better product.
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on August 30, 2016
My blender died and I got a new one that was less powerful. I was thinking that since I only use it to mix up drinks with frozen fruit or ice, what do I need a powerful machine for? Big mistake! Ice cubes are hard to break up, and I was ending up with big lumps of ice in my diet mocha shake. Enter my cubette tray. Great solution to my problem! Tiny ice cubes blend quickly and easily and I never have chunks of ice in my drink any more.

So why only three stars? Well, the tray has almost no edges to it. Literally, it is about 2 mm. It means that you have to be very, very careful when you fill it and place it into the freezer because the liquid spills over the edge very easily. I freeze coffee for my mocha shakes, and I have had coffee spill into my freezer more than once. I need to put my trays on a cookie sheet and put them in only when they can remain undisturbed until frozen. I wish the manufacturer had made the outside edge larger to contain the liquid. I like the product, but I don't think I would buy it again.
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on September 14, 2016
These trays are VERY firm, so it's hard to remove the little cubes. I tried them for a couple of weeks and gave up--into the trash they went. Life is too short for this kind of hassle.
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