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on October 12, 2015
I wanted some smaller ice cubes than the giant ones I have right now so I checked Amazon for some smaller cubes and found these! I made my first batch today and followed a review that said let them sit before removing from the tray, so I did just that and all of the ice cubes fell out easily. So far so good!
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on March 27, 2013
I purchased these trays recently because I love small ice cubes. I was hesitant after reading so many negative reviews, but I figured for $6, it was worth a try. Here's the key: You MUST leave them on the counter until the tray becomes a little flexible. I would say 5 minutes is about right. When the cubes start to melt enough to drop out, the tray WILL twist.
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For those who love to crunch on ice
This tiny size is nice
Just pop a couple in your mouth
And roll them round like dice

For making icy cocktail drinks
This size is pretty swell
And mixed with all those milky shakes
They'll grind up very well

The only problem that you'll find
Is popping from the tray
You have to let them sit a while
Or in there they will stay

The tray is not too flexible
It doesn't like to bend
You have to wait a minute plus
Before you can up-end

The way that really works for me
Is first, to let them sit
Then flip it on a paper towel
And thump the back a bit

Quick to freeze because they're small
But sadly and alas
You'll need to buy a lot because
Each tray fills just one glass

Amanda Richards, July 14, 2012
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on July 25, 2011
I am, frankly, shocked by the negative reviews of these wonderful little ice cube trays. Because of those comments, I only bought four previously but then also bought six of the blue Arrow ice cube trays for mini cubes--just in case.

The Arrow trays are wonderful, but the ice cubes they make, while small, are not SMALL ENOUGH for crunching unless you have steel jaws and have total disregard for your teeth. I love tiny ice cubes; but my automatic ice maker makes big old fashioned cubes, and I have ALWAYS hated it. I like the kind available in fountain drinks--but I could never find the way to make them at home, and ice crushers are noisy and messy.

These tiny cubes are perfect. The only possible objection I can see is clearly addressed in the instructions. YOU HAVE TO LET THE CUBE TRAY SIT for a minute or so after removing it from the freezer, or it WILL be hard to pop out the cubes.

But that's the only thing. I am buying six more of these right now. I have a small kitchenette with an under counter fridge/freezer near my room because I have a four-story house and I basically LIVE at the top of it; trekking downstairs endlessly to feed my ice crunching addiction, while good exercise, was also irritating to say the least! I think I will be able to stack ten of these trays on top of each other--even in my limited freezer space (one ice cube tray deep and about eight inches tall--could probably fit three more stacks of ten, but that is a tad over the top--even for me!).

Seriously, the mini cubes are just divine! I also have have three regular sized ice cube trays because, as cute as these minis are, they sure can go fast if you are making frozen drinks in a blender. For that, the Arrow minis are actually better since they are larger. But, like I said, I am an ice addict--and ice cube trays are the only thing anyone will ever find in my freezer!
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on October 19, 2015
I rarely write negative reviews but I feel that people should know how much of pain these are. Sure they make nice little cube ice cubes but the plastic is way too hard. Normal ice cube trays twist to break apart the ice cubes so they fall out easily but these just don't budge. It's almost impossible to get the ice cubes out of the tray. Since they were so cheap they aren't worth returning but if you are looking for mini ice cube trays you might want to look elsewhere...Unless you are the Hulk
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Cute little mini cubes, and I DO mean MINI. They are 1/2 inch cubes. Great for putting in smoothies and our frozen yogurt treats. (1 cup yogurt and some frozen fruit, plus some coconut/almond milk and a few ice cubes). The large cubes take forever to grind up in the blender, but these are blended in fast and easily. No more leftover ice chunks in the drinks. I am getting more. I freeze, then empty into a freezer container with a scoop, for fast access.
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on December 5, 2016
This thing SUX. You can't get the ice out. If you run water over it to loosen the cubes, then twist, NOTHING HAPPENS. If you leave it sit on the counter for a few minutes then twist, NOTHING HAPPENS. This thing won't release the cubes until they are almost completely melted. I would have sent this back for a refund but by the time the shipping charges apply, It just wouldn't be worth standing at the post office for.
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on March 3, 2017
I can't get the ice out of the tray. They freeze so far, the cubes won't come out unless I melt them and even then, they won't come out without fighting and banging them on objects, and even after that I can only get a few of them out. They are very hard to fill. They are just too small. I wanted smaller cubes for making blender drinks, but this is a defective product.
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on March 1, 2017
These are really great for small, non-teeth breaking munching ice. I took the trick someone else mentioned of sticking the tray in a gallon size ziploc and running the back under water for a few seconds to loosen the ice and then cracking it all out inside the bag for easy, non messy use. It works perfectly.
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on November 17, 2015
IT makes baby ice cubes and they are adorable. I only got it yesterday and have made 4 batches of baby ice cubes already. They are the perfect size for everything. I have no problem getting the ice out of the trays. I don't have to wait like these other ladies say. But I'm a man and I'm naturally stronger. rawr. baby ice rocks.
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