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on January 15, 2013
Let's get some other reviewers' complaints out of the way:
- Yup, this scale is only accurate to within 2 - 3 grams for most things, 5 - 6 grams on something heavier like a 5 lb weight. Don't look for more accuracy than that, but that's expected for this type of scale & just fine for the kind of cooking I do. You won't do better in the under-$100 range. If you need more accuracy for small quantities, get a supplemental small scale that's accurate to .01 or .001 grams.
- Wildly inconsistent results or difficulty zeroing the scale are due to weak batteries. I've had this problem before with other digital scales. Use good-quality batteries and the problems go away. Don't use the ones that come with the unit, they're the ultra-cheap "batteries included" type that weigh 30% less than proper batteries and quickly end up leaking.
- Use on a truly flat surface like Formica or granite. Tile counters may not work so well since tiles are ever so slightly uneven. Like similar scales, this one senses weight by measuring the pressure on its 4 legs, so pressure must be even on all 4 legs.
- Someone complained that tare doesn't work well because pressing on the button also places pressure on the platform. Not so with decent batteries. The scale waits for a second after the button press before starting the tare, so just briefly tap the button and wait for a sec

On the plus side:
- The top is a single, continuous, easy-to-clean glass plate
- Great looking, very sleek
- Display has great contrast, is surprisingly easy to read in any light
- Thin, flat and light, easy to store on its edge like a book
- Platform is large enough that you can see the numbers and press the buttons with a large place or bowl on top
- One piece, no loose parts to lose or deal with
- Buttons are touch sensors built into the glass, can't get full of crud around the edges
- Remembers the last units setting when it turns on
- Good price
- Pretty decent B+ build quality, should last a few years though I'll be surprised if it's still working in 5

Bottom line: Surprisingly nice little unit for the price range, sleek, no major beefs. I've only had it for a few days so I don't know how it'll hold up. Knocked off one star for the insulting cheapo batteries.

UPDATE: Still going strong 3 years later.
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on July 21, 2014
Absolutely fantastic. Words cannot describe how incredibly happy I am with this purchase. I've owned some $50-$100 scales before and got tired of replacing them when they broke. I haven't had a scale in a couple years, but as far as quality, this is right up there with them. I thought I was pretty good with guessing at calories based on portions but it turns out I was overestimating my calorie intake by about 700-800 calories. Was trying to figure out why I was only losing about 2.5-3lbs a week and that was why.Over the past 2 months I've dropped an extra 15lbs that I wouldn't have with my old guesstimating method. It's been a long road. I've dropped a total of about 75lbs. I'm now only about 25lbs from my goal (at 215lbs right now. Goal is 190lbs at around 10% body fat). I feel that eating healthier and portioning out better will be a LOT easier thanks to this little baby. The calorie guide is indispensable. Props to Cuisaid for such an awesome product!
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on January 8, 2014
I would absolutely recommend this scale, you can't go wrong for the price and usefulness in the kitchen.

Bought this to weigh out Apples for apple pie, works great! As the product description say it is not huge, but if you place a bowl on it before you turn it own it will automatically Tare, which is really nice.

The ability to switch measurement units on the fly is amazing, as some recipes like to flip between oz and g for some reason, and being able to just cycle though makes the usage very smooth.

If you decide to manually Tare after something is placed on the scale, you have to(as others have said) just tap the tare button and wait a second. My wife and I were not sure it was working the first few times, but now that we know how to use it, it gets taken out all the time.
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on January 14, 2014
As reviews are sometimes merged on Amazon, I feel the need to state that this review is for the Cuisaid ProDigital AccuWeigh Scale (I chose grey).

At 9" x 6.5" this scale is roughly the size of a small tablet. The reason I compare it to a tablet is it's also got this great tactile feel... i.e. the top surface is one solid piece of glass. The "buttons" you see pictured are not mechanical buttons, but sense your touch with no pressure applied... like an iPad (or whatever). This is very nice as you have a completely smooth, non-porous top surface for easy cleaning.

I also find the color scheme to be very modern and beautiful. The display is easy to read and matches the overall unit. Even the branding and writing you see in the location of the "virtual buttons" is UNDER the glass, which is smart, and will ensure the nice appearance of this scale for years.

To check the accuracy of this scale, which for me doesn't have to be 100% exact, but I still like to know, so I used ordinary USA currency (change). You can check for yourself without buying calibration weights. Pennies, nickels, and quarters are best as they are easy to add, i.e. 10 pennies = 25 grams, etc.

Here is the weight of US coins:

Penny = 2.5 grams
Nickel = 5 grams
Quarter = 5.670 grams (Use 5 at a time. 5 quarters = 1 oz)

Dime = 2.268 grams
Half-Dollar = 11.340 grams
Dollar coins = 8.1 grams

Based on my informal testing, this scale is also reasonably accurate.

Finally, a very important consideration for me is cheap and easily sourced batteries! Why on earth would any company design a product around a rare and expensive lithium battery? With this scale, no worries... when it's time for new batteries all you need is two AAA batteries. Nice. It's also worth noting the scale turns itself off automatically in 3 minutes.

Summary? A good looking and very practical minimalist design for a fairly accurate scale that has a low initial cost and low cost of ownership in the future. If this scale lasts for years, it will be one of my favorite Amazon buys.
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on June 28, 2016
This has been really handy to have around, and is quite easy to use. I think it goes up to ~10-15 pounds, and I've used it to weigh backpacking gear as often as baking ingredients. It works great for setting a bowl on it, taring the scale, then adding ingredients, re-taring, and adding the next one. Very convenient addition to my kitchen.
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on September 24, 2013
We've been trying to watch our calories and portioning, but sometimes it was a guess as to how much you're really getting. This new scale fits that perfectly.

- Slim and small, fits in the cupboard perfectly
- I like the tare button so you can measure, hit tare to zero out, measure the next thing, so you just see what you're adding
- stays on for as long as I need it, minute or 2.

None at this point...
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on February 25, 2014
I bought this scale only to use to weigh various packages for mailing. Works wonderfully for letters and boxes. I had a quite large box (24" x 17" 6") that I needed to weight ... the scale read 5lbs 12oz. I dropped the package off at UPS and had them check it on their scale just to be sure and UPS's scale read 5.75lbs as well. If this scale is as accurate as UPS's scale then it is sure accurate enough for me. Will not work for heavy packages as it only goes up to 11lbs
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on July 3, 2013
I bought this mainly because I wanted to start to sell some books on ebay and had no idea how to price shipping. It seems to work very well when it has fresh batteries, not the ones included. I like that you can change the units and clear to zero when weighing something in a container. I actually even used it to weigh my chihuahua in a bowl to see if he'd lost weight. It seems pretty accurate as far as I can tell based on weighing a few full bags of beans and rice and comparing the ounce measurements on the bag.
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on March 14, 2014
It does what it should while looking good. No need for storing it away, it looks great on the counter top. I use on a daily basis. My good ole American upbringing has halted me in my learnings of the metric system but seem to have now betrayed me later in life by putting measurements in grams on the things I eat. WHAT ARE GRAMS!? I’m kidding… Kinda. Anyway, it’s pretty spot on in measurement. Easy to clean and you don’t have to worry about shutting it off. It will go off on its own in a workable amount of time. I really like it. Good for everyday use.
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on February 8, 2014
This scale has a very nice design which makes it fit pretty much anywhere. It's easy to use and to clean. It was only $10 when I bought it, for that price I was not expecting such a good scale. I'm very satisfied with this item. A booklet with a calorie guide came in too, it gives a list of about a thousand different kind of food and their calorie count. Also the scale come with a 10 years guaranty. The only negative point for me is the off button, I can't manage to turn off the scale but really it's not such a big deal since the scale shutoff by itself after 3min.
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