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on February 14, 2017
Before I actually saw a citrus juicer in action on TV, I always thought that they were for lazy people who didn't want to juice their own lemons. I was wrong. I bought this juicer after watching the Barefoot Contessa on the Food Network use it in almost every episode, and now I know why. Let me just lay out the benefits of using an electric citrus juicer as opposed to using a wooden reamer. First of all, if you need to measure out a precise amount of citrus juice for a recipe, it is much easier to put a measuring cup under the plastic snap-up spout of the electric juicer rather than trying to aim into the measuring cup using a wooden reamer. Second, electric juicers get so much more juice out of citrus fruits than a regular lemon squeezer. The Cuisinart citrus juicer automatically switches the direction of the reamer to get the most out of the citrus. Another benefit of electric juicers is the fact that when you are using an electric juicer citrus juice won't squirt into your eyes as does a manual juicer. Also, the Cuisinart features a unique "Final-Spin" feature similar to that in a clothes washing machine. How the final-spin feature works is that once you take the empty citrus off of the reamer, you press the clear plastic lid down onto the juicer which makes the reamer spin really fast and uses centrifugal force to squeeze all the juice out of the remaining pulp. You just can't do that with a wooden reamer. Another benefit of the Cuisinart juicer is that it filters out the pulp. Most if not all electric citrus juicers have this feature, however, most manual juicers don't. Also, with the Cuisinart, every removable part is dishwasher safe which is very convenient for cleaning. I mentioned the snap-up spout earlier in this review but I didn't explain what it was. Basically, the snap-up spout stops the juice from getting on your countertop which is especially useful if you don't want lemon juice all over your counters. The Cuisinart juicer features a stainless steel body which looks very nice and will definitely last a long time. A lot of electric juicers' motors are very loud, but that isn't the case with the Cuisinart. The Cuisinart isn't that loud and won't interrupt normal conversations. Overall, electric citrus juicers offer many benefits over manual juicers, and if you are willing to purchase one I would fully recommend the Cuisinart for it's final spin feature and it's stainless steel body.

- Unique "final-spin" feature
- Stainless steel body
- Snap-up spout
- Quieter than most electric citrus juicers
- Pulp-control

- None

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on January 18, 2016
Short Review: This juicer is simple and easy to use. If you need a juicer, buy this one.

Detailed Review: "What? We've lived in Florida for a year and we don't own a juicer?" This was my husband's lament a few days ago when we decided to go to a local orchard and "u-pick" some oranges. I immediately searched Amazon, found a juicer with good reviews that could also be delivered the same day and ordered it. The next day we picked oranges and tested out the juicer. It is amazing!

My two favorite features are: 1.) Pulp Management. I love lots of pulp in my juice so I have it set to wide open. Other members of the family want less so with a simple twist, less pulp makes it to the glass. Even better... I did the low pulp first, and high pulp last to get all the extra pulp from the first glass into mine! 2.) The ability to do that "final spin" to get the last of the juice out of the machine. Put the clear plastic cover on and press down and the thing spins like a jet engine to send all the remaining juice down the spout. (The complaint of it being "too loud" is unfounded in my opinion.) Clean-up is simple and quick. Little more than a flush under running water is needed. I know it can go in the dishwasher, but I'm not sure I will ever clean it that way.

We picked and used "Honeybell" Oranges for our juice. It consistently took 1 1/2 oranges to fill the glass (10oz). They were juicy! Of course your variety and size of orange will determine how much juice you will get from each one, but as you can see from the photos, this juicer completely cleaned out the peels. Nothing left behind! You will be able to get every drop of juice available in your fruit.

Final Recommendation: Just buy it!
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on December 16, 2012
It's simple and it works. I've read all the reviews and the main complains appear to be difficulty in cleaning and noisiness. I would disagree on both regards. The parts that are exposed to juice and pulp can all be taken apart, rinsed, and tossed in the dishwasher. No problems whatsoever. It does make noise, but nothing I could call annoying. Definitely not as loud as a blender.

How it works:

-Slice fruit in half.
-Press fruit down firmly on top of juicer. You can lift up momentarily and the juicer reverses the direction for better juicing.
-After about 15-30 seconds, your fruit half is completely juiced. Nothing left inside but the rind.
-Juice drains out the front spout.
-After juicing about a pound of fruit, you have to use the "final spin" feature, by putting the cover on and pressing the whole unit down. This activates a dryer-like spin cycle and squeezes lots of remaining juice from the pulp.

How much juice does it get:

This was my primary concern in purchasing a juicer. I hate to waste! To me it seems this juicer gets pretty much every last drop of juice out of the fruit. There is literally no fruit left inside the rind after it juices it. The only waste is what cannot be squeezed out of the pulp during the "spin cycle", which is not very much. First time using it, I juiced 4 pounds of oranges and got about 4 cups of juice. (FWIW, 1 US Cup of water weighs 0.52 lbs, so you're getting roughly half of the fruit turned into juice by weight. This of course includes the rind weight too.)


Simple. Take off the cover, juicer, and juice catcher. No silly attachments to work with, they just lift off. Rotate the juicer part to separate it. Rinse off all pieces and toss them in the dishwasher. Cleanup done.
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on January 13, 2014
Over the years, I have tried every way of juicing oranges that one can imagine: The little plastic ones you get in a supermarket; the pretty glass ones you get at Macy's; the big, steel ones you can hardly lift that are hard to clean after you've finished, etc etc. I've tried them all. Except for those industrial, expensive, triple-figure gizmos you see at the health food store or behind the counter at a deli, I can tell you that this machine is the best you can buy. (No hype here; I don't work for the company! LOL). Start with the weight -- Fairly light. Next, the motor -- ample power to get the job done. You adjust the settings to low or high pulp and you're ready to go. You simply hold the half-orange over the cone and press down. The cone spins. You notice lots of juice immediately. Squeeze the sides of the orange firmly as the cone spins and then you let up for a quick second and the cone reverses direction! More fresh, delicious juice pours into the glass. Continue and as you press, keep a little pressure on the sides of the orange until there is not much left but rind. Finally... it only gets better: You put the juicer cover on, press down lightly and it spins, faster and faster until it drains all the remaining juice into your glass! Get yourself a little scrub brush or a big toothbrush and run the three parts under water for a minute and it's ready to go next morning! In my opinion, for the price this is the best juicer on the market today.
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The combination reamer and filter can quickly become filled wit pulp wit some oranges and then is splatters everywhere of you use the Final-Spin feature which also creates multiple problems including the need to stop and was the basin or the pulp which shot out will drop down and clog the drainage hole also resulting in clumpy juice not pulpy juice and makes the filter several time as hard to wash out. I'd not use that feature. The tray is not lilted enough and often leaves juice in the machine even without pulp blockage. It worth quickly and perfectly with limes (any of three types a tried) and lemons (including Meyer or "large"). Will never bog down, the unit is more likely to start moving first. If it does move you are probably pressing too hard to be effective anyway. It is quiet enough I no longer need to put on my 30 db ear protectors to make juice unlike the one from Black & Decker which is extremely loud. Why is say Pulp control I have no idea. You have absolutely NO control. Rinses easily if using sprayer but will take forever if just placed under a gravity fed 2.5 GPM faucet. It need some jetting action from the top then the side (rotating it) and then them bottom. I usually just rinse and then occasionally wash in the dishwasher top tray. I have never need to wash the spindle like some reviewer complained about. I have no clue how they are abusing it to require that. The clear top also acts as the activator for the Final-Spin feature which works when the whole top portion is pressed down by the top lid after reaming. It will cause the reamer and filter to spin very fast so that centrifugal forces will extract juice from the pulp in the combination filter and reamer part but as stated it will splatter EVERYWHERE and not just into the filter on onto the top but onto the edge of the tray where it will the drop down into the lower and infiltrate juice below cuseing unpleasant lumpos and clogging the drainage hole.
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on September 13, 2017
This citrus juicer has already paid for itself. We have used it quite a bit since we bought it, and if you do the math on how much you save on fresh squeezed orange juice, this juicer is a no-brainer. We like to buy fresh squeezed orange juice when we have orange juice around the house, but it can be expensive. The amount of money we have saved on OJ has paid for this juicer already. It juices lemons and limes very well, too. The pulp control feature is useful, but it does not completely strain all of the pulp from the product. I love pulp, so for me that is not an issue. This machine requires moderate amounts of pressure to use it, so it may not be suitable for those who have arthritis in their hands.
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on February 19, 2016
I like things that are easy to clean and this unit is no exception. I have a lime tree, lemon tree and an orange tree which are loaded with fruit that they're just dropping to the ground. Had to do something quick and that's the reason for purchasing this unit.

This thing is a cinch to use and really, no need to read the manual. I now have gallons of lime and lemon juice which I've frozen, which I'm sure would last me for an entire year is not longer ... LOL!

One thing I've found out about lime and lemon juice is that they DO go bad if not used after a certain period. I found this out when I purchased a couple of large bottles of lemon juice from Costco.
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on January 30, 2017
This juicer has changed our household! Seems like an exaggeration, however since we got it, we've had fresh juice in the house almost 5 times a week. It's easy to use, clean and assemble. Honestly, with how affordable it was, I can't understand why I didn't get it sooner.
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on June 29, 2011
I purchased this juicer to juice lemons and limes so that I wouldn't have to use my "hand held squeeze" juicer anymore. It works great and it gets almost all of the fruit out of the rind and it produces a larger amount of juice than compared to my hand juicer. Personally I wouldn't suggest using it to juice a large amount of fruit at a time set at the "lowest" pulp setting because the pulp catcher fills up fast and you would have to continuously clean it. This works perfectly for what I purchased it for. It stays in place too unlike like the Cuisinart CCJ-100 and it looks nice on the counter.
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on March 4, 2017
As much as I hate to admit being wrong.... Used this little machine again and have to admit it is really tough. Had a bunch of lemons
to juice and this little juicer did a great job. Did not jiggle around the counter but stood fast. Took a bit of a beating because I'm not very gentle. What really impressed me was how each lemon was completely juiced; right down to the last little bit. But I would not recommend using it in the middle of the night because it will wake the neighbors. A bit on the noisy side but I love it just the same.
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