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on December 8, 2015
I'm giving it 5 stars, but I will offer the caveat that this is for a combined 12 cup coffeemaker and hot water dispenser. I don't know that I would have given the individual components (coffee and water) 5 stars, but I'll throw in an extra star for the pure convenience and accept that a couple compromises were needed to put both functions in one unit.

I am now on my second one. The first one lasted a little over 3 years (alas, just out of warranty). I made the initial purchase because we have a tea drinker as well as coffee drinkers in the household.

The first unit worked great for three years, then developed a leak on the hot water side. But considering we got 1000 days of service, I think that's pretty cost effective. Various coffee only makers I've had over the years seem to have a similar service life. I considered replacing it right away, but had read some negative reviews suggesting bad taste on the water side (a problem I'd never had). We used it for coffee only, but the clock/programmer failed a few months later. We really missed the hot water, so I decided to take a plunge on ordering another.

I'm happy to report that the new one does not have any bad taste problems. The only problem I've had with the new one is that the basket that holds the coffee cones did not snap into place. This may account for some of the negative reviews describing the lid popping up and/or trouble with spills if the pot is pulled out before brewing is complete. Fortunately, I had saved my old basket, and it snaps in fine. I called customer service, and they are sending me a replacement basket. There was only a .35 mm difference in the position of the arm that snaps the basket in, but it was enough.

For the record, I'll discuss a few other features and quirks.

The hot water side on my unit dispenses at 186 degrees F by my digital thermometer.
The carafe adjustable warming temperature feature is nice, and something I haven't had in other coffee makers.
The interval for the time the coffee is kept warm after brewing is programmable.
Water tends to slosh out of the hot water side if you slide it too quickly across a counter (we keep ours under a cabinet, but have to slide it out to add coffee and water).
Some of the front panel lettering eventually wore off my first unit.
The coffee side water reservoir is awkward to fill, but it is pretty easy using a 2 liter soda bottle rather than the carafe.
I had some issues at one point with the water overflowing the grounds on the coffee maker, but it turned out to be a problem with Kroger filters. Other filter brands have done fine.

All in all, I've been very happy with this unit and recommend it for people who need a programmable drip coffee maker and a hot water dispenser.

Addendum: There was a controversy in the question and answer section about whether the water came over the coffee as a single stream or showerhead, so added a picture.
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VINE VOICEon July 2, 2011
I looked at a LOT of different coffee makers before deciding on this model. Buying a coffee maker has to be one of the hardest things to buy. The problems come in because everyone has a different take on what coffee is supposed to taste like and unfortunately many of them are dead wrong. The most important thing for anyone that really enjoys coffee the way it is supposed to be made is that the water heats up to a sufficient temperature (greater than 190 degrees). This allows for the best flavor to be extracted from the coffee ground without that bitter taste that you get when the temperature is too low. Since most people don't know that you don't find that information in most reviews. I found that information in the good reviews for this product and it had an overall rating of 4.5 at the time that I purchased it but I was a bit concerned with some of the bad reviews. They pointed to things like the carafe leaking, the hot water dispenser side leaking or not functioning correctly, bad tasting water, etc. Well, I'm happy to report that I have not seen any of these problems.

1) Hot water dispenser heats water to 185 degrees. This is perfect for anything you might want to use it for.
2) The coffee maker side heats the water to about 200 degrees. This is GREAT for making a really good cup of coffee.
3) The coffee temperature allows the coffee too stay warm even after I add half & half.
4) The lid on the carafe is NOT hinged which means that it doesn't flop around when you're pouring and it doesn't have a flimsy hinge to break.
5) The hot water dispenser side is HUGE, much larger than it looks in the pictures. That is why I've uploaded some pictures with mugs sitting on it and my tape measure showing the actual size. It fits both very wide and very tall mugs.
6) The auto-off setting is adjustable from 1-4 hours. This is great for my mom who likes to brew a pot and drink it all morning.
7) The indicator lights on the hot water side that let you know when the water is ready and when you need to add water are great.
8) Indicator light lets you know when it is time to clean the unit.

1) I'm not really sure how much safer the safety lock is on the hot water side. Anyone that can reach the lever can EASILY slide that safety lock to the left.
2) This is a small nitpick but pointing out small things like this show how much I really like this coffee maker. In order to set the clock you switch the switch to Clock and then hold down the HR button until the time starts blinking. What else am I going to do while I have the switch set to Clock? Why do I have to hold down that button too? The only reason this actually bugs me is because if you hold it down a split second too long it will begin to change the hour. So if you only wanted to change the minute it can be annoying.
3) This is only a con at first. The first time you pour water into the coffee side the angle of where you have to pour it makes you feel like you're going to spill it. Not to worry though. The design of the carafe and the fact that the flipped up lid will catch the water if you go to far make it really easy. Just don't hesitate and you'll find that it is as easy as pie to pour the water in.

Finally, this thing makes a GREAT TASTING cup of coffee. I can't believe I finally have a drip coffee maker that I enjoy using. Prior to this any time I wanted a good cup of coffee I would break out my French Press.

Feel free to let me know if you have any questions. I'll be glad to check it out and get back to you.
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on December 22, 2014
My whole family loves this coffee maker. The controls are easy to read and use, operation is simple, the coffee is excellent and HOT, and the thermal carafe keeps it hot for hours. (Can't imagine ever going back to a glass carafe! ) We also love the ability to quickly get hot water for tea or cocoa. The only slight drawback I've found is that I miss the larger capacity of our previous 12 cup machine (also Cuisinart), but the 10 cup capacity is adequate most of the time.
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on May 20, 2016
Our family mainly uses the hot water feature, probably every day. After only a month or two the plastic lid warped so it sticks up an inch or so and looks twisted. I assume this is from the hot water sitting it it all the time. When you lift the lid to fill the hot water tank condensation runs down and into the coffee water tank. After a while that tank fills up and stagnates. The next batch of coffee is EWWWW. Now a year after purchase it dumped its water all over my counter. Seems the hot water tank cracked or maybe a value blew. Other than being broken and ugly, I liked it. If you want the hot water aspect, I strongly recommend looking elsewhere. We had no issues with the coffee side.
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on March 13, 2017
3/27/17 - I am amending my original review of this product because of the customer service received by both Amazon Prime and Conair/Cuisinart. Amazon Prime allows only 30 days to return a product for refund -- even a defective one, so I was left to deal directly with the company. Read my second paragraph for an explanation of this transaction with Conair.

3/13/17 - This unit style serves out needs well. We love that we can have coffee on one side and hot water for tea on the other side. The water doesn't take long to heat up, although the reservoir is a little small and seems to run out quickly. My husband can brew as little as one cup of coffee to take with him as he leaves the house in the mornings. The product gets a 3 rating instead of more because the unit cuts itself off without warning, especially when both sides are in use simultaneously. This is frustrating when we haven't noticed it and return to find cold coffee and no hot water. We're hoping this problem is unique to this unit and that another unit will work without failures. Cuisinart customer service was pleasant and responsive, sending a replacement unit immediately, although, we did have to pay shipping to receive the new unit and shipping to return the defective unit. At this writing, the replacement is still being processed, so I cannot comment about the functionality of the replacement.

(3/27, continute) We received the second unit in about a little over a week. We paid $10 to cover shipping and handling to get the new unit to us and paid ANOTHER $25 to ship the DEFECTIVE unit back to the company -- that's nearly 50% of the original cost of the coffee maker. Because I did not complain about the cost of S&H at the time I reported the defect, they will no work with me to refund even part of the cost of shipping. Additionally, I was on hold most of the 74 minutes that it took to get a customer service rep and later a supervisor on the line. I am asking for at least a partial refund of shipping costs for their DEFECTIVE product, but they are unwilling to work with me, saying they CAN'T make a refund. I asked for a corporate phone number and the only thing she would provide was an address and the name of the CEO. I will be writing a long letter to her.
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on March 3, 2014
I spent hours looking online for a coffee pot that would keep my somewhat picky husband happy. It was really important that the machine be able to make a great pot of coffee, and so I read dozens of reviews on this site looking for a recommended unit. This one SEEMED the best, but I saw so reviews that claimed the water coming out of the "hot water" side of the machine would stink or taste weird. None of the reviews were terribly current, either, so with some trepidation I took a chance and ordered this coffeepot. It made a great pot of coffee from the get-go, so that part was great. It was some weeks later until I finally got round to trying out the hot water side. I followed the instructions, and in less time than it takes a kettle to boil, I had piping hot water...the machine holds the equivalent of three regular or two quite large beverage cups in the "hot water" side. I do not leave the heating unit on all the time; only when I need it. The unit does make some noise when heating the hot water; sounds of steam issuing forth. This heating unit cycles on periodically to keep the water hot, if left "on". An indicator light blinks, when it needs more water added. Some people complained that there is no way to drain the unit...I may be missing something, but it seems to me that one can just...dispense all the water into a mug, if desired? This "stinky water" phenomenon never happened to me...and as someone who worked in a lab with scientific grades of water, I can hazard a guess at this. At home, we use filtered water we purchase from a water store, as our farm's well water is bad tasting and quite hard. My guess is that if mineralized, possibly even microbially active water is placed in one of these machines...it will stink, given a bit of time for the microbes to grow. Anyway, we are very happy with the performance of this unit. If I had to try and pick apart anything wrong with it....I've noticed that once the coffee is made, the lidded chamber that holds the grounds has no air flow and therefore remains incredibly moist. We sometimes forget to dump the grounds until the next day, and it's quite wet inside...I just leave the lid up while I wash and let dry the gold filter and filter holder. It is slightly challenging to pour the water for the coffee into the right rear corner of the brewing chamber prior to brewing but...not that hard. The design of the carafe is such that every last drop of coffee does not pour out, it is caught by the plastic carafe lip...but this seems unimportant to me. For the price, this unit makes really lovely coffee, provides hot water within about three minutes, has an attractive countertop appearance, and is easy to use and clean. Works for us.
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on August 31, 2014
Awesome machine! I have searched for years for a home coffee brewer that made a cup of coffee that I actually like. Finally, I found it in this, the Cuisinart CHW-12 Coffee Plus Programmable Coffeemaker. The hot water dispenser is also a hit in the family, being a 50/50 split coffee vs tea drinker.
The good:
• The coffeemaker is easy as anything to use, it does exactly what it says it will: brew a stinking hot cup of coffee that rivals any delicious take-out you can buy. I'm impressed with just about every aspect of this coffeemaker. It's not like an instant cup of joe, you have to wait for it to brew. If you're in a hurry, just program ahead of time and forget about it.

Con, sort of:
• I wish it came with a thermal carafe instead of the glass one, the coffee cannot really sit on a burner, even one like this that has an adjustment Low-Medium-High without a burnt sort of taste after too long. My fix is to only brew what I will consume. Not a big deal.

• I do use an unbleached coffee filter, even though it comes with a permanent filter. I hang my head because I do this mainly because the clean-up is a cinch. I do put the filter and grounds in the compost, though!
• The water I brew with comes from one of those Brita pitchers that filter the water, again, a snap to use.
• Before first use, read the directions about running vinegar through the system and then a good couple of water flushes. Do not skip this step. I have ZERO issues with a so-called "plastic" taste whatsoever. And I am highly sensitive in detecting such off-tastes. Hear me? Follow the instructions and you'll be as thrilled with your coffeemaker as I am.

Five big coffee mugs up, hear, hear!
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on December 3, 2016
Well, I've only had this for 2 weeks so, given my previous disappointing experience with a Cuisinart coffee maker, it may be premature of me to review it so soon, BUT--can I just say I love love LOVE the hot water feature? In the mornings I drink coffee but my afternoon go-to pick-me-up is always tea. This is SO much more convenient than putting a kettle on. The water is VERY hot. The time from when I first think "I'd like a cuppa" to when the tea is brewed and ready is like 3 minutes. Marvelous! The coffee function is about what you'd expect, perfectly satisfactory. After tolerating a thermal carafe-type coffee maker for over a year I must say it's nice to have my third cup of coffee pour just as hot as the first, even if the hot plate produces that slightly burnt taste after an hour or so. I'd rather have hot and slightly burnt-tasting coffee than lukewarm coffee.
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on June 21, 2016
I originally bought this model as I needed a new coffee maker and my wife likes to drink hot tea, so I thought this would work well for both of us. I like the coffee maker just fine, it works well and the coffee tastes good. The hot water side, not so much. Honestly my wife can heat water in a tea kettle on the stove just as fast as using this and she says it tastes better from the tea kettle. So the hot water side doesn't get used much.
As for the coffee pot, you can set the temperature of the warmer, you can set the time for auto shutoff, and it has a button for brewing a small (<=4 cups) amount, which works well. I've also used the timer to automatically start the pot at a set time, and that all works. The carafe does not dribble when you pour like my old one did. The loose parts can be washed in a dishwasher. Overall it works well and I like it.
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on October 29, 2014
What a great product for us. I can make my tea (or instant coffee) in the morning when I go to work, she can set up and make her coffee for when she gets up and goes to work. Neither of us has to wake up to stale or possibly cold coffee or go without.

The water side holds roughly enough for two 16 oz cups, although the 2nd one will require some additional heating to be the same temperature as the first (which is VERY hot). Once the on button is pressed on the water size it takes roughly 3-5 minutes before it indicates that the water is ready. In a rush I have utilized the water before it indicated that it was ready and it was plenty hot enough for me. Personally I dont leave it on for extended periods of time, I only use it 1-2x per day, and I feel like leaving it on would lead to evaporation of more water.

As far as the coffee side goes, it is a coffee maker. It is fairly standard and that is nice, it does not try to be anything it isnt. A few of the nice features that it does come with include auto on and auto off- which I expect from a coffee maker. One nice feature with the auto off is that you get to choose how long the burner stays on, up to 4 hours. One little tip for people for the auto on- make sure both your clock and your programmed time are set propertly. This machine knows the difference between AM and PM- and not paying attention and setting it wrong will leave you with after dinner coffee rather than before work coffee.
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