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on March 15, 2016
It is very good unit for juicing carrots, apples and similar harder veggies. We used it today (03/15/2016) for large amount of carrot juice (over one gallon, with breaks every liter and to empty pulp container) and it came out with minimum foam, good consistency and reasonably dry pulp. Position of the chute is good, no leaks, no splatter, no mess, regardless it is 1000 watts on highest speed. Unit’s cutting basket has very minimal vibrations which disappear more of less at normal speed and there is floating mechanism added to electric motor that works out the vibrations quite nicely. Well, after all it is a centrifugal juicer not a satellite guiding system, therefore little thing like this is expected and not bothersome. Locking mechanism on this juicer is very well designed, and base is actually made from magnesium like casting, which makes it bottom heavy and quite sturdy. The opening on top is large, so I would be very careful and never leave this unit unattended if one has little child of the kind that can get into trouble in split second.. Granted this is not a grinder, but I feel compelled to mention this - we all should know that little kids, active cell phones, laud TV’s and tired parents when all on can become potentially harmful combination.

The noise level of this unit on high is about as loud as big blow-dryer on high.
You will not need ear protection. Noise is not high-pitched or annoying.
This is definite plus at least for me.

Anyways, this is excellent juicer, and not just for the money. I was considering purchase of another 2 brands with similar specs but it either had only 2 speeds, or was much more money, and eventual parts availability from Cuisinart when needed appeared to be much more logical choice.

You still need to cut stems of carrots, wash them and take time not to force them to hard yet they go in few at the time and juice comes out quickly, like water from the faucet.
Apples should have seeds removed – not because this juicer will not take it but because ingredients in apple seeds.
Lemons and oranges should be peeled unless one wants to consume all those antifungal sprays that are sprayed on many citrus prior to storage. Even DIY home grown organic peel with no chemicals will spoil the taste just because citrus oil in peels is too strong for consumption in quantities – this is why some supermarket citrus juices have this wonderful smell combined with some bitter aftertaste. Citrus oil is good to flavour cakes and treat pimples, but not for drinking.

Celery will juice just fine, but for greens I use one of those slow juicers, the vertical version. The celery, raspberry, strawberry and things like kiwi come out better on slow juicers. It appears that “one size fits all” idea is only good for T-shirts, so considering one can get slow masticating juicers for much less then they used to cost there is no reason not to have one as well, so you can make nectar out of spinach and celery – it does taste weird but it is quite nutrition.

The cleaning of this CJE-1000 is easy and fast as there are no nooks and hidden compartments like some juicers have. Shell of the units top is made of high impact ABS, it is very well made and fits perfectly. Cuisinart did excellent job in design how the parts fit – if it is not correctly assembled it will not start. Also, the motor has automatic thermal reset fuse, not like some major and expensive brand which I used to have and will never touch again for that very reason. One day you will overheat the juicer and I you do not have auto thermal reset, you will be shipping it for repairs. Not with this juicer. ThankYou Cuisinart !!!.
Did I mention 5 speed? Yes, you may need it, maybe not all the time but it always nice thing to have more choices and practical controls.
OK, time to go now, will drink more of that perfect juice, and then make carrot cake from some of the pulp, and the rest of pulp goes to the chickens and wild birds.
I hope this juicer will last for some time, then if it quits one day I will most likely buy another, hoping that by that time Cuisinart is still making quality kitchen gadgets at affordable price. This one allows me to have quick, healthy, natural and nutritious juice.
No high fructose corn syrup but I have to admit I keep the quart of the stuff under the sink – it is excellent added to water to keep x-mass trees fresher longer although I was always wondering how that works. LOL

BTW, I purchased this juicer directly from Amazon warehouse – they had best price and I trust them most.
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on March 14, 2017
We like this juicer a lot. It has a HUGE container to catch the pulp, so you can make lots of juices at once and bottle them. Also, the chute is really wide - we throw whole (smallish) apples, oranges and pears in it so we don't have to mess with slicing everything up. It pulverizes everything with no problem. The spout releasing the juice is a little wonky; we had a hard time figuring out what was actually fully open vs. fully closed (we are smart people with college degrees, I is honestly just a little unclear when you are twisting it). The pitcher catching the juice is great; it has a nice spout for us to easily pour it directly into bottles. The main downside is that it is a pain in the butt to clean, but that is every single juicer on the market, not just this one, so you can't hold that against it. Overall, we would definitely recommend this one!
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on April 11, 2016
I previously owned the Jack Lalanne Juicer, the infomercial was very convincing. Through reasons best left undisclosed I no longer have that juicer. The loss of my Jack LaLanne Juicer was pretty devastating, but I had a few qualms with that juicer. I needed to find one that had a better over all design.

If you are an avid juicer you know the clean up must be done right after you're finished. The way this Cuisinart juicer breaks down for cleanup is wonderful. No single piece is too bulky to rinse off in the sink and the way the pieces fit together keeps juice or pulp from leaking onto the base piece. The multiple speeds help so you can slow it down for softer fruits or veggies and speed it up for those dense beets. Tough little red devils. I also find that higher speeds help for getting more out of loose items like leafy greens or herbs, when thrown in with an apple or carrot to assist. I should also throw in a shout out for the foam reducing lid on the collection container. At first I hated it because it looked weird and I didn't know why it was even there, but then I started to notice how much less foam I was getting and it grew on me. Not only does the container reduce foam, but it will block what foam does accrue from getting in your cup as you pour.

I have been using this juicer for a year and a half now, 3-5 times a week and have had no problem with its function at all. Nothing has broken, bent, warped, or exploded. I bought a 3 year appliance warranty with this item and thankfully it looks like I won't have to use it. This is a solid item.
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on January 18, 2015
I bought this machine (Cuisinart CJE-1000) first, as I wasn't sure if I would be juicing every day, or if I would give it up once the high of "I'm going to be SO healthy" wore off. Well, it didn't wear off. I love juicing, and have given up supper to juice every evening (except when I go out with friends, of course). I feel so much better the next morning. Sometimes I juice in the mornings as well...but I digress. The machine is easy to set up and use, juices very quickly, and the "leavings" are mostly dry. I've seen plenty of people comment that a masticating juicer will give you more juice. I call BS on that. I just bought an Omega J8006, thinking that hey, I'm juicing every day, so I need a SERIOUS juicer. Also because this Cuisinart will not do greens and wheatgrass. (Just spits most of your greens back into the leavings container.) For juicing vegetables and fruits, this Cuisinart beats the Omega hands down. More juice, more leavings, the leavings were more dry in the Cuisinart basket than the Omega. Way less time to juice. Bigger chunks of produce - for example, I put three full carrots at a time in the Cuisinart. In the Omega, you can only put one, and if it's a big carrot, you need to cut it up first. As if. The Omega rocked out the wheatgrass and spinach (although it took forever putting a few leaves of spinach at a time down the Omega's tiny chute). This Cuisinart has me spoiled. I'm actually thinking about buying a second one, just in case this one ever dies. I've used it for a few months now and still love it like the day I first used it. If you want to do wheatgrass as well, you can always get the Chef's Star manual one. It works pretty well. But if you have dreams of juicing a big salad full of produce every evening and then congratulating yourself on all the nutrients your body just absorbed, you need this one. It's fabulous.
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on November 10, 2013
The removal parts twisted after I washed by dishwasher. See the images I uploaded. It is no dishwasher safe as they claimed.
review image review image review image review image
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on February 27, 2016
My wife and I love it, we have been using it for nearly two months now, it works great, the settings guide in the book is useful, and it is fun combining fruits for different flavors. Orange mango pineapple is good!
review image
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on December 28, 2015
We received our cuisinart juicer over a month ago, and have been using it daily. We really love it, and after trying out a few other juicers, are confident that this is one of the best. The chute to put fruit down is nice and long, so we don't have the problem of bits of fruit and vegetables flying out of the chute, clean up is quick and easy once you get the hang of it, and overall, the juicer leaves us with fairly dry pulp. There are a few fruits, like pineapple, that we run through a second time, but that is the exception, not the rule. Using the Cuisinart for the past month has left us feeling lighter and healthier- so much so that family members are now getting on board and buying their own juicers. Reap the benefits of a cuisinart juicer!
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on September 13, 2015
I'm new to juicing, but this thing is FANTASTIC! It's easy to disassemble for cleaning, easy to use, and the manual has a chart for which speed to use for the food you're juicing. I understand that some folks are disappointed about the pulp moisture, but it's not like it's sopping wet. It's about the same as play-doh.
It's able to juice everything we throw in it. Some of the tough ones -beets, parsnips, an entire mango, 5 pounds of carrots, huge ginger and horseradish roots, radishes, pineapple... the list goes on. IT never stopped, never really slowed, never didn't pull out some juice. I highly recommend this juicer to the novice and medium-duty juice enthusiast.
Finally, the manual comes with a few recipes that are pretty decent, but tame. feel free to use them as a nice base, and add in a little extra something that you think will be delicious. With juicing, there is no wrong answer.
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on December 5, 2013
I love this juicer. It has variable speeds, a huge pulp container, a pitcher that you can stick in the fridge, and comes apart easily to clean. The pitcher has a foam catcher and the juicer comes with a recipe booklet and brush for cleaning the basket thing. The top has a locking handle that will not let the machine run unless it is locked in place, to prevent possible injury. The top lifts off easily from a hinge in the back and is easily rinsed. The pulp catching container is also easily cleaned. The juicer machinery itself is stainless, the pulp container, top, pitcher, and inside basket is plastic, with the blade basket being also stainless. The blade basket just lifts up and off and is easily cleaned with the brush that is included, but be sure to do it under RUNNING water, as I have found this is infinitely easier. It is quiet as far as juicers go, but still somewhat noisy which cant be helped. The powerful motor also makes it more efficient if you are using the higher settings to actually hold the machine down on one side while inserting the veggies, or put it on some sort of non-slipping surface. Oh and one last thing, when I got mine I kept looking for the anti-foam filter, I thought they had forgotten to send it, but it is actually already inside the juicer, it is the flat black thin circular thing that fits down in the plastic basket.
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on February 18, 2015
My aunt got me into juicing and so l started looking for a good juicer of my own. My aunt had Breville and I was initially going to get the same but did not realize how expensive it was. I did a search for other juicers in amazon and found this one on sale for $109. I also had a $10 gift card at the time which would make this $99! I still did not buy it right away though. Did some research and read some more reviews even went to Carson's (mall) to check it out in person. They too had it on sale for $150. I looked at it and it looked solid! I was sold for $99.

I was very anxious to try it and the first time I used it, it was impressive. It wasn't as loud as my aunt's breville - in fact, I would consider this very quiet compared to the breville. The breville can wake up the neighbors! It is also powerful! It juices beetroots with ease along with the other fruits and veggies i throw at it. I've been using it for a while now and I am very happy with it. It does comes apart for easy cleaning but the strain is not easy to take out - which is understandable. You don't want that thing popping out while its spinning at those speeds with those sharp blades! I also put a small plastic bag on the pulp container - this way, I just throw out the bag after juicing. I do recommend that you wash it every time you use it so it does not stain.

Overall, this was a very good deal for an excellent product!!
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