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on March 1, 2011
I was ready to write a great review for this blender the moment I got it, but I thought, no, I should test it out, see if it fails to perform over time. It's been months and it's just been a wonderful blender, no problems. The pulse button is a very handy addition, because it modifies both HIGH and LOW buttons with one push, so it's very one-hand-friendly. It's got a strong motor, which is not too noisy ... you can smoothly lift the cups to stop it automatically, which is super smart. Altogether a very neatly designed product.

I use it every day, so it gets a serious work out on a weekly basis. Grinding coffee, making soups, smoothies, chopping vegetables into purees (of course you have to add liquid, it's not a food processor!). Whipping cream, chopping nuts, blending hot soups (careful, only fill it half way and start on LOW), etc...

If you want a compact, super easy to clean blender, that can go in the dishwasher (plastic does get a bit cloudy, but I don't care if it means I don't have to hand wash it!), it's just the best little blender I've ever come across. And I've gone through many 'small' blenders - I had several MAGIC BULLETS, the pro and ordinary, they were good, but they are a poor design next to this blender.

I TOTALLY recommend it :) no hesitations.
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on May 9, 2013
I love this system! But I can understand why others have had trouble with it. I like it because it is fast, cuts ice like butter, and cleans up as fast as anything you will find. I too wish the cups were a little wider for easier cleaning, but found that a bottle brush made to clean sigg water bottles works perfectly as does a baby bottle brush. Also, it is very important to put the liquid first and the ice last, so that the ice rests on the blades with the liquid all around before you start grinding. Also, it is very important to pulse first to make sure that no ice cubes are wedged between your blades in the beginning. If they are it jams and hums and you need to stop it and shake it or even unscrew the lid to get the ice out before continuing. But when it starts with liquid and ice, it cuts the ice like butter, no kidding. You turn it upside down, screw off the blade top, rinse it off and go. It's that quick. There is no better, faster smoothie system out there. And although it's not included in this kit, you can get a lid from the cuisinart website that will fit the chopper cup that does not have a hole in it, so it seals it completely. Also, when you first use it please note that the cup should slide into the blender slot. I smashed it down, it jammed and I had a terrible mess. I learned to twist it gently back and forth a little till it dropped down on it's own. Don't force it. I have had this system for about 2 years, and nothing compares to its quickness and ease of use and cleaning. But you have to baby it a little with the tips mentioned below.
1. Make sure there is liquid in the cup around the ice and that the ice is put into the cup last so that when you put the blade on and turn it upside down the ice is closest to the blades.
2. Don't force the cup down into the blender. Twist back and forth until it falls down naturally with gravity.
3. When crushing ice, pulse first and make sure there is liquid around the ice cubes. If the blade doesn't start right away, stop, shake or clear ice out of top before pulsing again.
4. It helps to steady the machine when blending with your hand on top of the cup. It is so powerful, the vibrations are crazy.
5. Use a sigg water bottle or baby bottle brush to clean the cups if necessary.
6. Remember you can order a chopper cup lid with no holes in it from the cuisinart website for about $6.

Good luck with your decision. I love mine.
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on April 9, 2012
We make a lot of smoothies in our house, 2-6 a day. We have burned through several blenders in all price ranges and brands. We purchased a Bullet last year because everyone was wanting different smoothies at the same time and washing the big blender was getting cumbersome. The Bullet lasted less than 6 months and it NEVER blended as great as the Cuisinart Smartpower Compact has. With the Bullet, I would have to reblend items because big chunks would still remain. The Cuisinart is a POWERHOUSE! We LOVE IT! It blends everything so quickly and completely. Yes, it did stink of burning motor the first few times we used it, but it doesn't now that we have used it many times. We also did have the motor shut down, but that was a function of the machine working like it should. It shut down before the motor was fried. We start all our blends on the low setting now, and after the big frozen pieces are chopped up, we switch to the high speed to completely pulverize our ingredients. I have no more complaining of chunky pieces in smoothies. I am getting more spinach, peas and flaxseed into my kids than ever before. They can longer tell because everything is blended so smoothly! The Cuisinart Smartpower is worth every penny. Another feature we all love is the blend and go lids. Now I just make different smoothies directly into the travel cup. It's Awesome!
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on February 6, 2014
UPDATE: I ordered this on Jan 31, 2014. Tonight, Feb 16, 2014, the gasket failed. It simply broke and a piece about 1/2" long went into the cup and was ground up with the smoothie. Delicious, if a bit chewy. I wondered why the blender came with a spare gasket. Now I know. I needed it within two weeks! See attached picture.

One problem: the gasket is not specified in the manual by part number and is not available that I can find on Amazon. Cuisinart lists it for $6 as part number CPB-300GSKT. So do I lay in a supply for replacement every two weeks? Not hardly. Have begun negotiations with Cuisinart. Wish me luck. Will need it.

Original review:

This is a nice little blender. Great for making smoothies on the go. I like the way the only thing that needs washing is the blade base. Screw the sippy top on the cup and go.

Also, there is no on/off switch. When you place the cup or larger blender onto the motor base, it powers up, awaiting your instructions. Press the "high" button and it eases up into full power. Press the "Low" button and it runs slower. Press the "pulse" button and the "high" and "low" buttons become temporary pulse controls.

It's also pretty small and fits nicely on the counter. 350 watts is not super powerful, but the capacity is smaller, so it's fine. You do have to run it a bit longer to pulverize raw almonds, but it gets the job done.

I really like how the glasses fit in the car cupholders so well. They are durable, very strong plastic.

The blade base comes with a second rubber sealing gasket.

This particular kit comes with four glasses, four sippy caps, a larger blender jar, a blade base that fits all, a smaller chopping cup and its special cutter base that has a flatter blade for chopping stuff.
review image
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on July 29, 2015
I just love this little blender so far! I recived it yesterday and I'm loving it so far. I have made 2 smoothies and they have come out perfectly! I bought this beause my Ninja Blender was just too big and bulky to pull out and clean each time I wanted a single serve soomthie, as well as it never broke up ice good enough. So after a lot of research I settled on this one and so far I'm very happy with it! I love the travel cups they are great!! I have not used the blender or the chopping cupyetbut I'm sure they are awesome. The only downfall so far is that it had sort of a burning motor smell but maybe it's because it is new. We shall see how long it lasts... I suppose I will check back and update after awhile to share how it Is holding up. So far it's just what I was looking for!
review image review image review image review image review image
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on January 10, 2014
We were looking for a compact blender to make fruit smoothies that didn't cost an arm and a leg, didn't look like a mini spaceship sitting on the counter and came from a fairly well know brand. We decided to try this unit and for what it is designed for it works great. It does not stand up well to abuse however and will become a paperweight if not taken care of properly. You can expect a year of life if used 1-2 times a day. After purchasing the first one I was looking to buy extra cups and found it was actually cheaper to buy a whole extra unit than it was to buy 4 extra cups so I ended up with two. Good thing because the first one died after about 8 months of solid use.

One tip I can offer is to NOT put the lid with the cutting blades in the dishwasher. My guess as to why so many people say the unit burns out is that the bearings in the lid slowly lock up as water penetrates the bearing. The harder it is to turn the bearing, the more load on the motor and the faster it burns out. I locked up two cutting lids before realizing that the high heat of the dishwasher degrades the bearing seal and allows water into the bearing.

Another tip to prolong the life is to use the pulse to start until the hard or frozen items are out of the way. It will chop ice but I wouldn't do it everyday. Overall it works great for single serve smoothies and does not look like you are sending your breakfast to the moon. My go-to smoothie recipe is: Fill cup half full of frozen blueberries, fill cup with milk until it covers all the berries, add 1/4 cup of vanilla yogurt, 2 Tbsp flaxseed and one banana. Enjoy!
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on January 24, 2014
I bought this even though some people gave it a bad review. So far it has worked great and I use it multiple times a day for smoothies. The individual cups are great for this and clean up is easy. I did notice the rubber smell that some talked about but it has now gone away. The only negative I have to say is that if it is on high, with frozen items in it like ice or frozen fruit, you can't just walk away from it. Because the base is compact, it jumps around sometimes, so you have to hold down the cup. However, I personally don't mind this because one of the reasons I bought it was I was tired of my full size blender taking up counter space.

Update 1/30/2014: I changed my rating to 4 stars because I agree with the person who said the cleanup of the o-ring was a little difficult because you have to pry it out because it is recessed and does not just lie between the blades and cup.

Update 01/12/2015: It is now only 1 star. It died. I used it consistently for the first several months and it worked great. I have used it very rarely since then until the beginning of this year. It now overheats and shuts off after a couple of seconds. I would say that had I continued to use it regularly, it would have died about the 6 month mark. Already went to the store and bought a different brand today. Very disappointed because I expect more out of Cuisinart. Will complain to the company, but I don't want a replacement. It is just not up to the job.
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on March 8, 2015
Bought this specifically to make smoothies. Big mistake. I usually love Cuinsinart anything, and have never had a complaint. But this is a lightweight, useless piece of junk. Let's review:

1. The rubber gasket is a royal pain to remove/replace. And more importantly? It doesn't work. One smoothie and milk ran out all over this worthless gadget. (And yes, I read their little "helpful hints." Not helpful.)
2. Easy to clean? Hilarious. Read their cleaning instructions. "Fill with warm soapy water, run the blender, then do the same thing with clean water, then dry." Yeah, that's gonna happen after every single use. And you need a bottle brush to clean the travel cups by hand, because the openings are so narrow.
3) The travel cups don't travel because, surprise! You can't close them.
4) The unit is absurdly unstable and top-heavy. Wobbles across the counter while it's operating.

I liked the idea of blending in/drinking from the same container, but that is such a gimmick. I got my old Oster blender out of the basement, and it handles bigger pieces of fruit and ice like a champ, unlike this plastic toy. Then just pour the smoothie into a REAL travel cup. Pretty simple.

Do yourself a favor. Take the $$ you'd be wasting on this thing, and apply it to a good quality blender without all the gimmicky accessories.
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on October 18, 2016
We enjoy smoothies and milkshakes at our house. We have been using this blender nearly every day since the beginning of July when I bought it. Our old blender burned out from my son trying to blend something too thick so I bought this as a replacement.

I am happy with this purchase. The motor is strong and the plastic is sturdy. No cracks and easy to clean. I rinse off the blades after each use, before it dries. Simple to put in the dishwasher and then go about my busy day. It only takes about 30 seconds of blending to get my smoothies blended well. The thing I like about this set, as opposed to my old one, is the lids to go on the top of the cups. The small drinking opening is good for thinner drinks and is perfect for using a straw in for thicker drinks and to help prevent spills for my children. Having the option to make a larger batch in the pitcher is great as well. I only had the smaller option with my old blender set. The large pitcher is equivalent to about two of the tall blender cups.

The only thing that I find tricky, is that the clear top piece that is inserted into the black top piece of the blender is a bit difficult to use. You have to fit it in and then turn to lock it into place. It doesn't turn easily. Then you have to remove it for cleaning and reverse the process, which is still difficult to turn.

That being the only negative that I have encountered, I am very satisfied with my purchase.
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on November 11, 2014
I loved so much about this little blender! The cups, the lids, the blender was just unique and everything I wanted only... This isn't built to last! Sure they show you in the video it can crush ice and all, but that's because the blades are razor sharp! After that wears off you're left with a very so so blender that if you like frozen drinks isn't going to last. I used mine to make me a smoothie twice a day for about 3 weeks and really noticed it starting to struggle... I decided to send it back before it became a paper weight and was sad to see it go, but I know from experience a blender that has staying power and one that does not and sadly as much as I loved this blender I had to return it.
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