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on May 11, 2013
So, I love this. I wore a Presto one out-after 1.5 years of 3-5 times a week use. With the Presto one-the lid cracked after about 6 months-I just sort of rigged it to make it okay. The Presto plastic got so hot and almost felt a little melted after every use.

Anyway- I almost didn't buy this because of all the "OMG!! It the hot air makes the popcorn fly everywhere!!!"-thank goodness I ignored those reviews (no offense to the popcorn coming out disliking people. ) Anyway-yes popcorn does come out of the shoot-becaue it is corn that "pops" when the hot air makes it hot enough-go figure. :)

Good Buy (for me at least) because-

Feels more sturdy than Presto.

Has an on/off switch (Presto is auto on when plugged in-kinda feel like its a race against time when-plugging and unplugging.

Looks better (it's out so much-it needs too-for my decorator want-to-be self)

Bad for some reviewers, I wouldn't have even noticed without the complaints, no matter its a solvable (and predictable "issue")
When popping popcorn with a hot air popper-put a bowl the size of a Kitchen Aid mixer bowl-sort of in front of it-the first few times just watch it to see where the popcorn comes out. That will catch it all-I use that-but the bowl back under the mixer-and put popcorn in a bowl for flavoring/storing. I hardly ever loose any-if you're really worried about it-but a bowl in the sink and put the popper on the edge of the sink.

I love it-glad I ignored "flying popcorn!" reviews and spent the extra $$$. If it ends up with any issues like I had with the others-I'll update because I'll feel ripped of for paying so much more.

-I have no time to write any (mother of 3 who are 4 y/o and under-plus I work) I do it because I read reviews for 100% of the many (and by many-I mean many-UPS guy knows my family-and we had him over to watch the Super Bowl!) Sooooo if you find this helpful, please say so-otherwise I'll probably use this time to do laundry. Or sleep.
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on January 21, 2017
I've been using this product for about 3 years now, almost daily. It continues to function very well. Pops most of the popcorn, launches most of it into the bowl, and takes only a few minutes. The only flaw is that when it initially starts to pop, some unpopped, but hot kernels, get ejected when other kernels pop. These unpopped kernels fly onto the counter, or into the bowl, sometimes popping in the bowl and flinging some of the popped kernels out of the bowl. I've learned that if I tilt the unit at about 30 degrees upward, 99% of these wayward kernels stay in the unit. However, when tilted up in this manner it is important that you watch the level of popped kernels accumulate in the upper clear plastic unit. When this plastic unit is about 25% full (the popped kernels form a single layer over the popping chamber, which prevents kernels flying out) you must tilt the unit back to level so that the popped kernels will fall out, otherwise the popping chamber becomes packed and the popped kernels will start to burn, then the pressure of the popped kernels will push the plastic unit off, and you will get popcorn flying in all directions. Then, after most of the popped kernels have been ejected, tilt the unit back up about 45 degrees for a few minutes to keep the remaining unpopped kernels in the popping chamber, or turn it off and forget about popping the last few kernels.
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on January 25, 2012
This popcorn popper was a great investment, and I like it much better then the Presto air popper because this one is quieter and it looks nice so you can leave it on your counter all the time. The only problem I had was when I filled the 1/2 cup measuring tool all the way the top of the popper completely came off. You can fix this problem by using a 1/3 cup measuring tool instead. When you do this the popcorn won't go all over your kitchen like other air poppers do. There is also an instruction manual and at the back there is many popcorn recipes. If you are thinking about getting a popcorn popper then get this one. If this is to expensive the second best is Presto. I would avoid getting brands like Air Crazy, and do not get poppers that require oil because that is more unhealthy.
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on March 22, 2017
This works great! A few pieces do not pop because they pop out before the element gets hot enough. I read others said the pieces go out of the bowl, but I use a large bowl, so I haven't had that happen. I recommend this to anyone who wants popcorn but no oil. I spray the finished popcorn with a bit of water mist and then sprinkle on a vegan parmesan cheez I make using nutritional yeast. The mist makes it stick to the pieces. I highly recommend this popcorn maker!
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on September 5, 2013
After buying and returning two other hot air popcorn makers, we bought this one. What a difference. It's quiet, pops all of the kernals and the lid is easy to put on and take off.
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on December 7, 2014
I bought this about 1/2 a year ago to replace our Presto Poplite which my wife considers unsafe because it (like many others) does not have a power switch. This one does which makes my wife happy, and it makes good popcorn which makes me happy. It pops basically the same as our old air popper except that it will spit out more unpopped kernels. Here is how to keep them to a minimum:

First, warm up the popper with the plastic top off for a minute. Add the popcorn (I prefer Orville Redenbacher because the popcorn is fuller and tastier than generic) then the plastic top without the measuring cup. Once the popcorn starts popping, put on the measuring cup and tilt the popper back so that most of the unpopped kernels will fall back into the popper. Keep it like this until there is enough popped corn to fill the tube. At the end, tilt it back again.

A peeve that many people have when comparing hot air poppers with cooking popcorn in a pot is that the salt won't stick to the popcorn. Here is a solution: Spray it with oil (I prefer olive oil). Don't use one of those commercial oil sprayers. Get one that you fill yourself with oil and pump air into it as a propellant. The commercial ones taste too artificial. Also, I suggest using coarse kosher salt instead of standard table salt. The bigger salt grains will give bursts of salty flavor. Enjoy!
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on October 18, 2014
OH, WOW...Another great product from more microwave popcorn.
I do NOT use the cup for melting butter or oil.
I want to keep the whole unit looking nice.
Here is our favorite recipe for homemade kettle corn:
1.melt 3 sticks of Salted butter on the stove
2.add 1 cup brown sugar. (we use Billington's brown sugar from Amazon)
Bring to a boil and then let this simmer for several minutes on very low heat.
It will thicken over the time you are popping your corn.
3. Pop 3 poppers of popcorn in a large bowl... as each one finishes, dump it into a very large bowl and check for kernels that did not pop.... this step really helps!
4. Pour the thickened butter mix over the popped corn and stir. And stir.
And stir... and ENJOY... Thanks, Cuisinart!
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VINE VOICEon January 5, 2014
My wife bought me a Cuisinart (CPM-100 Series) Easy Pop Hot Air Popcorn Maker for Christmas. She knows I love popcorn, but always says my popcorn smells like dirty socks when I use those little bags in the microwave. Likewise, the amount of salt, fake butter and oil in those things add calories and stuff we would all be better off not eating.

The Cuisinart Popcorn maker is easy to set up and use. As recommended in the instructions, after unpacking it, I used a damp cloth to clean out the popcorn well just in case it had any dust from assembly or storage in the warehouse.

This summer I bought some popping corn from the Boy Scouts and finally got the chance to use it. I used the plastic ½ Cup Butter Warming/Measuring Cup that fits in the top of the device to measure out the popcorn and place it in the popcorn well.

Next, I placed a 4 quart bowl under the Popping Chute, plugged in Popcorn Maker, turned on the device and waited until all the popcorn was popped and in the bowl.

Following the instructions, I shut the popper switch off and unplugged the device.

The popcorn was perfectly cooked and tasted delicious with just a bit of sea salt for seasoning.

When my wife and I finished off the popcorn and the device had cooled, I placed the dishwasher safe Popping Chute, Measuring Cup and 4 quart bowl in the dishwasher in preparation for the next use.

This attractive red and black popper is a perfect gift for me. I will get a lot of miles out of it. It is a big hit with my wife too. The oil free popcorn was delicious, cleanup was easy and best of all, my wife is happy that it does not leave a smelly socks or burnt odor in her kitchen.

My best guess is that popcorn junkies like me will also love this popper.

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on February 18, 2016
This is a great air popcorn machine overall with a compact footprint. A removable hood that's dishwasher safe and an integrated measuring / butter melting cup are both smart design decisions which make cleanup even quicker than it already would have been. It may be just the way air popped corn is, but we've noticed the kernels produced are a bit of a tougher chew than the microwave variety (we've tried white and yellow so far).

- Small footprint
- Attractive design & color (red)
- Smartly designed with removable hood and integrated measuring/butter cup

- A bit loud, but it's only on for a few minutes so not a big deal unless you have a baby or others sleeping nearby
- A few un-popped kernels tend to get launched during initial phase, followed by a few popped ones toward the end
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on January 1, 2017
I've been on the hunt for a replacement popper for an old Westbend I've had for years. This is the third popper I've tried and NONE of them make crispy popcorn like the old one. Maybe I need to try a thrift store for an old one. Perhaps if I had never had an old one that made great crispy popcorn I wouldn't be having this issue with finding one...but alas!
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