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on May 11, 2013
So, I love this. I wore a Presto one out-after 1.5 years of 3-5 times a week use. With the Presto one-the lid cracked after about 6 months-I just sort of rigged it to make it okay. The Presto plastic got so hot and almost felt a little melted after every use.

Anyway- I almost didn't buy this because of all the "OMG!! It the hot air makes the popcorn fly everywhere!!!"-thank goodness I ignored those reviews (no offense to the popcorn coming out disliking people. ) Anyway-yes popcorn does come out of the shoot-becaue it is corn that "pops" when the hot air makes it hot enough-go figure. :)

Good Buy (for me at least) because-

Feels more sturdy than Presto.

Has an on/off switch (Presto is auto on when plugged in-kinda feel like its a race against time when-plugging and unplugging.

Looks better (it's out so much-it needs too-for my decorator want-to-be self)

Bad for some reviewers, I wouldn't have even noticed without the complaints, no matter its a solvable (and predictable "issue")
When popping popcorn with a hot air popper-put a bowl the size of a Kitchen Aid mixer bowl-sort of in front of it-the first few times just watch it to see where the popcorn comes out. That will catch it all-I use that-but the bowl back under the mixer-and put popcorn in a bowl for flavoring/storing. I hardly ever loose any-if you're really worried about it-but a bowl in the sink and put the popper on the edge of the sink.

I love it-glad I ignored "flying popcorn!" reviews and spent the extra $$$. If it ends up with any issues like I had with the others-I'll update because I'll feel ripped of for paying so much more.

-I have no time to write any (mother of 3 who are 4 y/o and under-plus I work) I do it because I read reviews for 100% of the many (and by many-I mean many-UPS guy knows my family-and we had him over to watch the Super Bowl!) Sooooo if you find this helpful, please say so-otherwise I'll probably use this time to do laundry. Or sleep.
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on March 22, 2016
This is a great addition to movie night. Organic kernels popped with heat and served any way you like it. One of the few healthy snacks I let my husband eat because he's getting a little chunky. The kernels have a habit of shooting out at you and aim to kill. Makes popping an adventure every time. I have used this little machine for over half a year and I still love it.
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on February 18, 2016
This is a great air popcorn machine overall with a compact footprint. A removable hood that's dishwasher safe and an integrated measuring / butter melting cup are both smart design decisions which make cleanup even quicker than it already would have been. It may be just the way air popped corn is, but we've noticed the kernels produced are a bit of a tougher chew than the microwave variety (we've tried white and yellow so far).

- Small footprint
- Attractive design & color (red)
- Smartly designed with removable hood and integrated measuring/butter cup

- A bit loud, but it's only on for a few minutes so not a big deal unless you have a baby or others sleeping nearby
- A few un-popped kernels tend to get launched during initial phase, followed by a few popped ones toward the end
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on January 1, 2017
I've been on the hunt for a replacement popper for an old Westbend I've had for years. This is the third popper I've tried and NONE of them make crispy popcorn like the old one. Maybe I need to try a thrift store for an old one. Perhaps if I had never had an old one that made great crispy popcorn I wouldn't be having this issue with finding one...but alas!
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on November 14, 2017
Sorry, this was a disappointment. I bought this one over other air-poppers because it had an on-off switch and they didn't. I don't know how the other brands perform, but the texture of popcorn made using the Cuisinart was weird--the popcorn was soft rather than crunchy and stuck to my teeth! I only used it once, but don't have much desire to try again given this result. Using the same brand of popcorn, heating it in oil and butter on my stovetop, gives me great popcorn. I should have stuck with that.
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on December 29, 2013
Bought it for my daughter, reading the ratings I went with this one. She was surprised it wasn't the one we had, I explained why, since then (12-11-13) she has decided that her's is better then the one we have!!! Very HAPPY , no kernnels left, kids LOVE watching it POP. We will go with this one next time for sure.
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on August 7, 2017
bought this for my kids who are popcorn fanatics. It's very easy to use and the kids love to watch the whole thing work. I also like using kernels and not using the microwave. However, the spout might be a little short or narrow because every time there ends up being a lot of popcorn on the counter/floor from the popping. There's enough popcorn on the floor when we eat, I wish this would make at least the popping part cleaner!
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on May 21, 2015
This is an attractive easy-to-use hot air popper. It has an on-off switch which is a plus considering that some models do not have a switch at all and require you to pull the plug after use. This causes blue sparks to jump off the outlet...Not Safe! So this one has the switch, which is good. The downside is that this unit shoots out hot unpopped kernals before it really gets going, so please, watch your face and hands and step away from the machine! Certainly keep eye-level kids away! Once it starts popping, it happens fast, and you have nicely popped corn, not scorched, but just right. Turn off the machine before the last few unpopped kernals fry and make a nasty odor! Once the machine has cooled, you can pour those into your garbage can. There shouldn't be too many kernals that are unpopped and I recommend using the best quality popcorn you can afford....No GMO's and Organic, no matter the brand you choose. I do not use butter so I don't melt it in the top cap. Instead, I use light extra virgin olive oil, drizzled and then sprinkle popcorn with Himalayan pink salt and liberally top with Red Star Yeast...this makes the cheesiest most delish popcorn....EVER! Yum!
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on August 23, 2017
Convenient. Easy to measure. No warming up before pouring in the popcorn. Easy to clean. If using the butter melter, start with room temperature butter. If it doesn't melt completely, a little stirring finishes the job. I keep it on the counter, so I wish there was a place in the back of the popper to wrap up the cord like some poppers have. I am not crazy about the design. It looks top-heavy and a little awkward. The popper doesn't seem to overheat, and it pops all but a few kernels of corn.
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on June 25, 2013

Easy to use: You put some popcorn in the machine, place a bowl next to it, and turn it on. A few minutes later you turn it off. Simple.

Fast: This is way faster than using a kettle, and about the same speed as using a microwave.

Not too loud: it's louder than my kitchen vent, but more quiet than the vacuum cleaner.

Look: I really like the look of this product. It's very sleek.

Still cool: Even when it's on, the popcorn popper's frame still doesn't get hot.

BPA-free: this is healthier to use than other plastic popcorn poppers.

90% of the kernels popped.

Cheaper than microwavable popcorn over time

Healthier than microwavable popcorn: you can have popcorn without any chemicals


As much as I like this popcorn popper, there is one thing I really hate about it. It's so annoying that I was tempted to take off two stars. The cord is really really short. I'd rather pay five to ten dollars more to make it a decent length. This really takes away from a pretty solid product.


Yes you can use a cord extension. However you shouldn't have to if the product was designed well.

As an upgrade, it would be nice if more of the parts of the popcorn maker that touched the popcorn were metal instead of plastic. BPA free is nice, but I still don't fully trust heated plastic on my food.


I feel that there are plenty of cheap popcorn poppers in the market. I just wanted a good one that didn't take up a lot of space. This comes pretty close, but it falls short (pun intended). If Cuisinart is reading this, please don't cheapen your products. I'd rather pay more for quality as opposed to getting constantly annoyed with flaws added by your accounting and finance departments.
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