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on May 11, 2013
So, I love this. I wore a Presto one out-after 1.5 years of 3-5 times a week use. With the Presto one-the lid cracked after about 6 months-I just sort of rigged it to make it okay. The Presto plastic got so hot and almost felt a little melted after every use.

Anyway- I almost didn't buy this because of all the "OMG!! It the hot air makes the popcorn fly everywhere!!!"-thank goodness I ignored those reviews (no offense to the popcorn coming out disliking people. ) Anyway-yes popcorn does come out of the shoot-becaue it is corn that "pops" when the hot air makes it hot enough-go figure. :)

Good Buy (for me at least) because-

Feels more sturdy than Presto.

Has an on/off switch (Presto is auto on when plugged in-kinda feel like its a race against time when-plugging and unplugging.

Looks better (it's out so much-it needs too-for my decorator want-to-be self)

Bad for some reviewers, I wouldn't have even noticed without the complaints, no matter its a solvable (and predictable "issue")
When popping popcorn with a hot air popper-put a bowl the size of a Kitchen Aid mixer bowl-sort of in front of it-the first few times just watch it to see where the popcorn comes out. That will catch it all-I use that-but the bowl back under the mixer-and put popcorn in a bowl for flavoring/storing. I hardly ever loose any-if you're really worried about it-but a bowl in the sink and put the popper on the edge of the sink.

I love it-glad I ignored "flying popcorn!" reviews and spent the extra $$$. If it ends up with any issues like I had with the others-I'll update because I'll feel ripped of for paying so much more.

-I have no time to write any (mother of 3 who are 4 y/o and under-plus I work) I do it because I read reviews for 100% of the many (and by many-I mean many-UPS guy knows my family-and we had him over to watch the Super Bowl!) Sooooo if you find this helpful, please say so-otherwise I'll probably use this time to do laundry. Or sleep.
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on December 29, 2013
Bought it for my daughter, reading the ratings I went with this one. She was surprised it wasn't the one we had, I explained why, since then (12-11-13) she has decided that her's is better then the one we have!!! Very HAPPY , no kernnels left, kids LOVE watching it POP. We will go with this one next time for sure.
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on February 4, 2016
Absolutely love our new Cuisnart air popper!! Needed to replace our old pop corn maker after it took an unfortunate fall from our countertop and cracked the plastic bowl and handles rendering it useless. I've never owned an air popper before this one but decided on getting one so there would be less mess/cleanup required and additionally because it's healthier without all the added oil.

My kids love "helping" make pop corn for family movie nights and get so excited when the pop corn starts shooting out into our bowl.

My one criticism is that the butter doesn't melt by the time the pop corn is done--it starts melting but needs to be stirred and actually sit for a while before it's ready to go on the pop corn.
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on October 10, 2017
Send unpopped kernels flying everywhere before any actually start to pop. Huge waste of popcorn. Air popped corn is much drier than stovetop, but fewer calories so it just depends if it’s worth the trade off for you. Doesn’t really get hot enough to melt butter in the warming cup. It’s more convenient cleanup-wise because I don’t have to wash a pan and a bowl but that’s about the only thing I like better than making popcorn on the stove. Stovetop tastes much better and wastes far less popcorn.
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on December 3, 2013
Yummy popcorn but the unpopped kernels fly out of the mouth right from the beginning. Wasted about a handful of unpopped popcorn in one bowl. For the kernels that do remain in the heating element, they come out light and fluffy.
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on November 16, 2016
Why Amazon allows the "cord storage" claim to stay with this product is a mystery. There's nothing remotely related to storage for the power cord. The popper works okay. Lots of unpopped kernels pop into and around bowl waiting for the machine to heat up, at 1/3 or 1/2 cup, using fresh Orville R. popcorn. More stars if there was actually flippin' cord storage.
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on December 3, 2015
I am in love with this popper! I use it 1-2x/day. For the price it can't be beat. I use organic popcorn kernals or at least non-gmo. Works the same for most brands (I have tried about 10 so far. I had to give it 5 star because of the low price, but it's more like a Toyota then a Cadillac. The main draw backs are that it can only pop enough for one maybe two people in at a time. About the size of a large bucket at the movie theatre. It's not that big of deal to just pop two times in a row. Another draw back it that if you use a normal mixining bowl you will get popcorn a bit messy on the counter or the floor because the blower blows hard and at the end kernals will pop out like a pinball on the loose. So I suggest you get a tall container to pop into. I actually use a tall metal pot and then I scoop it out into my bowl. Also I don't like the cheap plastic over because the hot air is essentially heating it up and I doubt it's good for indoor air quality. It should be silicone instead. As a tip I recommend tipping it over when it started popping, it helps for the corn not to burn. Also NEVER leave popped corn in the machine because the next time you may forget and pour new kernals in and bury the popped corn. This will cause the popcorn to be trapped and burn up. Enjoy
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on December 26, 2015
Whenever buying appliances like this, always check the voltage. I plugged this sucker into my 250V-50Hz household supply and the results were spectacular. The first effect was that the kernels became airborne like a swarm of angry bees, half of them left the machine and a few even left the kitchen. The second effect followed immediately after, a volcanic glow lit the swarm of kernels from below and ignited same, now resembling a swarm of angry fireflies. These fireflies continued to blow out across the kitchen and ignited some paper towels and yesterday's newspaper. I acted quickly - I switched the sucker off but Lo - the remaining kernels dropped back into the maw of Hades and ignited in unison, blowing out a foot-long orange flame, melting the butter cup cover a bit and permanently tingeing all the transparent bits yellow.
After the fires had been extinguished, the popcorn was removed in one cylindrical chunk, superbly carbonised but beyond human consumption - more than a dash of butter required.
Please Amazon, state the appliance voltage when exporting to foreign countries with compatible sockets. Do you sell a 250/120 V transformer?
I still want my popcorn.
John, hungrier than ever
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on December 17, 2015
I had always loved using The Poppery when I was growing up. So, I was trying to find the best knock off. How they managed to screw the flawless design of The Poppery up is beyond me. There are two big flaws with this machine. First, the basin is too shallow. So, the minute you put popcorn kernels in, they start flying out before they even have a chance to heat up and I'm not even talking large quantities here. More like an eighth of a cup which isn't even close to the max amount you're supposed to be able to put in. The second flaw is that the mouth is way too wide. So, I have to use a much larger bowl than I need in order to catch all the kernels that come flying out as well as the actual popcorn. I would not recommend this product.
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on January 17, 2017
We ordered this since our microwave died and the lower wattage microwave we replaced it with doesn't pop corn, it burns it or leaves them unpopped. We've never had a hot air popper before, so I'm not sure if this is how they all operate, but one of the drawbacks is until the heat reaches the proper temperature to pop the corn, it shoots unpopped kernels all over the place - we've taken to putting a large bowl under it to catch the unpopped kernels until the corn starts popping, then using a different bowl to catch the corn.

The corn it does pop is fully popped and tasty, and much healthier than microwaved popcorn. All in all, we like the unit, but would like to see a larger capacity hopper (we usually have to run it through at least two half cup cycles in order to get enough for a movie night).
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