Customer Reviews: Cuisinart CPT-420 Touch to Toast Leverless 2-Slice Toaster
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Color: Brushed Stainless Steel|Style Name: 2-Slice|Change
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on January 12, 2013
I've owned more toasters over the years than I can count. I've tried low-end, high-end, and in-between. My most recent one was OK when it arrived--a stainless steel Oster 2-slice toaster--but it went downhill fast. I often do single slices of toast, and it's hard to find a toaster that can do a good job of only one slice. Also, the Oster had ridges around the slots, where crumbs got caught, and it was hard to clean them out. It had an extremely short cord too, and after about a year, it started burning one side and not toasting the other. The bagel setting didn't work either. Time to try another toaster!

I decided on this Cuisinart one. The other toaster I was considering was a Kitchen Aid (both of these brands seem trustworthy to me), but I decided against that one, because reviewers said the buzzer that warns when the toast is finished is very loud. That sounds like a small thing, but the complaints were vigorous, and it seemed to me that breakfast is not a time for a loud buzzer.

So on I went to the "leverless" Cuisinart. It's about $20-$30 more expensive than the newer model, which has a lever for lowering the toast, but I decided to go leverless anyway. I'm glad I did. The leverless function is very neat--effortless and functional--and in my experience, the push levers can break or go wonky, so I think this is better. Otherwise, it toasts evenly, dries the bread slightly making it taste better when toasted, and the bagel setting works nicely, toasting only one side. The "countdown" feature is a set of digital bars that disappear one by one as the toast progresses, until there are none left, and the toast rises, sounding a light ping at the same time. The digital selection for browness goes from 1 (light) to 7 (dark); so far I haven't had to use anything above 4, so there seems to be plenty of choice there. If you toast only one slice, the directions recommend using a reduced number (3 instead of 4, for instance), because it won't take as long. Good advice! It worked perfectly. There are no ridges where crumbs can get caught. The crumb tray is at the back, but I didn't find that to be a problem; that's where it was in my previous toaster too.

Some reviewers have said that the cord on the Cuisinart leverless toaster is too short. It's 3 feet long, which is a lot longer than the cord on my old Oster toaster. There is a place to store extra cord under the toaster. My reason for giving it 4 stars instead of 5 is that I would have preferred if the cord were attached at the back instead of the front. The other issue is that the slots are only 5 1/2 inches wide. Bread that is 5 1/2 inches wide fits, but it has to be turned a little, and anything larger would have to be cut in two. Neither of these issues is a major one for me, but it could be for some users.

I am very pleased with this toaster, and to me it's well worth the extra money to have a toaster than doesn't buzz loudly and actually makes great toast. Sometimes little things are worth paying a little extra for!
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on April 16, 2013
It may seem odd but I bought this for my wife on Valentine's Day and it was one of her favorite Valentine's Day gifts ever. It happens after 30 years. It might have helped that 1) I saw her looking at toasters in Target, 2) I gave her roses and took her to dinner too. The latter cost as much as the toaster, but it's the toaster she still raves about.

Everyone who sees it is interested and impressed. It's everything the product description says and it makes good toast and frozen waffles too.

1. It takes about 20 times toasting empty on the max setting of '7' to remove the new metal smell & taste. Maybe it only takes 10, but after I tasted it the first time I didn't try again until 20 burn-ins. I called customer support and they said to use it on the max setting about 10-15 times with no bread.

2. After the 20x of toasting without toast... it takes a little experimenting to find the toasting level you like, and one number-level makes a significant difference.

3. Don't forget the 'Reheat' button. Nice.

We are very happy with this toaster!
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on October 20, 2012
I bought this toaster a few months ago and it worked great right from the start. At first I was concerned because I thought the elements were not all working. Boy was I wrong! I used the factory setting of 4 and it put the perfect golden brown toast evenly on the bread. I have used it many times and the toast comes out perfectly every time. I highly recommend this toaster!
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on July 6, 2014
Not sure why it's so hard to buy a toaster that toasts bread evenly. Nor why it's so hard to buy a toaster that lasts. These are simple appliances that are much less complicated than most other kitchen appliances which, in general, seem to last much longer and work much better.

I could have bought another $20.00 toaster, but this time opted to buy an expensive one ($95) in the hopes I would get a better performing product; and one that might last more than a few years.

A toaster needs to do one main thing. It needs to toast bread evenly in a relatively short amount of time. I thought paying $95 for this simple appliance would get that done. Unfortunately, despite the $95 price tag, this guy does not even come close to toasting evenly. Not even close. In fact, out of the 4 slots on this toaster, only one slot toasts the whole slice of bread. Two of the slices are only 70% toasted with a decent section of the bread left completely untoasted.

In summary, I see this as a nice very looking toaster with push buttons that will look good on the counter top. The electrical push buttons are an improvement over the mechanical levers that most toasters have. However, it falls short in the most important of all areas. It simply does not toast evenly. Unfortunately, as you'll see from looking at other reviews, my experience wasn't an isolated one. If I'm going to get uneven toast, I might as well just go back to the inexpensive toasters. On the other hand, if even toasting is unimportant to you, then this would seem to be a good choice.

But for me, despite it's good looks and nice push buttons, I can't recommend it because this toaster just doesn't toast well.
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on June 10, 2013
I bought this toaster to replace a defective Hamilton Beach Classic Chrome 2 Slice Toaster.

The Cuisinart CPT-420 is a decent little toaster, I especially like the "elevator" feature where the bread is automatically lowered into the toaster and automatically lifted when done. I only wish there was a way to lower the volume of the "beeps" when the toast is ready.

Here are some more of my observations:

When toasting two slices of bread, both pieces of toast are perfectly browned on each side. This is great! But, when toasting ONE slice of bread, you end up with a piece of toast that's perfect on the outside-facing side and burnt on the inside-facing side (doesn't matter which slot you use, the result is the same). I usually toast two slices at a time, so I can live with this shortcoming.

(Warning, scientific observation ahead! I suspect that the reason for the burnt inside-facing side is because the center heating element is combined for both slots. It's essentially a single heating element wrapped around a heat-proof card that sits between the two slots. The heat output of the center element is designed to toast two slices of bread, the inside surfaces of each. But, when you toast ONE slice of bread, there isn't anything in the other slot to absorb the excess heat so the center element gets too hot and over-toasts the single slice.)

Another annoyance is that the top edge of the toast sometimes catches/snags on the top edge of the slot when the toast ejects. This causes the top of the toast to fold over. A simple design change would have prevented this.

And, lastly, the "doneness" control is a bit skewed. When the toaster loses power, it resets to level "4" which burns the toast. In order for me to get perfect golden-brown toast, I have to use level "2"... So that means level "1" is lightly toasted and level "7" is burnt-to-a-cinder toast. When I want to defrost bread I have to do it manually by pressing the eject button because level "1" is too hot and will ultimately toast it.

Even with these shortcomings, I still like this toaster and would recommend it.
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on February 13, 2015
This is my second try at this "great toaster" and it's going back. I tried it with bread, bagels, and english muffins, and it doesn't toast evenly to say the least. I put the toaster on level 6, and my english muffin wasn't close to being done. I took a picture of slice bread that I also toasted on level 6. Now is it me or my lying eyes.
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on June 13, 2012
Toasts very evenly ,browns eggo's perfectly on frozen setting.I used the bagel setting which browns the face side well but doesn't heat the bagle though.Works better on regular toasting setting.End of cycle beep not annoying like some others. 3 year warranty is a plus over other brands.So far very pleased with quality and operation.
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on May 9, 2014
I placed two slices of Trader Joe's Sprouted Grain bread in the toaster. Set the toasting setting to 5 and pressed the toast button. The toaster started working and the bread was toasting fine. I noticed that the toaster was not automatically turning off and the toast racks raising to the top. Then all 3 blue lights went on (see instruction manual) and a very audible beeping began indicating that the toaster was overheating.

The toaster was not overheating and the toast was certainly not black. So following the instruction manual I unplugged the toaster. I had to turn the toaster upside down as the internal toaster racks did not release so that the toast popped back up. The toaster was not hot and did not burn my hand when I felt it. So I waited a while until the toaster was cold and plugged the toaster in again. Before I could put a slice of toast in it the 3 light lit up and the beeping started again. This beeping by the way sounds like your smoke alarm. It is loud and sent both my large dogs scurrying away.

I tried the toaster again this morning and the same thing happened. I didn't even get the toast in the toaster and the 3 lights and the beeping.

So back it goes. It looks nice, but it does not operate correctly.

Note to Amazon: I bought this from the warehouse and this is the second time I have bought something from the warehouse that was defective and had to be returned.
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on August 12, 2015
A picture says more than I can, so here is a picture of toast toasted this morning. The toaster is less than 6 mos old, but the "quality" of it's performance has not deteriorated markedly, it's been like this since day one. It was just today that I had a camera available to record it's performance. If you want to start your mornings like this, this is your toaster.
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on March 26, 2015
Will not work with Pop Tarts. You will need a couple of forks to dig them out after the toaster oven breaks them in half upon ejecting them. I called the company and was simply advised that it was a "design flaw" and that they could not offer a solution and that does not fall under the warranty.
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