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on January 13, 2011
This little gem is wonderful. I made a creamed soup which took 2 minutes to puree. I usually put small batches in a blender (you can only do one cup at a time to avoid overflow), empty that into another pot, clean the old pot, clean the blender and then I must reheat the soup. This takes about 30 to 45 minutes for a large batch of soup. With my Cuisinart Smart Stick, I placed the pot on a towel and blended for about 2 minutes. It came out perfectly!! No extra pot to clean, no blender to take apart and clean and no spills on the counters and floor. The Smart Stick took about one minute to clean with hot water and a paper towel. I plan to buy these as gifts for all my friends (if they don't have one already). Why did I wait so long!!
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on June 21, 2013
If I reviewed this right after my first use id give it a 5 star rating but I wanted to see how it held up and Wow this cuisinart blender didn't even last me a year or over the 5th use. It melted as I was using it to mix 110 ozs of soap with the same consistency as pudding. The whole thing literally melted. Cuisinart customer service isn't really good. They want money for shipping it to them and then more money to have the new one shipped to you.

The whole thing looks nice and works great when it works. They could have made it better by not using plastic that melts due to the powerful motor. Also the blade is attached by plastic to the motor. That started to strip on mine just as it has on other one star reviews. So if mine didn't melt down it would have still broke due to stripped plastic.
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on January 13, 2015
Well this one just failed, this was my 3rd or 4th. I may have reviews here of previous ones I purchased.
I love the things but they only last ~2 years. Everyone I have owned has failed within the warranty period.

So why 1 star if I love these things?
Well the 1 star is for the same reason that I do not return them on the warranty. The "warranty" is not a warranty. You buy your stick blender on sale for 20$. It fails and then the company wants you to pay 10$ for them to ship it back to you + 10+$ (you cannot get shipping as cheap as major shippers) to ship it to them + the cost of a box to ship it in + the value of your life which you waste doing this. So the "warranty" costs significantly more than just throwing the old one in a landfill and buying another. An honest ethical company would say "no warranty".
Consider this to have 0 warranty and not a 3 year like the product proclaims. When the shaft fails (and it will in ~2 years) it is cheaper to just buy a new one.
It is really sad that Cuisinart would drag their name through the mud with a product that has to reliably be replaced every 2 years. Every worse that they'd give it a worthless rip off 3 year warranty.
There is a reason we all use a Cuisinart instead of a "food processor", just like we use a Kitchenaid instead of a "mixer". Cuisinart would probably be happier being know as the gold standard for food processors than the gold standard for throw away stick blenders.

So now the question is what do I do with the old bodies who have motors that work just fine? My first thought is to donate them to a Makers fair.
The other question is since this stick blender costs 10-15$ per year to run, should I just buy a Bamix which will cost ~10$ per year, though a lot more up front, and stop filling up the land fills with low grade failed blender sticks?

So risk the big expense on a really nice immersion blender or just buy another of these which I know will reliably fail in 2 years? The Bamix price tag is scary but the 20-30$ Cuisinart will be dead in 2 years. It will work great for those 2 years though..
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on October 13, 2015
I bought this in May of 2013 and thought it worked pretty decent. Could have been better, could have been worse. In September of 2015 it suddenly stopped working. The gear in the hand-held part still spins but once connected to the bottom part, the blade does not spin since it appears the gear is completely stripped. While I've owned it for a little over 2 years, it doesn't get used all that frequently, perhaps 20-30 times during this time frame. It's still covered under the 3 year warranty but Cuisinart said the warranty doesn't cover shipping. They wanted me to spend ten dollars to have a new blender shipped to me on top of sending the defective unit back to them. I paid thirty-five dollars for this thing and I am not spending 1/2 f what I paid for the same product that will have the same defect. Will purchase a better quality blender with my money instead.
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on July 13, 2017
Being a health enthusiast and always on the go, I always look for a quicker way to prepare meals. This hand blender lets me do that and save me a lot of time. I've had it for a little over a month now. It has a simple one-speed button along with a simple, yet sturdy 2-piece design which releases by an additional button. Clean up is a BREEZE - just rinse it in warm water and dry. The power is unparalleled - I make a lot of shakes and throw a lot of solid food into it and in a about 1/2 a minute or less its ready to drink. The motor is so powerful it suctions my shaker to it so I when I lift the blender while its blending, it lifts the shaker too! And the noise decibel is maybe half that of a normal blender which helps a lot, especially for people with sensitive hearing. I think this is an amazing product, considering its price as compared to a KitchenAid one. I think it equals or beats it. I think you should definitely consider this one!
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on February 10, 2016
I love my hand blender. I use it for making a nice healthy soup. I use cauliflower and chicken broth to make my soup seem creamy and the hand blender works perfectly to blend the ingredients and give it a nice smooth texture. I haven't used the small containers that come with it yet since I mostly just blend in my pot.

- Simple one button for on/off
- Easy to clean
- Quick and convenient

- When blending my soup, the entire head is immersed in the liquid. The liquid and blending action pulls the blender to the bottom of the pan, creating a suction which I have to stop the blender in order to lift it back up to blend the bigger chunks
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on June 25, 2012
I never owned a hand blender before this. I am a kitchen nut and was tempted to buy a bigger, more expensive unit. For a small household, no need. It has plenty of power for most jobs, and I am glad I saved the money.

It's so easy to clean! Just click on little button on the back, and the motor part falls away from the blender blade. You can do it with one hand. Goes on easily, too. I usually rinse it fast after blending and often just use hot water unless there is grease involved. Even then... so few places for dirt to stick. It's nice and easy.

No need to buy canned soup anymore. Boil some veggies (I use a couple of beafsteak tomatoes, a red pepper, a small onion) and then blend 'til creamy. You can add textured stuff (mushrooms, meats) afterwards and it's a nice contrast and so flavorful. I have some basil in an herb garden and use the cup (included w/blender) with a little water to blend for Thai curries, add some fresh oregano and parsley for Italian sauces. Adding it at the end means the flavor stays strong and fresh. I like to add some sour cream at times to my sauces; add almond butter to the curry with a litttle sour cream or yogurt - and you're well on the way to a home-made tikka masala!

Anyway, sorry I did not own one of these sooner. I use it at least every day; whip some half-and-half in a cup and add it to morning coffee and suddenly, it's like boutique coffee. And the little extra air means less calories and frothier. We enjoy it that way.

Maybe I'll never be rich, but I do enjoy my "little luxuries" and for $30 bucks, you cannot beat this if you enjoy cooking. Don't forget to add some garnish - a basil leaf,some coarse-ground black pepper, a little cheese, or the swirled ingredients on top - or croutons - to get that 'finished' feeling.

Hope you enjoy this little beauty as much as I do!
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on September 10, 2016
I bought this hand blender because the one i had before was too weak and my soups would be clumpsy. This one blends hard and leaves your food with a very nice texture. I have even used it with frozen berries and got fine smoothies. Comes with a very useful pot for blending. Of course the color is supernice, i love its design too.
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on April 19, 2015
After watching numerous cooking shows, I perked up when the chefs used the immersion blender. As I had never seen one I thought what a great idea, everything needed was in one piece with an easy to detach the blade with a one button push. After purchasing one, I went to town, blending anything imaginable. So much fun.

My main goal was to make shakes and malts without dragging out the blender and this gadget is super for that purpose. We can now fix a malt at a moments whim and the clean up is beyond easy. The stem and blender blades come off in one piece and go right into the dishwater. They are so easy to clean while keeping in mind that the blades on the bottom are beyond SHARP! Do not touch them with your fingers! Just swishing them around in the hot soapy water and a gentle wipe with a sponge will do the trick.

I noticed right off the bat that the wand needs to be kept at a slight tilt while blending and if kept straight up and down, will act like a suction to the bottom of the bowl or pan that is being used. It needs to be able to whirl the food into the blades, sort of like an ocean whirlpool. The blades never scrape the bottom of the container so there is never a fear that they will damage your cookware.

Another use for the Stick is in making vegetable juice for canning in the summer. I simmer cut up tomatoes, carrots, celery, parsley, celery and any other vegetable available at the time from my garden. I run this cooked mixture through a food mill to remove the peels and strings but then return the juice to the pot to further cook down and thicken slightly. This is where the SmartStick comes into play. I just stick in into my big pot and let it do it's thing. The smooth resulting juice is purely a delight. Makes my mouth water just thinking about drinking this stuff!~ My son's family begs for the Italian tomato sauce that I can using this Stick.

It is a little work horse and I was so surprised that it can do the large batches I challenge it with. Brothy or cream soups are another area where this can be used. Asparagus time us upon us and nothing is more delicious than cream of asparagus soup. I save all of the pretty tips and simmer the rest until very tender. Next comes out my trusty little Stick and away it goes. When done, I add the tips back to the brothy mixture and simmer until just tender, adding milk, seasonings and a little butter. Yummy delicious. Smooth and beautiful. The ideas for uses are endless.

Every kitchen should have one of these but I must stress again that the blades are indeed sharp!
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on October 8, 2011
I'm surprised at the number of reviewers praising the power of this blender. At 200 watts, it's definitely under-powered. We mostly use it for pureeing baby food: fruits in yogurt, etc. It works okay on cooked foods, like steamed veggies, but it struggles with anything firmer, such as fresh strawberries (even when pre-cut to smaller chunks}. No matter how I try, it leaves a few uncut pieces. Same problem with (ripe) pears. It handles blueberries, though.

I'm used to a 400 watt Braun MR5550CA blender, which died after 4 years of frequent use, and unfortunately is no longer available. I bought SmartStick mostly for its popularity and good Amazon rating. If I knew how it performed, I would've chosen something else. I'll keep it as a spare but will start shopping for something more powerful.

A couple of other pros and cons. PROS: SmartStick's standard three-year warranty is longer than most other brands. Easy to connect and disconnect blade attachment. Solid construction (except the plastic coupling gears, which unfortunately is the problem with all hand blenders). CONS: I don't like the desgn of the blade attachment because when I try to use it on a smaller quantity of food, it tends to splatter pieces through the holes making a mess. No accessories other than blade attachment and measuring cup.

UPDATE: After some searching, I found what I think is a better (at least as power is concerned), reasonably priced blender: Juiceman HB0001S Juiceman Stainless Steel Hand Blender and Accessories. It's not perfect, but at least it can handle simple pureeing and chopping tasks. It's a bit more expensive, but in addition to the advertised 550 watts, it also comes with more accessories. The major problem of the unit is that it's difficult to connect attachment (my wife cannot turn it all the way to the locking phase, and it's hard even for me; people with arthritis can forget about it). FOLLOW-UP: Did not have a good experience with Juiceman (wrote a negative review), so DO NOT RECOMMEND it.

UPDATE #2: After four or so months of light use, the blender broke, just as it did for other reviewers complaining about the plastic coupling of the drive shaft, which gets stripped off, and for exactly the same reason. Getting a replacement was reasonably painless, but I do not expect the new unit to last longer than the old one. :-(
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