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on November 5, 2016
So now I am asking myself why I keep going back to Cuisinart for coffee makers?

ALL I can say is, I guess they're in the right price point, because the next step up is into the hundreds of dollars... but all of my Cuisinart coffee makers have died from the same or similar problems of seal failures.

I got my first Cuisinart coffee maker (identical but brushed aluminum look)... it had a seal fail probably a year then leaked water out of the bottom.

I immediately went and got a shiny silver like this. I liked the look and the coffee it made so I figured it was a fluke and got a new one...
About a year later, it a seal failure happened so that it no longer would bring water up from the water reservoir to where the coffee grounds were.

Next one was an upgrade... slightly bigger and nicer... It lasted about 4 years then did the same thing... stopped transporting water so no coffee would brew. But I figured hey... looks cool... good coffee... lasted a lot longer than the last couple... let's roll with it.

But this last one I JUST got a month and a half ago... one of the seals failed and the clock/programming display filled up with water and steam and it is now unusable.

Too many seal failures!
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on December 3, 2016
Bought it May 2013. Just died November 2016 -- doesn't push water up into the coffee basket, even after multiple attempts to decalcify/clean.

Prior to this, it's been a champ. Used it almost everyday. Really like the programmable features, the Auto Off options, the carafe temperature options. We might buy this again and just figure on another three-year lifespan -- but going to look for other options too before we do so

We bought the DCC-3200 -- newer model at the same price point. I recommend it instead. It has some nice features. It is neither taller nor noticeably deeper, but they get 14 cups instead of 12 cups. The water measurement is on the side of the coffeemaker instead of being inside the reservoir. It offers a bold setting which does strengthen the coffee (not what we need, but perhaps nice for others). An option to turn off the tones completely (this one we use and like).

Perhaps most importantly, the lid of the DCC-3200 has more holes through which the hot water drips onto the ground coffee. The DCC-1200 had fewer holes, more concentrated around the center. This led to more splashing of the coffee grounds, which would often lead to grounds spilling over into the reservoir, leading to cleaning issues and probably shortening the lifespan of the carbon filter cartridges. The DCC-3200 has a more even dispersion of the hot water -- I can tell because the used coffee grounds are rather neatly compacted.

I can't yet say about the longevity. Since the DCC-1200 last 3.5 years on a 3 year warranty, and the DCC-3200 comes with a 3 year warranty, I have a prediction...
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on January 18, 2017
First pot was awesome. Arrived on time and looks very nice on the counter. Got it registered and discovered it has a three-year warranty. Very pleased with the purchase. We have lost 2 Mr. Coffee high-end machines that last two years.*update* After having unit 3 months the clean light came in and after trying to clean it per directions over 4x unit brews extremely slow, doesn't brew all of water and clean light continues to come on. Return window had expired with Amazon so I had to speak to manufacturer. I was told even bough unit had a 3 yr warranty I would have to pay shipping charges both way! So what's the use of a great warranty if you are gonna be out $25 just to get one that works???? Very very dissatisfied
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on August 23, 2017
Overall, I have to say I'm disappointed in this coffee maker, although this is largely a criticism of the carafe, which I can only describe as a really big dribble cup. My old Capresso had a superior carafe, never making me clean up coffee drips after pouring a cup of coffee like this Cuisinart invariably does. Nor did it force me to turn the carafe completely upside down to get the last of the coffee into the cup. The top of the Cuisinart carafe is cheap-feeling plastic and, unlike the Capresso, leaves me wondering how soon it will have to be replaced. If the Capresso had a temperature control, I wouldn't have been looking for an alternative after a decade plus of heavy use plus regular cleaning and filter replacement finally resulted in it being unwilling to push more than about 4 cups of water through the grounds with any given push of the start button. The Cuisinart's temperature control works well, although "Reg" is actually lukewarm, "Hot" isn't as hot as I'd like, and "X-Hot" leaves an odd sort of burnt plastic taste in the coffee. I tried letting hot water sit in the pot for a while before brewing, as Cuisinart suggests, but found it made at most a marginal difference in the temperature, and not worth the delay in actually producing that first cup of coffee. I will say the Cuisinart makes a very consistent cup of coffee - I never have to ask why it's hotter or colder or stronger or weaker today than it was yesterday. The stainless is attractive, but the brushed finish is not particularly easy to keep looking good. The Capresso wins that contest, too. Overall, although I also wouldn't have given the Capresso 5 stars when it was new, for me, it deserves at least one full star more than the Cuisinart. And, to my taste, the Capresso made slightly better coffee, too.
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on July 3, 2017
Works and looks great! I used the automatic on setting for the morning coffee, and the 1-4 cup setting for a maximum flavor. No need for coffee filters since the machine comes with a reusable filter that works pretty well. The machine stays on after brewing for an hour by default so your coffee keeps warm for a while after brewing (I believe you can set this for longer)

Note: for the best tasting coffee you must grind coffee to Medium-grind. If you grind the beans too fine is going to result in watery coffee with a bitter taste!

One con is that I wish I could remove the water fillerso that I clean it regularly. However, the machine has a light alert for self cleaning.
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on August 29, 2017
Second time buying this coffee maker. First one lasted about six months before the programmable feature stopped working, so we could no longer wake up to a pot of coffee. Stuck with it for 3-4 years making it manually each morning. Recently, we decided we wanted that feature back. Purchased this unit in April 2017 and within weeks, noticed that the coffee had a large amount of grounds in the cup/pot. We noticed that the basket that holds the grounds looked like it had been blown to smithereens! There were grounds everywhere! Even back down into the water tank, into the filter, throughout the top of the lid - everywhere! Had this happen several other times in the coming weeks. Felt it had to be getting a large, pressurized blast of water to create such a mess. I decided to start brewing coffee manually to listen for anything unusual each morning. After three attempts, on the fourth day I could clearly hear a rush of water/gurgling-sputtering sound during brewing and once the brewing had run it's course - I opened the top to - sure enough - see grounds/water shot out through everything! An absolute mess! There is no easy way to clean this, as the grounds continue to fall back into the water tank and just make your coffee terrible. Of course this all happens well past the Amazon return date. Called Cuisinart just outside the 90 day window and they wanted a fee to send me a new unit, plus I would need to pay to send the old unit back. While this may be an isolated incident, this experience, coupled with our old coffee maker breaking down within months - left us with the decision to move on from Cuisinart products all-together. They have lost a customer for life and we will not be giving them our money again. Buyer beware! There are better coffee makers on the market for much less money, likely with a company that stands behind their product!
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on September 1, 2016
Our third DCC-1200 has failed. We give up. These coffee makes have a well documented electrical design flaw. After some use heat causes cracking in the circuit board which makes the on/off button to stop working intermittently. Cuisinart customer service will not admit the fault and will make you pay to ship it to them where they may or may not fix it under warranty. Do not buy this coffee maker.
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on September 29, 2016
Color: Stainless Steel|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )|Verified Purchase
We're into our second week with the Cuisinart DCC-3650, and so far we have almost nothing but good things to report about it. It is a very sharp looking coffee maker, the brushed chrome/nickel look matching most of our appliances. It is easy to use and to program, but I'm still not used to the blue light it emits always being on; I still wonder if the heating element is on when I see it, and the OCD in me has needed to check it out on several occasions. I'll get over it in time, but still... I wish the blue light would turn off.

The best thing about this coffee maker is the temperature at which it brews. There are settings which include "hot" and "very hot", and the very hot setting is, in fact, VERY hot. I've heard for years that the full flavor of coffee comes from very hot water, and when this is brewed, even after adding a little cream in it, my wife and I have both had the experience of hardly being able to take a sip. I've already called my Dad to let give him my Obi Wan Kanobi impersonation... "this is the coffee maker you've been looking for."

But there are a couple of things that keep me skeptical. I've read the other reviews, and I wonder if I just happened to get one that really does brew "very hot" at the "very hot" setting, and if so, how long it will stay that way. I've had several Cuisinart coffee makers in my adult life, and they've been hit or miss. One lasted just long enough for the warranty to expire, then died. Another -- the very same model -- lasted four or five years before it had to be put out to pasture. And I completely understand that anyone buying a coffee maker over $100 deserves to have a long-lasting, dependable brewer, and so from my past experience and the experiences of other reviewers, my slightly-scientific analysis of this product is; maybe I got lucky, and for how long will that be?

Again, so far, I do really like the coffee maker, and the temperature has been the big bonus. If this is how every DCC-3650 runs, I would recommend it even at $116.67 (the price as of today). That in mind, please continue reading reviews. My experience may be the norm, and if so, I wish you the same coffee experience as I've had so far.
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on May 14, 2016
This machine works very well. There are two reasons why I give it three stars because unlike the previous Cuisinart I had on which the delay timer broke, this one does not have a view panel to see the water level when you fill it up. You have to look down the water reservoir to see the level markers. This may not be such a big deal if you currently just fill the carafe with the desired amount of water and then pour it in. I like to use filtered or bottled water so it is an extra step to fill the carafe and then pour in when on my old one I could just pour from my water pitcher or water bottle and see from the side how much I was pouring in. The second reason I don't like this machine as much as my old grind and brew model is because you don't seem to be able to lift out the container basket that the gold filter basket sits in. That means you have to soak up any condensation or coffee with a paper towel after each use before whatever gunk dries in there and creates a film of residue. (Strangely, the inner basket has a plastic loop sticking out the top which leads you to believe you can easily lift this out. I tried, but it doesn't lift out. Now, I am not pulling really hard because I don't want to break it, but maybe it really does come out after pressing a secret button or something? I will search the instruction manual to see for sure and will revise this review if I find a way to lift it free without damaging the parts.) Anyway, this bothers me because I don't like any water or residue sitting in there between uses for any potential mold or gross matter to accumulate. With the grind and brew, you could lift out the plastic cartridge and wash or rinse it. This might not be an issue for you either, but since I am a short person and this coffee pot sits under an overhanging cabinet, I have to pull the machine as far out as possible to both fill water and try to see down the water reservoir and the plastic container to see what is what. Even standing on my toes this is difficult to do, so for me at 5' 3" that is annoying.
You might wonder why I didn't just buy another grind and brew. Well, whether you use the grinder or not, heavy condensation collects in the grinder part, so you are going to have to remove it and clean it after each use. Now, you may think, hey, I use my coffee pot every day, there's no funky stuff growing in there. Check again, especially in the grinder. Somehow, if I didn't clean or dry that part out, slimey stuff seemingly came from nowhere which is now my concern with the cartridge basket that won't lift out from under the filter basket on this particular machine here. I just figured I would use my separate grinding machine whenever I needed it to save this extra cleaning step.

Besides those two annoying features, this is a really good coffee maker.
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on June 10, 2017
I'm very happy after two months. This unit is easy to program, makes strong coffee as long as you know to buy good quality coffee grounds. The coffee tastes better if the grains are finer, otherwise you have to add more coffee to get flavor. I like the aluminum carafe because it stays warmer than glass and it won't break while glass one break so easily because they are usually cheap and thing and if they slip during washing they will crack (I've broken several in my day). The timer works well, the unit is easy to clean, and I like the look. The only thing I can't review is longevity because I've not owned it very long, but I purchased the protection plane.
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