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on April 24, 2016
I waited several months to write a review. This is because I have been burned by purchases before that are great at first and fall apart 3 months or so later.

At first glance, this coffee maker is great! It brews hot coffee, apposed to a cheaper coffee maker and all parts are washable. Or, so I thought. The fact is that about 20% of the coffee reservoir cannot be accessed because it is blocked off by a rather silly implemented "float" mechanism that is supposed to show you how much is left in the basin. The reality of it is that most people have no need for this. 12 cups makes 4 drinkable cups (and a little more) for myself and wife in the morning with a tiny bit left over. That's two coffee mugs each and I don't need a gauge to remind me to count to 2.

That being said, I rinse out the unit after every use and wash it weekly. It has never alerted me to de-calcify the unit, but I have done that twice since the vinegar solution also does remove some of the coffee off the metal heat transfer plate at the bottom. Last night, the unit started to emmit black flakes that would crumble apart at the touch. I thought it was coffee, and read what others have already mentioned here. I spent 2 hours last night rinsing, using vinegar clean cycle, scrubbing, etc and it didn't make a difference.

This morning, after spending another 30 minutes at it, I removed the two screws at the bottom (they require a long screw driver shaft) to remove the top section of the basin. This allowed the float unit to slide right out. I was disgusted at what I saw. I quickly got excited as I examined the coffee basin and realized that the coffee maker would work without reinserting the float. Unfortunately, even with the float removed, the black flakes continued to come out. I found that I was able to scrape off the flakes with a wet paper towel and did so for about 20 minutes before I came to a conclusion.

This isn't coffee. After the coffee residue was removed, the black flakes continued to come off the same spots and had a shiny, glittery quality to them. It almost looks like teflon when it gets scrapped off a pan. I then tried to wipe the interior of the coffee maker - the part that stays mostly dry (with the exception of water getting splashed on the sides) and what do you know. Very slight flaking and plastic strips coming off the side. I did not use the butter knife to scrape it out. I used it to scoop it from the bottom because my hand wouldn't fit inside.

I HIGHLY do not recommend this coffee maker simply for health reasons. Do a google search and you will that the black flaking problem is not limited to only this particular model but several Cuisinart models. My guess it is either the plastic that is being used or a heat resistant coating that is being used. Either way, even if it is non-toxic, I would never be able to recommend to someone else.

At the moment, I am now looking for a completely serviceable machine made from glass and stainless steel where all parts are removable and washable. Even if it's something meant for commercial use rather than home use.
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on March 22, 2016
If you enjoy cleaning up coffee off your counters and floors this is the coffee maker for you. I have had this machine for about a year now and about a month ago the handle that is pressed to release the coffee began sticking in the open position. It drips out slowly but quickly fills up the catch tray and then begins its march across your counter and onto the floor so that when you get up in the morning you get to clean up the coffee rather than have a cup. Despite cleaning the inside to make sure coffee grounds were not causing it to stick it still does it, but not all the time so you never know if you will enjoy a cup of coffee or have a messto clean up. So, after 4 or 5 clean up adventures over the last month I now brew one cup at a time with a large enough coffee cup in the tray to catch the coffee that is coming out without pressing the handle.
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on October 16, 2017
Update to original review (see below). After about using this coffee maker for about 2 months, during the brewing stage, the coffee pot dispensed the entire brewed coffee all over the kitchen floor and into a drawer full of papers. We weren't watching it (we shouldn't have to). I saw that this happened in some other people's reviews, but assumed that there were just a few defective pots. I'm still giving it 3 stars (4 originally) because Amazon was so accommodating about the return. While they were happy to give us a refund, we decided to give this pot one more try, so we exchanged it for a new one, which arrived in 1 day with a box for the return (go Amazon!). Anyway, we have used it for about 3 days without mishap, but have it sitting in something to catch the coffee if it leaks again. Will be back in a few months to update. I guess my suggestion would be that unless you really like this design of dispensing the coffee, you might want to try another type of coffee maker.

Original review: This is the third time we have purchased this particular style over the years. Each one lasted about 5 years of daily use before needing to be replaced, so the quality is reasonable. We chose it over coffee makers with carafes just because we like to get our coffee out this way -- not because we think one way is better than the other. This newer model definitely has some added features (e.g., the light that helps show how much coffee is in the cup, an easier to fill water container) that make it even better. The only reason it gets 4 stars rather than 5 is that every one of our three pots has leaked some coffee right after the cup has been filled -- just a few drops and then it stops. But it's a bit annoying. We keep a paper towel under the cup to catch it. There's actually a place under the cup that can catch drips, but we didn't want to have to bother cleaning it each time. It's really not that big a deal, but since it happened with each pot, it's probably worth mentioning.
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on September 29, 2015
Over the weekend I'd pulled the coffee machine away from the wall to empty & clean the coffee reservoir. When I pushed it back against the wall, the clock went out. When I pulled it back towards me to see what the problem was the clock came back on. A leaky coffee machine is aggravating. A machine with an electrical defect is potentially dangerous.

When I previously tried to do an Amazon return on this product and got a message that it was outside the warranty period.
So I read the product warranty manual and there is a limited 3 year warranty on the product so I called Cuisinart. Spoke with a woman named Jasmine who was very efficient. She took my info and said that Cuisinart would send me a new machine and that once I received it, I was to send them mine. She advised me that since my warranty was "limited" I would have to pay the shipping charges - $10 to send the new machine to me, plus the shipping charges to return mine to Cuisinart. This is also stated in the warranty. The estimated FedEx shipping rate for shipping my machine is $13.52. My total cost for replacing the machine: about $24. I checked the price of a new machine, it's about $100 now. Definitely worth the running it through the warranty process.
*********Overall Impression - It's Worth It**********
After using the machine for 10 months, having it fail & dealing with Cuisinart Customer Service, I recommend this machine.
If you want a higher end machine that doesn't have a carafe, this one is a good choice. The machine works well and is beautiful. If the machine does fail, the limited warranty is substantial - 3 years. Cuisinart will send you the replacement before you send in your own machine so you don't have to do without. The bonus is that you'll have a box to ship your own machine in. You may want to consider purchasing the additional warranty, currently about $7, it covers the cost of shipping the machines, about $25. If the machine fails within the warranty period, you'll come out ahead. If it works, you're out $7.

Changed my rating from 3 stars to 4 for excellent customer service experience and exchange policy.

I'm the kind of person who's very demanding about equipment performance and always does my part by maintaining it properly. I really do wipe down and dry out my coffee machine daily and clean out the system monthly with a vinegar/water flush. So when a failure occurs, it bothers me.
A lot! I love just about everything this machine this machine offers. It has enough features and adjustments for the average coffee drinker: fast and quiet, programmable on/off, 1-4 cup brewing option. It's beautiful and I like the design of the removable reservoirs for both water and coffee.

Here's how this machine has disappointed me:
1) The clock function stopped working within a few months. Ironically, I could still adjust the auto on time, but I could no longer adjust the time of day (it's on a different setting). Not a big deal until daylight savings time...

2) Yesterday the coffee reservoir drained out onto the counter. The cause doesn't appear to be a clogged coffee filter or improperly placed reservoir. Not sure what the cause is, but it's intermittent. I've brewed three pots of coffee since yesterday morning with no issue. Unfortunately, this problem is substantial enough for me to get rid of the machine. Being late for work due to cleaning up a mess from a leaky coffee machine is unacceptable.

3) Short warranty period. Judging from the reviews, Cuisinart is well aware of this issue yet the warranty period is very short. 90 days I think. I've had my machine for 10 months so I'm out about $70. Very frustrating considering coffee machines generally last years.

If you decide to purchase this machine, purchase the 3 year warranty. You're going to need it.
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on August 25, 2017
We are so disappointed with this coffeemaker. Cuisinart does not stand by the product, which leaks coffee from the dispenser lever frequently. We have been through replacement of unit with Cuisinart, then been told that we need to frequently wash the coffee lever and dispenser unit with soap and water to avoid the lever sticking. We do that washing and it continues to leak and spill coffee randomly.

We believe this is a product defect. Based on having two units perform poorly the same way, we are letting others know of the problem.
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on November 11, 2017
We have purchased 2 of these coffee pots over the past few months. The first one kept leaking coffee all over the counter top after brewing while we were still sleeping. So we were able to exchange it for a new one, no problem. We had high hopes for the 2nd one...well this morning I got up to another huge mess, but this time the exchange period ran out about 3 weeks ago. I am so disappointed because we have used this type of Cuisinart pot for several years and they never ever leaked. They come up with this new model and 2 out of 2 have leaked. Cuisinart, you need to address this issue before you get sued by someone who slips and falls in the coffee that ends up on the floor. Not good. :(
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on January 21, 2016
Had I posted this review 5 months ago when I purchased it, it would have easily been 5 stars. Today I see I never reviewed it, so I shall now. This unit is terribly hard to keep clean and I am in ongoing e-mail conversations with Cuisinart about this fact. The black plastic, interior unit (the "coffee holder") has so many nooks and crannies, you can never get it satisfactorily clean.

Based on the manual I was running the half water/half vinegar self clean cycle once a month since August. In between self clean cycles, I would also wipe the interior with "warm, soapy water" (again, the manual) every so often to clean it.

I thought this was satisfactory until 4 days ago. Our morning coffees had "floaties". I dumped the coffee and began to inspect the interior while over the sink. I began to see all the areas I really could not reach. What I could reach, I found massive coffee residue build up. I began to tackle the interior with warm, soapy water and scrubbing the best I could, using rags, dish brushes, and even an old toothbrush. This was producing massive black flaking. I then let white vinegar soak in the reservoir.

Rinsing, I found more and more black flaking flowing into the sink with every dump of water through the black reservoir. Now it never stops. I have created a monster. Every towel I use to wipe and dry to view my progress, comes away black as soot. My wife is now 'grossed out' and will not drink from the DCC-3000 any longer.

I never dreamed this DCC-3000 would be so difficult to keep clean, even following a good cleaning regime previously. Why does the 'self clean' cycle not really clean the unit? Why am I having to roll up the sleeves and really scrub? And with an old toothbrush? It's only been 5 months of ownership. It shouldn't be this difficult.

Edit, January 27, 2016: Since writing this, Cuisinart has suggested that using only vinegar and water while utilizing the unit's self-clean cycle may not be enough to keep the DCC-3000 clean. I am now being told that to truly clean the interior to utilize a product like CleanCaff for the coffee residue. I wish when I had asked how best to keep clean 5 months ago, this advice had been given back then. Instead for now, Cuisinart is going to replace this unit with another DCC-3000 for my troubles, even though nothing is technically wrong with the unit. I thought that was a nice act. They even waved their $10 processing fee.
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on March 26, 2016
I've owned two Cuisanart coffee makers in the past (both Grind & Brews) and this maker is just as good, if not a bit better from a cleaning perspective. Just empty the gold tone filter and wash with warm soapy water and you're done. The fact that there isn't a carafe is kind of genius.

Having owned two Keurigs over the past few years, I grew tired of the K-Cups and really craved a good old-fashioned cup of coffee. You're going to get that with this machine. The design is quite beautiful and I love how it lights up your coffee as you pour into your mug.

Those familiar with Cuisanart will probably like that the machine has similar features to the other models, including the five gentle beeps it makes after completing the brew cycle. It takes about 7 minutes to brew a full 12 cups. I brew about 2 cups daily and this model is perfect for that. Easy to set the night before, brews quickly, gives off a nice aroma, and clean up is minimal.

Regarding commuter mugs: I use the Oxo Good Grips stainless steel mug and it fits under the machine after you remove the drip tray. If you have anything taller, it's not going to fit unless you angle the mug under the pour spout.

The reviewers who complained about the electric cord being too short don't realize that you need to tug firmly when you first remove from the box. The cord is exactly the length stated in the product description. A gentle yank should do the trick. See my photo for reference.

Although I do love the minimal parts and effort to clean after using, I would like to see another model like this with the Grind & Brew option. I am a big fan of that model because you don't have to use a separate device to grind the beans. But, you go into it knowing you have to clean the grinding chamber and its lid daily (hence why two less parts to clean on this model is attractive, in addition to not cleaning a carafe and lid daily).

Overall this is a fantastic machine for those tired of the K-Cups, Nespresso pods, etc., but want a similar machine using "normal coffee."
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on March 25, 2017
Received the Cuisinart DCC-3000 from Amazon on time. After reading instructions on how to set it up and prepare coffee it was great. Makes great coffee. Like using the gold basket instead of the paper filters (save money there). Be sure and too flush and wash and run water through at least one before making that first pot of coffee. Had two previous Hamilton Bench coffee makers with the push tap for filling a cup of coffee but the Cuisinart in my opinion is a much better product. Tank is much easier to fill from the sink. Coffee is extremely hot when it first come out. Be careful not to burn yourself but of course we like our fresh coffee hot. Like the fact that there is a light that comes on when you press the tap to fill your coffee so you don't run the risk of over filling your cup. Be sure and follow the instruction on washing the one and only charcoal filter that comes with it.Cuisinart DCC-3000 Coffee-on-Demand 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker
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My second Cuisinart and an improvement in many ways over the older one, a DCC-2000, which I owned for about 8 years with no problems. This one has a light for the cup and the lighted display is easier to read. I read through the negative comments and am not experiencing any of the problems mentioned. The remaining coffee gauge works fine. I do wish they had added a small LED to light it, but it's easy to read, even in dim lighting.. There is condensation in the tub, but not a big issue to me, easy to wipe out. I disagree with the comment that the keep warm is a hot plate that scorches the coffee. The coffee is in a container with a heat transfer plate in the bottom that sits above the heating plate inside the tub and it doesn't physically touch it. After the coffee is brewed, that coffee is kept hot from that plate, but it isn't hot enough to damage the brew. Well designed and I hope for it to last as long as my last one did. This replaces a Keurig K-cup maker that I got sick and tired of dealing with the refillable K-cups and objected to paying so much for the pre filled ones, I couldn't get it to make coffee strong enough, and I didn't like the non recyclable waste.
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