Customer Reviews: Cuisinart Elite Collection FP-12 12-Cup Food Processor (White)
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on March 25, 2010
I did a lot of research before purchasing this food processor, and read all of the Amazon reviews many times over, in addition to reviews all over the internet. I also spoke with the customer service folks at Cuisinart, who were very helpful. I considered this a good sign. One of the complaints I read about was that dough will get caught up inside the dough blade, and the customer service rep readily told me this is their most common complaint with this unit. This was a major concern to me. This unit has the most powerful motor, with the longest warranty, so that was the big draw for me. Also, with other units, by the time I purchased extra blades and discs, and a storage case, the cost quickly rose way above the price on this one. I loved the idea of the extra bowls, but wasn't sure it was enough of a reason to purchase the unit. I bake a lot of bread, and make other doughs frequently, so I needed to know this unit would do the job, and hold up. The rep assured me it would, so I decided the blade cleaning was a minor point.

The unit arrived two days after I ordered it, which was amazing. I watched the DVD, which is extremely helpful, and put the unit to work the same day. I chopped and sliced to my hearts content, with perfect results. Just like on the video. I wanted to try most of the features, in case I needed to return it for some reason. I made bread the next day, and could not believe how well it worked for me, and much to my amazement the blade didn't have much to clean at all. There was jut a little flour inside, and it was very easy to remove. None of the sticky stuff went up in there.

I had also read that this unit is really big, so I measured it out on my cabinet, and still imagined it larger than the measurements. I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn't a monster, and yes it's heavy, but it needs to be to do heavy kneading. I plan to leave it out and use it every day, and I think it's a lovely addition to my kitchen.

I think it's important to follow directions on any new unit. I did, and the results are wonderful. I can't say enough good things about his unit, so I'll just stop here. Don't hesitate on this one...get it! You will love it!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon December 19, 2009
Hubby dearest bought this food processor as a Christmas present in late 2009. At first I was very pleased with the food processor. Now I am not.

Earlier this month the food processor bowl tabs broke while grating cheese. I followed the directions given and the bowl broke. I sent the bowl back and waited for a new bowl to arrive. Cuisinart, unlike KitchenAid, does not immediately send out a replacement part so I was without a food processor. You have to send the part back and then a new one is sent out to replace it.

Today, I went to use the food processor to make a half batch of cookie dough. The food processor started up, ran just fine until the dough began to turn into dough, meaning a bit more force was required to complete mixing the dough. Mind you I used 1 1/2 cups flour, 1/2 cup sugar, 1 egg, and 3/4 cup butter for the cookie dough. This should not have affected the food processor in any way as it was within specified amounts given by Cuisinart.

I managed to finish the task by holding onto the back tab of the food processor cover.

I called Cuisinart and we are back to square one. Send in the part, wait for another, and go without a food processor for another couple weeks.

Based on product and customer service performance I do NOT recommend this product.
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on August 19, 2011
This appliance is behomoth in size, heavy and poorly designed. I had an old model Cuisinart that I bought second hand for years and I loved it. But, some of the parts were starting to crack so I invested in this model. What a disappointment! The grating disc leaves behind large chunks of food that are impossible to grate--there's too much space between the lid and the disc to get everything. The lid is difficult to clean--there are too many places where food can get caught and then are difficult to get out. The size and weight alone is enough to discourage me from using it.
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on August 20, 2010
I love the Cuisinart FP-12DC Elite Collection 12-Cup Food Processor, Die Cast food processor like it's my own child.

I'm vegan and about half my food is raw, so I am hard on a processor. I use it at least a few times a week, and have used it for everything from pureeing chunky raw veggies to mixing and kneading seitan (a REALLY tough wheat gluten-based dough). The shredding disc works very well, though it does leave chunks from the ends that sometimes slip through (the same thing has happened with every food processor I've ever owned). Despite what the description says, the grater blade IS reversible for a large or small grate. The slicing disc is AMAZING. I used it to do about 4 pounds of thinly-scalloped potatoes, and it took less than 5 minutes. It's a safe alternative to a mandoline slicer, too - no getting fingertips in your meals.

I absolutely love having the 4-cup bowl for smaller servings of hummus, guacamole, nut butters, and tahini that wouldn't reach the blade in the large bowl. I will never buy a single-bowl food processor again! The lid seals water-tight, and has held up to gazpacho, shredded beets, nutritional yeast sauce, and a lot of other things that tend to make an unholy mess of my kitchen.

The one complaint I have about it is that you can't remove the larger feed slot while the blade is running. I'm sure that's for safety reasons and to prevent splatter, and as I was using the slicer disc at the time, it was a quick workaround to slide the tube out, set a potato on the blade, then slide it back; the motor automatically turns on again as soon as the tube is in place.

I've only had it for a couple months, so we'll see how long it lasts. But the real reason I chose this machine is the 3-year motor and 10-year parts warranty, because I tend to beat the crap out of my appliances. I'll follow up if/when it breaks and how the customer service is regarding replacement.

Aesthetically, it's sleek and gorgeous on my countertop, which is good because the base is ridiculously heavy and there's no way I would lift it in and out of a cupboard every day. It just feels really well made and of high quality. I love this thing!
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on January 2, 2012
I have had this food processor since April 2011 and the more I have it the more disappointed I am with the overall quality.

I called Cuisinart the first time because the machine continually overheated when I made almond butter, which is what I got it for in the first place. I had returned a lesser model- it overheated also- and got this one. I finally figured out the right amount of food (2 cups less than the recommended maximum amount) and have learned to "live" with how long it even takes to make almond butter (maybe 20 minutes) which seems like a long time. I asked them about this also.

Then I called Cuisinart in the fall because of how annoying and time consuming it is to clean the bowl cover. The girl said that's just the way they are made.

Last month topped it off: the light shone a certain way and I saw food particles inside the bowl handle. I was so upset. This is unsanitary and who knows what sort of thing grows in there. There is no way to clean inside the handle. I called Cuisinart and they did send a new bowl however; it is made the exact same way. I look carefully each time I use it to see if food particles are in the handle.

Today after I used it and was drying the lid I noticed a lot of particles inside of it, not just a few but a lot more than I will be able to clean. They are stuck way in the top of the lid. This is frightening because of the bacteria that may be living in it.

I truly am disappointed that a piece of kitchen equipment like this is even on the market. Aren't there standards in the food industry? There must be a government organization that needs to look at home appliances; what do they say? Do they even know?

I invested in this machine because it was "top of the line" and now I am very sorry, especially since I see Costco is selling the same machine for almost half of what I paid for it at I really feel cheated, not only in the investment I made, but in the trust I had in Cuisinart. Guess that was my mistake.

I will most assuredly rate this at the lowest possible on Amazon and post this e-mail there as well. Cuisinart engineers, what is up? Why would you design this product and not think about getting it clean and sanitary? And if this is wrong and it is fine to have a machine with food particles that cannot be cleaned out then please let me know.

I hope whoever gets this e-mail sends it to the top people because they need to know about this sad, unsanitary, unclean machine.

Disappointed and looking for a different manufacturer.
-Former Cuisinart fan
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on September 5, 2011
After reading numerous reviews for this and other food processors on Amazon, I was extremely happy with this quiet monster - the versatility of it and its ability to prepare healthy meals in minutes blew me away. I have read the negative reviews regarding the lid collecting food particles and the difficulty in cleaning it. I have also read suggestions for moving the rubber gasket around as you let the water rain into the slits at the top, and it worked great in removing all food particles! HOWEVER, after just a few months using this product, the part between the rubber gasket and the plastic top, began growing mold. I have always ensured I leave the lid out to dry, but it was not enough, and my lid is now completely moldy! I have contacted the Cuisinart customer service. They informed me that they get numerous calls regarding the dirt and/or mold in the lid. Despite numerous complaints, they maintain that it is NOT a manufacturer's defect?! So, my only option after spending $200 on this product only a few months ago, is to spend another $60 on the replacement lid. Which will again grow mold in a few months? I am extremely disappointed with the customer service, and this product is now not safe to use in food prep.
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on January 10, 2011
The safety interlock failed a few months after we bought it. Too late to return it but under warranty. I called Cuisinart and they told me the part would be replaced and not to use the unit in the meantime as it wasn't safe to bypass the safety interlock. It's now the middle of January and I'm still waiting to hear. A second call gave me the same answer - part not in and no ETA available. Well, we had Thanksgiving and Christmas to deal with and we cook a lot. How's that for service? I expect they're having a lot of problems with this unit since the design is quite complex and looks to maybe have been designed by their legal department (product liability lawyers). They may be scurrying around trying to re-engineer it, or maybe Cuisinart is about to go bankrupt... again. At any rate our next processor will certainly not be from Cuisinart.
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on June 22, 2011
There are already over 100 perfect "5" score reviews here, so I won't rehash most of the many great features of this wonderful kitchen tool.

I use this at least once a day. It is a POWERFUL workhorse in the kitchen. I am amazed by it's versatility and its DURABILITY.

I noticed that some of the negative reviews have a common complaint - that the there is a leaking problem if you fill the bowl with too much liquid. The line that is marked on the bowl by Cuisinart isn't that accurate (even if you don't fill beyond that line, you can still have a leaking problem). Here's what I do to avoid leaking problems. I just filled my bowl with water and found out exactly how much liquid that I could put into the bowl without having a leaking problem. Then I just remember to keep my liquids lower than that level. The result is that the unit does not leak. The leak problem seems to be pretty common to all brands of food processors, not just Cuisinart. Just read the reviews on the other brands and you read the same complaints.

Also, some folks mention that food gets under the seal in the lid. Let me be clear. This is an EASY appliance to clean. Yes it gets dirty. Just rinse it and chunk it into the dishwasher and it will come out clean. I have washed this unit HUNDREDS of times. Daily. Sometimes more than once a day. I've had NO problems at all with cleaning. It's a breeze to clean this unit.

This food processor is the most useful appliance in my kitchen except for my stove. I use it a ton. I have processed some foods that would quickly KILL a lessor unit. This one never misses a beat. It's a workhorse. Best money I have ever spent for a kitchen appliance. It will probably be going strong, long after I'm in the grave :-)
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on May 14, 2010
the Cuisinart FP-12BK Elite Collection 12-Cup Food Processor in Black is an expensive food processor, but feels very quality. you can tell it is very powerful and handles everything i've thrown in it with ease. i think the peanut butter i made was the most impressive for its ease in preparation and 'better than store quality' results. came out perfectly creamy and delicious. much better than the peanut butter my old, smaller cuisinart struggled to make. this food processor is quieter than i had expected for being so powerful. it is very large and heavy, but is attractive, and looks good on the counter, so i don't have to move it around too often. although the rubber gasket on the the tight fitting lid is slightly difficult to clean, it does do a good job of preventing spills in an overfilled bowl. the instructional dvd is actually worth watching, as it has 12-15 recipes that showcase this food processor and gives good ideas for how to use the product. the actual 'how to' part of the dvd is overkill and boring, but the recipes, made by a cute, older french chef were quite entertaining and show how versatile this food processor is in helping to make food preparation easier. i would recommend this food processor to anyone who loves creating great food, and spends a fair amount of their time doing so. in my mind, this food processor is an investment that you're going to have to use regularly over a long period of time for it to be a worthwhile purchase, but so far it seems up to the challenge and hasn't let me down yet.
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on September 18, 2010
I'm very much pleased with my Cuisinart Elite 12-Cup Die Cast Food Processor. Initially it was difficult to decide between the Cuisinart and KitchenAid. The Cuisinart has a 1000-watt motor and the KitchenAid's was considerably less powerful. I don't know whether wattage actually translates into better performance or not. However, the difference was significant enough and coupled with their decades long tradition of quality, I decided to go with the Cuisinart. I chose the 12-cup instead of the 14. The 14-cup model seemed too large for a single person who occasionally cooks for no more than four to six people. The 12-cup is a just perfect for my needs. I especially like the adjustable slicing blade.

The only negative is that a storage container for the disks, blades, etc. was not included. A storage container is a must have item because the cutting blades are razor sharp. Unfortunately, I learned this the hard way with a nasty little cut not long after unpacking the machine. Storage Case for FP-12, FP-12BK, FP-12DC

Update March 24, 2012
I've used my Cuisinart quite often and It's a great machine. I've had absolutely no issues or problems of any kind.
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