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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon January 16, 2015
We purchased this 21 months ago and it works great and has never had a problem. This is a dual function item: both a panini press (sandwich griller) and it opens flat to be a two surface griddle with the press of a button. Each surface is 7 inches by 10.5 inches at its widest point (it is bowed out slightly rounded). The use is simple, plug it in, wait for the green light to indicate it is ready and use it. You watch it to determine when your food is cooked (no automatic timer or auto shut off).

The hinge is at the back surface. The construction seems solid. It works just fine and we have had no problem.

When considering which to buy you need to figure out if you want it to be a sandwich press only or if you also want it to be able to open up to be a flat griddle also known as a griddler (with two separate grill piece surfaces). The cooking surface size is something else to consider. Some of the ones that are a panini press only have larger cooking surfaces and lower prices. If you plan to cook for a family or want larger sandwiches for two consider the size carefully. The ones that are only a panini press are lower cost, sometimes about half the MRSP price. If you plan to do more cooking of meat and for sandwich grilling than you should consider the George Foreman grill (but that does not open flat).

Since the GR-1 works fine for us for 21 months (did not break and is not flimsy), it does what it claims, is both a griddler and a sandwich press (we mainly wanted a panini press only), I rate this 5 stars. I could quibble over whether this should be 4 stars due to the higher price or the size but...
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on March 7, 2013
We just received this yesterday and made paninis for dinner tonight. Made 2 sandwiches at a time and only took 3-4 minutes of grilling. I was very impressed with how easily the grill cleaned up with little effort. I used a paper towel as soon as it cooled off to wipe the grills clean.....nothing stuck....just wiped clean! There are no knobs or temp controls but it was the perfect temp for paninis....which was the whole reason we bought it.....we are very pleased!

***Three Weeks Later*** Made several panini recipes with this panini maker....still working like a charm and so easy to clean...we always baste both side of the bread with olive oil so nothing ever sticks. We just wipe it down with a paper towel before it cools down completely.
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on October 23, 2009
I love my panini press, it's that simple. I've watched so many cooking shows with paninis (seems they're the latest thing) and this press did not disappoint. It's quick and VERY simple to use. Plug it in, wait a few minutes, stick your sandwich in and go.
I had two small issues with it - first, and this sounds stupid, it gets incredibly hot. I have two small children and am sometimes distracted, and when I'd reach to open it I'd burn my hand. They do provide a small portion of the handle to hold, but it's just big enough.
Also, with sticky cheese it can be a bit hard to clean. It comes with a scraper, but this isn't always enough. It would be nice to be able to disconnect the pans and throw them in the dishwasher, as I have seen with more expensive presses.
Overall, great press for the money.
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VINE VOICEon September 1, 2010
I'm making way more sandwiches than ever before, but I'm skipping mayo and other condiments--they just aren't needed. So technically, I'm eating healthier, right? This little machine is fantastic for building huge sandwiches and then pressing them down evenly to a manageable size. It couldn't be easier to use, and makes neat lines across the bread. I recently started grilling sandwiches in flour wraps: Fantastic. Quesadillas are yummy too, and cook up even faster. This machine is inexpensive and will quickly become your best friend.
My Mom's favorite sandwich:
*Rosemary-Olive Oil Bread
*Roasted or Smoked Turkey
*1 slice mozarrela
*1 slice VT sharp cheddar
*carmelized onions and/or roasted red peppers
*tomato slices
Mine is easier--cheddar, bacon bits, tomato. Yum!!!
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on September 30, 2012
This little grill is a pretty hardy piece of equipment. After trying it out, I invited my friends over (who invited more friends over) and we had a build-your-own panini lunch. This little guy pressed well over a dozen paninis, got dripped on, leaked on, leaned on, and spilt on. It's still going strong, and I didn't expect any less.

Size-wise, it's a lot smaller than I expected, and a lot lighter. 'Cuisinart' is nowhere to be seen on the grill itself (it just says 'griddler' on it. I like the understatement.) It can fit two regular sandwich-bread sized paninis on the grill, placed side-by-side. Nothing more. I use ciabatta bread, so the size varied a lot, along with thickness.

It's important that the thickness of the bread (if making more than one) doesn't vary too much, or the sandwich will slide over itself, exposing some insides to the grill as you press it. That's ok, however, because NOTHING sticks to this grill. It's incredibly easy to clean. I just take a wet paper towel and run it between the grills with my finger once everything is cooled off. Even the cheese didn't even give the threat of sticking when exposed right to the grill.

The buttons aren't complicated, because there aren't any. Just a red light and a green light, and a plug. I found that the outlet I plug the cord into sparks once in a while when I slide it in, but it's not concerning to me, since other appliances do similar things. The cord is a little short, so take that into consideration when thinking of where to set this up. It's small enough to pack away, so it doesn't have to take up too much counter space when not in use.

When pressing it, be slow and steady, as it may rock a little if there's too much force applied too quickly. It also gets VERY VERY hot, although I did not notice too much smoke, even with all the use (I tried to clean a little in between each session with a wet paper towel and a spatula.)

I already got 3 of my friends to buy this exact same brand after they tried paninis at my place. It was a winner, for sure.
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on July 19, 2012
After searching all reviews, am glad I settled on this model. Only complaint: it squishes regular sandwich bread so thin that you really want to use thick bread, but thicker bread with an assortment of ingredients tucked inside is not super easy to press. The griddler wants to squish the sandwich from the back forward, forcing the ingredients out the front of the sandwich as it does so. It's pretty tricky to try and keep the sandwich in place yet press it all straight down at the same time so that nothing falls out or most ingredients don't get squished out the front. But that being said, it really does make super yummy breakfast, lunch, and dinner sandwiches taste extra special. And using regular thin sandwich bread is perfect for a younger child that just wants a grilled cheese. Now we always have jars of sun dried tomato pesto spread and basil pesto spread on hand, they really elevate sandwich flavors to another level. After using my press only once or twice I noticed a nick in the teflon coating that I'm sure would only grow worse with time. I still had the box it came in, so I printed off a return label, and Amazon sent me a new one SUPER fast. I waited till I got the new press before I returned the first, because my family and I were already so attached to our griddler we couldn't part with it, even for a few days. Excellent service Amazon; thanks once again. Also here's a tip: pick up a bread machine at a yard sale for just a few bucks (really helps to have the owners manual too- but that could be easily found online). Than you can make any kind of bread, any shape, and slice it to any thickness you want, VERY cheap, and breads and doughs freeze excellently. I only use the dough settings, than shape my bread to whatever suits my needs. Also, my neighbor has the same griddler, they have used it every day for 3 yrs, and have had no problems, even with the teflon coating. I hope to have their luck.
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on December 10, 2010
Bottom-Line: The "Cuisinart Griddler GR1 Panini Sandwich Press" is a keeper with its floating hinge and even cooking surface.

Modern American life leaves those with families precious little time to function like the families of yesteryear. Between the job commutes, working out, kids, chores, and other pressures, there is little time to cook a decent dinner. I do the majority of cooking in our household and it is something I enjoy, but it is increasingly hard to accomplish because of my ever demanding schedule. So, there are times when quick and easy is the name of the game. But the meal also has to be delicious.

Recently I asked my spouse what I she would like for Saturday dinner wherein we traditionally have something quick and fun. She said we should try Panini sandwich's made with our George Foreman grill; only problem: we no longer have a George Foreman grill. So I improvised. The resulting sandwiches were tasty but not exactly Panini's from the Corner Bakery, or Panara Bread.

So we decided purchase a stand-a-lone Panini sandwich press. Problem: which one? I decided on the "Cuisinart Griddler GR1 Panini Sandwich Press"; it came very high recommended on

The "Cuisinart Griddler GR1" Panini & Sandwich Press makes everything from popular (Italian) Panini sandwiches to my favorite, grilled cheese sandwiches, to Quesadilla wraps. "Cuisinart Griddler GR1" is designed like professional units one might find in a local restaurant. The unit is designed with a floating hinge that adjusts to sandwich thickness to perfectly grill thin or thick Panini and sandwiches. A preset temperature ensures the unit always grills restaurant-quality sandwiches--always crisp and golden brown.

The 11" x 7" non-stick, brushed stainless steel unit is smaller than I thought it would be but it fits neatly on the counter and stores easily enough. The lid has a single LED on the lid the illuminates red when pre-warming the unit, and green when the unit is ready to grill. A handle on the lid makes it easy to raise and lower the lid, and easy as well to press down on the sandwiches.


The first Panini sandwiches off the "Cuisinart Griddler GR1" were perfection; crispy on the outside, yet warm on the inside, just the way a Panini should be. And did I mention to perfect uniform stripes?

I usually use cooking spray on both cooking surfaces, but butter can lend to the taste and crispiness of the bread. One does not have use special bread like sourdough with the "Cuisinart Griddler GR1" we usually pull out whatever is in the refrigerator at the time. Each sandwich has turned out perfect every time. There is no set time the sandwich should stay on the surface; you'll have to eye-ball it; when the cheese starts to melt, they're ready to come off. Sandwiches can be removed with an included plastic spatula.


Because of the non-stick surface clean-up is usually a breeze. Dried on cheese will usually come off easily enough after the unit has cooled down. I usually clean the unit with warm soapy water. The brushed stainless steel exterior can be wiped clean with Formula 409 or Windex depending on the severity of the stain.


The "Cuisinart Griddler GR1 Panini Sandwich Press" is a keeper. Though smaller than I might have wanted it to be (it limits me to two sandwiches at a time), the unit cooks, or grills, if you will to perfection every time. The GR1 has found a permanent place in my kitchen.
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on April 26, 2015
Not particularly impressed. The grates are non-removable (which I should have discovered before I bought it but I just missed that bit of information) which makes cleaning a bit of a PITA. It's necessary to tip the unit upside down while holding the lid open to dump out the dregs of any cleaning efforts, and the cheap plastic "tool" supplied for cleaning doesn't do anything useful. Their proudly described 'floating hinge' is okay up to a point, but it won't stay parallel to the bottom on any sandwich or food item thicker than about 1.5 inches (37 mm), it just sits on top of the item at an angle and that is a problem as it tends to squeeze out ingredients from the interior of a sandwich especially if there's cheese inside which melts and decreases any friction. I knew it did not have a temp control but now that I've used it, I wish it did. That is an important feature that really should not be omitted.
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on May 20, 2010
...those are the the ones that can't be pleased no matter what, with few exceptions of course. The pros far outweigh the cons. Few complain about difficulty cleaning. What are you putting on it, glue?! Any residue comes off without breaking a sweat. Just because you can't stick it in the dishwasher doesn't mean you can't achieve the same results.

Somebody said something about the top browning more quickly than the bottom. Yes, that is absolutely true. There is a simple solution, flip the sandwich over!!! It really isn't that difficult, it's like frying an egg you know. Somebody was surprised of how small the grill surface was, why is that?! The description indicates that it is 11-by-7 inch, read before you buy.

No on/off switch was another complaint I read about this product. Really? Is it that important? Safety issue, how so? Just unplug the thing, the rest of us seem to be able to manage just fine.

All in all, this is an awesome product and the price is right. Just throw a bunch of stuff between two pieces of bread, throw it on the press, flip over half way through, and enjoy your creation as I did while I wrote this review. Rock on \m/
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on February 21, 2017
I thought when we bought this that we would be using it all the time. However, we don't use it as much as we thought. The product is attractive, compact simple to use but doesn't work quiet like I thought it would. It doesn't make grill marks on both sides of the sandwiches nor does it really melt the cheese on the inside. The bread comes out crisp and toasty but the inside doesn't really get hot enough. We use it occasionally but it was an impulse buy and wouldn't make it again.
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