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on May 8, 2013
This is my third panini press purchase over the last 5 years. I have purchased two other panini products that did not have removable plates and were very difficult to clean. After a period of time I had to dispose of both because the food/grease buildup became excessive in spite of regular wiping down, scraping, and all other 'dry' methods of cleaning. This panini press heats up quickly, fits 2 sandwiches, and cleans thoroughly with both plates popping out with ease. My only complaint (and this has been an issue with all the panini presses I have owned) is that they heat at a higher rate in the back of the press so I have to flip the sandwiches for even cooking.

I highly recommend this product and will only buy removable plate products in the future!
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on September 25, 2016
We originally had a Sunbeam grill that we used for chicken and sandwiches which worked well but was a pita to clean as you weren't supposed to get anything wet. I would hold it sideways under the water so the plates would get wet but nothing else. It eventually stopped working; probably got wet but no big deal as i got it on freecycle. This was the replacement, i only wanted one that i could remove the plates. I was a bit disappointed at the size at first, thinking it would hardly hold anything, but I've been pleasingly surprised. We use it for EVERYTHING! Three boneless chicken breasts fit nicely, two huge burgers, three sandwiches on bakery Italian bread, one very thick porterhouse, tons of stuff and it all cooks perfectly. Everything sears well and the inside is juicy. The only thing i killed on it were 2 NY strips, but they were really thin, which i usually don't get, and i didn't think about how long i was leaving them on for as opposed to my normal 2inch thick steaks. I've never used it in the open position.

Not having an on/off switch hasn't bothered me, nor has not having a temperature gauge. The preset temperature seems perfect for everything.

The hinge works well for positioning thicker items. I agree with other reviewers that the lid isn't heavy, but that isn't an issue. Everything cooks evenly. For sandwiches i want to press, i put an old cast-iron iron on the lid and over the handle and that works perfectly to add the needed weight. A foil covered brick would work well too, the local Cuban place uses that for their press.

The removable plates are so wonderful for cleaning; they easily pop off and nothing sticks. I uses got soapy water and a papertowel to clean threm so my sponge doesn't get messy. I've never put them in the dishwasher as i don't have one. Thet do sometimes take a jiggle to get them back on as the end slips into little clips then you lay them in place and push and they click in, if you don't hear three click they aren't seated correctly and you try again. The people who wrote that the plates fall off either aren't seating them properly or they have a defective product and should return it.

The drip container works really well for collecting all the fat that runs off. I just recently realized there are little feet to put the surface on an angle so the fat runs off better, silly me, I'll have to try using them :)

I use a damp paper towel for the body of the unit, but it doesn't really get messy, just dusty if i leave it on the counter. Out takes up little space so i usually put it in a cupboard.

The cord is about a foot long.

I've had it since April 2015and use it asset least twice a week, sometimes 3 or 4 times a week and it works just as well now as when i first got it.

The grill can't be beat, i highly recommend it and would get another if it broke tomorrow.
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on November 30, 2014
This is the first time that I have written a review on an Amazon product. Nothing has been worth the time before, but I feel it is my duty to warn others before they buy this product (Cusinart Griddler) The removable plates do not re-attach correctly. The upper one keeps falling down. I have read the instructions and tried many times to make sure it was not something that I was doing. I saw other reviews that said this was a problem, but ignored them. I would NOT buy this product again..
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on November 14, 2016
This machine is terrible. First of all, it's not a panini maker, the top doesn't float so you get one skinny side and one fat side. The plates don't heat hot enough to make the crust crunchy before the cheese is running all over the grill. Also, the grill surface is very small, so unless you're grilling one sandwich, or two very small sandwiches, forget it. Also, the weight of the plates is one of the things that give a panini it's crispy on the outside, gooey on the inside characteristics. These plates are light and flimsy, which, lacking the floating lid, is probably helpful. In fact, the whole machine is flimsy and cheaply constructed and, will be going to the dump.
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on October 11, 2016
Absolutely love this grill. It is very compact and takes the same space as an oversized toaster. It is very quick to heat up. The clean up is a breeze with the removable plate. I only wash them by hand. The size is good for one, max two servings. A must have tool who wants a quick and painless dinner in 10 minutes (that's how long got takes to cook a chicken breast. Twice as less for salmon).
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on May 23, 2015
It seemed to work great at first, but after a few uses, the top plate keeps falling down after the unit is heated up. The plate seems secure when it is cold. But once it is heated up and you open the top, the top plate will fall down. You have to put on heat proof gloves and try to replace the heated plate. This is not the quality that I would expect from Cuisinart.
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on March 1, 2013
Just love the simplicity of this Guisinart GR-11 Griddler. We received this griddler a couple of weeks ago and have used it almost every day since because it makes an ordinary sandwich just so special and it takes only minutes! Also the ease of cleaning is a bonus because the griddle plates eject so nicely. We liked it so much we ordered one for our friends and they are thoroughly enjoying it also!! The Food Network has 50 Panini recipes and the sky is the limit on what you can put in your sandwiches and I suggest trying all different types of breads, what fun!

We like the size of it because we can make two hefty sandwiches with no problem; if you have a larger family you may want to consider a larger unit.
Pat Chieppo
Jensen Beach, FL & Wallingford, CT
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on March 12, 2017
Fantastic for grilling chicken breasts. Clean up is easy and dishwasher safe.
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on July 19, 2014
This grill is well made and good for a quick meal. It is easy to clean and when used as a grill will take 4 to 5 pieces of meat. Used as a press it will only hold 2 burgers. It has no timer or on/off switch. For that reason I only gave it 3 stars.
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on March 16, 2017
We just rented a flat in Italy for a month. The flat had a really great panini press. So, in a month I may have used the thing 30 or 40 times! I loved it! So, that's what I'm comparing this product to, which may not be fair. The one in Italy heated more evenly than this one. It seems that it was hotter...and got up to temp quicker. It got the bread "toasty" quicker. It had more space between the plates so we could cut the fresh bread nice and thick, load up a hearty sandwich, and still fit it between the heating plates evenly.

The Cuisinart GR-11 doesn't allow for a very thick sandwich (don't expect to be able to heat/grill your sub from Subway.) A thick sandwich CAN be compressed if you don't mind it being somewhat flattened out..."smooshed." In this regard, understand that the top plate is not actually free floating to any large degree. This means that when you DO try to grill a thicker sandwich, the rear of the top plate makes contact first and then sort of folds forward. This in turn pushes the top piece of bread/bun off the sandwich a bit and can cause some ingredients to push off the sandwich and on to the grill surface. The GR-11, by comparison to the Italian one, seems to really take it's own sweet time. It takes longer to get up to heat and longer to grill your bread. I haven't timed it with a stop watch or anything but but I've been pretty surprised when I've left it and come back several times only to find it's still not looking all that "toasted". (I have found that this is partially because the top plate doesn't seem to get as hot as the bottom...for example you can see nice grill marks on the bottom when they haven't appeared much on the top yet.)

Other than what's described above, everything else was just fine. No problem with the removable plates as other reviewers have stated and for your basic grilled cheese sandwich on sliced white bread I think it would perform satisfactorily.

I have made at least a half dozen sandwiches and English muffins with this unit and, although it does an okay job, it doesn't do an excellent job. If you're content with "okay", buy it and it will be "okay." If you've used really good ones, this will probably disappoint you a little.
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