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on October 9, 2013
I live in an apartment and only cook for myself, I haven't used the stove since I received the griddler. I have prepared 1" steaks to perfection, hamburgers, pork chops, chicken, and even pancakes with delicious results. The temperature control allows me to time how long to leave the food on the griddler without burning or guessing. The sear function provides a beautiful grill sear that competes with even the best steak houses. The adjustable height allows me to set the top grill just on top of the food without squishing out all of the juice leaving me with great tasting and juicy burgers. I also like how the top "floats" on the food so it cooks the top evenly. When you flip the grill grate to the other side you have a nice griddle that works perfect for pancakes, eggs, and fish.

The price for the unit seemed a little high but I'm very pleased that I decided to spend the extra. The construction of the unit is very sturdy. The plates attach/detach very easily. It has stood up to my daily use and I believe will continue to for awhile.

TLDR; Expensive but a great buy!
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on November 23, 2014
This is definitely a good upgrade from your standard George Foreman grills.
I've used it about a dozen times already in the couple weeks I've had it - done fish, burgers, chicken, steak.

Pros -
I was impressed by the warmup time, and how it could maintain that temperature through the cooking process - something my old GF grill could not do. Cleanup is easy too so far.

Cons -
My main complaint is that when you have the top plate floating in the closed position, and then you open it... the top plate will be positioned such that junk will drip down onto your countertop, not the drip tray. You also should make sure it doesn't trip hot grease onto the power cable. See my attached picture. You can avoid this by locking the top plate everytime you open it.

Tip -
Make sure your meat is pretty dry if you want it to get browned. If you slop a soaking wet piece of marinated meat on there, you can't expect it to brown - it will just be sitting in a puddle of liquid and won't brown. The slots on the plates aren't too tall.

In summary - great, but not perfect. It seems like a quality appliance. I expect it to last a long time.
review image review image
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on October 29, 2013
I normally don't do reviews but this product deserves one. Everything I was missing in my old griddle came true here. The detachable and dishwasher safe plates are awesome, so is the temperature control knobs with light indicator that goes green when set temperature is met. The size is small enough to fit in my kitchen space, yet expands to have two griddlers space. I can't think of any negative about this griddle. Absolutely, superior product to my old George forman.
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on May 2, 2014
I am a good cook but I am also extremely clumsy. So far everything is tasty and I haven't set myself on fire nor electrocuted myself with this thing which is a real plus. The product is very well made and appears to be good quality. The non-stick coating seems to be quite durable. There is one issue that you should be aware of. That handle requires a great deal of vertical clearance. My cabinets are 18 inches above the counter with a 12 inch recess. The handle doesn't hit the cabinet above but my hand does. It's a tad awkward. Also this is 1,800 watts. Something to consider. When I tried to use my microwave on the same circuit I blew a fuse. Surprisingly little smoke. Controls are simple and straight forward. They stay cool to the touch as does the handle.

Cooking both sides of stuff at the same time is really neat - no turning and cooking times are reduced. I have had a number of misadventures turning stuff in the past. As I said, I am rather clumsy. Problem solved.

You need to be realistic. This is not a barbecue. You won't get the taste nor crust that charcoal delivers. You will get nice grill marks on everything and a taste that is superior to a broiler. You can use bamboo or wooden skewers without worrying about them burning.

I recommend brushing everything with a little olive oil and then sprinkling with salt and pepper. Medium rare tuna steaks came out perfectly as did rib eye steaks. Skewered sea scallops were incredible. I also did some zucchini. Presumably (based on the zucchini), eggplant would come out great. I started the proteins with the two-minute sear. The veggies I did at the highest temperature. I have not used any of the preset height stops. I let the top come in direct contact with the food. My only dud thus far has been chicken breasts. However, I made chicken paillard by first pounding the breasts and the results were much better.
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on May 1, 2017
We have owned this now for over 6 months and still use it at least 1xWeek. This is significantly higher quality than then lower-priced Cuisinart Griddlers. One big difference is the enclosed heating elements, which are actually embedded in the Cooking plates. The Non-Stick Cooking Plates are extremely high-quality. We use this for Pancakes all the time, and the cooking surface is large enough to make 10-12 pancakes at a time. The top and bottom cooking plates can be independently adjusted, allowing for you cook on one side, and keep things warm on the other, or cook bacon and sausage on one side, and pancakes on the other. Cooking Paninis with this thing is awesome. Creates nice grill marks on the bread, even without buttering the bread. Makes a nice crisp sandwich that is perfectly heated all the way through (Bread, Apple Butter, Thinly Sliced Apples, Swiss Cheese, Turkey, & Spinach - Boom!). Making burgers on this is nice, cooks in half the time (think 4-5 minutes, total cooking time). I especially like the adjustment on the side, that allows you to adjust the height of the top plate. Usually you have it press on the food to cook it, but when you want to melt cheese on something (like a burger), you can easily adjust the top plate so it is just slightly above the cheese, melting it quickly. My only complaint, is that it can take a while to pre-heat (5-10 minutes). But other than that, this thing is awesome.
FYI: The GR-300WS is NOT compatible with Waffle the Plates (GR-WAFP), Amazon lists it as "Frequently Purchased Together", but they not compatible.
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on August 16, 2017
I have had this machine for almost 2 years and for the most part it has served us well. There are some design issues I believe that could use some extra thought. When you use the lever on the side to increase the space between the plates, the cover hangs on the side making for uneven cooking. You cannot rotate the top plate with the bottom plate which means that the bottom one is really aged while the top looks almost new. At this time she is really starting to break down where the bottom plate is no longer heating or doing so sporadically and I'm wondering if it's worth the trouble to replace the plates as well as figuring out why the bottom plate is no longer working or working sometimes. For the price I really did expect to get more use out of it, just under 2 years does not seem acceptable for a product which should be higher end. While it lasted I did enjoy using it and it did make our family life easier in many ways as both my boys love cooking and have utilized it daily.
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on June 19, 2016
Love this thing! Grill chicken and steaks beautiful asparagus peppers and potatoes too! Also made pancakes beautifully.... It's so easy to clean as everything is dishwasher safe... It's perfect 5stars.. Just wish this model had plates to make waffles for the kids... If you are looking to eat healthier this contraption is for you.. Easy chicken and veggie dinners ahead.. I feel like if you are culinarily impaired this could make you a pretty decent chef.... I am a pretty decent cook and this makes my meals awesome and most importantly fast for the hungry fam.. The picture is fillet mignon turned into a Philly cheese steak with veggies and home fries
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on July 18, 2017
Our former Opti-Grill made by T-Fal stopped working after a few months, so we decided to move up to a more expensive and well regarded model for indoor grilling. The Cuisinart GR-300WS was highly rated. After having it for a little over a month, it continues to work flawlessly. There are few minor problems. One, it smokes more than any of our former grills and is very heavy. Other than those, the grill is well made, easy to clean, and uses a better design that heats the grill plates directly rather than from behind. The aluminum surfaces are easy to keep clean and the drainage receptacle (which appears flimsy at first notice) actually does a nice job collecting the run off. It also has reversible grills that makes cooking pancakes, etc. on a flat surface much easier.
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on May 21, 2017
We purchased one of these and it had something wrong with it and wouldn't work. It was immediately replaced and we are very happy with the replacement. It works great. I love that you can remove the plates and wash them. I like to that you can flip them. One side can have a grill while the other is flat. They separate temperature setting are very handy. For example, you can cook a burger at 350 on one side while using a lower temp like 300 on the other to heat up buns. The sear feature works great and is very nice. The grill plates actually leave grill marks like a regular grill. We use ours everyday for all different types of food. It cooks great burgers, steak, or chicken. Very, very nice. Well worth the money. We have gone through many similar items and none compare to this.
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on May 8, 2017
I initially got in trouble with my wife for purchasing such an expensive griddler. I saw it as an Amazon Lightning Deal and it was totally an impulse buy, but the "lightning deal" line didn't really work on her, so for a couple of weeks after we got it, I had to listen to her say that for this price, the griddler should actually bring you the sandwich to bed. That being said, and now that we've had it for a couple of years, we love it. Not only do we use it for sandwiches, but also burgers, steak, anything you can think of. The reversible pans (one side flat, the other side like a grill) are easy to remove and clean, and it has the typical handy pan in the back to collect all the grease and fat from meats. It takes a bit of space on our small counter, but totally worth it.
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