Customer Reviews: Cuisinart GR-150 Griddler Deluxe, Brushed Stainless
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on October 9, 2013
I live in an apartment and only cook for myself, I haven't used the stove since I received the griddler. I have prepared 1" steaks to perfection, hamburgers, pork chops, chicken, and even pancakes with delicious results. The temperature control allows me to time how long to leave the food on the griddler without burning or guessing. The sear function provides a beautiful grill sear that competes with even the best steak houses. The adjustable height allows me to set the top grill just on top of the food without squishing out all of the juice leaving me with great tasting and juicy burgers. I also like how the top "floats" on the food so it cooks the top evenly. When you flip the grill grate to the other side you have a nice griddle that works perfect for pancakes, eggs, and fish.

The price for the unit seemed a little high but I'm very pleased that I decided to spend the extra. The construction of the unit is very sturdy. The plates attach/detach very easily. It has stood up to my daily use and I believe will continue to for awhile.

TLDR; Expensive but a great buy!
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on October 29, 2013
I normally don't do reviews but this product deserves one. Everything I was missing in my old griddle came true here. The detachable and dishwasher safe plates are awesome, so is the temperature control knobs with light indicator that goes green when set temperature is met. The size is small enough to fit in my kitchen space, yet expands to have two griddlers space. I can't think of any negative about this griddle. Absolutely, superior product to my old George forman.
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on November 23, 2014
This is definitely a good upgrade from your standard George Foreman grills.
I've used it about a dozen times already in the couple weeks I've had it - done fish, burgers, chicken, steak.

Pros -
I was impressed by the warmup time, and how it could maintain that temperature through the cooking process - something my old GF grill could not do. Cleanup is easy too so far.

Cons -
My main complaint is that when you have the top plate floating in the closed position, and then you open it... the top plate will be positioned such that junk will drip down onto your countertop, not the drip tray. You also should make sure it doesn't trip hot grease onto the power cable. See my attached picture. You can avoid this by locking the top plate everytime you open it.

Tip -
Make sure your meat is pretty dry if you want it to get browned. If you slop a soaking wet piece of marinated meat on there, you can't expect it to brown - it will just be sitting in a puddle of liquid and won't brown. The slots on the plates aren't too tall.

In summary - great, but not perfect. It seems like a quality appliance. I expect it to last a long time.
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I owned a larger Cuisinart Griddler which was one of the earliest models. It was great for chops, steaks, burgers, sausages, and even fish. I could do great French toast, pancakes, and eggs on it, too. However, for practical reasons this is the one I will be using more often. For empty nesters with occasional drop-ins this is more compact and takes up less space while offering the same features and then some that my other Cuisinart didn't offer.
Size may be a valuable feature, but it doesn't mean much if the end product is just o.k. This unit has an indicator that let's you know when it is ready to go. It takes all the guesswork out of the cooking process. Everything is perfect unless you walk out of the kitchen and totally ignore it. The lid is sensitive as well as adjustable and will float gently to sear meat without eradicating all the cooking juices out of the meat and leaving it dry and unappealing.
The plates remove easily and are dishwasher safe. Nothing really 'sticks' to the plates so there is no such thing as scrubbing involved here. A quick wipe with a damp rag keeps all exterior surfaces clean and sparkling.
All you have to do is look at this Griddler and a visual inspection will reveal that this is a well made unit. It is neither cheap or flimsy.
Because it is smaller I find I use this with greater frequency. I have used this for grilled asparagus and squash, potato pancakes, omelets, stuffed French toast. Everything look and tastes great. I'm not a great cook, but you'd never know it when I use it.
This grill is perfect for singles, couples, or anyone dealing with limited surface space. It is so attractive that I leave it on the counter top all the time.
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on November 16, 2013
I purchased this product to replace my older George Foreman large grill I am not yet disappointed but there are several things I have noticed that are different . The GF grill cooked frozen meats/fish right out of the freezer quickly, this one will not they have to be previously thawed. The waffle plates advertised as GR-WAFP are only for the GR4 (smaller model) & will not fit this model ,in the open position & at 450 degrees the cooked product waiting time could be better. We have tried it on some panini sandwiches, pancakes, vegetables ,& beef fajitas but cooking time was noticeably slower than the GF. I like the multiple positions on the dials and that the ready light indicator advises you when the grills are ready. The upper lid works well and positions itself entirely over the lower level , Smoking is minimal when searing, flipping of the grill plates is very convenient & an improvement over the GF plates. Requires easy cleanup & food does not bake unto the grill plates. If you are wondering whether to buy the GR4 or this model this model has definitely more grilling space & the GR4 is too small.
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on February 1, 2015
I made pancakes at the 400 degree setting. They were pale, limp, and disgusting. You know why? The 400 degrees setting on this griddle is actually 290 degrees. For proof, check out my picture using a laser thermometer after 20 minutes of preheat time. This thing is utter garbage. I'm returning it for a refund immediately.
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on April 22, 2014
I've done indoor grilling as a backup to outdoor cooking when the weather was just too abysmal or when I was just too lazy to fire up a full-sized grill.

Indoors, my grilling equipment has ranged from an early model Jenn Air rangetop grill to the lowly (but beloved) George Foreman countertop grill. Our venerable Foreman passed away quietly several months ago. He gave us almost ten years of good service.

`Old George' worked well. But he was a pain to clean up. The plates were fixed and non-removable, the cord was way too short, there was no temperature control, and and the cooking surface got crowded just cooking for two. Still, he exceeded my expectations for a $30 countertop appliance.

A week or two of online feature comparing took place. Two contenders vied to take the place of our departed Old George.

The first, a Breville version beckoned to me seductively. A bit pricey, but my other Breville countertop appliances had proven themselves.

The second, the Cuisinart Griddler Deluxe (GR-150). About half the price of the Breville, it would match the other Cuisinart pieces I already had. The vendor's 20% off coupon (`not valid on Breville purchases') I held clenched in my sweaty palm clenched the deal.

It has been three months since the purchase and here are my pro and con comments for the Cuisinart Griddler Deluxe.

1) Looks functional. Nice stainless finish without frills or gimmicks. Has a rather commercial kitchen look, so you might want to stow it in some decors.
2) Solidly built. Cuisinart has always perplexed me. Their countertop appliances have a businesslike heft. Sometimes the heft seems a bit superfluous and my cynical nature wonders if the designers just add weight to convey a feeling of durability. That said, my Cuisinart appliances have always held up quite well. So, I guess my fears are unfounded.
3) Ease of use. The instructions seem a bit cryptic in places. But, if you don't wait until the night of your gathering to familiarize yourself with the Griddler, its operation is fairly intuitive. Pay special attention to the sections covering searing and cover height adjustment.
4) Easy cleanup. Getting out Old George always brought a twinge of dread for the chore of cleaning him up. We clean up the Griddler in slightly more time it takes to clean a skillet. The plates remove in a snap and almost swish clean in soapy water. A light spritz of peanut oil just before use probably is not needed, but we've never had even the smallest foods stick.
5) Meaningful controls. I don't miss a timer. I just set one of my kitchen timers and go. I don't have the probes to verify heat settings to plate surface temperature. But, be advised that things cook quickly on the Griddler. It's not an appliance you can fill and walk away from.
6) Pre-heats rapidly. Ready to cook in about ten minutes. I do not recommend cooking foods from a frozen state on the Griddler. It does not seem to have the power to recover temperature quickly. Ditto the sear feature. Take the food off, press the desired `sear' buttons, return the food when the indicators go solid. Nice grill marks!
7) Clean cooking. Smoke and spatter are minimal. But, see my `con' below.
8) Grease/Juice reservoir is adequate, but do not expect to grill steaks for twenty without it overflowing. Just monitor it. Remember, cooking is a hands-on activity.

1) Short power cord. Not Cuisinart's fault. The safety nannies simply won in the cord length department.
2) Cord winding lugs too short. A master seaman would have a bit of trouble getting the cord to stow and stay stowed.
3) Grease rims on plates are not high enough. Somewhat irritating and motivated me to drop my rating by a star. If your countertop is not absolutely level, grease will pool away from the drains and eventually run over the nearest rim. Leveling feet would have been nice. But for the price, I just keep an eye on grease levels on plates while I cook and tip and lift where needed (be careful!).
4) Instruction book seems cryptic in some areas if you don't study ahead. People who don't read instructions first are the folks who are most likely to be unhappy with the Griddler. Before you risk you canapés or steaks, do a couple of dry runs to be sure you know how everything works.

OVERALL: Not bad. In fact, quite a step up from Old George. Not quite outdoor quality, but it gets the job done. Makes awesome grilled sandwiches. Fragile foods like tofu are no problem. Chicken and fish come out great. Steak quality gets 'meh' with thick cuts, but meets expectations for indoor cooking. Worth the price and I have no indication that the Griddler will not be durable. [NOTE: This is my second griddler. The first came out of the box with the heat control for the bottom plate stuck `full on'. Defects happen, so no foul.]

UPDATE August 2014

After using the Griddler Deluxe (GR-150) for several months now, I've had a chance to use it in preparing a number of foods.

For hot sandwiches? Five Stars! Hot enough to melt cheese and toast the bun nicely with some nice-looking grill marks. One minor complaint: Because the top closes in an arc, it sometimes pushes the top bun (and sandwich fillings) forward about and inch. I deal with it by offsetting the top rearward a bit. No biggie.

For steaks? 'Almost' as good as any gas or charcoal grill. But if the top is unlatched and 'floating', the grease/oil from the top grill plate drips BEHIND the dripping catch-basin and onto the countertop. I was pleasantly surprised that the Griddler spatters much less than I expected.

Eggs? Forget it! Use a skillet or a different electric griddle. To facilitate drainage of drippings, the grill plates incline toward the drain(s). I tried (several times) to make over-easy eggs on the Griddler and each time...SWOOOOOSH...the egg ran across the griddle plate and down into the dripping pan. I spent more time fiddling with attempting to level the Griddler so the eggs would stay on the griddle than I did actually cooking the eggs. Oddly enough, nothing sticks to the non-stick griddle surface...except eggs. Eggs stick to the surface better than a Space Shuttle heat shield tile.

Pancakes? See 'Eggs' above. The incline of the griddle surface causes the batter to elongate (forget trying to achieve a round pancake!) and then...SWOOOSH...down the drippings trap.

I still highly recommend the Griddler Deluxe. But it is not the 'do-all' countertop appliance Cuisinart markets it as being.

EDIT ---- 29 Dec 2014
A bit of followup now that I've had almost a year of experience with this product.
I still like it. I like it a lot. I'm a bit of a tinkerer and I envisioned myself sending Cuisinart a suggested design modification (to rounds of applause by Cuisinart). I bought four, small levelers. I removed the Griddler's rubber feet and inserted the levelers. It worked. I could now fully level my Griddler. made the Griddler 'too fiddly' to set up. I finally concluded that the Griddler was just not designed to cook eggs. I did keep two levelers in the front of the Griddler. They allow me to raise (or lower) the front of the Griddler to better control runoff of grease when cooking steaks. After almost a year of regular use, the coating on the plates is still like new. Nothing sticks (except eggs...but that boat sailed anyway). I hate to dock the Griddler one star just because (IMHO) Cuisinart's marketing division probably thought up uses (like cooking eggs) without (likely) trying those uses. The Griddler is a rock-solid appliance.
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on November 20, 2013
-The adjustable height is probably the best part. George Foreman grills instantly mash all the juices out, but you can set it to have the top griddle barely touching the meat if you want, keeping juices in. It makes the meat taste SO much better than George Foreman grills.
-Prepares any piece of meat or food you want put on a griddle to your liking with the temperature controls. Very accurate temperature dials that adjust both plates independently of each other.
-Temperature indicator light lets you know when its at the right temperature. I have not found this feature on many other griddles like this.
-Laying it flat allows for cooking even more. This is the best way to make pancakes, bacon, eggs, etc.
-Large enough to cook 2-4 pieces of meat at once, but still small enough to fit comfortably on a countertop without looking out of place.
-The plates are really easy to remove and wash. So much easier than cleaning a grill top.
-Incredible build quality. It reminds me of the Cuisinart grills from the 50's and 60's its made so well.

-The griddles take a little bit longer to heat up than a George Foreman, but thats the only downside I could think of.

This is a great appliance for single and couples or even a small family in a crowded apartment. If you like to cook, this will make it easier to do so more often. Even if you dont like to cook, this will probably make you cook more often, its THAT easy to use.
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on December 18, 2013
We were on our second George Foreman grill when we saw the TV ad for the Griddler Deluxe.

Our George worked great. Only thing that bothered me was that, because of the non-removable cooking grates, the cleanup took longer than the actual cooking.

So we tried the Griddler Deluxe. Turned out not only to be easier to clean, but also performs even better than the George.

The Sear feature produces steaks that look like they'd been grilled outdoors on the Weber. While the steaks were resting, we grilled Asparagus (rolled in kosher salt and olive oil) and it was perfect.

Panini performance is excellent.

Bacon is marginal. Lots of smoke in the kitchen and the strips were unevenly cooked. So we went back to our old method of doing bacon. Parchment paper on a baking sheet in the toaster oven at 400 degrees for about 17 minutes.

All in all, in our view, for our use, the best countertop grill on the market.
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on March 15, 2015

July 2015...
Plates started to bow in the center (warp).
Called Beach Camera..45 days and you are on your own!
Called Cuisinart.. They replaced plates but made me pay for return shipping of warped plates!
Called Amazon...They made it right.
review image
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