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on April 6, 2011
Have been using this new model for several months now. It is stylish on the counter-top. Larger than average plates for larger bread. Well built with a good Cuisinart warranty. The plates remove easily, making cleaning a snap. The plates are smooth on one side and ribbed on the other - you choose which side you want to use. I cant comment on the drip tray since I don't make things that greasy, but it seems well positioned and practical. It is nice to be able to control the temperature somewhat and have the features and quality of more expensive models for a lower price.

I highly recommend this model (GR-35)
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on April 28, 2013
Okay, I'm one of those people that have a graveyard of a million kitchen appliances that gather dust in a cupboard and only come out 1-2 times a year. Its bad. But this thing?? It has earned a noble spot right on the counter! We use it at least 4 days a week. Grilled cheese? Done. French toast? No problem. Quesadillas? Got it covered. Burgers, panini, even grilled veggies. So versatile! Its nice when you have a finicky kid that wont eat what everyone else is having, I can throw a frozen Boca burger on there and its ready to go in like 3 minutes. I'm really happy I got the "compact" size, its perfect for us. You can fit two slices of bread side by side on it with wiggle room. You do have the option of opening it all the way and having two flat surfaces, but I rarely use that feature. Easy clean up, the reversible plates are quick to remove and install and can go right into the dishwasher.
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on January 19, 2015
Bough this for my mother for Christmas. I already had one of these and she just wanted something to make Paninis on. My older version did not fold open all the way like this one does. I saw her again last week and she commented on how well it worked. She's made Paninis, grilled a burger and other meat and also some pancakes. She usually only cooks for her and my dad and so this saves her from getting out the frying pan etc. She loves it. And given that she is a gourmet cook raised on German and French cooking to rival any good restaurant that means something. And she would have told me if it didn't work (actually she would have made me return it!). So I'm happy that she is happy. She said she'd recommend it.
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on June 28, 2015
I owned the large Griddler for a number of years and was satisfied with it. Eventually the removable plates were difficult to clean and one of the controls broke. In looking for a replacement I wanted removable non-stick plates for cleaning, easily removed and cleanable grease catcher, top to be articulated to accommodate different sized foods and a stainless steel professional appearance. Griddler is the only product to my knowledge to fit this criteria. I live alone so when I saw the Compact model it seemed like the better choice. The quality is excellent and the same as the larger model, the price is less and it takes much less counter space. However it still does everything like the large sized model.The only difference is the size which is perfect for one or two people at a time. I highly recommend with no reservations.
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on March 15, 2015
We use this all the time, Mainly we cook Italian sausages or Hot Dogs on it, but we've also cooked hamburgers, steaks and chicken.

The griddler can be used a griddle for pancakes but we've found that a real griddle still works better. For one round of pancakes this is fine but if you plan on doing a couple batches it'll take you a while because the griddler will need to heat-up again slightly after each batch. Also using this for meats as well as pancakes means you need to clean it extremely well between each use, a charred taste might be good between meats but you don't want your pancakes tasting like last night's steak.

The removable plates and grease tray make cleanup a breeze. Both plates are two sited, one is flat for the griddle the other is ridged.
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on October 2, 2013
I have no complaints here. The grill works just as advertised. I am a bit perplexed that set on medium it takes a long time to heat to temperature. Just beware, you need to be patient. Also, the stainless steel body has no coating, so unless you don't mind living with streaks after cleaning, you have to wipe with a stainless steel (silicone) solution.
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on June 22, 2011
This little griddler-that-could answers the question: How do I cook quick and healthful meals daily. I've used it just about every day (and sometimes twice a day) since it was delivered, almost two weeks ago. I've had splendid results each and every time. It cooks like a champ and clean up is an absolute breeze. No splattering and the drip tray is adequately placed to catch any drippings. The stainless steel design matches my other kitchen appliances and, because it's compact, it doesn't take up much countertop space. An attractive and welcome addition to my kitchen. I'm so very glad that I purchased this product but may need to order a backup in case I overwork this one!
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on January 12, 2017
I ordered this "Used - Like New" for around $35, and I was a little worried after reading some reviews about it not getting hot enough for some people. It was a christmas present for my girlfriend so it didn't get tested until a couple of days after Christmas. It was so "Like New" that it didn't appear to have ever been used. It was in the original packaging, including the protective plastic bag inside the packing molds.

So far we've only used it to make sandwiches, which is what she wanted it for and it takes less than two minutes to cook them.
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on March 3, 2015
This matte black unit is far more superior than the stainless model. It never wears or discolors like the stainless steel unit and always look new on counter. I've owned both and had to replace the SS unit twice before I bought this one because of the SS turning brown from the heat. Otherwise the machine itself works fantastic, removable plates makes this easy to clean.
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on April 10, 2013
This is a great little griddle/panini press. I've only used it for about 2 weeks, but have loved the results.

Very impressed with this unit so far.

The reversible/removable grill plates are very light weight and easy to clean.

I'm slightly worried about how long the nonstick surface will last. It has scratched off where the metal clips hold the plates, but that can be expected where metal comes in contact with a nonstick surface. Do not even think about using metal utensils with these plates, resist the urge to use a fork or knife to flip or move things around on the nonstick plates.

For cleaning I just let the grill plates cool down then clean them with a brush and some soapy water after wetting down any stuck on spots for a few minutes. I can't imagine needing to stick these in the washing machine or wanting to - as I would like the nonstick surface to last as long as possible.

So far I have made grilled cheese sandwiches cut into strips /w tomato basil dipping sauce. buttered griddled banana & peanut butter sandwiches, and some awesome paninis. All of them were much better off by being cooked in this device.

One trick/problem I encountered is how do I evenly spread cold butter on my bread before throwing on the griddle? This only works for the griddle side (my preferred side). Heat the device up until you are ready to cook. I cook a little higher than medium heat, then throw a pat or two of butter on the griddle and spread it around to the shape of your sandwich. then drop your sandwich on the melted butter and move it around to evenly distribute. Next take them back off the griddle and repeat with the other side. Now that your sandwich is evenly buttered, I close the lid for 6-7 minutes on a timer and come back to amazing results.

a Peanut butter & ripe banana sandwich griddled in grass fed butter - with a glass of milk was amazing.
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