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on June 27, 2014
These plates are perfect for our Griddler. Easy to install, easy to clean (we really love the OXO Good Grips Electric Grill and Panini Press Brush, works really well on the Griddler plates) This is my second set of Griddler Waffle Plates - I love them so much that they were worth buying again but here are three things I learned that may prevent you from buying a second set in the future:

1. The instructions state to spray the plates with non-stick spray prior to use. Do not do this. The plates are already made from high-quality non-stick material and this step is not necessary - in fact it will make the plates eventually an unusable sticky mess. In my experience, using non-stick spray ruins these plates because eventually they will not work properly and you will have to scrape to remove the waffles which by then are a giant pile of cooked batter mess.

2. Do not run through the dishwasher. Again, the instructions state that these are dishwasher safe, but save your bucks and handwash these plates! I'm not sure which of these two ultimately lead to the demise of my first set, but I can't think that a high-heat wash setting in the dishwasher did much to help either. Carefully hand wash (again we use the OXO Good Grips Electric Grill and Panini Press Brush and/or a Norwex cloth with great results)

3. So obvious, but DO NOT use anything but the rubber spatula that came with your Griddler to remove waffles. Period. If you scratch the surface, start saving for another set! Speaking from experience, without thinking I removed waffles with a fork here and there - knicking the surface a few times and it became a big deal when the surface began to rust and peel after washing. Something about serving food cooked on peeling & rusting surfaces isn't really appealing to me :)

Although it may be a little time-consuming, it is worth it every time to preserve these quality plates! I can see them lasting many years when properly cared for.
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on April 19, 2014
The non stick coating bubbles and flakes after a few uses, making it unusable. The quality control on these items are lacking.
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on October 19, 2016
If you have the griddler, get these plates, they are so worth it. Makes 4 waffles about the size of the Name brand ones you buy in the local supermarket. They come out nice an crispy every time for me. I hated making waffles before this because sitting there as one cooked, then finally being able to put a second on, was torture. More important than that though is the cleanup. With these, you simply snap them out of the machine and toss them in the dishwasher and done. No more struggling with the waffle iron in the sink trying not to get water into the inner workings.
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on October 13, 2014
The Griddler machine itself is a useful and versatile addition to our kitchen, but these Waffle Plates were not very useful. They seem well made and they are easy to swap into the Griddler. However, they cook waffles so slowly that they're no benefit. I also have a Cuisinart Round Classic waffle maker (cheaper than these plates, by the way), and I was looking to expand our waffle-cooking capacity to feed a hungry family. I fired up both machines to do a comparison breakfast, and I cooked three perfectly evenly-brown waffles in the round waffler in the time it took to do one with these waffle plates in the Griddler. The waffle resulting tasted fine, but the browning/cooking was not perfectly even from top to bottom, or across either surface.
Therefore, I wouldn't recommend these plates unless you absolutely don't have space to store a different waffle maker. Since a dedicated waffler cooks faster and better than these plates, and costs less, it simply doesn't make sense to buy this accessory.
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I purchased these waffle plates to go on my Cuisinart Griddler Cuisinart GR-4N 5-in-1 Griddler, Silver, Black Dials. They have a non-stick coating on them which makes it really nice when trying to remove your waffles. There are four sections for waffles. Each section measures 4 4/8" in length, 3 3/8" in width, and 5/16" in depth.

When I received these plates I prepared the batter to immediately test them out. I didn’t feel like the waffles cooked evenly. Some were done more so than others. The reason was probably that I had some of the plates fuller than others. I didn’t measure it out. So next time I will have to do a better job of evenly distributing the batter.

The plates are dishwasher safe but I have had experience with removable plates like this in the past and never had good luck putting them in the dishwasher. They would always come out with burned on grease and food that never got completely washed off. So I prefer to hand wash them.

Overall I am happy to have these plates. People used to ask me what my husband and I needed when we got married as a wedding gift and I would say a waffle maker. You know, I never did receive one. Now in my fifteenth year of marriage I finally get the waffle maker I have been waiting for.
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on December 6, 2013
Meh. These work fine for what they are. If you only make waffles occasionally, and you don't expect performance like a heavy-duty commercial waffle iron, then these will suit you. I still haven't quite figured out exactly how much batter to use, which makes the difference between having waffles with holes in them and the batter overflowing and making a mess that's hard to clean because the Cuisinart Griddler wasn't designed to be a waffle maker. Even with the decent-sized border, the batter still gets out. There's nowhere for the overflow to collect other than all over the Griddler's controls and the countertop and, sadly, while the plates are non-stick, the Griddler itself isn't. Overall, I'm not unhappy with these, since they allow me to make waffles without having to find a place to store a dedicated waffle maker, but it's absolutely not the same as using a quality waffle iron.
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on January 29, 2017
Don't understand all of the complains about these plates. Attached photo is the very 1st batch I made using off-the-shelf pancake/waffle mix. They came out great that time & every time since. If you're having issues with sticking, use a food safe brush & "paint" both upper & lower plates with veggie or olive oil & the waffles will slip right out.

FOLLOW UP on 20170624:
Plates are still rocking my waffle world. The 2nd photo below was taken last weekend (20170617). I STILL "paint" the upper & lower plates with olive oil as they warm up & the waffles STILL slip out with no issues. I'm using the "Griddle" setting at 375 degrees. Another hint: I use the plastic tool & flip the waffles when they're about half done. FYI: I've used Easy Off oven cleaner on these plates & run them through a few deep cleaning cycles in the dishwasher & they still produce great waffles is you follow the tips above. Happy waffle hunting...
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on March 30, 2016
The ONLY bad thing about this product is you'll gain about 5lbs eating waffles regularly. It's so easy to make waffles & clean up that they are no longer a special breakfast, they are the norm.

BUT, you're also the cool mom who makes the special breakfast like it's nothing...because it is!

I mastered chocolate, banana, sunflower seed butter & chocolate chip waffles. My favorite experiment were the savory waffles that we used to make egg bacon sandwiches with...Mmmmm.
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on July 10, 2014
I purchased these waffle plates, so I could get rid of my old Cuisinart waffle iron which gives off a very annoying beep every 2 minutes even though the waffles aren't cooked. I have the GR-4 series Griddler and these waffle plates do not fit, although the description indicates that they would fit. Every time I open the Griddler to either remove a waffle or add batter, the lid swivels loose. So, I have to take a hot pad and relock the lid in place before adding batter or removing a waffle. If I don't resecure the lid, I'm in danger of burning my hand. When I use the plates that came with my Griddler, the lid does not swivel loose.

I've used 2 recipes from the included booklet and followed the directions to heat the iron to 400 degrees and cook for 3 minutes. The waffle plates always heat more on the edges than the middle, which means my waffles are burnt on the edges (about 1 inch worth) and the middle is not quite cooked so it's doughy.

Perhaps these waffle plates work better on other models, but definitely not on my G-4 Griddler.
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on July 20, 2017
After I saw these waffle plates for the Cuisinart Griddler at a local housewares store, I bought them from Amazon for half the price. Paying heed to the reviews, I ascertained that I had the model that they were designed for. The waffles came out fluffy and delicious, and do not stick at all to the plates. Cleanup is easy. I am delighted not to need a second bulky appliance. It is important to use the proper temperature settings as noted in the instructions that come with the waffle plates to assure proper baking. I am very pleased overall, and especially happy to add another function to the Cuisinart Griddler that has already proven itself so useful in my kitchen.
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