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on November 22, 2014
This is a very good ice cream machine for its class (home use, freezer bowl). I'd owned the 1 1/2 quart Cusinart model and liked it a lot. Then someone in my house put the drum in the dishwasher and I found out when I tried to make a batch of ice cream that wouldn't freeze. Using the 1 1/2 quart model I was always scaling down recipes or hovering over the ice cream as it churned with a spoon, stealing spoonfuls ice cream as it threatened to overflow the ice cream maker because I overfilled it (not that I really minded that). I like the 2 quart size for those reasons,

If you've never owned one of these types of ice cream makers before, here's an overview. There are two main parts as far as what makes the ice cream. There is a paddle and a drum, aka the freezer bowl. The night before you intend to make ice cream (or earlier) park your clean freezer bowl in the coldest part of your freezer overnight. This is essential that the bowl be frozen through with no sloshing sound. This drum is what chills the ice cream.

When you're ready to make the ice cream, put the frozen freezer bowl into the base of the ice cream machine, put the paddle in and put the top on, start the machine and then pour your cold (repeat COLD) ice cream mixture into the freezer bowl as it runs. The cold of the freezer bowl chills the ice cream mixture, the paddle scraps the sides of the freezer bowl as it turns which scrapes off the freezing ice cream incorporating it back into the ice cream mixture and churns air into the mixture. Let the machine run for 20ish minutes. Give it a peak every once in a while because watched ice cream never freezes ;). When it's done, you'll hear the motor struggle a bit more because of the thickness of the ice cream, the ice cream will be soft serve consistency and will be done as far as its adventure with the machine. From here you could eat it as soft serve, or scoop out the ice cream into a freezer safe container and freeze it for a few hours. let the freezer bowl warm up a little, then wash by hand with warm soapy water and a soft sponge or cloth.

The negative comments that people have left seem mostly to be due to them not understanding how this machine works or that they expected something different, or both. Yes, you have to freeze the bowl overnight -- that's how this type of ice cream machine chills ice cream. It doesnt have its own refridgeration unit. If you want that, then pay 5x+ the price for a different type of machine. No, this machine doesn't produce solid hard ice cream -- it produces soft serve consistency because it churns and you can't churn rock solid ice cream. And You MUST WASH THE FREEZER BOWL BY HAND. This isn't a "to keep it looking it's best" issue like you sneak your pots and pans in the dishwasher even though you shouldn't -- the heat from the dishwasher will destroy the freezing liquid in the bowl and the bowl will never make ice cream again. You can tell that a well meaning relative put your bowl in the dishwasher because the bowl will still sound sloshy even though it's been freezing for days.

The It Never Froze My Ice Cream comments -- the person either put their freezer bowl in the dishwasher or the bowl wasn't cold enough. Or the freezer bowl was defective.
The It Won't Make Ice Cream Immediately, It Makes Soft Serve...comments -- that's true, but that's how this machine works.

Some have commented that they have to let the finished ice cream (after being I the freezer) sit on the counter for 15 minutes until they can scoop it. My suggestions are: 1. Use more fat in your recipe, 2. Let it churn more air as the machine runs, 3. Know that most commercial ice creams have a ton of what they call "overhead" which is basically air in the ice cream. You may notice that the same volume of two different brands of ice cream weigh differently. Ultra premium brands like Haagen Daaz have little overhead compared to, say most grocery store brands. Lower quality ice creams also have thickeners and stabilizers that hold the ice cream together but keep it from really forming solid. Ever leave a bowl of ice cream on the counter overnight and the next day it's a little melted but mostly in the same shape? That's the stabilizers. All of this makes commercial ice cream soft and easy to scoop even though it's frozen. Take heart that better quality ice creams like the one you are making are naturally harder when frozen, and therefore may take a sturdy ice cream scoop and perhaps a little muscle to scoop. On properly made ice creams (enough fat, enough churning) I've never made a batch too hard to scoop straight from the freezer.

In short, this machine works beautifully and its make quality ice cream. I'm very happy with it.
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This is my first ice cream maker. I had been looking into getting one for a while and was suckered into getting this one from all of the positive reviews. I'm happy to report that I was not disappointed. The machine is a little noisy, but that's the only drawback that I can really think of. The first ice cream we tried to make was a twist on Ben n Jerry's Cherry Garcia ice cream made from real cherries and dark chocolate chips. The ice cream froze well and was absolutely delicious. Since then we've also made blueberry cheesecake with a graham cracker twist running through it and a chocolate brownie that didn't last two nights! We usually store the ice cream in a glass loaf pan for easy scooping or in recycled Talenti containers for easy portion control. Either way, it makes fantastic ice cream that you can make as healthy (or unhealthy!) as you want, and overall it's much cheaper than constantly buying pints of ice cream in the store. Definitely worth the price and I would definitely recommend it.
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on July 4, 2016
O-M-G i can't say enough good things about this ice cream maker. Thanks to the feedback and suggestions from other reviewers, i've had delicious ice cream every day since i bought it! i didn't try the recipes that came with because i bought Ben & Jerry's Homemade Ice Cream & Dessert Book, and have loved everything i made from it. i've also been inspired to create or tweak some recipes of my own (hello lavender chocolate chip - or - persian pistachio!) I've recommended this to several friends, family, and even strangers - just be aware that the price seems to jump up and down as much as $30! today it's $54.99 (which is what i paid) and yet a week ago it was round $85 - whaaa?!!

(pictured - fresh strawberry from the farmer's market made me delirious!)
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on July 29, 2015
I few people have claimed it doesn't chill enough. I have no problems at all and each batch finishes with plenty of "chill power" left to go. Your freezer needs to be well below freezing to get it cold enough. I keep it in the freezer all the time so it is ready to go. Simply rinse with water when done and put it back in the freezer. My friends go nuts when I have ice cream, You can't buy better ice cream if you follow a good recipe. (thanks to Alton Brown's recipes(I can say that here, can't I?)) The only gripes I have are 1) I wish the churning paddle scrapped closer to the walls of the bowl, and 2) this is my biggest gripe, no way does this crank out 2qts. Not even close. My first batch of ice cream was strawberry and I poured in about 1-1/2 qts of batter into it. When I came to check on it, I discovered that the batter expands as it freezes and half frozen ice cream was oozing and flowing out the top and all down the sides. Now I'm standing there with a spoon eating ice cream like Lucille Ball in a chocolate factory trying desperately to keep up with the overflow. I can think of worse things, but each batch only fills 2 and 2/3's pint size containers. Not even close to 2 qts.
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on July 27, 2017
Initially, a bust. The first one had a defective motor. I returned it for a replacement which happened in 2 days. Quickly. Just completed the first batch of vanilla ice cream with success. It produced ice cream that was fairly soupy on top, but very hard on the bottom, as expected from experience with the prior salt/ice method. Pretty much the same result but way easier and cooler inside. If this machine continues to perform in this way, I would rate it higher, and if it lasts at least as long a the motors on the older salt/ice method makers, it will be well worth the expense.

`Review after about 8 batches of ice cream: I will leave the rating the same. But, the paddle inside the barrel is made of pretty thin plastic which will eventually break. When it breaks, pretty much means the whole unit is trashed unless there is a replacement available. This is not a cheap product, so why did they design it with a critical part that will repeatedly freeze, then thaw, then break. Otherwise it works great if you make some allowances with the recipe. Add 2 tablespoons of unflavored vodka to the mix. That will prevent it from freezing solid on the bottom of the barrel and it will also prevent the ice cream from turning to a hard block in the freezer. Impossible to serve w/o thawing before.
Good recipe: 4 C Half and Half 1 small can Condensed Milk 1/2 C. Sugar
3 eggs beaten 1 Tsp salt 2 tsp vanilla Extract
and,,,, 2 Tablespoons Unflavored Vodka.
Mix it all with a hand mixer. Dump into the pre-frozen barrel and run it for about 25/30 minutes. Spoon into one or two quality freezer bowls for storage.
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on December 31, 2017
After making home made ice cream the old fashioned way (outside during the Summer months with rock salt and a noisy/messy ice cream maker) I wanted to find a no-mess ice cream maker that I could use inside during the Winter months. I purchased this unit and have made several batches of delicious ice cream. The methodology for making ice cream with this machine is different than the old fashioned ice cream makers but it's so much easier to use and it's mess free. It's not automatic as noted in the description but you do just turn it on when you begin churning the mixture and turn it off when you believe the mixture is ready to be transferred into another container and placed into a freezer. There are no other switches. I keep a timer close by and use that as a guide as to when the mix is ready as well as my eyes. I have tried several of the recipes that are included in the owners manual. The quick and easy recipes as well as the more time consuming ones all taste great. The machine is easy to clean. It's a bit noisy, but not nearly as noisy as the old fashioned makers. If you are new to this type of ice cream maker I recommend that you read the owners manual fully before you use the machine. Although my first batch was good, I later streamlined my processes and have been producing delicious ice cream. This was a good purchase!
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on November 3, 2014
Absolutely fantastic little ice cream maker.... that's almost the problem ... it's a little too good and too easy to just run in the kitchen, throw a little milk, sugar, and vanilla together and you've got the real deal in 30 minutes. lol We haven't bought ice cream from the store since this came in. You do have to make sure that the container has been in freezer for several hours. We also like the ice cream better if we immediately place it in freezer after making for an hour or two to firm it just a little more. We plan to buy extra containers so you can make ahead for company or make different types. Even if you just make one batch, you will need to immediately wash the container and place back in freezer. You can't use for a second batch before freezing again. It does a great job for the price. It's just a "little" noisey, not bad ... sounds like an ice cream machine turning. lol Easy to clean up, NOT dishwasher safe.
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on June 11, 2015
I actually enjoy using this machine. I've always wanted to make my own ice cream but was a bit intimidated by the concept of all the additional steps typically associated with making it from scratch. With this machine, ice cream is SUPER easy and all around relish! Using the enclosed instructions, I was able to make (in my opinion) some of the best vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate ice cream. True, it is a bit noisy but then again, most kitchen appliances operate with a bit of noise, so it's not an issue with me. It doesn't drown out the tv, and I don't have to turn it up to an unreasonable level (translated, the neighbors won't think we're trying to blast the neighborhood). It's great knowing I can control the type of ingredients we consume (making it organic or a lower fat option, premium ingredients, etc.). My younger son is over the moon for the strawberry. I am extremely excited to test new flavors and see just how creative I can become.
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on November 21, 2013
Ooooooooh this thing is dangerous. Seriously dangerous.

Not dangerous in the 'It'll rip your hand off!' sense, but more in the 'gosh, my thighs aren't fitting into these jeans quite as well' dangerous.

I've made all sorts of flavors with lots of win and a little fail here and there but overall this thing is worth the space it takes up when we're not using it. I started off with the full fat ice creams and have even made soy ice cream as well with great success (with the right recipe).

I would say the only complaint I have is that it's noisy. When that thing is going you won't be able to forget about it because it's constantly going 'whoom whoom whoom'. But! It's worth it! TOTALLY WORTH IT.
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on November 4, 2017
First I have to say this is the best homemade Ice Cream I have ever had. I took a chance with this ice cream maker. It had some really good reviews and I thought if it sucked I will just send it back. It has a mixing bowl that the ice cream mixture goes into and you have to freeze it. You need a really cold freezer that is 0' or below for it to work well, and we do. So you freeze the bowl over night and then take it out right when you are ready with your mixture. The mocha recipe in this book is outstanding. And one thing I was really surprised about is the fact that the ice cream after being in this super cold freezer was soft and eatable. Normally we have to take ice cream out and let it thaw out for 15-20 minutes before you can scoop any out. But not this recipe, it scooped just fine and was smooth, creamy, and delicious. I now highly recommend both of these items!
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