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on May 15, 2009
I am very happy with the Multiclad Pro cookware in general. This is a heavy pan (to be expected due to its size) but if you need a large saute pan this is a great size - nice and deep. The rolled edge makes pouring very neat (it just takes 2 hands for me until most of the extra weight is removed - thank God for the helper handle, a wonderful feature). It heats quickly and cleans easily but, as mentioned in other reviews, it does discolor on the bottoms - interior turns blueish, exterior turns brownish from the application of heat (this is not an issue for me as I was looking for cooking ability not asthetics.)
One big beef I have is that the bottom is NOT flat and it wobbles on my glass top range. I have no doubt that this effects the even-ness of the cooking. We are planning a move and I am switching to a gas range otherwise I would have returned it and tried another one. (not a different brand)
I am an advid, experienced cook making most foods from scratch and I would recommend this product just be aware of some of it's limitations.
I do highly recommend the Multiclad Pro line - it is a great product at a great price especially when compared to other "professional" quality cookware.
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on August 18, 2011
This was the very first pan I've ever bought that's cost more than $30.00, and I don't think I'll ever go back to the cheap stuff again. By no means can I afford to replace all of my junk with more Cuisanart pots and pans like these, but I am completely persuaded that they are a worthy investment.

The things I really like about this pan are numerous, but the most important considerations for me are as follows:

1) At five and a half quarts, the pan is big enough to cook dinner for our family of three as well as company. It's deep walls allow me to pan-fry steak or meat, to sauté and steam pot stickers, or to make a delicious stir-fry, and the results are excellent regardless of what I'm cooking. For that reason, this one pan is a perfect all purpose pan if you have limited space or money for an entire collection.

2) This pan is the only I would ever trust when pan frying a New York Strip steak or any good cut of meat. I'm an apartment dweller, which means I don't have space for a clunky Forman Grill, and buying a gas grill is out of the question. Until I had this sauté pan, our options for steak were to either go out to eat or sadly eat a ruined cut of meat that was either charred to a crisp or still ice cold in the middle. This pan however, has such a nice conductivity of heat and even application that I can cook a thick strip of beef and have it beautifully seared on the outside while maintaining a perfect medium-rare pink in the middle. I firmly believe it's impossible to do a good cut of meat justice without a pan like this--however you prefer it cooked.

3) Even though this pan is bigger and heavier than all my others, and even though I have a tiny galley kitchen with an awkwardly small divided sink, this pan is surprisingly easy to clean by hand. Even burnt food will wipe away after a short soaking, and the pan shines like new with regular dish soap. I'll never be the person to painstakingly ensure my most-used pan looks as good as the first day I bought it, so it doesn't bother me that there are a few minor scratches showing up from my stove, knives, or its placement in my cupboards. Though at first I thought I had to care for this pan like it was encrusted in rubies, I've relaxed a little bit and found the pan holds its own against scratches and discoloration. Speaking of discoloration, I have yet to see even a hint of it on the inside or outside of my pan. Even after I accidentally left it on a low burner for nearly an hour, later I couldn't find any indication of my carelessness. (Except for the lingering smell of burnt dinner.)

This pan is well worth the money and delivers everything promised as to the quality of whatever you're preparing. It's an excellent choice for anyone with limited space or for someone who wants one pan to do nearly everything. For anyone who's willing to show a little care to their cooking tools and pans, it will last far longer than cheaper pans and perform far better.
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on January 21, 2012
I just got this pan (5 1/2 quarts) this morning and tried it with some scrambled eggs a bit ago. Shipping was relatively prompt and took about 5 days to get here (Indiana) from the time I placed order. The pan was flawless without any marks or dings out of the box. Weight of the pan is impressive, and I imagine the helper handle will definitely help with some dishes to be cooked.

After hearing all the fuss about cooking eggs in stainless steel - I thought I would give it a try using the hot pan and oil approach recommended for this type of cookware. I first washed the pan and lid in warm soapy water as recommended, and then put this baby down on the biggest burner on my stove (electric stove with coils). Turned the heat up on high and let it set there for a few minutes before tossing some water droplets in the pan to see if they would dance around, which some did but a few in the middle just hissed and steamed away. Then I doused the pan with enough vegetable oil to coat the bottom and waited for it to get hot enough to where it was just about to start smoking. Then I removed the pan and turned the heat down to let burner cool down to normal cooking temp, and while burner was cooling some I moved the pan around in the air to ensure that the oil had completely covered the bottom. Then I placed pan back on burner and added my scrambled eggs to a medium low heat.

The eggs immediately sizzled some and it appeared as though they were cooking in a non-stick pan. I let it cook for a few before using my spatula to start breaking them apart. Maybe I should have let them cook a bit longer, but in any case the eggs still didn't really stick to the pan too bad. Just a little in some spots, but came free pretty easy if scraped with spatula. It was very nice having the extra real estate to work with in the pan for 5 scrambled eggs and a bit of milk. The end result was some pretty tasty scrambled eggs.

I then washed the pan with warm soapy water (dawn dish soap)and a regular washcloth. About 80-90% of the eggs washed off the pan with a single swipe, and I did find that there were some small spots that were a bit more stubborn. It took a few scrubs, rinses, and inspections to get the pan completely clean again, but it really wasn't that bad. I imagine one of those plastic scrubber things would make it a cinch - or at the very least I could have used the Bar Helper stuff I also ordered with this pan. In any case, I just wanted to try hand washing the pan using what I normally use, and then see if it was as bad as some people were making out - and it really wasn't.

My final conclusion, after having tried scrambled eggs in this pan, is that it is a worthy investment which is relatively easy to maintain if you use it properly (heat pan first and use a bit of oil to coat the bottom and then cook with the pan on a lower heat). For the price and workmanship you really can't go wrong with this pan. It is the big and heavy workhorse I wanted. Will likely add a few more pans from this line of cookware in the future. I know this review isn't very comprehensive being based on just one single dish that I cooked, but I am happy with the initial impression after cooking one of the stickiest foods to cook.

I'll be trying a few eggs not scrambled and see how it holds up with keeping an egg intact. Also will probably go buy a steak to try frying in it this evening. Gordon Ramsay's perfect steak recipe sounds like a good way to give it a good and proper introduction to my kitchen for dinner.
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on February 25, 2012
Just a great saute pan! I have used many different types of saute pans over the years to include All Clad and Calphalon, and this pan can definitely hang with the big dogs... and do it without the hefty price tag. It heats evenly, has plenty of room and cleans up beautifully. It is a bit on the heavy side, but that is to be expected with such a large pan. This shortcoming is mitigated for the most part with the helper handle. The one thing that I would have liked to have seen on this pan is a domed glass see-through lid, but this is by no means a show stopper.

I own an entire set of Cuisinart MultiClad Pro pots and pans and have been very happy with all of them; this pan is no exception.

If you are looking for quality, reliable saute pan that won't break the bank, this is the pan to buy. A 5-Star Recommend.
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on February 26, 2012
This pan is terrific! It's pretty hefty, but the helper handle takes care of that.
Truly makes for one-pot meals. With crock pots, you have to brown in a separate pan, and then transfer to the slow cooker, so there's always extra cleanup. I made my Asian short ribs in this pan - browned them up nicely, then threw all the liquids in the pan, covered it & baked. They came out great, and all I did was soak the pan with a little hot water & dish detergent, and it was clean as a whistle - no scrubbing at all! Great value - my new go-to pan!
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on July 15, 2010
You could pay at least twice this price for an All-Clad Sauté Pan and still have nothing more than the 'name'. But you know, "Cuisinart" is a pretty good name too!
I'm totally satisfied with the performance of this pan! I even used it to cook some bacon in and it done just fine. (didn't stick.) I use it like any skillet... why not!?
I'm getting the whole set next time! Tri-ply 18/10 "Cuisinart MultiClad Pro Stainless Steel 12-Piece Cookware Set"

The only problem I had with this purchase. was the SHIPPING. I chose the "FREE with Super Saver Shipping", and expected to wait a 'LITTLE' longer than other shipping methods.... not THIS much longer!
I purchased the pan on 04-09-10...... On 04-30-10, I was notified by email that it had shipped! THREE WEEKS to even begin the shipping process!!! I received it a few days later. I don't think it takes a month to get to Mars!
It was almost as if they waited on purpose, to avoid a future "free shipping" choice from me!
I know it doesn't take 3 weeks to put a box in the "out bin"! |:-/
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on April 24, 2011
There have been several kitchen items that I have looked for, and I always seem to look at the top of the line. After a lot of research on the "best of the best" manufacturers, the trail has always led me back to cuisinart. Though not 'inexpensive' in most peoples view, cuisinart is consistently much less expensive than its 'top of the line' competitors. So much so, that I would put off making a decision to buy the cuisinart because I had to ask myself how something so much less expensive could be of the same high quality. The multclad pro is the 5th cuisinart product I have gone through this back and forth evaluation and comparison system with. As with the previous four, I am more than happy with the quality and performance of this product.
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on November 13, 2009
Overall 23" (handle to handle). Pan 12.5" x 3.25" 5.5 quarts.
The size and depth is perfect for stove top or oven casseroles/stir-fry to feed a large family or for plenty of leftovers. Plenty of pan room to fry up to four hot sandwiches/French bread, 6 to 8 or more burgers, pancakes, fry an entire chicken with room to spare, etc.
The long handle is nice and the helper handle is a big help to maneuver a large fully loaded pan. Measure your oven to make sure this long handled pan will fit in your oven if you need it to.
This needs a 13 inch splatter screen. Many styles of screens, some with four 'feet' formed in the rim, and a style with tri-feet extension of the handle under the screen.
A splatter guard is nice, too.(three sided 'wall') Norpro-2063-Nonstick-Splatter-Guard. I use one like this all the time. My stove top is built in with a sit down bar behind it. Keeps the grease spatters off the bar.
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on August 28, 2012
I purchased the 5qt saute pan and after over a year of use it is still in perfect condition. Bar Keeper's Friend is definitely your friend and it keeps the cookware looking brand spankin new. I am by no means an expert in the kitchen though I thoroughly enjoy cooking and never owned stainless steel cookware. I have become a big fan of it. Though, I will admit I still use non-stick for certain applications. The trick is definitely to cook on a lower temp and heat the oil before putting in the food. I cook a delicious ginger honey glazed mahi mahi to perfection in the pan. The Multi-Clad cookware is extremely durable and the best bargain out there for professional grade stainless steel cookware.
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on February 21, 2011
I've been trying to upgrade my cooking equipment lately, and I first bought an All-Clad fry pan with shallow sides and no lid. But then I came across this pan and if you only buy one pan, this is the one. You will overnight be able to do things you never did before, like stir and brown in a pan that won't allow things to spill over. The high sides create great capacity. I clean with Bar Keepers Friend, with a sponge, not with a greenie, never in the dishwasher. If things stick, just soak overnight. Don't get cheaper versions with a disc welded to the bottom. I found one of these at one of those nationwide department stores at virtually the same price as this one, which has layered metal from edge to edge.
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