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on February 17, 2012
I had wanted a Keurig coffee maker, but was not thrilled with the quality of the 'Keurig' brand models available. They seem cheap, mostly made of plastic.

I was pleased to see that Keurig had made the K-cup design available for other manufacturers. Having trust in Cuisinart's quality owning two other great appliances, i figured this compact model would be perfect. Unfortunately, the SS-300 was not available in stores when I purchased it from Amazon, so I was only able to try out the SS-700, the larger, more expensive model, in a local store. The build of the SS-700 is mostly metal and sturdy. Although the two models look like the same build quality in photos, sadly, the SS-300 is made of cheap plastic, just like the Keurig brand models I have seen.

I have used it to make several cups of coffee and it works perfectly. All of the features make it the best model for my 5 cups a week consumption. Although the plastic is BPA free, it is still plastic.

4 stars were given because I had compared it to the SS-700. Perhaps if I had never seen the larger, more durable model, I would be thrilled with this one. I thought the difference in price reflected the lack of a digital display and water reservoir, not the quality of the components.


I have now made over 12 cups of coffee with this machine. So far so good!

The coffee is consitantly good. Cleaning the SS-300 is so easy. I do not regret this purchas at all and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a single serving coffee maker.
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on July 30, 2015
You know.. I put off buying a K Cup brewer for the longest time because of questionable coffee quality.. and not to mention the price of the K Cups themselves...

But this... OMG this makes morning coffee heavenly!

I purchased a case of 100 Caza Trail Donut Shop K Cups (comes out to about 34 cents a cup) here on amazon and I'm on my second case and this stuff is amazing! It's so convenient just pour water in it, put the K Cup in it, put your mug underneath and hit a button. A few minutes later your wake up juice is right there waiting to be consumed!

I honestly haven't had to clean this yet. I use filtered water from my refrigerator's water dispenser and even after a few months there are no funky tastes and the water tank is clean as a whistle.

And it looks great next to my stainless steel fridge too!
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on June 10, 2014
I bought this for guests as we are not coffee drinkers. I was sitting in another room when my son smelled something burning - yep, the new coffee maker had fried it's motor. Machine was not on, had not been used in over a week, but was plugged in. It was delivered May 6, and fried on June 9. One month old. Go figure.
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on January 14, 2014
We began having problems almost immediately with this product, spewing water out the sides or not brewing at all. Went through all of the trouble-shooting steps including de-scaling to no avail. Cuisinart customer service said the products sold on Amazon may be "refurbished" not new. I believe Cuisinart will honor the warranty, but not sure. What a waste of time and money!
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on January 9, 2013
This machine will not brew a full cup of coffee! No matter what I try it won't brew a full cup of coffee. I had to wait for a month and half for this to come in and I am soooooo disappointed. I tried to return the first machine but was two days over the 30 day time limit for any help from Amazon. (Amazon might want to reconsider the time line for returning defective items. Even the local Box Store offers a better return policy and now I wish I had bought it there. It's sure something to think about for future purchases!) Thinking it might just be a quirk I ordered this second one. It does the same thing and it's going back today! BEWARE, Cuisinart will only offer to send a replacement under warranty at your cost of $10 for shipping, plus you have to pay for the return shipping on the defective one. Basically, you will be adding $20 to the cost of a lousy coffee machine. BE SMART AND SKIP THIS ONE.
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on May 5, 2015
I've been using this for awhile now with no issues whatsoever. I've read the terrible reviews and so far I can't agree with them. I love my coffee pot!
This thing is so easy to use. My housemate stopped drinking coffee so the huge pot we used to use (which had a minimum that was more than I could drink so I was wasting coffee each morning) was no longer needed. This takes up less space and comes with a reusable filter so I can continue using my local coffee I adore and don't have to employ those wasteful K-Cups, which were the whole reason I've stayed away from Keurigs for so long. I ordered a back up reusable filter as well because I'm not sure how long the included one will last without getting gross. There is virtually no cleanup other than rinsing the filter. I really love this coffee machine. SUPER VALUE ALERT: I bought it "used," but the only reason they had to classify it as "used" was because the coffee cups that were originally packed with the Cuisinart Keurig had expired, so they had to open it up and take them out. The coffee maker itself was still in unused, perfect condition. So that's how I saved $50.
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on June 18, 2014
I really like this machine. It is easy to use a k cup or your own coffee with the My k cup that comes with it. I love flavored coffee but can not drink a whole pot so this was a sweet way to get my fix. The pot quit pushing water on day 12. I called Cuisinart who told me yep, it's broke. They told me at my expense BOTH ways I could mail it back and the would replace it. I asked the rep wasn't that a little unfair on a maker that only lasted 12 days? She said that was there policy no exceptions. I exchanged at the retailer and I am hoping for the best. If it quits again in the 1st 30 days I will ask for a refund. I will up date if there are any issues.
SEPT 2,2014. This morning it quit working. EVEN with the warranty and I have had it only 60 days it will cost me 18.00 dollars to ship back to Cuisinart and 10.00 dollars for them to ship me a new one. Do not buy! 38.00 dollars to get a replacement on a coffee maker that cost me 69.00. Shame on Cuisinart for not standing behind their products.
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on January 7, 2013
Browsing the reviews, I have to say that some seem not to have read the instructions before use. The manner in which the machine is set up and the order in which you are to do stuff is not entirely intuitive, so best to carefully read the instructions first. I saw one review from a person who plainly was opening the charcoal filter holder and trying to pour the water down in there, then complaining that it was hard to open and close for each cup. Well...yeah. So, Step One is read the instructions; the thing is probably more likely to work properly if you do.

That said, this is a nice light-duty unit. I personally like the fact that you pour the water in for each cup. I don't use the charcoal filter as I have filtered water at my sink. I put as much water as I want to the level that I want on my mug, then just open the flip-top and pour it in. I do check that the amount is between 6 and 10 ounces using the gauge, but that's all I use the gauge for. Family members and visitors do the same, and then you know right up front how much liquid is going to come out and to what level in your cup.

To my mind, the unit is attractive, solid, and easy to operate. It has a smaller footprint that works well for us. It heats the water as hot as I would ever want my hot beverage to come out. It takes less than two minutes to heat the water.

Since Christmas, it has stood up to some significant use. A family member was recovering from an injury, so nurses, trainers, friends and family members were all trooping through the house and were offered hot beverages. We have burned through probably 30 cups of addictive Dunkin' Donuts hot chocolate, 28 cups of Twinings Green Tea (that I bought on Amazon), 28 cups of Dunkin Donuts original coffee, and most of the 35-cup sampler that I bought here on Amazon, as well as the nice little selection of coffees that came in the box with the unit. We just wipe it off and it keeps going.

UPDATE: Well, after 6 glorious, addictive months since Christmas Day, it just quit. It powers up, but it doesn't recognize that you have put water in it and just shuts itself off. I tried the troubleshooting steps in the manual, then called Cuisinart. Yep, it's broken. Nope, no more troubleshooting steps. It has a 3-year manufacturer's warranty. Their procedure is you pay them $10 for "shipping" (uh-huh) by UPS Ground. They send you a new one right away, and ask you to return the old one at your expense once you get the new one, with an RMA Number and a description of what's wrong. Oddly, they asked if this was my first warranty return of this item. I said, "It's only 6 months old." "Right, so is it your first return?" "Yes." "Great." I usually ignore the "It broke after X days" reviews, figuring that 100 percent of the people who that happens to will report it. However, add this reviewer to the pile of folks who were sad to find that their machine just quit on them, much sooner than they expected it to.

COMPARISON: And in the meantime, I purchased for my City apartment the sort-of-equivalent Keurig-brand single-cup unit, only because it came in red. They are very-very-similar designs and maybe even made by the same (Chinese) manufacturer. The Keurig one is smaller. Main differences: The Cuisinart unit starts brewing noticeably-faster and the water is a little hotter, you can put a slightly-taller mug in the Cuisinart one without removing the drip dray, and the measuring thingy in the Cuisinart one is more intuitive. Also the Cuisinart one comes with a put-your-own-grounds-in-it basket, while the Keurig one doesn't. However, there don't seem to be as many Keurig reviews claiming that it met an untimely demise.
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on September 24, 2014
I purchased this product for my office and I love it. the quality of the product is great one of my concerns before purchasing this product was the noise volume and I have to say that the machine is not loud. I have made coffee, tea, lemonade with this machine and all of the drinks have come out perfect. I would recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a small unit for the office. I do own a KEURIG brand for my home but the cuisinart brand works just as well. I am very happy that I purchased this product.
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on November 12, 2014
This item broke within 3 months of receiving it. Cuisinart is providing the warranty for this product but after paying $65 plus paying the shipping,I have to pay to ship it back to Cuisinart and pay the shipping to have a new one shipped to me.
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