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on June 19, 2008
My husband said he needed a toaster oven for his work so I told him to take ours and I'd buy a new one. (yay!) I went shopping all around town looking at different models... wasn't too impressed with what I saw. The few I DID like I came home to read horror reviews about on amazon. I finally found this one and I believe all the possitive reviews are right. This warms up quickly and toasts perfectly. It looks very nice and seems to be excellent quality. Its very easy to use and I LOVE the touch buttons and digital display. Within minutes of plugging it in I successfully toasted half a frozen bagel as an experiment/snack and it was toasted perfection!! The options are very handy and work great. For the Bagel I just pressed toast-defrost-bagel and selected the darkness setting. I realize now that my old toaster oven was drying food out and heated unevenly. I have also cooked a pizza in it and it was done quickly and evenly also. The only complaint is what was mentioned about having to be careful not to touch it when it's hot. The handle doesn't seem to get hot but just behind it on the metal it does. It is possible you could be burned that way, I did jerk my hand back once on casually opening the door(and I have small hands). That doesn't deter me from loving this toaster oven but I will be careful when it gets very hot. My husband wants to take this one to his work... I said no way! :) With Amazons good price and free shipping its well worth it!
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I've had this Cuisinart toaster oven since last August, and use it several times a week for baking or broiling. I usually cook for one person (me), and I don't like to heat up my big oven just to cook a chicken breast or two.

It performs consistently well. Heating is even (no "hot spots" that I can find), and it preheats to the desired temperature very quickly. I've used it to cook pizza, chicken of all kinds, fish (it does really well broiling bacon-wrapped scallops), and roasted vegetables. I like the fact that it has two rack positions, and you can "flip" the rack so that you have 4 height options for the rack.

One of its strongest points is the interior size. You can fit quite a large pan inside with no problem. It is a bit on the bulky side -- the footprint is just a little larger than my old toaster oven, but this one is quite a bit taller. Something to think about -- you'll need some space for this. I have it tucked into the corner of my kitchen counter under the cabinets, and it stays nicely out of the way until I'm ready to use it.

It's also easy to clean -- partly due to the size of the interior, and partly due to the easily-removed crumb tray.

Now, for the minor design flaw. The stainless trim on the glass door under the handle wraps around to the inside of the door, which means it is exposed to the heat of the oven. That also means that the part of the trim on the *outside* heats up to the same temperature. The handle itself stays cool, but that trim strip underneath gets hot enough to burn. I'm sporting a new burn on my left hand as I type this from this evening's adventure with roasted potatoes. I've had this thing for over 6 months, used it dozens of times, and I still manage to burn myself on it once every couple of weeks or so. You REALLY have to be careful. Either use an oven mitt, or use a hot pad and hold it so that it covers that trim strip.

This is not a fatal flaw in my view -- it's more of an inconvenience, albeit one that can cause some pain of you're not careful. I'd give this 4.5 stars if I could --
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on November 28, 2008
It toasts evenly, and there are 7 levels of done-ness to choose from. But it doesn't toast dark brown without putting the bread in twice.
~edit 5/22/2009
If you hit the 4-6 slice button you can get darker toast on the first try. ~

The TOB 155 cooks pretty evenly for a toaster oven. Mine seems to run hot, baked goods finish a few minutes sooner than in my regular oven. I've baked biscuits, banana bread, chicken, frozen fries, frozen fried chicken, baked potatoes and corn bread in it. They all came out very nicely.

I broiled chicken, and it came out very nicely. The broiling pan that comes with it is very sturdy. And the door props open part way.

Other Features
* Crumb catcher... I like it. No more dodging the heating element when cleaning up cooked on spills.
* It has handles on the outside at the base which are handy for turning the unit around when you want to empty the crumb tray.
* Two positions for the rack. And the rack itself is designed to sit higher or lower on each position if you flip it one way or the other.
* The manual. It has tips for optimal toasting, rack positioning etc.
* Construction. This unit seems pretty sturdy.

* The cord. At 30" long, it scarcely reaches to the other side of the unit. I bought a heavier household extension cord which works fine. At first I used an ordinary cord, but when I used the oven just for toast it became almost too hot to touch.
* The price. Surely someone can make as good an oven for less!
* Footprint. My breadmaker takes up less counter space. Currently the oven sits on top of my microwave.
* The timer ... its piercing. On the other hand, its hard to miss.

Bottom line
I like my new toaster oven, and have recommended it to friends who bought one for themselves. As many reviewers of toaster ovens have said, they don't make 'em like they used to. I'd say this one is the way they used to make them, but you sure pay a premium for it.
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on October 7, 2009
I bought this oven to replace a Krups unit that died on us. Overall, this Cuisinart is pretty nice. Does a great job of toasting and warming up leftovers, which is all we really use the toaster oven for. The electronic controls have a small learning curve, but aren't bad at 8-year old picked up on how to make himself some toast pretty fast. The unit is a little large, and the outer surfaces do get quite warm when it's on, so keep it away from the walls.

However, there are two nice features our Krups had that this one does not. First, there's no mechanism attached to the door to automatically extend the rack when you open the door. Second, when the rack is in the toasting position (which is how most people will probably use it), there's a metal bar that runs along the top front edge which prevents you from being able to slide something off the rack and onto a plate. So, instead of being able to just open the door and use a fork to slide the food onto a plate, I now have to open the door, grab an oven mitt, pull out the tray, grab a spatula or some tongs, and pick the food up off the rack. These are simple things that Cuisinart could easily add to the oven...and should.
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on June 28, 2012
I annoyed my wife by buying this toaster oven because of the counter space it takes up, but after making a spot for it she has been using it lately and seems to like it now.
After having this for a month, it seems to work really well. It cooks bagels, waffles, toddler food (nuggets/corn dogs), and even kid cuisine's (those tell you not to use a toaster oven) pretty evenly. My wife has also used it a couple of times to bake small portions of deserts and they turned out great as well.
The important thing to remember is punching the right combination of buttons for what you are trying to do. *I undercooked some waffles and realized that I hadn't pushed 'defrost' after 'toast'.
One other trick is the timer, which I had to experiment to get correct. I kept wanting to hit 'start' after entering the cook time, but that turns off the oven. After entering your time, you just walk away.

I can update my review later if there are any issues, but so far this oven is working very well.
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on December 28, 2012
Despite the fact that I had a positively ancient Oster toaster oven that, both performance and looks-wise had seen better days, I did not realize I was in the market for an upgrade. That is, until I saw this Cuisinart during a post-Thanksgiving lightning deal.

I absolutely love it. First of all, it looks great: stylish, simple, yet modern. Most important, it cooks great. It heats up in a flash, and it cooks quickly and evenly. I live alone, so most cooking is done in my toaster oven. The simple things like toasting (I freeze my bread and it toasts nice and brown in under 4 minutes) and pizza work great. I can fit the large California Pizza Kitchen-sized pizzas with room to spare.

I have not experienced the problem that others have mentioned of the hot handle. The only minor design flaw (VERY minor) is that I wish the crumb tray did not have to be removed from the back.

I'm so pleased with this Cuisinart and I can't wait to try some of the cooking suggestions mentioned in others' reviews.
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on May 27, 2013
We had been looking around for a toaster oven for a few months after the one that we received for our wedding died after 11.5 years. I had no idea how difficult it would be to find a toaster oven that had all of the specifications that we wanted -- didn't think we were asking for too much -- easy to use, timer, spacious, evenly cooks, stainless steel with clean lines. Well -- apparently not as easy to find as we thought it would be. After buying and returning one and then carefully reading reviews online about various options, we thought we had found the one we wanted (at last!!).
When our Cuisinart arrived, we were very pleased. It is beautiful (for a toaster oven), spacious, easy to use. The only real disappointment was that although it has a timer, there is no automatic shut-off after the timer goes off. This is a feature that our old one had and it came in handy so many times when we had to run upstairs or take a quick shower while heating something up for the kids for lunch. Now, although we have a timer which beeps, it doesn't go off unless it is shut off. It's okay, but an automatic shut-off would have made this toaster oven perfect for us.
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on March 26, 2013
This is a very nice toaster oven. The heating and timers work well and items seem to cook evenly. A couple of things to be aware of however. The handle on the glass door is not well protected. The handle is fine and does not heat up much, but as you open the door, you have to be careful not to accidentally touch the glass door with your knuckle or finger. I've had other toaster ovens in the past that had a strip of insulating material just under the handle to prevent that, but this one does not. It takes some getting use to but you will adjust. Also the controls are relatively intuitive, but you will end up pressing a lot of buttons to turn the thing on! For example, to toast a bagel you press "toast", then "bagel", then the up and down arrows to adjust the intensity between 1-6, then you have to remember to press the "start" button. Again, takes some getting use to and you are bound to forget to press the "start" button the first few times, but you'll get use to it. Finally, I'm interested to see how well the buttons hold up. This has one of those membrane-type button sets (buttons embedded in a plastic cover) just below the door. I wonder how it will do with repeated heating from oven operation.

To summarize;

- Good size and fits lots of items inside
- Fast heating, stable heating
- A variety of controls makes it pretty flexible for cooking
- Looks nice

- Opening the door can lead to burned knuckles/fingers if you aren't careful
- Controls are a bit complicated
- Not sure how the buttons will hold up over repeated use and heating

Overall, a very nice toaster oven at a reasonable price. Worth a look. I'm happy with the unit after getting use to some of its quirks.
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on April 7, 2012

Looks great on counter
Easy to figure out if you're not big on reading instruction manuals
Great for making cookies
Great for sandwiches, re-heating pizza, toaster, very convenient for appetizers, like toasting bread for brushetta & melting the cheese.
Haven't made any full meals with it--but feeling optimistic

Do NOT put anything on top of the oven. It does get hot on the outside. I had a small baggie with leftover bun in it, which I left on top.
The baggie side touching the toaster oven melted a bit. So if you have little kids, I'd suggest supervision when its on.

The beep is annoying, but at least you won't burn anything--it's a very determined beep!

Do not use "Pam" or another spray on the baking tray. Harder to clean and unnecessary. Tray is great, except for cheese (and then I just put aluminum foil on tray...), tray cleans very easily.

Packed away my toaster. So far very happy!!
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on March 22, 2013
We remodeled our kitchen and wanted a stainless Toaster oven. My wife uses a toaster oven all the time for smaller bake/broil/heating jobs... we have a great toaster, so we don't use it for toasting. Last week, after 4 months of use, the temperature control (up and down arrows) for the bake setting stopped working. I called Cuisinart's customer service number and, after waiting on hold for 20 minutes, I finally got a live agent. After I explained the problem and answered a few questions, they agreed to send me a new TOB-155 as a replacement... BUT... I was told the toaster oven had a limited warrantee, which required that I must 1) pay a $10 shipping charge for the replacement unit, 2) return the defective unit within 30 days at my own expense (cost: $38 UPS) and 3) provide them with my charge card number so they could bill me for the replacement unit if I failed to return the defective unit. In total, it cost me $48 in shipping costs to get the replacement for my defective unit... over 1/3 of the cost of a new oven... What a screw job!!!
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