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on January 17, 2015
The spoons in the advert have nice, smooth and polished edges. The spoons we received (the entire set) have notably rough and pitted edges. I suspect that the high ratings may have been deserved at one time, but it looks there is a developing problem with quality control.
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on January 15, 2015
I was very surprised to find the top edge of several of the spoons to be so poorly finished that they are jagged and sharp. I scrolled through the reviews and see that I am not the only one to have this experience. I am very disappointed with this purchase.
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on November 16, 2015
I got these because Cook's Illustrated gave them a top rating. They may be worth that rating, IF you get a good set. I got one from Amazon and found the edges on several of the spoons was pitted. Amazon did a quick return/replacement and I found the second set was also pitted and the handles scratched. I returned those for a refund. Sur La Table carries them also and I was able to find an acceptable set there, but only after searching through what they had on the shelf.

This is actually the second set of measuring spoons I use. The main one is a set of rectangular spoons from Endurance (now RSVP??). It has one additional spoon in its set, and all fit into my spice jars. The Cuisipro set has only 5 spoons, the 1 tbls size does not fit in most of my spice jars, and all the handles are shorter than the Endurance so don't reach as far into the jar. However, these spoons are a bit deeper than the Endurance ones, and the handle is shaped to allow them to sit flat on the countertop. I thought they would therefore be better for liquids. We'll see if that is true in use.

In any case, given the quality issues I had with the Cuisipro spoons, I only gave them 2 stars, even though they're probably fine when you get a good set. However, if I was only going to have one set, it would be the Endurance.
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on March 8, 2012
Cuisipro Stainless Measuring Spoons

I splurged! I long ago replaced cookware with non-reactive, non-toxic stainless, cast iron and vitreous enamels, and food storage containers with glass. It was time to enshrine my aluminum measuring spoon set in a kitchen museum from the 50's. I hadn't been doing much measuring when cooking, but now that we are venturing into new food genres and trying new recipes in general (had been in a meal rut!) bringing the aluminum set out of retirement bothered me.

Here is my rundown for the Cuispro set (oval, standard size measurements):

- Well-made; good weight, not flimsy.
- Attractive: the oval-shaped bowls of each spoon are mirror-finish stainless and very pretty.
- Engraved markings preferable to painted. The handles are satin matte stainless with engraved markings indicating measure.
- No Spill, sits flat on counter: I was concerned about the oval rounded bottoms being 'tippy' but they do seem to sit flat on the counter without spilling.
- Can sweep ingredient flat, the handle is level with tops of spoons. Important feature that surpisingly, not all sets allow.
- Fits in spice jars. Oval shape allows all but the tablespoon size to fit in most jars. Less spillage and waste. Just a good, well-thought out and very practical advantage. Much better than trying to shake spices into a tiny spoon. Yes, experienced cooks don't measure...but sometimes you need to and when you do, these are great.
- Double-key ring is heavy-duty - keeps them together, if you like that. However, removing spoons from the ring is a major decision as it would take some effort on my part to do so. Neither would I care to change my mind and have to put them back on this sturdy ring as it is a difficult exercise, either way. I've been trying for a good five minutes, breaking sweat! This will take a tool and possibly someone other than myself to do the job. I don't want to scratch my new spoons!

- Could use even more visible markings... My eyesight needs help. The engraving depth on the 1/2 teaspoon is uneven (not as deep throughout the length of the text and fainter) than it is on the others. Still, prefer this to painted markings that wear off with use/washing. And far prefer stainless to flimsier old-style aluminum that I still own or modern plastics. Would prefer even deeper engraving for better, easier visibility without eye-strain. (Deducting one star for this, reluctantly, as visibility is very important factor for me, personally.)

Features for the Perfect Measuring Spoon Set - (This set plus Hoped for Improvements) - take note, measuring spoon manufacturers!All important features, but listed in ascending order:
1. Easily removable ring (which magnets would eliminate the need for.) Wish this set was easier to remove from ring.
2. Magnetic Attraction: Would love to see a set like this one that magnetically sticks to one another to keep them together. Saw another brand on amazon that is magnetic, but reviews said the magnet inset falls out! I find separate spoons so much easier to use as I find all-on-ring design cumbersome and I invariably get them all dirty so need to wash all instead of one or two, etc...Would love for them to stay spooning in storage eliminating the hunt...even keeping them all in a cup rather than a drawer it takes time to find The One. Embedded magnets would mean no more searching for size needed for that recipe.
3. Level handle/spoon so you can sweep the ingredient flat (as these have.)
4. Spoons stand on counter without tipping over or spilling contents (as these do.)
5. Fits in spice jars. Narrow enough bowl to get in and fill up. (all but tablespoon fits, but that size in other sets don't fit inside jars either, unless your spices are in wide-mouth decorative jars.)
6. Very easy to read at a glance markings (no time wasted holding them up to the light to read markings; no eye strain.)- This set could be improved a bit in this department.
7. Heavy, high quality stainless steel: no food interaction, no staining, easy washing, attractive (as these are.)

Over all, this is a very nice set, sturdy enough to be handed down to the next generation provided the engraved markings don't wear down with use...which, of course, will depend on how much use they see in your kitchen and whether you hand-wash or throw these in the dishwasher.)
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on January 1, 2015
This set is heavy duty as other reviewers have reported. At the same time, the metal is roughly finished in parts, with uneven surfaces and some sharp edges. I haven't tested the volumes, but the spoons aren't perfectly symmetrical and so there's a good chance the measurements might be a tad off.

I decided to keep the set since I like the heft and it's good enough.
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on November 22, 2015
It was a tough decision to get these spoons because I felt they were a bit pricey and I didn't care for the oval shape, but the reviews that showed how accurate the measurement is and how strong they are, the curve in the handle that keeps the spoon level when you put it down, and the 1/8 teaspoon measure included in the set decided me. I needed something better than the aluminum ones I have that bend and finally break, I needed a 1/8 teaspoon measure for my little dog, and I always seem to need to put the spoon down for some reason or another just when I have liquid in it, so these have been perfect. The oval shape grew on me, and being able to fit the spoon into a spice jar is a big plus. As other reviewers have said, these spoons are good quality, heavy, strong, and shiny. They feel expensive.

On the negative side, when I first took these spoons out of the package I had to smooth an edge of one of the spoons because it was pretty rough (smoothed it with a metal emery board). At least one other reviewer complained of rough edges. Yes, they could be smoother, and the engraving could be a bit deeper. Some of them are engraved pretty good, but a couple of them are a bit shallow and I have a hard time making out the measurement without putting reading glasses on. I suppose one day the engraving will disappear and I will have to guess what it is.

Overall, these spoons are a good piece of equipment for the kitchen.
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on April 23, 2016
Every 6 months or so, someone forgets to check the sink and my teaspoon takes a whirl in the garbage disposal (it always is the 1 tsp spoon). So, this time I spent an hour or so looking at the various replacements and decided to purchase these as well as a set from OXO: OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Measuring Spoons with Magnetic Snaps.

There wasn't much of a price difference when I placed my order ( these were approximately thirty cents more) but this set comes with 5 spoons - OXO comes with 4, Although both are stainless steel according to the ads, each spoon in this set is actually stamped "stainless steel" on the back of the handle (OXO spoons are not). These are also considerably heavier (they are the heaviest set of sppons that I have ever purchased - a real plus) and they have a superior "finished" feel ( highly polished with no rough edges) when compared to the other brand. In addition, the size of each spoon is stamped into the metal on the front of the handle so I do not need to worry about the measurement washing off over time (OXO's measurements are not stamped - just labeled in black ink).

A couple of other major differences are the way that the spoons are bound together and the shape of the bowls. This set came with the old-fashioned ring attachment along with a rubber band type of connector while OXO actually embeds a button magnet in each handle. I don't have much of a preference yet for either style but I do prefer Cuisipro's oval shaped spoon-bowls over OXO's round ones. These are the first set of oval-shaped spoons that I have owned and- they make measuring spices straight from the jar much easier.

I will not hesitate to purchase this brand again when the teaspoon takes it inevitable journey through the disposal...
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Tbs won't fit in smaller spice jars like McCormick or Spice Island jars. I have custom jars that will work just fine for these but... Just sayin'. Very heavy, durable steel but the print is rather small. I find myself needing reading glasses to tell the smaller spoons apart. The Logo on the back side is done in beautiful embossing and very easy to read unaided. Why they didn't do this for the measurement...who knows.

If you are looking for spoons that fit in most all jars, go for the log rectangular shape by Amco. They're a bit funny looking but they function beautifully.

I'm going to keep these as a back up for when the others are in the dishwasher or my kid is digging in the back yard with them :^)
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on March 2, 2015
If ever there were a line of luxury measuring spoons, this is it. They're high-polish and beautiful, and they have an oval shape that fits more easily into jars than other spoons. The stamped measurement on the handle will last for years to come (I avoid printed measurements because they wear off). The key ring keeps them together and the little curve at the end of the spoon means you can theoretically set the spoon on the counter without it tipping over, although I still prefer to simply use mixing bowls. Great product - my roommate loved them so much she bought a set when we moved out!

Update December 2015: I purchased a set of these as a gift. I examined them before gifting and they looked just like mine - no rough edges. Mine are still beautiful after 2+ years of use and being washed in the dishwasher (though they are very easy to clean by hand). The tablespoon measure fits into a spice jar as shown, but it does take a deep scoop and a shake to level it off (because there is not much clearance).
review image review image
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on April 6, 2015
It is true that the spoons are accurate and they do stand level on a counter top. However, the level of fit and finish is not very good. Looks like they were in a hurry when they were making my set. The bowls of the 1 teaspoon and 1 tablespoon have rough edges at the top. Also, the stampings for the sizes on the top of every spoon in the set show dents to the left and right.
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