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on June 3, 2015
After having the shower head for a year I know what I like and don't like about it. To get the shower pressure you need you have to take out the rubber blockage to regulate the pressure. The shower head flops down and you're stuck with standing very close to the shower head and not having much many wrong with it, this was before even adjusting the pressure. Also the shower head is cheap plastic made to look like metal. Since the day I installed it it leaked from the lower part of the shower head and never made a tight seal, the only thing I like is having softer water. Where I live the water is very harsh and not easy on skin or hair.
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on March 25, 2017
Mine had 2 layers of labels protecting the filter which was quite obvious in hindsight, but very frustrating at 6am when you know you've already removed some labels and you just need to take a shower and get moving... Customer support at Culligan was wonderful, and was as surprised as I was that there were 2 layers of labels on each side of the filter. A ton of water comes out, but it falls on you like rain, there's not a lot of pressure to shoot it out into the tub, so you find yourself standing close to the wall to get wet. They recommend buying the extension arm to make it stick out farther so you can stand right under it, probably a good idea. The water feels nice and my skin feels better after just one shower. It's plastic, but it looks great, clever design.
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on May 16, 2016
I tried to remove the plastic insert at the connection end but that didn't help. Basically the design is flawed. The holes at the shower head are too big to build any water pressure. If you cover about half of the holes by hand, you get a bit more pressure.

Returned immediately.
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on August 20, 2013
We have well water.. with that funky sulfer smell and yellowing on the porcelain. This shower head is really doing the trick. There is virtually no sulfer smell now.. and I don't see the yellowing in the shower! Oh.. and did I mention it is the best shower i have ever had? Usually you find that these shower heads don't let much water through.. but this makes you feel like you are in a tropical warm downpour! It rinses the shampoo easily and quickly.. and keeps your whole body awash as you stand in the shower.. LOVE IT. As many other users have stated.. we removed the water saver plug from the get-go. We are on a well/septic.. so not as worried about the cost of water/sewer.. it only costs just a little more in the cost of elictricity to pump more water. Environmentally.. we are just putting more "water" in our drainfield.. which isn't a big deal.. it came out of the ground.. it's going back in the ground.. the amount of "soap" isn't changing whether we have the plug in or not.. We haven't tried taking showers back to back yet though.. so we may find out that the first shower is using the whole hot water heater.. if that is the case.. increasing the water temperature may help us so we can just use more cold to dilute.. and the heated water will last longer. The showerhead looks nice.. but it is plastic.. so I am hoping it is durable.. since I really love the way it makes my shower feel!
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on December 6, 2012
I bought this shower head because my sister has been losing a lot of hair, and the dermatologist said it's because of build up. As a remedy, we decided to filter our shower water because MD (Metro DC) water is very hard water. About a week into owning this, her hair is silkier and is falling out less (not a huge difference, but noticeable). My hair is also actually nicer now, but I never really complained about it before. The water is noticeably softer when it hits your skin, and you actually feel cleaner after your shower. My skin is actually also less dry than it used to be before. So this works great as a filtered shower head.

My complaint is that the shower head is too big for its own good. While I acknowledge that I could have bought a smaller shower head, I thought this one would do well for me. When I had the water saver plug inside the shower head, my water came out at a trickle. I removed the water saver, and now water pressure is much better but still not what I used to get. I guess I expected this to some extent, your getting a shower head with 2-3 times as much real estate, you expect water to be slower. But even when I'm not saving water, this thing doesn't have immense water pressure. Don't get me wrong, this is enough pressure to take a very nice shower, but I'm a fighter and I liked the hard pressure of water on back after training... you win some you lose some. All in all, I would recommend this to anyone looking to change their shower head, water is better and the head is actually attractive.
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on February 13, 2013
I bought this because I wanted a shower filter to improve my hair/skin. This is a nice product fairly priced and I bought it based on the reviews. Since I review everything I buy on Amazon this will go under the neutral category and that's not very exciting is it! I want products that WOW! when I shop
This is very easy to install just remove your current shower head and this will fit any standard arm, packaged nicely, looks good in my shower but I do not get that "Waterfall" spray. I do attribute that to my water pressure so I'm disappointed. If I had a full strong spray initially then I think I would have been impressed. I did remove the water saver insert inside and it's still not strong (my builders fault). I have a severe soap scum buildup on my glass doors and I do feel it has cut down on that, not significantly but I see a diff. I mainly bought for my hair and soap suds. I did NOT notice an increase in sudsaability like everyone else, but I have noticed my skin does not NEED lotion like it used to!
Now my hair...I would say that my coarse tangly 4B hair is a bit softer and more easier to comb thru after 3 times of washing my hair in the shower. The shower head is fairly priced so if you want to buy, you won't be disappointed just make sure you have strong water pressure.
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on April 6, 2016
So far I am really enjoying this shower head. We have well water and I have notices a difference since getting this shower head. It has great pressure. My only critique is that to change the filter you have to unscrew the face plate, I think there should be an easier way to do this but over all would recommend!
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on April 7, 2015
This head is a good addition to a shower. It comes with a restrictor plug that I wish were not included, because this shower head takes some serious water pressure in order to be effective. This may not be fore you if you live in a complex, or any other area where you cannot adjust your water pressure, or if you are concerned with conserving water, because like I said, this takes some serious water pressure to be worth having.

If you have the pressure, this makes for a very comfortable shower.

I have some pretty hard water, and this came with an internal filter, which I really appreciated.
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on July 17, 2017
Nothing is perfect, and there is always a give and take. Yes, ANY filter will slow down your water flow, but out of the other units I have tried, this one works well for me. Its a bigger rain head that is good quality, and after I punched out the water restriction piece, I only lost about 25% of my regular pressure. Luckily I had very good pressure before. The water quality I get now is very noticeable and our skin feels much better. You can taste the difference as well. It was a worthy purchase for us. (Simple filter changing and installment as well. Don't listen to the whiners who say otherwise.)
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on August 8, 2013
This review is early since I only used it one time, but I am disappointed. There was no difference in my hair after showering, which is why I purchased this. I'm hoping it needs time and maybe the next use will improve. From these reviews I expected more immediate results.
As for installation- not as easy either, BUT doable. I didn't know about all the screws I would need to take out and redo in order to place filter cartridge inside the shower head. The instructions gave the list of included items showing I was to see 6 screws, not that they were attached to the shower head. So if others see this and search forever to find screws , you will know where to look.....the instructions will later tell you to unscrew them etc etc. but back to install- I found I could do this without a wrench, only my hands. I did use included Teflon tape as instructed and made sure not to over tighten. The hardest part was the screws....I felt pretty good when finished.
Just wish the filtration was better, but it's very inexpensive; the water did seem to be cleaner. I'm waiting until next use to see if I need to order a different model.
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