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on August 23, 2015
love it!. use the test paper to test the hardness of the water. The right is the water coming from my kitchen and the left is coming from Culligan. It really works for the hard water.
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on August 24, 2016
I cannot express how thankful I am to have found this product! I also own the shower head version WSH-C 125 and it transformed my daughter's chlorine damaged hair back to silk!
I had exhausted everything and after extensive research I learned what hard water can do to hair. Add to the equation our new pool and chlorine and her fine blonde hair turned to straw in a matter of 2 months. Now I no longer smell the chlorine in her hair and after one shampoo her hair was changed. I was so shocked. I have a full review of this struggle under the other shower head. I myself have brown fine but coarse highlighted hair and my natural "frizz" and texture of my hair has improved dramatically as well. It is softer than it has been in years. All the damage and abuse is being washed away.

I decided to purchase the hand held version as well due to a large golden retriever that loves to find mud puddles in the backyard. I was nervous seeing the earlier reviews with the mounting bracket, but I did find where they changed this and improved the product. My husband installed this in 10-15 minutes which included removing the old one as well. We have low water pressure and I was worried about the filter making it even worse. The flow and pressure from both of the shower heads is better than my old ones! It's insane AND we left the flow restrictors in place! I actually have decent water pressure now and I get hot water more quickly. Usually it takes 4-5 minutes for our hot water to make it downstairs to our bathroom and kitchen sink. I had hot water in 1:45 seconds. The kitchen....still a sore spot!

I have no problems with the angle or adjusting the spray. Is it heavy? Of course. It's just as heavy as my old hand held that didn't have a filter! Luckily I don't have to try and shower with this in my hand because I would make a massive mess! I love having it to bathe the dog for his inopportune rolls in the mud and to clean the shower as well. When I am bathing the dog the handle feels comfortable in my hand and it's not heavy to me, it feels just like my previous Moen one. The mount is also nice and secure. It's a high quality fixture.

Whatever your needs are for the shower head you can order this one in confidence. I'm glad I decided to try it. Don't let the old reviews deter you, they did improve the mounting bracket. This thing is awesome. Attractive, functions, amazing results and cheap filter replacement cost.

09/06/2016 Update: My damaged hair no longer feels like straw. I had no idea that hard water could play such an important role! I attributed the texture and feel to having highlights and color on a regular basis. I have been using the new shower heads just shy of a month and unlike my daughter's transforming over night mine has taken longer, and rightfully so. My frizz is under control and continuing to improve. I have also noticed it is starting to look substantially healthier. It no longer feels like straw either. Honestly, I can't even remember my hair being soft due to the texture which has now changed so much it's still surreal. My hair hasn't looked this heathy in 20 years. Reminds me of the hair I had as a child.
I was also watching my daughter play volleyball this weekend and sitting in the upper level I noticed her hair shined more than any of the other girls. It has a certain glow that is easy to see and has great body to it. No products being used. All the money I had wasted on products and treatments and it's just a simple shower head. Wow.
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on January 31, 2017
The right is before using the filtered shower head, the middle is after and the left is bottled water. It seems to have made a slight difference, hardly perceivable to me, I may try a a few more filters to see if they can give me a bigger difference.
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on September 6, 2016
I purchased this based on reviews.

While I live in a big city that has generally good water, I also live in a very old building. The brownstone apartment building I call home is over 100 years old. I've lived here for a few months now, and I noticed I was buying a lot more bottled water because the water just tasted bad out of the old kitchen sink I have. I purchased a Brita pitcher w/filter for my fridge; problem solved. I then began to think about my shower. Since moving into this apartment, my skin has become dry. My shampoo wasn't lathering very well and my hair seemed brittle.

I ordered this shower head on Friday, August 26th and it arrived Monday, August 29th. Installation was easy. The package comes with an ample amount of plumber's tape. I did take the shower head apart and remove the little stopper that slows the water pressure. This is easy to do. The filter has stickers on each side - these need to be removed before use. Note - once the filter is properly installed in the shower head, it is heavy. I was worried it would be too heavy for my old bathroom's shower apparatus.

I've been using the new shower head for a week now. I'm already noticing benefits. I'm using less shampoo and soap because they now lather as they should. The skin on my face isn't as dry and I'm already using less moisturizer post-shower. The water pressure is amazing. I actually feel clean when I get out of my shower.

I would definitely recommend this ... Only one word of caution ... if you live in a old apartment like I do, and you have a clawfoot tub, make sure you have adequate shower curtain coverage all the way around your tub ...

*** I included before and after pictures ...
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on September 18, 2017
Filter works well but its so heavy the showerhead is always pointed down which is not how I like to shower in my tiny stall. It forces me to stand near the wall where my shower caddy is so end up hitting my arms on it. The ball joint on the holder is too loose to hold it upright so I can't get a back massage. The curved handle makes that even worse with the water going in the opposite direction I'm standing and is not ergonomical. As someone with carpal tunnel and arthritis this is not helpful. The water pressure is good in fact you'll get pelted if you put it on the jet setting, it does not feel good and I need it for my back.
I've ordered a regular handheld showerhead and a filter that'll go on the shower pipe instead.
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on March 24, 2017
Bought this shower head to try softening my hard well water instead of getting a household water softener and i am pleased with my choice! This is way more cost efficient than a whole home water softener and does just as good of a job! It was easy to install and i love the different head settings! I noticed that it does restrict some water flow, but i just turn the water on more and it doesn't bother me any! I felt a dramatic change with my hair and skin within two showers! My shower doesn't stink anymore either. I am so happy i looked into this and bought it instead a whole home softener! Saved me a lot of money with little maintenance!
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on May 18, 2017
It's what I needed since I could smell our city water (nasty) and I was itching after showering until I was told about filtered shower heads. I researched until I found a happy medium for effectiveness and cost. I actually got 2 because my daughter and her husband were having issues in their city. It works fine. I'd give it 5 stars but I feel it's a little top heavy and am concerned about in future of it not holding up. I had read reviews and some said to remove the little gray ring so water pressure not inhibited but we put it back as it was fine with it on.
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on July 2, 2015
I live in Los Angeles, and one day I showered at a friend's house who had one of these filter heads. The rest of the entire day, I couldn't stop touching my hair, because it felt so incredible! Went home and immediately purchased one for myself, and have never looked back. My hair is exponentially softer, lighter and overall healthier. Who knew! Can't believe I spent so long showering with regular water! I promise this product will make a difference to your hair, especially if you have fine, dry, unpredictable hair like mine. Really great product. Thanks, Culligan!
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on April 17, 2017
I already had replaced my old standard shower head with the non hose version of this one and there were no issues. Given the great results of the first, I was already half convinced this would be just as good--and it was.

Five stars and the filter does a great job of providing a clear (no pun intended) difference between Los Angeles public water and the filtered water through these. It's also nice to know the spray nozzles never clog and never need to be rounded out with a metal punch or similar item.
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on August 22, 2017
We recently purchased a new farmhouse on a well. We have a Kinetico whole house water softening system, which we brought with us from our previous farmhouse. The new place needs to be replumbed before we can install the system, and the water is incredibly hard, at almost 30 grains. Indiana is know to have some of the hardest water in the nation. After checking the Culligan's website, where they claim this filter is effective in removing rust, lime, and chlorine, I purchased this shower head filter as a stopgap measure, until we can get our whole house system installed. Unfortunately, I don't think this filter was designed to be able to handle water as hard as ours. It would be helpful if the company would provide some sort of rating scale for the product, indicating hardness in terms of grains. We noticed a very slight improvement, probably because it's getting some of the lime, but it's not dealing with the iron. Within a couple of days, the shower was orange again. I suspect this is a perfectly good filter for slightly to moderately hard water, but if you're expecting good results in extremely hard water, you're going to be disappointed. I'm going to end up having to get a rust removal treatment for my hair, I'm glad the manufacturer offers a warranty, because this ended up being a waste of my money.
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