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on April 12, 2016
This one has it's moments of being really good then slumps and drags for awhile, picks back up again, then drags, then picks back up. It's sorta a roller-coaster ride film for me.

It is a comedy-horror and not everyone gets "comedy-horror". I found some of the comedy lame while some of it I laughed out loud. I think this one would have been much better as a pure horror myself because the werewolf is great!

This is a film where the reviews are about equally split - some love it, some hated it. Like any film you should watch it to find out if it suits your taste.

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on June 13, 2014
i recently watched cursed, and i must say it left me wondering: why does this movie engender so much hate? is it because of all the press preceding its' release, that production was troubled? is it more of the boring backlash that old horror masters seem to get because they make movies differently, now that they are forty years older? or was it simply fatigue at yet another dimension flick, and its' slick portrayal of self-aware characters, who are in on the joke? whatever it was, i really liked this movie, and it showed me that wes craven and kevin williamson's partnership extends beyond scream.

basically, the story concerns a brother and sister played by the ever awesome christina ricci and jesse eisenberg, who are bitten by a werewolf. what ensues, of course, is the two sibs experiencing the strange precursors to going full wolfy, like smelling blood, waking up nekid in the yard, sudden animosity from the family dog, and a pentagram suddenly being on their palms. but what's more interesting is the classic williamson whodonnit that pervades this movie. who is the werewolf? where did the curse begin? we are given many possibilities. additionally, cursed takes one tired and true trope of movies involving outcasts and turns it upside down. very nice. it also makes a few interesting contributions to werewolf mythology.

the cast is fully entertaining, from the two leads, to supporters judy greer, who is, of course, bitchilly hilarious, the mysterious and likeable joshua jackson of fringe fame, and bit supporters like portia di rossi in the requisite fortune teller role, and horror fave shannon elizabeth as an early victim. ricci and eisenberg work well together, one ready to accept what is happening to them, the other in denial. this conveniently mirrors their family lives, so, you just know that the catharsis of turning into slobbering beasties will bring them closer together.

craven directs this movie with great smoothness. it's amazing to think he started with last house on the left, because his camera has really evolved into something graceful, fluid and, more surprisingly, beautiful. i think craven deserves more recognition for how gorgeously he can construct a shot, and, as he has gotten older, i think this has become one of his hallmark. cursed isn't meant to be a grueling exercise in terror; craven is fully aware that he is directing light entertainment, and he succeeds admirably. i wasn't bored or uninterested for a frame of this movie. it fits neatly into a ten-year horror block of dimension films, including the scream movies, the faculty, h20, teaching ms. Tingle, phantoms and others, that I really enjoy.

and a word on the visual effects: rick baker is obviously the master of many things, not the least of which are werewolves and apes. further, he has effectively (see the wolf man) blended practical make-ups with cgi, which is how it should be done, in my opinion. cursed provides uneven results. the werewolves themselves look great, very american werewolf in london-y. the transformations are somewhere in the middle, the practical parts looking great, the cgi stuff looking a little cartoony. the werewolf movements were also a little hokey when done by computer, but gorgeous in close-ups. overall the effects do more to help than harm this entertaining flick. additionally, homages abound, from wax figures of freddy kreuger to lon chaney's wolf man. The silver tipped cane that was his undoing in 1941 even makes an appearance.

cursed is fully engaging entertainment that proves the werewolf is still a viable, entertaining, and sympathetic movie monster. as with my soul to take and scream 4, don't believe the hate: craven still rocks. see this one for yourself.
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on October 2, 2013
I loved this one, I know lots who don't with good cause but I love everyone in it so I really don't mind who does or doesn't agree. LOL Well, the basis is that a young woman is left to care for her high school aged brother due to their parents deaths sometime or other. Teen angst, hormone madness driven with the urge to, uh "lay some plans to cure that," and typical teen age boy gunk is a continuous drama they must play out frequently. While big sis is dealing with her own dilemmas. Unfortunately for them, teeny bop and sissy (you can figure out which is which) wind up in an accident, try to save a woman who is trapped in her car and end up an appetizer for a critter straight from Lil' Red Riding Hood. So now they are at odds over this 'cause sis did not see the "wolf" and inevitably discover they are.. CURSED! So the need to get cured as they seek out the critter before it is complete and they're stuck with it. If you like the modern horror genre you probably will like this, if not you won't and if you LOVE it... HA! What am I typing to you for, get outta here! ;-)
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on August 5, 2016
What an Awesome Movie with the extended cut version. It shows how they made this movie and it shows a lot more scenes in this movie which they never showed on the On Demand Cable that I have. Christina Ricci is HOT and SEXY in this movie along with the other Women in this Movie. It's a Powerful Scary Movie but it shows how they made this movie with a Guy who played the werewolf and other special effects as well and I'm glad that I have this on DVD!!!:)
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on October 22, 2015
A brother and sister are bitten by an unseen creature after getting into a car accident. And women in the area are being mysteriously killed by some kind of animal. Its fun to watch the two of them go through various changes as the movie progresses. Just when you think you know who bit them, there's a twist.
Its a decent movie as far as scares go. The plot line is a little shaky. I find myself rooting for the little brother alot. The special effects were pretty solid but could have been a little smoother. The werewolf effects came off rough around the edges.
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on November 2, 2011
I'd say rent this film if you are a fan of the horror genre. The starting sequences are actually pretty solid, and there are some genuine thrills in the car crash sequence and an elaborate stalking scene in a parking garage. Too bad the movie derails itself soon after, but you do get a sense at some point there was an actual movie in here somewhere. And it is in these scenes we see the real Wes Craven emerge as a horror director, even if it is a fleeting glimpse. Several scenes that remain from the original script/shoot include a rather witty resolve to the stereotypical "geek vs. jock" subplot. You may see it coming, but it's still a lot of fun to see a glimpse of Kevin Williamson actually writing something that feels genuine. It's not all bad, and considering its checkered history Cursed could have been worse than it is. It's still not a great movie by any stretch of the imagination, and the glimpses of the good makes it all the more frustrating.

Cursed, unfortunately, lives up to its title 'cursed'. It's not scary, makes little sense, and plays fast and loose with the conventions of the traditional werewolf movie. It feels like a rush job that few of the participants seemed to care for. The DVD is well produced, but it misses the boat as to what it could have offered. Too bad studios are so sensitive about what they include in official releases, because I would have killed to have seen the footage that was shot before the entire project went to rewrite hell. How about a commentary with Wes Craven and Kevin Williamson telling us what they really intended to do with the project? Dimension should have let us see and hear what really happened to make Cursed such a letdown. The scariest thing about it is this project came out of such a competent team of people who know their stuff.
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on April 24, 2015
Pretty good movie really considering the werewolf movies out there the last decade or so. I think Ricci does some decent acting given the material, as does Eisenberg. It's weird Portia DR is listed as starring. The other characters are more well known as well as more talented. Given the movie's slight 'gay closet-jock sub-story line', which adds some true to life humor, it's a decent Wes Craven film.
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on October 16, 2011
"Cursed" stars Portia de Rossi, Mya, Shannon Elizabeth, Kristina Anapau, Christina Ricci, Joshua Jackson, Jesse Eisenberg, and a dog named Solar (Solar plays the part of Zipper in the film). The story is about a young adult gal who is raising her not all that much younger brother since their parents died. The young adult gal and her brother get in a car accident involving an animal, and another vehicle - which the latter of, careens down an embankment. The gal and brother check it out, and although still alive in the upside down car, the other driver gets dragged off and killed by a werewolf. The young adult gal and brother try to save the other driver, and get injured by the werewolf, thereby becoming cursed themselves. Kind of a fun story, very mild FX for the gore IMHO, the scary movie requirements of stupid stuff happening and idiotic moves by the characters are all here, and with a twist toward the end of the film, when things heat up the FX for werewolf transformation are pretty good. There's no nudity (that counts) in this PG-13 rated film (even though it says unrated on the cover art), and yet there is some violence and gore more than what I figured would be in a PG-13 film; I've watched several other higher R-rated films with less of both - which those should have been just PG. Also known as "La Marca de la Bestia," "Amaldicoados," "Malefice," "Verflucht," and "Wes Craven's Cursed." Filmed in Los Angeles, California at Hollywood Center Studios, released in 2005, this film runs about 97 minutes. Watch for the comedy relief toward the end where the werewolf gives Christina Ricci the middle finger. This film has an ever so slightly different ending from what you probably saw on late night TV. The cussing fits in this film, and as this film points out, a werewolf has a naturally sexy allure (which I'm guessing makes me a werewolf by that distinction). The movie would have been better with some female nudity. A good horror film is rated R, for female nudity, violence, gore, and filthy language. This film barely delivers at the PG-13 level for violence or gore, and there isn't any female nudity. Spoiler alert - there is a beheading in this film.
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on January 31, 2016
I was disappointed by the canned plot but relieved by the happy ending. This movie is better for a late night when you are bored and your expectations are low. Ricci staring helps, a little. Is her forehead really that big in real life? You have to be bored to sit through it. I'm not sure what to say about because it's just not memorable. It does star Christina Ricci. She probably had a free week and thought, why not, working's better than not having anything at all to do. Maybe she had some bills to pay.
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on April 22, 2017
fast shipping. movie is great and came new.
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