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Customer reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars
Cutting Myself in Half: 150 Pounds Lost, One Byte at a Time
Format: Paperback|Change
Price:$12.95+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on February 24, 2010
I got this for my brother, who's a bit heavy and I read it first so I could get an idea what was in it and how I could help. It's my brother to a tee, it's creepy. This is an excellent book, full of inspiration and hilarious analogies that will keep people reading even if it's not an issue for them. It's perfect for someone that doesn't know how to get fit or is not quite ready to start that path, if they are willing to read the first chapter, they won't put it down and even if they don't start right away, it will give them something to really think about. This was written brilliantly for the younger person struggling with their weight and self image. I've already seen little changes in my brother and even though the conversation that had me giving him this book was a little..messy, I'm so glad I did.

The only drawback I can think of would be that the young adult writer is a bit strict. I understand that's how he is and his commitment to being fit, but it turned me off a little how he equated one cookie with the destruction of his fitness goals. I think it's all about moderation and self control. Someone willing to get on the right path won't be bothered by that though and, as I did, accept that's just the way he went about it and it's not right for everyone. What is detailed in this book is an excellent set of guidelines and ideas to get someone where they want to be physically and I consider this book a true investment in health.
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on January 28, 2010
Taylor is one positive kid and would make a great motivational speaker. He says not to put off having fun, enjoying life, or thinking of yourself as a totally awesome person until you're thin. Two thumbs up to that! In ever-increasing numbers, "fitness gurus" are writing and publishing new books, promising to reveal the Great Secret of fast weight loss. We, the public, snap it up because we want somebody to tell us we can eat the same junk, never exercise, and still lose 20, 30, 100 pounds if we pop this pill or eat this food combination. Taylor comes out with it and tells us what we all already know: there is no secret. Exercise and eating the right food -- not isome fad diet -- but eating lots of fresh fruit, veggies, whole grains (and lean meat and dairy, if you aren't vegetarian or vegan), drinking lots of water, with moderation and deliberate planning on sweets and soda, is the key to weight loss. He reminds us that true and lasting weight loss isn't a "diet" and it doesn't happen quickly. It took him a year and a half to lose 150 lbs, but he did it in small increments (1-2 lbs per week) by setting achievable goals of losing 20 lbs and weighed himself only occasionally. If you diet and lose weight quickly, it's not healthy, and you are almost guaranteed those lost pounds will reappear and bring friends. Kudos to Taylor for getting fit, losing weight and keeping it off. You're setting a good example for all the kids and adults who still struggle with their weight.

One thing that did bug me were the constant plugs for Coke Zero. Diet soda is garbage -- the Splenda/Equal/Sweet'nLow it contains is even worse for you than regular soda. Studies have shown that artificial sweeteners can actually cause you to GAIN weight, as well as make you sick and depressed. The carbonated water fills your stomach with gas. Soda is awful stuff and shouldn't be put in your body in any variation. It sucks to try and wean yourself off it (believe me, I'm going through it right now), but not drinking it in any form will also give your weight-loss efforts a boost.

The book could have been written in fewer pages. A lot of things are repeated over and over. Not a bad book, but didn't tell me anything I didn't already know after struggling with my weight and going to nutritionists in the Army. I should've just checked it out from the library when they get a copy, but some of the money is going to charity, so I don't feel like buying it was a waste.
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on January 13, 2010
This is an awesome book written in a first person and articulate manner. From first hand experience Taylor shares what it's really like to be an overweight or even obese person, sparing few details. However, not accepting this as his fate in life, he creates a very interesting and effective way to lose weight and, even more importantly, to become a healthier person all around. Within this book there are very specific and practical guidelines that can be used, by not only teens, but by people of most any age. Also, impressive is the quality of medical and nutritional resources that he has used to back up his plan. I would recommend this book, not only to individuals seeking to improve their health by losing weight and increasing exercise, but to anyone working with teenagers in a counseling or leadership role.
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on January 2, 2010
Cutting Myself In Half can become a new way of eating for you. This book is a great read for those desiring to lose weight. Taylor tells it like it is and if you follow his guideline you can be on your way to a new you. I myself look forward to using his book to start a new way of life in my eating habits. Don't go on a diet. A diet is a temporary thing. Start eating your way to a new you and make it a part of your everyday life. This book can be read in a short while and is worth every minute you take to read it. Take notes and get ready to have others notice a new you. You will enjoy you now heathy lifestyle.
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on June 16, 2014
Great book for all of us. Taylor is an inspiring young man. He readily admits that there's no easy way to permanent weight loss but he describes realistic, attainable steps to achieve your goal... Lots of hints and ideas for you to try and see what works for you.
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on December 12, 2009
This book is a powerful look at what it's like to be an overweight teen, but it's certainly not a book that wallows in self-pity. At 14, Taylor LeBaron stopped blaming heredity and environment and took responsibility for his own future. He developed a no-nonsense, challenging program that requires no meetings, no prepackaged foods and no gimmicks. What it does require is a lifetime commitment and Taylor psyches you up to do that. He makes you never want to go back to the foods that dragged you down.
Best of all, he makes you feel good about yourself no matter what your weight is.
Taylor maps out the step by step plan that he used to cut his weight from 297 to 145 and he shares dozens of tricks and self-coaching techniques that will work for ANY AGE. The self-coaching alone is worth the price of the book.
I can tell it's going to be tough, but it also sounds doable and fun. I'm psyched! I'm pumped! I'm ready!
Taylor has a website and fitness blog that you can find by Googling the book title. I recommend this book for anyone of any age who wants to get fit (which Taylor reminds us is different from just losing weight).
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on May 30, 2013
This should inspire any teenager. This person was on Dr. Oz and he motivated me to not only buy this book but to put his clever ideas into practice. A good read for people of all ages. There is no reason anyone can't be inspired by this persons journey.
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on June 5, 2013
Taylor is passionate about helping others through motivation creating healthy, happier life style. The average person may be inspired and able to safely lose weight and develop healthy habits. I truly enjoyed this book.
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on February 14, 2012
Very Inspiring Book. Bottom line is to hit the gym and take rest on some days and food to eat guide.

Very helpful book. I lost 30 pounds using this book.
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on December 12, 2009
This book is a must-read for anyone who has struggled with their weight, as well as an uplifting book for everyone.

The author literally cut his weight in half (from almost 300 to about 145), using his own methods, utilizing his love for computer games.

The author assures every reader, that they are an "amazingly-amazing" person, regardless of what their weight may be. But, the author lets everyone know how his life and opportunities that were available to him, changed with his weight loss.
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