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on December 5, 2011
These are top of the line light sticks. I used cases of the military version in the Army and these are the same thing made by the same company just the civilian version.

The civilian version (SnapLight) is better then the military version (ChemLight) as the civilian version has all the latest composition and chemistry updates allowing for more brightness and shelf life longevity (5 year as compared to 4 for the ChemLights). This is because ChemLights are required to meet a DoD standard that locks them in to an older chemistry configuration.

I keep them in my camping and emergency kits.

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Enthusiast: Campingon January 9, 2017
There really is no replacement for Cyalume chem/glow sticks. Many other glow sticks work well, but don't have the brightness or the longevity of this brand. In context to other Cyalume glow sticks, these are not as bright as the green ones, but serves it's purpose well. I normally use green for general use (camping, backpacking, power outages, etc) and yellows more for a "warning" or "caution", as I did in this case. On a side note, orange or red does not create enough light unless it's really dark. I would highly recommend this particular band. That being said, yellow is not ideal if you're looking for brightness.
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on July 28, 2012
Reviewing color: Yellow

At over a dollar each these are best for emergency use or as a safety light for a Halloween night. I tested one and for the first 15 minutes it gives off light equal to about 1/2 the light of a standard night light. For those roughly 15 minutes, you can read black and white about a foot away from the light source. After that the stick starts to dim to a low glow until the only visible light is of the liquid in the stick. Technically it will last 12 hours, but realistically the light stick is only useful for a short time under most situations. Unless you are in a harsh environment where flashlights won't cut it, these are not a necessary item to have as a light source for most emergencies.


Instant emergency light that can be used in almost any type of environment.
Good to get attention/warn others in a dark/harsh environment while liquid is at its peak.


While the stick is 6 inches from hook to base, the amount of illuminated liquid when completely mixed is just over 3.5 inches.
Price, at over a dollar each there are longer lasting reusable light sources you can obtain for emergency use.
Duration of "useful" light much shorter than advertised.

UPDATE: October

Since it's that time of the year, I decided to do another test of these light sticks to be sure I was giving it a fair review. Testing the same color (Yellow) I combined the liquid and early in the test the stick was bright, almost nearing the light given off by a night light. But within 30 minutes the brightness diminished and became a steady glow. An hour into monitoring, in a dark 5x10 room with no internal/external light sources the light stick could barely illuminate half the room, which at this point was about half the light given off by a night light.

One observation while testing this in a dark room was that the higher I held the stick, the less light that was directed straight down from the stick, which counteracts the purpose of hanging this stick using the hook. It would appear to be better to hang the stick parallel to the floor due to the design. After checking the stick at the 12 hour mark, the liquid was completely dark.

I really would like to give this more stars as it does do what it is intended to do, but for an item that could be potentially used in an emergency situation to save lives, the claims of this lasting up to 12 hours is still overly exaggerated. While it may be possible to have a stick last that long, realistically I would put this more in the 6-8 hours range at most.
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on December 9, 2010
So I wanted some decent snap lights for my car, camper, and home. You know the drill, the power goes out and the flashlight batteries are dead because you forgot to check them. No problem, you've got SnapLight by Cyalume. These put off a nice yellow light the is plenty to illuminate a stairway or small room. Two or three can illuminate a big one enough to see obsticles and people. So why by Cymalume rather than the "cheaper" brands. First off, they aren't that much cheaper. Seriously, $3??? You'll waste that at the snack/soda machine today at work. Next the brightness and life. As I said, I personally opted for yellow. It's a pretty well known fact that humans see yellow light brighter than any other color, so it just makes good sense. Next these are brighter than the cheapies you get your kids at the fair. And finally, although they steadily loose their brightness as the chemical reaction rages on, they put off a stong ammount of light for about 3 hours and good light for about 7. By 11 their pretty dim. The shelf life on them is five years so it's a cheap investment should you not need them, but trust me, you will...
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on February 6, 2014
This was my third box of Cyalume light sticks... I previously bought two boxes of the green light sticks and they are crazy bright... These yellow lights are brighter than most but not as bright as the green ones... They do last all night though and if you need the yellow color for a specific reason these would be a great option.. I highly recommend the Cyalume lights, very good quality :-)
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on February 5, 2013
Got this for our emergency kit. Read that it's a good idea to have one in your bedroom with a front-door key attached in case of fire or other emergency - then you can throw it out the window and notify emergency personnel where it is.
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on April 6, 2017
After receiving these, I did pop one open and lit it up, and was impressed with the brightness and the time it stayed lit (approx. 11 hours) although it was noticeably dimmer after about 6 hours. I put a large portion of these in my car emergency kit and have the rest sitting in strategic areas around the house in case of power outage. For the price, I think these are great emergency lights and would recommend.
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on July 27, 2017
i bought this product for "just in case" emergencies. i put a few around the house just in case we have another brown out...we do have flashlights but it can be a pain to find out the batteries are almost dead, these last around 12 hours of so. i even put some in the cars just in case the care breaks down; nice to have piece of mind when i got these.
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on July 4, 2017
The yellow snap Glow Sticks last all night and are great for highlighting obstacles at night while camping (avoid stubbing one's toes on the way to the latrines), without wrecking everyone's night vision. (We use them when we go LARPing.)
I would give them 5 stars if they were just a little less expensive.
A quality item.
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on July 24, 2016
Good Quality very heavy duty. Exactly as advertised.
We used this for making the rescue Kayaks more visible at night during a 54 mile swim.
The Chem lights lasted the entire time as advertised.
Units were used above and below water for up 12 hours.
Easily attached for use by a small hole in the top of the light.
This is now part of my everyday use, and will be in my back pack and home.
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