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on November 16, 2006
I ordered two of these headsets for use by my wife and myself while playing World of Warcraft on our PCs. We had just recently gotten voice chat via Ventrilo set up and working, and we wanted to upgrade to headsets to replace our basic speakers-and-desktop-mic setup.

Both headsets worked great right out of the box. The sound output quality is fine, both for the voice chat and the Warcraft game sounds and music. Our teammates reported that the microphone sound quality was fine as well.

The headset earpieces are small, but include some cushioning. (They definitely fit "on" the ear, not "around" the ear.) I had some ear discomfort after wearing the headset for over an hour, but it was very slight -- definitely mild enough not to be a distraction. Adjusting the earpieces forward a bit on my head (so they didn't rest directly on my ears as much) helped.

The headband is adjustable to fit various head sizes. Both my wife (5'6" with a normal head size) and myself (6'3" with a large head size) were able to adjust our headset to have it fit comfortably.

The end of the microphone is slightly "bendy," and thus the microphone's position can be fine-tuned as desired. The entire microphone stalk can also be swiveled up to be parallel to the headset's headband, to move it up and out of the way.

The hardware interface (at the end of the cord) is two standard sound plugs (that will fit standard PC sound cards) -- one for the sound output jack, and one for the microphone jack. The cord itself is a nice length, plenty long enough to plug into a PC sitting on the floor under a desk and reach the head of the user sitting on a chair at the desk.

I'm sure there are better headsets out there, but I'd say that this is an excellent headset for the price for anyone looking for an entry-level headset.
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on June 14, 2007
As executive director of a non-profit who uses Skype, I needed a headset that would allow me to work from my home office during part of the week without reducing call quality. As soon as I began using these headphones, I began to receive compliments on the audio quality of my calls. These headphones facilitate crisp, clear calls that give the impression of being in the same room as the caller. The flexible microphone is sturdy and can be bent to desired angles without appearing to weaken at all. Previous flexible microphones I have purchased seemed to weaken each time I bent them, so this is a significant improvement. The headset is solid and preserves privacy. I am able to do confidential advocacy with this headset without someone a foot away hearing the other end of the conversation. I am rough on my equipment and this headset continues to provide the same exceptional quality performance after over a month of heavy daily usage. This product reduces neckstrain and allows me to work on my computer with both hands while remaining available to callers. I recommend this product without reservation.
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on May 6, 2007
headphones work wonderfully. I purchased these to use with the Rosetta Stone language program (which, by the way I heartily recommend!) and they've worked exceptionally well. The microphone picks up my voice clearly with no background static, the earphones are comfortable and convenient, and the product functions very well!
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on May 6, 2007
I purchased this headset to use with my Dragon Naturally Speaking 9 program and I have been very pleased. It is the most comfortable headset I have owned without a hugh price tag. It also picks up my voice better than other ones do so that when I am dictating, there are fewer errors in what my computer hears and types. I'd highly recommend them for educational purposes as well as work and easy listening.
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on July 20, 2009
This product is cheap for a reason. The ear cover fell after a few uses. Worse yet, the mic stopped working, though earphone works fine. Will need to shop a better quality one now.
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on February 13, 2009
I bought this headphone for an interview (using skype phone) since my previous logitech died partially(my cats chew on the line. the micro still works but the sound line was broken). Disappointed with this headphone:
1) there is sound for one ear only.
2) when I try to use the mic to make phone calls, the other side tells me there is always some sharp noise in the background and sometimes my words are repeated again and again like I am speaking in the mountain. So the micro is completely unfit for my interview purpose.
3) small ear pads and uncomfortable for long time wearing

I ended up using the mic on the partially broken logitech and the speaker on my laptop for my interview. The voice was crystal clear at least.
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on August 10, 2009
After having all brands of headsets ranging in price from under 15.00 to over 40.00. I think I've become somewhat of a headset expert. This pair didn't last very long. In less than a month, I noticed problems with the right side audio. I was also constantly asked to speak louder when I used the headset to make VOIP calls. Eventually the mic digressed from low audio, to static to nothing at all. I urge anyone seeking a quality VOIP (or gaming even) headset to do your research. As for using this pair to listen to music, it provided minimal quality insofar as bass or solid delivery of clear, crisp audio. For music I cannot even recommend this particular make. As for longevity, you'll be lucky if this headset lasts a full year. Do your homework and watch for such things as extra long cabling to the headpiece (this goes for ear buds style as well), swivel mics that don't come close to your mouth, and flimsy mute/volume switches. As for comfort this headset is tight and its cheap feel gives it a shoddy workmanship look. Price-wise, it's too high and should be sold for much less, considering all of the flaws (poor earphone & mic sound quality) and lack of longevity (lasted under 4 months).
I will not recommend to anyone that they purchase this brand and I hope my honest review helps someone else not have to deal with having to waste their money. This gets one star at best.
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on May 6, 2009
I had the headset for about three weeks when the microphone stopped working, headset sound still worked. The headset looked and felt decent, but I was disappointed that it failed so early. Also the small plastic piece on the left year pad came apart so it moved freely until I taped it up. Next time I will look ata better made headset.
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on May 12, 2009
I purchased a $49.00 Radio Shack "Sennheiser Knock off" from speechrecsolutions, and simultaneously purchased the $13.00 cyber acoustics AC 0201 stereo headsets microphone from Amazon. The speech recognition quality is superb, if not perfect with each microphones, the only errors detected originated from my mouth, not either microphone.

The cyber acoustics headset including quality earphones was not as comfortable to wear as the Sennheiser knock off from radio shack which did not include headphones, but was worn very comfortably for many hours'.

I feel that the microphone quality was essentially perfect, identical with either unit.

Four day follow-up: the $14.00 Cyber Acoustics AC-201 Stereo Headset/microphone proved to be quite comfortable when adjusted properly.The microphone functioned perfectly, with far fewer errors than I experienced with the radio shack"Sennheiser Knock off".

Conclusion: the radio shack knock off was returned, and another $14.00 Cyber Acoustics AC-201 was ordered from Amazon, to serve as a backup.
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on August 18, 2016
Worked great for the first 2 months!

They felt nice on the ears, they sounded good when they worked, they voice quality of the mic was great.

Was careful with them and paid close attention to not stressing the wire or the jack. However after about 2 months the audio started cutting in and out and you had the play with the plug/wire connection to get it to work, steadily got worse.

Maybe I just got unlucky with my plug/wire on mine, if that hadn't broke in 2 months I would have given these 5 stars.
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