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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on November 28, 2014
I purchased this computer as my first gaming desktop a few months ago. The graphics card is pretty low end, so it requires low-medium settings on most games, and I even have trouble with Minecraft periodically. But when it comes down to it, this computer is a gem for someone who wants to upgrade their computer, but not build it. It's got a spacious interior and some quality parts to start with, and definitely runs for the time being. Four months later, I've had absolutely no problems and now considering the EVGA GTX 750 Ti. If you are a serious gamer looking for immediate high-end performance, this isn't the setup for you. But if you're patient and willing to learn, this is an ideal 1st gaming desktop.
EDIT: I've just installed the EVGA gtx 750Ti 2GB, and all I have to say is wow. I was expecting a need to upgrade my power supply and processor at some point, but with a good video card in place of that trash 610, this thing is a beast. Skyrim, Assassin's Creed II, Fallout 3, Minecraft are all thrashed at 60 FPS with ultra-high settings. The hardware and software installation is quick and easy for anyone who doesn't know a lick about computers, just make sure to uninstall the drivers for the 610 card first (easy to find out online) and you're ready to go. I bought this machine for $600 a few months ago, upgraded it with the video card for another $130, and it now performs on par with my buddy's $1500 rig. 5 stars if you're willing to shell out the extra cash for the better video card, you wont be disappointed.
2nd EDIT: Over 6 months later, still loving this computer. I use it every day for many hours and have had no issues. Very pleased.
3rd EDIT: 1 year and 6 months later, I still adore this computer. I've used it every day and have just about used up half of the hard drive with all kinds of games, documents and what have you. I will say that the computer is beginning to show signs of wear: start-up is quick and clear but as soon as the desktop shows, it needs an extra minute to compose itself before I can jump right in to word, chrome or anything for that matter. A whirring sound has started to come from the tower and has only gotten worse with time. I'm not sure if it's because I'm standing it up on carpet or something, but I've stuck a sock underneath to level it off and that stops the whirring altogether. This computer is also beginning to feel the effects of newer games, Fallout 4 on Ultra High settings put it in its place at 25fps with frequent lag spikes, but High settings fell in line. Ultra-modded Skyrim gives it a challenge on Ultra High, but High shows it who is boss. When I got this computer I considered upgrading the processor, but since then, this computer has continued to impress and wont need an upgrade for quite a while, The fact is that this computer was, is, and will be a great gaming desktop for the price as long as you upgrade the video card.
4th EDIT: Well, the time has come. Almost a full two years later, and it's time to upgrade. I was more than happy with this computer and would have willingly kept it, but I got a good deal on a new one. I have since sold it to my brother as his first gaming PC, and he's more than impressed. Still a great budget rig two years later!
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on February 27, 2015
I love it! I've always been familiar with computers but I haven't owned a desktop for several years and I bought this one just to get into PC gaming, mainly to play Elite: Dangerous and may I say it has more than met my expectations. It had no problem running the game on medium graphics but I wanted more! I had never done any upgrades on a PC before but I was determined to take it on. So after watching some videos on YouTube I was able to upgrade the graphics card, add memory and a couple fans. I added a GTX 750ti FTW edition wich is AMAZING and the power supply is plenty big enough for it. I added another 8gb ram memory card (it now has 16gb) and a couple of corsair 120mm fans with white led's that plugged right into the mother board. I am by no means a computer geek but i have always been a tech guy and this is hands down the fastest computer I have ever used, but I haven't used alot of PC's just ur basic cheap dell's and hp's. If your thinking about buying this PC then I would say get it, the system is great and CYBERTRON is very very helpful.

UPDATE: Just wanted to let everyone know that this beast is still running great! I've learned more about pc's this past year than i did my entire life. So after I upgraded the gpu when I got the pc I haven't really done much else... Until recently when I started looking at more powerful graphics cards. I realized that they require more power and usually atleast an 8pin connector but some require a 8pin and a 6pin. So this past week I upgraded to a modular power supply a EVGA NEX650 80+gold. I was a little intimidated by installing it but Cyberton had done some amazing cable management in there so i was able to just follow everything they had already connected. I also filled the rest of my fan slots creating a positive pressure enviroment for my case because i have a lot of dust in my house and a dog that dosent help. Now I have also been looking into overckocking the cpu, from what i've read online the FX4130 quad core that comes in this unit is a nice little processor that u can get a little extra out of but it would be best to get an aftermarket heatsink and cooler, so today I ordered the Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO. It's a inexpensive cooler that performs very well and with it I ordered a touchscreen LCD fan controller that will hopwfully fit right into the extra bay. When I get everything installed I'll post some new pics. All in all its a great computer and I've had a lot of fun learning and working on it. It's never given me any problems, So thank you Cybertron.
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on April 26, 2014
After much research, I kept coming back to Cybertron because of the reviews here on They seem like a company that wants to take care of their customers (based on their responses to small concerns here.) I had no concerns whatsoever! Thanks to Prime (and an added $15 to get my computer in one day instead of the free two) I am now a very satisfied customer and love my green Borg-Q!

The Good:

* It came extremely packaged. Big box, plenty of packing material, all the CD's, etc.
* This computer case is huge, well ventilated, nice fans that glow, plenty of room for expansion, etc.
* Setup was a snap. I've never used Windows 8.1 before and had to remember my old hotmail password to log in. I have been very skeptical about Windows 8 (especially coming from Windows 7 and a couple of Macs.) Once I found out how to get to my familiar desktop (click on the desktop tile) and once I knew how to get rid of Internet Explorer as my default browser (with the terrible Bing search engine--I installed Chrome and use google) and once I learned how to shut down (move mouse to the right, move it down, click on devices, then shut down--way too many steps--shame on you Microsoft) then I kinda liked it.
* This computer screams! It is so much faster than my 2012 iMac with 12gb ram.
* I've installed Team Fortress 2 and run it in 1080p with no frame skip whatsoever--very smooth. I'm not a "need 150 frames per second, liquid cooling, overclocking" kinda guy--I just want decent graphics, decent frame rate and GOOD GAMEPLAY!!! I come from the Commodore 64 days, folks!
* I installed Minecraft and my 6 year old hopped right to it and put down a bunch of TNT, made a switch, blew it up and he yelled, "NO LAG!" Minecraft plays extremely smooth--much better than my Macs.
* Unlike some reviewers, I actually like the logitech keyboard and mouse. I actually use the same keyboard here at work and can type very fast on it. I may switch to a wireless mouse but the one I got with my computer is light and very responsive--I like it a lot. Once again, I'm a fan of Logitech mice and keyboards to begin with.
* Boots up extremely fast.

* Nothing bad about the computer except the sticker on the center of the fan is not exactly centered so it has a wobbly look when spinning. I may just peel it off. Does not deter from the computer in the least.
* Windows 8 (even though I have 30+ years computer experience) has some strange design choices--a small learning curve--obviously built more for touch devices--the store scrolling left and right instead of up and down for example. Once again, I don't exactly hate Windows 8.1--just need to get used to it.

In conclusion, I am so happy I chose this computer. I play a few games (have not tried any processor intensive games yet), do some visual basic programming, browse, pictures, etc. and this is a fast, smooth, good looking computer. I would highly recommend it and their company. The process with Amazon was smooth and I may even keep Prime! LOL.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on February 16, 2016
First of all, for those of you looking for a gaming PC, this isn't the full experience for you. However, with a little upgrade yourself, you will find it very pleasing to have this machine. The graphic card that came with this PC will not run modern AAA (ex Fallout, Crysis) games on the medium setting; prob not even very low. You would want to get yourself a GTX 750TI or even GTX 960 or above. The 500Watt power itself should be enough for both cards. I upgraded mine to 750Watt from my last machine just for future upgrade purpose.

The motherboard model is Gigabyte GA-78LMT-USB3 if you would like to look it up. It contains 4 ram slot. Initially the Ram slot is only filled with 1 8GB ram. I replaced it with 2 Kingston Hyper X 4 gb ram and ordered 2 more.

Also I would recommend order 3 packet of green neon fans to make it look for fancy with additional air-flow.
Overall the machine is great. Taking out the old power supply in it can be a big hassle since a lot of cables are tightened down by tiny zip-ties. I had upgraded the graphic card to GTX 960. And it works great with some AAA games with the CPU.

The Hard Drive Mount works like a charm. The clips that came in the package pretty much just let you slide in and done.

Overall, I would recommend the following upgrade to enrich your experience
-New Graphic Card. Recommend GTX 750TI GTX 960 or 970
-New Power Supply (Optional)
-SSD Hard Drive
-Extra Green Neon Fans

Update: 2/19/2016
Changed my 4 star to a 5. Simply because the customer service has reached out to me and offered advice on warranty. Sometimes when making a purchase, customer service can be a huge plus. I like the attitude and business model of this seller. Also the case works flawlessly.
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on April 21, 2016
I'm very grateful for the affordability of this gaming machine, but if this is your first gaming rig, there are some things you should probably know. I wanted to post a follow up review around a year later. I've had the machine about a year-and-a-half now.

I noticed the machine was struggling with the relatively recent Cities Skylines. It was once playing Skyrim on the highest settings with extreme fluidity. I'm not quite sure what happened as everything seemed to be in working order and I did everything I could that would typically fix performance issues, but after about a year the machine really began having some issues in terms of running games. I didn't fault the machine - I knew it was inexpensive and I figured it was time to start upgrading. That was the whole point of buying this machine. I could upgrade it.

As I started upgrading, I consulted PC Gamer magazine for parts ideas. In the back they usually have a current "budget build", "mid-range build", and the "high-end" build. This machine was so far removed from the "budget build" that I was pretty shocked. Anyone with a general knowledge of PC maintenance and repair could have built the same rig for half the cost. Granted, that's without the keyboard and mouse, but if you want to game I would suggest getting a different keyboard and mouse anyways. It was nice of Cybertron to include them, but they're pretty much back-up/spare parts quality. The kind of keyboard and mouse you'd use for "facebook, email, and online shopping." They went immediately to the parts tote in my basement. Some of the internal parts were a few years out of date, even in regards to the year I purchased it. They were extremely low-budget parts even then. I'm not sure if they made any changes to the product, the meat and potatoes seems to be the same, but I checked my RAM with Speccy and it was 800 Mhz, not 1600. The power supply was only 450 watts. It's seriously the first thing I would suggest upgrading if you plan to use this machine as a starting point (something other reviewers have pointed out).

On the plus-side, it was a great starting point for an upgrade-able gaming rig. I was able to learn a lot through researching the parts and researching replacement parts. It performed about where I expected in regards to its price, but as I said, I was shocked by how cheap all the parts actually were. When I decided to upgrade, I pretty much had to upgrade everything - and I went for somewhere between a current budget machine and a mid-range machine. I kept only the DVD drive since I rarely used it anyway, and I kept the cooler and HDD, but I plan on upgrading those as soon as I can. That being said, knowing what this cheap little guy could handle, I knew my low-mid machine was going to be more than suitable for my needs.

If you're looking for a cheap machine to upgrade and learn with, this is fantastic. If you're hoping to get a nice gaming PC and don't know much about the hardware and software, you're going to want to spend quite a bit more cash on something beefier and more current.

Another plus was the lack of bloatware and unnecessary extras. I'm very comfortable just cloning the HDD to my next drive when I get to that junction.

I hope this review was helpful!
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on August 23, 2014
It took me a very, very long time to make my mind up, about which Gaming PC to buy and i was on a really tight budget, so i read hundreds of reviews here on Amazon mostly, (i am an Amazon Prime member) but also other places. I decided on this "CybertronPC Borg Q" because of the 41/2 star rating and really good reviews and i am so happy i did, because this gaming pc is a monster for low to mid pc gaming, it knocks the games i play out of the water and i did not realize my games could look so beautiful and fast, i already had a 42" 1080P full high definition flat panel tv with HDMI ports on it and i also brought another one of Amazons excellent HDMI cables 9" in length. I don`t play games like Call of Duty, Battlefield series or none of the graphics intensive first person shooters (i don`t like first person POV), so this pc is perfect for me, even tho some people in the reviews said they could run these games on low settings and the games look fine, i don`t know. This pc is fast in everything it does and it does it well, video rendering, downloads (if you have good internet service) surfing on the net, burning cd`s and dvd`s at 16X speed and of course gaming (with my last pc i would give my military in EU4, Crusaders Kings II or Civ5 orders to move and it would take up to 20 to 25 seconds to respond), with this pc it is instant and the graphics are just beautiful and life like, it`s like playing these games for the first time and i can play games that would not run on my old pc, like Sim City 5 and Rome II on mid to high settings. For $589.00, this is a very, very good gaming computer, it came with a AMD FX Quad Core processor with 3.80 to turbo charged 3.90ghz speed, 1TB HDD for tons of games, music, videos and photos, 8 gigs Of DDR3 Ram (upgradable to 32 gigs), Windows 8.1, i was afraid of this OP, but now "I LOVE IT" because it is lighter, faster and use less system resources than all the other versions, it took about an hour and i was hooked, it has a Nvidia GeForce GTX 610 1GB video card, i may replace it with a Nvidia GeForce GTX 750TI 2gb superclocked card, this GTX 750TI card does not require you to upgrade the power supply, which in this pc is 450watts) but CybertronPC sent mine with a 500watt power supply (Thank You, CybertronPC), you can use 2 monitors, game on one and watch Netflix on the other, it has 8 USB slots 4-3.0/4-2.0, it has DVI/VGA/HDMI for your monitors, no wireless built in, but you can get a wireless adapter for cheap, i prefer wired, it is totally upgradable, it comes with a 1 year warranty and lifetime tech support, i hear CybertronPC customer service is very good, it comes packaged very well and secured, it only comes with the computer, keyboard, mouse, driver/software disc and info materials and only weight 27 pounds. I got it in 2 days with Amazon Prime (Thanks Amazon). I have played games on this pc for up to 16 hours straight and downloaded games for 24 hours from Steam and it never got hot no matter how long it ran, it runs smooth and the fans are not loud, mine has one fan on the side window, one in the front and one on the heat sink, it also has room for 4 or more fans, the sound is 7.1 surround and high definition, it sounds magnificent with my 5.1 speakers (one complaint is that my software for control of the speakers just vanished, i can`t find it anywhere on the system, it (software) controlled the HD sound configuration) but the sound is fine and works with my speaker controls, but it`s just not the same), you can get this pc with free red, green or my indigo blue LED lights, on the side window and on the front of the pc. It looks so sexy with my blue lighted keyboard, lighted mouse and blue mouse pad. This pc is a dream come true for me and at an affordable price, i can`t say enough just how wonderful and fast this CybertronPC is. I would recommend this PC, to anyone on a budget or not, because it is a great, great computer from, CybertronPC. Thank You
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on December 2, 2015
I just received the Borg-Q today and boy is it amazing! The package came on time and the packaging was one of the best I have ever seen. It took me know time to set it up. All I had to do was plug and play. I've already tried out a few of my favorite games and they work smoothly. Hopefully I will get to download a couple other games and give this bad boy a real test. I would recommend this computer and Cyberton PC products to anyone who would listen!

Edit: It has been about two years since I have bought this computer. Looking back I wish I would have made my own computer but I knew nothing about building computers at the time. For anyone who is reading this I suggest go out an build your own. I calculated the parts that were put into this PC and it was only about $300. I spent $537 in total on this PC. They are charging $237 just to put the PC together!! If your just looking to plug and play then this is for you. If you actually want to save money take the time to build your own and learn about computers. I am currently in the process of building a $1300 computer and it is an amazing investment!
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on September 10, 2015
As someone whose last gaming PC was an IBM PS/1 back in the early 90s, this machine is great. After that, I owned a Compaq and then a long series of mid-range and low range Dell PCs. Hardcore gamers would rate this machine much lower, but for the money, it's fantastic.

The reasons I have given this machine 5 stars are as follows-

First off, would be the price point. For its ability as a ready-to-go desktop it's priced wonderfully. The machine is assembled in the USA. If you've never heard of Cybertron and are used to HP, Dell, Compaq or whatever and are wondering about the risk, let me say, the customer service with Cybertron is awesome. The first machine I got was DOA. I simply sent tech services an IM question about the instability of the machine. They responded within minutes. This lead to a phone call, and they walked me through checking the hardware components. The problem seemed to deeper and without me demanding or even asking, they offered to send a new tower. The second tower has worked flawlessly. After dealing with Dell tech support over the years, and massive DOS manuals before that, this was, by far and away, the best tech support I have ever dealt with.
Another reason for the five stars would have be the massive case and the upgrade readiness of the Borg-Q. Hardcore gamers would give this low marks just off the stock video card alone. I bought this system specifically for Word of Tanks, Mechwarrior Online, and World of Warships. In its stock form it could somewhat run those titles on the lowest graphics settings with decent frame rate most of the time. With Cybertron's massive case, I was able to squeeze an Asus GTX 970 video card into the system with a larger power supply. That woke up the potential of the system! The last time I changed hardware was in 1994 in the good ole PS/1, so I thought this was going to be interesting. I was wrong, and with the layout and room inside the Cybertron case, the swap out was relatively quick and easy. I also added some fans to encourage air circulation since the video card was large enough to essentially divide the case into two compartments. The layout inside the case of Cybertron's PC seems to be laid out the way I would do it. Everything is spaced away from everything else and the power cables are neatly routed and accessible. There is no need for finding somebody with tiny hands or tediously reaching into tiny places with needle nose pliers and a flashlight.
I have a relative that works in IT for large firms. When I listed off the brand names of the components, he agreed they were in fact quality brands as Cybertron claims.
I don't want to sound like a paid spokesperson, but this is a fine machine, especially if you're just getting into gaming on a budget. I would recommend the video card upgrade and a power supply to match.

I included before and after pictures of the video card upgrade.


Some of you have complained about the noise in your reviews, and yes, the way the tower arrives from Cybertron, it is very noisy. I have recently solved the noise problem. The sleeve bearing fan by Master Cool on the CPU cooler is the source of the noise. The fan was always noisy, but recently began to make horrific "my service life is nearly over" noises. I purchased a new cooler from AMD (the manufacturers of the CPU) and installed it. Now the there is the quiet sound of the air movement from the case fans, but no droning overbearing fan sound that it had before. I was surprised that all of that noise was coming from the MasterCool sleeve bearing fan.

***Another UPDATE***

I would like to add that as of March 2016, with the stock CPU, new CPU cooler, Asus STRIX GTX 970, and the stock 8 gig RAM stick, I am running World of Warships with the graphics maxed out at 55 fps +/- 5 fps at 1920 x 1080. World of Tanks runs similarly. Mechwarrior Online runs maxed out at 60+ fps but can dip to 30 fps at times also at 1920 x 1080. Cities Skylines runs maxed out smoothly as well as the latest Sim City. I am still loving this PC.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on July 18, 2016

I originally bought this as a gaming computer for MMO's and for the next five years, and at the time I had bought it for around 600 dollars. The PC is lauded as 'upgradeable' and that's exactly what I did, though it was shortly going on a year that the problems started.

The first problem right out of the box was that this computer would not enter sleep mode and when I forced it to, the CPU and RAM usage would go through the absolute roof and when shut down manually, the computer refused to boot unless the RAM was reseated. I dont know what caused this. I have reason to think the motherboard they shipped this thing with, was faulty.

But that's not the only problem it shipped with. Barring any additions, the CPU it shipped with had heat issues in less than a year, less than five months. The thermal paste was a smouldered black mess, and it had to be reapplied.

Secondly, it's 'upgradeability'. I had no problems upgrading the GPU, but the CPU? This board is too faulty for anything above a 4000 something amd processor. I upgraded the processor to a 8350 for futureproofing. And it burned out in over a year, burning through the thermal paste and fusing to the heat sink in the process. I'm suprised I didn't damage the motherboard when I got it out.

Now at the time of writing/editing, the computer has begun to restart in the middle of use. I can be playing a game, watching youtube, and the computer will automatically restart. This is not a power supply issue as I have checked in event viewer, but it's still a sign that, after a year of use, this computer is not well.

It shipped with bad, low quality parts. And that's this PC in a nutshell. Overpaying for parts that will go bad in a matter of years. Dont buy it. If you no longer have the patience for building your own PC, there's a ASUS desktop for slightly cheaper that is on the level of this PC's performance for almost 400, or a ASUS PC that beats the crap out of this one for around 6-7 hundred. You can do better. You can do better than this shoddy piece of crap with really bad parts.
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on December 22, 2013
I ordered this computer because my HP finally quit after I had been limping it along for a year or so. What I vowed when my HP started acting up was that the next computer I would replace it with would NOT be a Big Name / Big Box computer.
I wanted what used to be called a “clone” or generic computer with a good case, strong power supply and separate components that I can update and change when they die etc.
I searched a lot, read lots of reviews and found a number of computers that fit the bill.
HOWEVER, after reading reviews for CybertronPC’s computers (many that were high dollar rigs) and the raves about their customer service, I found this one, The Borg-Q that fit my budget and had all the features (except I wanted Windows 7 and not the crappy 8 or 8.1 stuff. More on that in a minute) that I wanted.
So ordered it here on Amazon. We have Prime so in 2 days (free shipping) this HUGE box arrives at my door. It was packaged SOOO well with huge foam blocks to support it.
Plugged it in, fired it up (blue lights glowing and all) and it went. No bloat ware really. Couple of useful apps. Just a clean running machine. I’m writing this review on it now.
Windows 8 (this version is the new 8.1 which just means Microsoft tried to fix the major screw-up that Win8 is in my opinion) started up loaded and runs fine for what it is. I had already decided that I would put Win7 on the computer, but when I realized that you have to have the Pro edition of Win7 for it use more than 12GB of RAM (I plan to upgrade this sometime to 32) and the fairly hefty price tag on win7 pro or ultimate, I decided to tweak Win8 and try it out for a while putting the Borg-Q thru its paces. So I cleaned up Win8 after reading stuff online to do. I’m knowledgeable but NO expert. Purchased Retro UI for Windows 8.1 (very important that you get the version for 8.1) for $5, loaded it. Ran a registry cleaner and BAM I am happy.
In fact after over 3 weeks with Retro UI on the CybertronPC Borg-Q running Windows 8.1 I AM VERY HAPPY.

Most of all I LOVE the craftsmanship and attention to detail that the Borg-Q exhibits. I opened the case to look around and everything is tucked away, zip-tied up and nice and neat. All the component choices are good quality products that I researched individually. Not top-of-the-line, high dollar stuff … BUT GOOD name brand components. The heat sync alone is impressive.
So after 3 weeks of loading all my software, applications and using a tweaked version of Win 8.1, I would CERTAINLY buy a Cybertronpc computer again.
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