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VINE VOICEon January 12, 2009
Prior to purchasing, I searched all over to try and figure out the difference between the Ultra Stomp Rocket and the Junior Stomp Rocket Kit. Both products list for a similar price. The Junior version advertises that rockets will soar up to 100 feet in the air and the Ultra version lists a slightly higher height of up to 200 feet. But the age ranges for the 2 products are substantially different with the Junior Stomp Rocket recommending ages 3-8 and the Ultra Stomp Rocket recommending ages 8+.

For my 4yo son, we started with the Junior Stomp Rocket. He LOVES it! When/If going outside is not possible, he holds the stomp pad under his arm and points the rocket and shoots the missiles around the house. Because the rockets are all foam, they do not do any damage to walls, furniture, (or mom and dad, thankfully). When outside, my son literally plays with this toy for hours, adjusting and playing around with how hard you need to stomp to get the rocket to go really high.

Both the Ultra and the Junior Stomp Rocket kits come with a plastic rectangular "stomp pad" connected to a flexible tube. The end of the tube connects to one of the plastic/foam rockets (4 are includeded in each kit). There is a small plastic stand that you can put together to use as a launch base. Snap the plastic tube onto the base and stomp on the pad. Air is shot through the tube and propels the foam rocket up into the air.

We now have both the Ultra and the Junior Stomp Rocket kits and the only real difference I found is in the size and shape of the rocket missiles. The Ultra Stomp Rocket missiles are larger in size and shape. They have a plastic shaft with small plastic fins on the bottom and a large foam head. The junior stomp rocket missiles are smaller and made entirely of foam. Other than that, the launching equipment for both are exactly the same.

Refill Rockets for both the Junior and Ultra models come in varying colors and sell (at least on Amazon) for under $[...].

Whether you buy the Ultra Stomp Rocket (listed here) or it's sister product Junior Stomp Rocket, you will be getting a fantastic toy! This toy is so simple - no assembly required, no batteries, just easy to use and loads of fun!

I do have a slight preference in favor of the Junior Stomp Rocket, only because I like the missiles that are all foam if you are going to be using the toy inside. Also, the junior version has glow in the dark refill rockets. Really cool for night time use Junior Stomp Rocket Toy Glow in the Dark Refills. For some reason, you can only get the glow in the dark refills in the "junior" size.
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on July 9, 2016
Sturdy enough to hold up to preschoolers stomping the hell out of it during supervised play for 9 months. Was torn apart in one afternoon when I wasn't supervising and their a-hole siblings got ahold of it, but that's more a parenting issue than a product problem.

That said, this is an awesome toy and I think every kid should have one. Lots of opportunity to learn and have fun (what if I aim it this way? can I stomp harder and make it go higher? What happens when Billy doesn't heed Teacher's warning and he runs into the NO GO zone and looks down on it just as I jump? Do eyeballs grow back or are they one and done?).

Seriously. Billy's dumb. I told him like 4 times to make better choices. He didn't lose an eye. It's totally safe. But it sure scared him. hehehehe. Oh, Billy. I'm so glad you're in kindergarten now.

It's a great open-ended toy.
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on November 4, 2015
The boys loved it, But it was pretty short lived. My nephews loved the stomp rockets, but they were not long lived. The plastic shafts the rockets were attached to were very easily cracked. also, the stand that comes with it is very flimsy. usually one nephew would lay on the ground holding the rocket upward while I or another nephew would stomp.

This is a great toy, but it could be improved. The shafts of the rocket need work, and I Think the bladder that you stomp could be bigger. The thing that the company can't solve is that the kids know the adults can make it go higher, and will relentlessly ask for you to stomp on it. know that before you buy it.

I gave it 4 stars because of how much fun it is, and for the fact that it gets kids outdoors. I give it 3 stars for durability.
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on May 22, 2016
We bought it as a gift for a rambunctious four-year-old. Even though the box says it is for ages 6+ he still thoroughly enjoyed it. His 2-year-old sister even had fun with the thing. Granted, neither of them got the rockets to shoot more than 20 feet, but any farther and they wouldn't have retrieved them. We only had two issues; 1.) it was so much fun that it took a lot of self-control and adult intervention to facilitate actual "sharing" as neither child wanted to stop using it, and they had to take turns. 2.) The tripod that comes with the rockets is not well built and falls apart with use, meaning you have to continue putting it back together. This is something a touch of duct tape can fix. All in all, good quality fun for the price we paid.
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on October 28, 2016
This is the very same stomp rocket that is included in the lesser priced version. The only difference is the rockets - these are rigid plastic with a very large soft red tip, instead of the foam tubes used in the other version. I do like these rockets a lot more. What I don't like in either version is the very substandard plastic stand that attaches to the hose to direct the rocket for launching. They constantly fall apart, and my 5 year old grandsons have a real problem with using the stand. What I end up doing is disconnecting the stands and holding the launch tubes in my hands and let them position the direction they want to shoot. They also hold them themselves and shot each other like they are guns. Still fun, but not exactly as the product should be used. If you weren' worried about breaking things down each time, you could use duct tape to keep it from falling apart, but even then the stand is pretty flimsy. Still, the kids have a blast with this product, and I recommend it.
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on August 10, 2016
Please don't buy this product for your kids. There are much better options that are similar but are way better quality. The stand to this rocket is so cheap and poorly designed it is constantly falling apart after every launch. You can to reassemble it every time. I even have used a Velcro strap to try to hold it together but it isn't enough to fix it. It is pretty much worthless so save your money or buy a better quality option.
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on August 26, 2012
We purchased this for our 5 year-old's birthday gift. After reading the reviews, I was worried that the rockets would get stuck on rooftops or in trees. The five year old is able to make the rocket go up 40 feet and his three-year old brother can make the rockets go up around 20 feet. Not quite sure how some people are seeing 100+ feet.

The rocket launcher is easily manipulated to aim towards open areas. In fact, they were able to make it horizontal and aim at passing cats. Before PETA gets on my case again, no cats were harmed or even hit. After the novelty of making the rockets had warn off, they started to play a game where one kid would launch and the other kid would catch the rocket.

This rocket is not recommended for indoors. As long as the kids are not aiming it towards the tv or other breakables, there was not an issue of playing with it indoors.
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon April 19, 2017
The Original Stomp Rocket is my favorite "go to" gift for the 4-8 year old group. Of course, children of all ages love them - younger and older! We have even had the adults out there stomping! Easy to use and it is great outdoor fun. I purchased this one for a five year old and he is still thanking me for the "greatest present ever"! He and his older brother (7) spent hours outside playing. As a side note, we have also purchased the Stomp Rocket Junior and love that as well!
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on April 6, 2017
Tons of fun with younger kids. Easy to assemble the stand, and even that can be a fun family activity that makes (small) kids feel useful and handy. Then you have all the target practice, etc. out in the yard.

However.... "20 stories high" like the write-up says?? Noooooo waaaaay. I'd guess about four stories, and that's with me (Dad) stomping on the launcher. Misleading write-up is the only reason I gave it 4 instead of 5 stars.
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on November 3, 2015
this toy was a good idea.. with poor execution. It is very flimsily made.. the stand that you put the rocket on falls over very easily. the rockets themselves are pretty poor quality as well. I got this for my kids for Christmas last year it only got used a handful of times before they got tired of continually readjusting the launcher and then it just broke altogether.
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