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on August 15, 2005
What's not specified in the item description is that if you mix and match USB 1.1 and USB 2 devices, the hub may only provide the much slower USB 1.1 speed for ALL ports. You don't read that in the product description. You have to wait until you purchase the item and read the documentation. So, don't plug an iPod mini and a USB 1.1 device (in my case a wireless mouse) into the same hub or your iPod may have major problems, as mine did. The iPod wants to run at full USB 2 speeds.

Why is there a problem with the manufacturer providing that info in the description before you purchase the hub? This is highly deceptive, in my opinion.
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on February 11, 2007
=== NOTE 2013/06/08 === The following is my review for the 4-port USB 3.0 hub. I originally reviewed the 7-port grey styled USB 2.0 hub, which is discontinued and replaced with a black styled one with different features, however they are listed under the same product code on Amazon. To make it even more confusing, Amazon has combined the 4 port USB 3.0 hub into the same item, so I can only write one review to cover all of these things. I will leave the original review lower down, but if you are interested in the USB 3.0 hub, then this review up top is what you want.

This hub has been really flaky for me. Most of the time it doesn't recognize what I plug in. In order to get it to work, I have to jiggle all the cables around. I don't know if it's the cables that are loose or if there's something loose inside, but it's a real pain.

The hub has purple LEDs in it, which only serve to annoy me. I'm not 12 years old, I don't need my equipment to look like a circus.

Also, the ports are UPSIDE DOWN. Seriously, this is really silly. Yes, there is a TOP and a BOTTOM on USB plugs, but I guess D-Link didn't get that memo.

This item gets two stars, because it didn't catch fire and I can sometimes connect devices with it.

=== NOW, here is my original 2007 review for the 7-port grey USB 2.0 hub which is discontinued === I gave it 4 stars back when I wrote that review === Originally titled "Works well if you don't overload it" ===

I like the way this hub is styled, I have to say that much. Functionally, it gets a passing grade, and frankly if you grade it on a curve against other brands, it does very well indeed.

It works quite well, as long as you don't overload it. The supplied power adapter provides 5V/3A which, if you do the math, is only enough to fully supply 6 ports with power. Real world, it supplies even fewer than that. So, this will work well for you if only some of your devices require bus power, but if a lot of them do then you will have problems. I have 6 ports loaded up with a mix of powered/unpowered devices and it works. But if I try to plug something into port 7, it rarely works- just not enough juice.

You could probably fix this if you sourced yourself a different power adapter, but let's face it, that would probably cost more than buying another hub.

All this being said, I'm still going to buy a second one to supplement my first one, because, quite frankly, it seems like most of the other brands of 7-port hubs are worse. At least this one is perfectly reliable if you don't overload it- no overheating problems, no random drop-to-usb-1.1-speed problems, no disappearing device problems (again, as long as you don't overload it), and it doesn't look terrible on my desk.

I have terrible luck with USB devices and this is the first hub I've run into that comes halfway close to working properly, so despite the flaws, this one is worth considering.
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on February 20, 2006
I've had this hub for two months and have had no problems with it. Installation was a snap, as it should be for a basic hub. The hub is small and a bit too light, but it's definitely not for laptop users, as it needs an AC adapter. The power brick is actually smaller than most other brick-style adapters and rises straight up from the prongs, saving you space on power strips that have the plugs aligned vertically or on wall outlets (a nice touch). I have an iPod and a multifunction printer attached to the hub, and have had no problems with either. A word of warning, however--as other reviewers have noted, if you plug a USB 1.0 device into the hub, all USB 2.0 devices will slow down to 1.0 speeds.
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on January 7, 2012
I've been using this hub for a few weeks now and it works as advertised. One of the big things I LIKE about it is it doesn't *require* the power adapter - it will run 4 devices just off the USB 3.0 line power. This includes 2.0 devices - so even if you're looking to use USB 1.1 or 2.0 devices, if you use this 3.0 hub (and plug it into a 3.0 port on your computer, obviously) it can power those devices too, without the extra power brick and cable.

My only wish is that it had more than 4 ports!
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on July 9, 2006
I have a fairly new high end computer with fewer USB ports than I have devices so I needed to expand. The reviews were great for the D-Link so I opted for this HUB. Clearly a misstake!

I was expecting this unit to work with the following equipment:


Canon Powershot

HP Printer

Logitech Fusion Web Camera

Plantronics Headset

Skype phone device (connecting a regular phone to the computer)

The only thing that works without problems is the printer. The IPod is not recognized when plugged in to the HUB but works fine in any of the computer's own ports, the Web Cam takes 2 minutes to be recognized when plugged in to the Hub, the Canon Powershot is recognized but none of the programs used (Picasa or Canons own import software) is able to import any pictures when the camera is plugged in to the HUB and finally the sound quality is affected when using the plantronic's headset.

Further the HUB blocks other built in memory card readers when plugged in in one of the sockets but not in an other and it blocks the BIOS when booting up if the third slot from left is used. Maybe I got a bad one, but one expects the units they sell to be tested before they go on to the shelves.
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on January 9, 2007
I have a multitude of accessories for my computer including a scanner, printer, memory card reader and an ipod. The hub only works with accessories that have their own power sources. If I plug in any of the accessories without their own power sources (like the ipod or keyboard) I get a low USB power notice and cannot communicate with the attatched accessory. Even though this hub has its own power supply, it only alots a certain amount of power to each port, thereby decreasing the amount of power each accessory can use. I would not recommend this product and would return it if I could.
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on June 5, 2005
I purchased this after reading the reviews for a number of USB hubs (really!) I can't use my iPod and 2.5" WD Passport at the same time as my USB mouse & flash drive on the notebook (just two USB ports, both 2.0), and so the purchase...

1. Long USB cable works nicely for desktops, but do I want to carry that around? It might be useful for notebooks with recessed USB ports, but read on....

2. My external DVD writer, 3.5" external HDD work fine w/o the hub powered because they have their own power adapters. My self-powered WD Passport 2.5" HDD and iPod need the power cable to be plugged in. My USB1.1 Lexar flash drive works without the hub powered (mobile for the low-power-draw devices). So: great for desktops, but not particularly mobile.

3. Tested my USB2.0 3.5" external HDD plugged in parallel to the USB1.1 flash drive - both work as expected. USB2.0 - 184 MB in ~1/2 minute, USB1.1 - 4 MB in less time. As another reviewer pointed out, probably depends on the device. This test was without the hub powered (note: not the USB-powered WD 2.5" HDD).

4. The two-pin power adapter is as thick as a three pin plug, but wide. So it will work fine when the flat pins are parallel to the length of the strip, but the adapter will block the adjoining sockets with the flat pins perpendicular to the strip. I have both types of power strips!

Bottom line: it works great with my desktop and my notebook when docked. However, my search for a mobile USB hub continues.
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on November 12, 2012
I've had this D-Link USB 3.0 DUB-1340 for about 5 months now and for the first 3 months it worked great. Now the device will not recognize any non-USB 3.0 device. Ports 1 and 2 don't work at all. Ports 3 and 4 still power up USB devices, but only 3.0 will connect to my PC, this is a freshly installed Windows 7 PC (I formatted my PC to try and fix the issue). I contacted D-Link support via email, they provided me with a non-working telephone number, so I googled for one, was able to call, but they have no USB option and it was virtually impossible for me to find a live person to speak with in the 30 minutes I spent navigating their terrible automated phone system. I emailed back support letting them know the phone number did not work, and that the other number I got I could not identify the correct key combination to speak with someone regarding their USB devices. The response I got was to "As per your email we request you to call technical support at 1.800.361.5265. Technical support is available 24/7 to serve your needs." which was about 3 lines above my message indicating that number was not reachable from my service area (on land line or cellular). Very unhelpful.

I called the number I got from google search and selected the option for technical support on networking equipment, the support technician was very polite but knew less about their product that I do. They indicated they would email me information for a RMA, but 30 minutes passed (they indicated it would take a few minutes to process) I now believe they just said that to get me off the phone, I haven't received any RMA information and the support ticket number they gave me was bogus, or not entered into their system as when I called back the next day they had no record of my call.

This has soured me not only on the DUB-1340 but on all D-Link products. Their product is so so, but their support to their paying customers is deplorable. I've now wasted over 6 hours of my time attempting to resolve issues with their defective product. I'll now have to go through Amazon for a refund because D-Link failed in an epic manner.
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VINE VOICEon September 25, 2003
This is a nice little hub which takes up very little desktop space and has the ports on the front rather than the back, which I like. It has performed well since I purchased it and hasn't given any problems, even with bandwidth-hogging devices such as scanners. It also comes with its own power adapter, which is a plus.
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on March 29, 2005
I currently have 6 of the 7 sockets connected to different USB devices - some 2.0 and some less.

Each works just fine - even the 2.0 high speed micro drive.
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