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on November 11, 2016
 We bought this projector for digital decorating for Halloween for the first time. It was the 2nd mini projector we bought - the first wouldn't work for the project I was doing. I didn't quite know what to expect ordering another small projector. When I received this one I was pleased with the sturdier "feel" and quality of it. Right out of the box it felt like a much better projector. When I plugged in the flash drive with the digital images I wanted to run - it worked perfectly right off the bat. Another GREAT feature was that it has a headphone jack which allowed me to plug in external speakers. Even though the speakers on the projector are quite susfficient - this was outside and I needed the extra volume. I really like the small size - I had bought 2 other projectors because we were told to get 1800+ lumens but they're full size and very bulky. However, this small, easy-to-operate, 1500 lumen projector was more than bright enough for what I was doing. Instead of putting this away for a year to only use on Halloween (as I'll be doing with the other two bigger ones), I'm keeping this out to use for movie watching!! :D

I've included two very short video that shows the projection of the digital files onto uncarved pumpkins - as you can see - this projector did a wonderful job! Would recommend it highly.
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on February 6, 2017
Its okay for an inexpensive LED projector. Don't expect a big bright, beautiful, clear image. If you are use to a powerful vivid HD quality projector you will be disappointed. I purchased it for a little travel around presentation projector. It gets the job done. The video review on it makes it seem a lot better than what you actually get. From that video I was a little disappointed.

------ end of original review -------

Added 2/9/2017:

One More Thing... they have excellent customer service. When they saw my original "Three Star" review they immediately reached out to me via e-mail and wanted to know if they could do anything for me to fix my issue, they even offered me a discount to the price I paid to make it up to me or return the unit for a full refund.

The following is my response to their e-mail, sent on 2/8/2017



"Thank you for your e-mail and your concern. I appreciate the gesture.

As for the unit, I can work with it, as I stated "it gets the job done". I use it for a basic video presentation.

I think my expectations were high as to the quality of the picture. The demo video that is linked to the Amazon page for your projector is what sold me on the product. The unit in the video looked like it gave off a clear vivid, crisp powerful picture in the video. According to my perception I was not able to get that same quality image that I saw in that video, hence my review. I tried to express my experience in my review that my expectations might have been too high, beyond the units performance level, which directly lead to my disappointment.

I appreciate your gesture of the XX% discount. I don't feel right about returning a product that I have opened and used. I made the purchase, I opened the product and I used it therefore I will keep it. Respectfully, your willingness to give me a XX% discount is a kind gesture. I don't think is necessary, I willingly and fairly paid for your product at the listed price, opened it and used it, that's business. There appears to be nothing operationally wrong with the product, its new, it works, nothing appears to be defective and nothing appears to be broken. I am just disappointed in the picture quality that's all, the video review said you can "expect to have a good picture" and that its "gonna look really, really good" so that's what I was expecting.

Thank you for your customer service and your managers gesture."

------------ End of e-mail response dated 2/8/2017 ------------

My experience with their customer service department was exceptional which in turn I came back and willingly change my review rating to a strong "Four Stars"
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on June 7, 2017
Bought this projector for an outdoor movie screening event in my backyard. I couldn't have been more pleased with the picture quality, brightness and the sound (although I did decide to hook up my in-home surround sound system/blu ray player to it, which was super easy). I've since connected my Ruko stick with the provided HDMI cable and streamed Netflix through the projector, attached my JBL bluetooth speaker with an AUX cable, and even used the HDMI to connect my MacBook so we could watch old home movies and flip through photos through the projector. One of the best purchases I've made in years. Love this DBPOWER mini projector.
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on February 15, 2017
I want start by saying my living room is just over 12 feet wall to wall. We have the projector on a shelf, on the wall, throwing at just over 11 feet, wall to lens. The "screen" size is exactly 10 feet from upper left corner to lower right corner and is just over 8 feet wide.

I know you get what you pay for. I want to be clear I am not saying this projector is on part with a $400 Epson, but it gave me exactly what I wanted. We have always lived in smaller apartments, and it just seemed a projector was a better idea then a TV, even though TVs are getting thinner every day. I didn't want to spend a lot of money just yet, partly because we were still testing the waters on the idea of a projector instead of a tv and partly because we don't watch a lot of tv. Originally we had grabbed a cheap Black Friday special at Kohl's, paying around 40 bucks. That projector was ok at best, but the screen was not sharp or clear no matter how we adjusted it. You could not read the little discription box on Netflix. So as I shopped around I kept reading good reviews about the picture quality, but have to admit I have never heard of the brand and was a little skeptical, because none of the review said how far they were throwing the picture.

When we took it out of the box and threw up a quick test shot, my son and I both said "wow" at the same time. Shipping was quick and it was packed very well. I knew the dimensions but when we took it out of the box, I have to admit I thought this thing is so small, and is not going to work. The you get what you pay for ringing in my head. But right after we turned it on, my son and I were both impressed. The picture quality is very good, clear and sharp. However the room does need to be dark. The pictures below, the first ones are at 5 o'clock, with my see through curtains drawn. You can tell it is hard to see especially a night scene ( Beverly Hills Cop). However in a dark room the picture comes through very nice, even a dark/night scene (Money Train). Action scenes seem to be a bit blurry, but I am willing to bet it is a combination of 80/90s movies and sitting a little over 10 feet away from a 10 foot screen (like sitting in the front row at a movie theater) more then it is the little projector. However if you stare at some pictures (there was a commercial on Crackle) you can see jagged edges, not noticeable if you are just casually watching; honestly you will only notice if you are trying to find something. The Roku home screen is easy to read, so is the small description box on Netflix. (We did this through HDMI)

There is no left and right key correction, only up and down, however for us this isn't a problem for us as we are shooting straight on to the wall ahead. The controls are a little stiff. Seems like I am pushing a button a couple times every so often to get it to work, but this also could be user error too. There is a way to adjust the size of the picture too, with a couple zoom options. The fan noise is fine. If you think about it, you will hear it, if you are not thinking about it, it will drift into the background. However if the volume is high enough, you won't hear it at all. The very far edges do seem to be just slightly out of focus, the center is very sharp, but again you only really notice it if you are looking for it. The speaker is what I expected, tinny or hollow and very one dimensional. I have yet to add my own, but for our first night/movie it did just fine. The colors are dark and like some reviews I read, out of the box the picture is not very bright, however, besides a couple built in settings, there is a manual setting for picture and color, some small adjustments and you can get the brightness, warmth, color, tones, etc, to where you want them or comfortable with. The pictures of the movie Money Train, we adjusted the settings to where we were happy. The only real concern I have is the bulb can not be replaced. It says the current bulb will last 50,000 hours, which would mean you would watch movies for 24 hours a day for a little over 5 years. It also comes with a warranty. But when we talked about it, we thought if we get a full year out of the bulb we would be happy.

If you are looking for some super high-end projector I would not tell you to save your money and buy this, get your high end projector. However if you are looking for a projector for movies in the backyard, or like me for watching a movie or tv show here an there and don't want to spend a lot, I would definitely recommend the DBPOWER T20 to anyone.
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on January 11, 2018
I was quite impressed with this projector. I wanted to do an AtmosFX projection on my garage, and this projector lit up the screen I made very well. Audio is meh as expected, but I hooked it up to an old surround system I have in my garage. I had neighbor kids standing in my driveway watching it play for hours on end. It was extremely entertaining. In light, you can't see anything, so don't plan on this being a bright room TV replacement, but for night watching, it had pretty decent resolution and brightness!
review image
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on November 15, 2017
Got this projector for holiday projections - works great for front or rear projection onto screens, and protection onto props or windows. Can flip the image for rear projection. Use occasionally for an extra screen for kid's games, extra sports screen in the basement. I really like that it has USB input and is plug and play - it will loop video content seamlessly. Speaker is pretty good, and has an audio out. In all, great for the price point.
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on January 10, 2018
I’ll add to this review later I’m sure, but my I’m very impressed right off the bat. The picture is much better than I imagined for this price point. I connected an Apple TV to it. Very sharp picture once you focus for your distance. Simple to use.

Highly recommend. The true test will come in the summer when we have outdoor movie nights with friends!
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on June 7, 2017
I purchased the DBPOWER Projector for a presentation for a work event. This worked perfectly right out of the box. It plugged right into my laptop with no issue, I turned it on and was able to display my presentation clearly and easily for a room full of about 50 people. The screen displayed about a 6X6ft display from how I had it set and was clear and completely legible. I wasn't able to turn the lights off completely in the room and it provided enough back light to allow it to still be seen. Great product for a great price.

I received the projector the day after ordering and very well packaged. Very happy with my purchase!
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on February 8, 2018
Worked great for a while. A month or so after using the lens picked up a small amount of dust. Not too big but an annoyance. Now here is where it starts to get interesting. I started seeing a yellowing of the projected image. It started out really small at first and kept growing. Eventually, it became so bad I removed the projector and put up my old 3m projector back to use. I decided to take it apart to see if it was just a simple fix. Opening it up shocked me! One of the glass pieces has a piece of plastic on it that was completely burnt by the projector light. I'm talking bad like fire in your house bad. I know there is a fan in the system to keep it cool and I also verified that the fan was working properly as well. I suggest looking at another projector. Be careful if you have this projector and don't leave it running unattended!!!
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on February 10, 2018
Worst projector ever and i bought it TWICE!!! Really hate leaving bad reviews, but can even begin to tell you how disappointed I am with this product. The first one I bought broke within 2 movies. Figured stuff happens and i just got unlucky and received a bad one. Returned it and bought the same one AGAIN as I really loved the quality. Well. Little did I know, same thing happened. I’m assuming it’s the bulb cracking or something. It started both times with a little spot in the bottom left and before I knew it turned into this giant crack/snacke across the whole screen. What a waste of money! Trying to save YOU some bucks as I wasn’t able to return this one on time. Spend your money elsewhere. Honestly, I don’t know how it gets so many good reviews, but there is no way most people actually have THAT more luck then me. (and just for the record ... I was very gentle putting the projectors on our tripod, where they both remained until whatever caused the "crack". They never got bumped nor moved from their original space)
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