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4.0 out of 5 stars
DC One Million Omnibus
Format: Hardcover|Change
Price:$62.35+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on June 11, 2016
nerd alert
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on July 10, 2015
The book is exactly what I expected great service awesome reading material and I love it!
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on July 21, 2015
GOOD DC comic but i lost the story line a few times.Worth the money for all D C fans
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on June 25, 2015
love it
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on November 14, 2013
In the 90's Grant Morrison was writing some of his best comics ever. He had done runs on Doom Patrol and created his comic the invisibles and wrote mainstream comics as well.

DC One Million was an idea born out of his justice league series which had the superheroes meeting their successors 1 million Months into the future. This was an interesting idea and had a lot of creativity behind it. Morrison invited many other writers and artists to join in and thus the DC One Million event came about.

This omnibus contains the main story arc and issues and almost every related story. Some have little connection and some have a lot. One of my favorites was Hitman 1 million which as per that series, was a wonderfully subversive and humorous comic.

Although this collection is comprehensive some stuff is missing. This does not collect Hourman #11-13 by Tom Peyer and Steve Scott, the short piece from JLA 80-Page Giant #2 by Abnett & Lanning and David Boller as well as Young Heroes in Love.

That said its still a fantastic comic to read. Morrison was full of creativity and it shows in this story. He had full control of the crossover and directed what people should include in their stories ( for Hitman by Ennis he just told him to cut loose)

The story is connected to Morrison's series All Star Superman and is a form of a sequel ( despite being written first). If you loved that story ( which was amazing) you will love this one. Its expensive yes but I feel its worth it. Unlike a lot of other crossovers, you can start reading this stories and not be worried about not understanding what's going on or being lost.

The stories from the other writers and authors vary. Some are tied to their series but with a good explanation that helps readers catch on and some are not connected to their s3ereis but are just a fun tie in. Martian Manhunter and Shazzam were great tie ins and enjoyable reads, while creeper explored some neat sci fi ideas. Starman was a really fun read and extremely well written while some like catwoman are more low key but still enjoyable. Legion of Superheroes is also interesting especially to see a sci fi take on a series that's already a sci fi series. The flash was fun ( and this was during a period on the book, I really loved). I didn't enjoy the green arrow parts which didn't seem as well written while I loved Lobo for the unusual take it took on the crossover. The crossover I liked especially was green lantern which showed an interesting look at the character and what potential Kyle had.

Here is the full reading order

DC One Million # 1
Action Comics
Shadow of the Bat
Green Lantern
Power of Shazam
Young Justice
DC One Million # 2
Green Arrow
Legion of Super-Heroes
Sword of Azrael
Wonder Woman
Detective Comics
Man of Steel
DC One Million # 3
Martian Manhunter
Resurrection Man
Adventures of Superman
Man of Tomorrow
DC One Million # 4
DC One Million 80-Page Giant #1,000,000
Booster Gold
Superman/Batman #79
Superman/Batman #80
JLA in Crisis Secret Files

( Thanks to Predakwon on the MMW message boards for this help)

There are not many extras included within. there are a few pages of Morrison's sketches, an overview of the event as a whole. and promotional art. But the story within is more than enough

The book is extremely large and uses very thick paper compared to Marvel's recent collections. It has sewn binding but there is some gutter loss still.

However this is a book that will last you for many years and is well worth getting.
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VINE VOICEon February 19, 2014
DC One Million collects f a great DC crossover event. A few reviewers have complained about the mixed quality of the writing in these issues, but I for one find this absurd -- even the best publisher wide crossover is bound to arrive with a huge range of quality (see for example "Blackest Night"). Yes, some writers fall flat when faced with the challenge of this set up and others play it for laughs, but those truly gifted writers and artists are unleashed here to produce extraordinary work. The very concept here is pure Morrison: bold (almost recklessly so), occasionally incoherent, and an overall great ride. As with other DC Omnibus treatments, the actual product is just lovely, with its strong binding, oversized pages, and vibrant color. So why only four stars?

I for one found the skimpy back up material more than a little disappointing. Beyond a few sketches, there's just nothing here. Yes, it's already a big book, but I wanted some commentary from Morrison on the genesis of the idea, thoughts from the other writers on how they approached the project, etc. Yes, some folks find this stuff extraneous, but I always find it thrilling to get a peak behind the curtain. Here, the curtain doesn't budge.
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on March 25, 2014
If you liked Final Crisis or the current New 52 Action Comics, or anything Grant Morrion, this is worth it. You'll love the narrative.
It is much easier to follow than Final Crisis but yet complicated enough to be very entertaining. The Solaris character is amazing.

The future 1,000,000 Justice League is very fun to read about. I loved the main arc and also the tie-ins starring the main cast of future Justice Leaguers. I personally found the non-main cast, but in the future universe, tie-ins either a hit or miss, with most of them pretty good. A few of those extras, which are included in this entire omnibus, were a bit irrelevant (especially if you have not read stories with the 'past' versions of those characters). However, those are still interesting to read, and you appreciate more the future one million universe.

Main arc: 5 stars; additional arcs: 4 stars; so I would give this 4.5 Stars overall, but let's round it up to 5 stars since the omnibus collection is sweet with an absolutely beautiful hard cover as well as a removable sleeve.
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Top Contributor: Watcheson July 14, 2014
I was pretty excited to read this omnibus, but after reading it I wish I would've spent my money elsewhere. The story is overly simplistic (even for its time...which is the mid to late 90's, my personal favorite era of comics) and sometimes out of order. It is missng Young Heroes in Love 1,000,000 for reasons unknown.

The basic premise of the storyline is that the heroes of today (of 1998) were visited by heroes of the 853rd century and were convinced, in an act of goodwill, to show-off their powers and abilities in a series of trials in the 853rd century. So the entire Justice League (the primary founding members) agree to go the future 85000+ years ahead...just because someone asked them to. You'd think the JLA would be wary of getting into cars of strangers. Yep, this would've been a ridiculous plotline in the 70's, but this was the 90's...story-telling in comics should've evolved then.

DC does its best to keep this poor dribble of a story in sequential order and does so 95% of the time, but some stories don't mix well or have nothing to do with the story (Lobo and Supergirl for example).

The presentation is nice, since you get over-sized comics on high quality paper in an encyclopedia format, but the main thing drving this down is the very poor story. I've fallen asleep reading it many times and I've only been determined to finish it only because I spent so much money on it.

Save yourself the time and money. This is not worth it...not by a long shot.
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on April 13, 2014
It's a great compilation of the DC One Million saga. The main story is very good but some of the tie-in lack in quality and don't contribute for the overall story.
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on May 30, 2015
For those of us too busy, lazy or tired to chase the big "event" story lines, this sort of collection is perfect. Every episode, in sequence, with the side/bonus stories in one collection. On top of that, the book came well packaged, in virtually new condition. Just what I wanted and better than I expected.
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