Customer Reviews: Detailsformen De Razor Blade Sample Pack #2 - 40 Blades
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on January 20, 2012
I spent a few minutes on Amazon looking through all the sampler packs (there are many). I knew I specifically wanted to try the Lord, Feather, and Astra. There were a few others this pack didn't come with that I wanted, but I figured I'd get them the next time around. Anyway, I specifically picked this pack because it had three I wanted to try and less "junk" that I had no interest in. Also, it was one of the few listings that didn't mention the possibility of a "bait and switch". Well, I got baited and they switched. The Lord blades were swapped out for Treet Classic, a blade that I've heard of but never seen anyone talk fondly of. I did get the Feather, which is the only one they specifically mention in their listing, so I guess its not all bad but these listings should mention which are guaranteed (if any) and which may be rotated.

As a tip for any retailers that want to supply a variety pack, skip putting 1 or 2 quality packs and filling it out with a bunch of junk to make the picture look good and just include the 4-5 brands that people love/use. You can even market it as a premium pack and charge more. Feather, Wilkinson, Merkur, Astra, Derby. That's it. Put those five in a pack and you will sell the crap out of them.
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on April 20, 2011
Like everybody else i was new to DE shaving and looking for the right blade. I'm blessed with a stiff wiry beard (perhaps shaving for a decade with electric contributed) and fairly sensitive skin. All the blades were put through the same test, 3 pass shaving.

So here are some thoughts about the blades.

1. Started with 7am. Dull, but lasted for almost 5 shaves. Did not do a good job.
2. Astra. Very sharp compared to 7am. I did manage to nick myself but i attribute it to lack of practice. 3 shaves max, then become uncomfortable.
3. 7 O'clock. Very sharp. But due to the relatively expensive price and limited distribution will not be buying them (30 blades for $15 here on amazon). There are better alternatives. 4 shaves.
4. Dorco st 300 (cardboard box). Horrible. Pulled every whisker on my face and i could barely finish my shave. The results were terrible as well and i replaced the blade after one use. On the positive side, the wax wrapping is the best among the previous 3, so it's a shame that the blade does not cut it. I also got an ST 301 from Dorco with my Merkur Futur Razor. It comes in a plastic box and has the same quality shave as its predecessor.
5. Shark. Fantastic! Got an additional pack of blades (Very nice of them). Sharp yet forgiving and lasted 3 comfortable shaves.
6. Lord was replaced by Big Ben. They are the same company but i'm not sure about the difference between the blades. Big ben was a horrible experience. Dull, pulled my whiskers and had to do multiple passes on each spot to make sure i am somewhat shaved.
7. Feather. I left it for last as i was terrified from all the reviews i read about it. Ultra sharp but was able to take my stubble down in two passes, with the grain and across. I went for a third pass and it was too much for my neck. The blade is so sharp that you might not feel whether it actually cuts your hair or your skin. You have a learning curve with this blade so take your time during the first time. After the 3rd shave it's a little uncomfortable.

But overall i discovered that sharper blades work much better for me since they require less passes and therefore work better for my type of skin. Also, i bought a pack of wilkinson's sword made in Germany and was pleasantly surprised! They are as sharp as shark but somehow manage to be even milder on the skin and last longer. I am currently on my 4th comfortable shave and curious to see how far will this blade go.

3 shaves is the average for me.
I will keep trying my 4 favorite blades and will narrow it down even further.

Hope it helps, good luck!!!

Updated: 6/11/11

After much contemplation between feather and Wilkinson's sword, wilkinson sword is my winner. I guess the advanced technology does work with this balde since it is thicker than feather and lasts comfortable 5 shaves. You can push it even further but it's up to your skin and beard to decide. I found that i can shave much faster with wilkinson's sword and use as much pressure as i need in my problematic spots without nicking myself. While the feather takes much longer time and requires extra caution (but let's be honest, who has an extra time in the morning?).
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on November 2, 2014
It took me close to a year to get through all the blades. When I purchased this sample pack, I was completely new to DE razor shaving. Over the past year, I took notes on different kind of blades and how they compare. My goal was to figure out which brand is best for my skin. I choose to go with the Feather Hi-Stainless brand. Here is my quick review of different blades that came with my sample pack.

+ Astra Superior Platinum: Great shave. Each blade can last up to 2 sessions.

+ Derby Extra Super Stainless: Okay shave. Each blade can last up to 2 sessions.

+ Draco Platinum: Great shave. Each blade can last up to 3 sessions.

+ Gillette 7 O’clock: Sharp. No cuts. Each blade can last up to 3 sessions.

+ Feather Hi-Stainless: Super sharp. Be careful not to apply too much pressure with this one. Each blade can last up to 3 sessions.

+ 7am “Plus” Hi Platinum Durablade: Sharp. Cuts skin easily. Each blade can last up to 3 sessions.

+ Treet Double Edge Blade: Good for very short stubble. If your hair gets a little bit too long, this blade starts to pull and the experience becomes unpleasant. Each blade can last up to 2 sessions.

I hope this review helps some of you decide on what blade you want to purchase next. If you are a beginner, I suggest buying a sample pack such as this one to decide what’s best for you. Personally, I chose to go with Feather Hi-Stainless and just ordered 10 packs of them from Amazon. Feather Hi-Stainless is very sharp and takes some getting used to, but is well worth it.
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on May 9, 2009
I got the sample pack because I'm new to shaving - I didn't know there could be a difference between blades but there most certainly is! Try the sample pack first and keep a small notepad with the blades. Use one from each pack and keep a couple notes about it so you know which you like when you are done. What they say is right, Feather blades have been the best so far! Another brand in the pack was horrible for me, tossed after one shave.
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on January 7, 2014
I had read mixed reviews about the Feather blades. This variety pack shows that the Feathers are included with other reputable blades. Regardless of the misleading picture shown, there is no Feather pack in this sampler.
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on July 27, 2016
My favorite blades are the Feather and Astra. If you are new to DE shaving don't start with Feather because they are the sharpest.

I typically get 3 shaves out of an Astra and 4 from a Feather. I shave every other day. Could likely get more shaves per razor for all brands, but I like when they are very sharp and considering you are paying cents it's worth it IMO.
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on December 22, 2015
Good sample pack. I would suggest if you're just switching to a safety razor, you start with a sample pack of blades. You will quickly find out that all blades are not created equal. Not that there are quality issues with some blades....just that everyone face, legs, etc. cant handle the same type of blade. This pack has some of the more popular blades so its a great starter pack; do try them all before you give up and think a safety razor is not for you. When you find the right blade..and you get your technique will be worth the change.
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on July 9, 2013
The razor pack I received originally was not what I ordered or wanted. Details for Men responded to my concern within about an hour, and resolved it within minutes by processing a replacement to be shipped out immediately. That kind of customer service is astounding. I Will definitely look to purchase from them in the near future.
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on February 5, 2014
I got this for my teenage son along with everything else DE razor shaving. He loves his gift. He went straight for the Feather brand tho' because he read somewhere that they're the "best." ;-) FWIW.
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on July 14, 2013
I bought this pack specifically because I wanted to try Astra's, Feather's and the 7 O'Clocks as shown. What I received was a pack that included not only none of the three than I wanted to try but 5 of the 6 included types were not what was advertised. What a pile of junk! Avoid this product as you have no clue what you will get!
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