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on March 12, 2017
I'm currently working on putting a 5.0L Mustang engine in a Miata, and with the limited space I have, this makes up for the lack of a large air compressor. Disassembly time on the engine was cut in half, and saved my knuckles from getting busted up. The batteries last a very long time as well. Its not as powerful as an air impact would be, but it will still get the lug nuts off of my truck if I give it a few seconds. I went with this one over the other, larger Dewalt impact wrench so I could fit it in smaller spaces, and am glad I did.
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on January 29, 2018
Finally, I got to use my DeWalt Model DCF880HM2 impact wrench to replace the shock absorber assemblies on my Honda Accord. My concern was whether it can loosen the lugnuts on the wheels. It was no problem, as long as the lugnuts were not over torqued to begin with. It will loosen the lugnuts that are torqued to factory specifications for passenger cars & light trucks (75 to 80 ft-lb torque). I do not know how high it can go on the torque before failing to do the job.

My second concern was whether it is small enough to manuever around the brake and suspension area. I never had a problem using it for removing the shock absorber on my car, even with the deep impact sockets I used.

Yes, you can buy a more powerful impact wrench, but it will be bulky. This wrench is light, small, and sufficiently powerful for most automotive taks. It is just at the optimum sweet spot. I recommend it to any home mechanic who doesn't or would not want to own air tools. It makes working around cars more efficient and enjoyable. I expect the Litium Ion battery to last for years, with occasional use. Storing the wrench for a long time should not be as problematic as the old NiCd battery technology. In general, if you want to store a Li-ion battery for a longtime, store it with 30 to 50% charged. Battery manufacturers store lithium batteries at around 60 deg F and at a 40% charge level. Storing Li-ion batteries while completely discharged will harm them. Do not store Li-ion batteries in your garage where it can get hot. The cooler, the better.

If you have been shunning portable battery operated tools, like I did before, it is time to reconsider.
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on October 29, 2017
This is a great tool. I use it primarily for removing and rotating my tires. I can do all 4 tires, on and off, with one fully charged battery. Plenty of torque, easy to store case. I take it with me on road trips just in case.
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on February 20, 2017
Very happy with this purchase. Bought it to pair with my Dewalt 1/2 inch large 20V max impact wrench in case I need to get into tight spaces. This one zipped off suspension and engine bolts (some corroded or locked on with locktite). Came in very handy in tight quarters as well. The light is actually useful and battery duration was beyond expectation. The case is also of decent quality.

It's also a very comfortable tool to use. My hands didn't cramp after holding for long periods of time, and the designers made the gripping surfaces and contours appealing for people with small and medium sized hands.

I did a lot of research before buying into Dewalt - and had a few experiences with cheaper brands I'd rather forget, mainly with cruddy batteries. So far I'm very happy with the quality of this tool and am being very careful to maintain the batteries correctly.
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on January 5, 2018
Able to take all 4 tires off and mounted on with same charge on same battery. I don't think the batter indicator moved. This came with two batteries, a charger, and a case for the tool. It does not come with any additional tools.

I am using this only a Subaru Impreza.. remember to hand torque your lug nuts to the proper torque value.. don't just rely on this thing.
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on October 20, 2014
So recently, I decided to invest in getting an impact drill due to the fact that my "manual" method ends up making car projects take a lot longer than expected. For example, recently I needed to change out my control arms & ball joints out on my camry and I need to remove a lot of bolts and nuts to get to it. It would have easily took me 3-4 hours to do the job manually. This little guy made it easy and I was able to do the job in about 1.5 hrs. Such a powerful tool in such a compact form. I would definitely recommend this to anywho who's a weekend car DIY-er. It'll save you time and keep your blood pressure low :) As for the battery life... It's amazing, I only went thru about 1/3 of the charge during this whole process. I didn't even need to get to my 2nd battery.
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on May 20, 2014
I'm 60+ years old, work at a golf course and the one who changes all the tires. Has made my life much easier, particularly when I have to go on the course for a flat.. It's one of those tools that now that I have one, I wouldn't want to do without.
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on June 6, 2018
Marginal torque performance. Seems to be of high quality and it's a decent deal considering the two batteries in the pack. The case is really flimsy and cheap, though. At only 150 ft-lb., this won't break those heavy rusted bolts free. Definitely not something I'll be using when the going gets tough, but it'll do a decent job on general auto work.
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on March 28, 2016
I love it! At first I was skeptical about battery power since I have been a pneumatic power tool guy for 15 years or so but after using this compact little beast I am sold. Lugnuts tightened well above 100lbs, battery life is amazing, DeWalt so you know it's construction grade, led light for low visibility, and the new 20 volt max battery packs which are used in all of the newest DeWalt tools. I now think I want the 3/8" to add to my travel tool set.
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on June 19, 2017
Not sure how we got along without this tool. I had it replaced under warranty so if you are loosening fasteners of 80+ footpounds don't be surprised if it doesn't like it. Below that number it works very well. Above 80 to 90 footpounds use an air tool to loosen first.
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