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9/18/17: Since writing the review, for car use, I ended up with the Dewalt 1/2" 20V MAX XR. It's amazing. I don't even have to loosen the lug nuts before lifting the car up, it easily unscrews with very little effort and the battery lasts SO long. Yes it's bulkier and heavier but should've just spent the money. Rusted bolts sometime snap off (which could be good or bad) with so much torque.

I love Dewalt products and have had their drills and other products without any issue for many years. I understand the limitation of each product but after watching many videos and reading reviews online about this 3/8" version I took the chance and was pleasantly surprised at the lightweight design yet felt very professional and the weight was beautifully balanced.

I LOVE the LED lights on these as they stay on and can be used as a quick flashlight. It's compact enough for many uses and the battery seem to last forever as long as you're not torquing things in or out each time (more info on that below). It does have a very nice grip that never seem to slip and isn't big at all so it's comfortable to hold all day long.

Now the disappointing part and was wondering if I had a defective unit. My main use was to use them on my Subaru. I did consider the 1/2" XR 20V Max but thought it would be too big and reading the reviews it sounded like it would be sufficient to take off most bolts including the lug nuts. I already have both 3/8" & 1/2" impact ready 6-point sockets so I thought why not go with the compact. I should've really considered the actual torque rating on this.

Going around the engine bay to unscrew some of the 12mm bolts I noticed it takes few seconds to unscrew and thought okay that's odd. I couldn't get the 14mm bolt out of the exhaust area which I ended up using a regular wrench. It was seized a bit so figured it wasn't the drill. Then I wanted to take the lug nuts off and see how long it would take. My WRX is rated up to 89 ft lbs for safe torque which I use with my Tekton torque wrench every time. This impact wrench either took 7-8 seconds to unscrew if not it wouldn't budge. 89 ft lbs isn't a lot. So as long as this tool was in fact in good order it's not meant to take off lug nuts was my conclusion unlike what other reviews and online videos say about it being able to take them off.

I was more disappointed honestly it couldn't take off simple bolts in the engine bay that holds the intercooler & turbo in place. I did end up buying the 1/2" 20V Max XR version instead. It's not much more and it's a night and day difference.

Personally if you're working on cars I would go with the 1/2" 20V Max XR. Other tools can be used where the space is tight as I found even this compact design didn't exactly save me much time in the engine bay and found myself using regular wrenches.
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on May 17, 2015
Too weak for an automotive industry.
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on November 8, 2017
This is rated at 130 ft-lbs per the DeWalt website and it couldn't remove lug nuts torques to 120ft-lbs so this is mostly worthless for me. I tried 110 and it took a long time and barely got them off (5-8 seconds before breaking loose). Battery lost steam completely on the last wheel but there were 1-2 I had to break loose myself on EVERY wheel. I wanted something smaller to fit in suspension areas which is why i didn't get the full size unit but now I'm regretting the purchase. I saw they're coming out with a medium torque model in Dec '17 so I guess I will wait and get a bare one so it's not a total waste. Hopefully that one will be somewhere close to its rating unlike this.
I see other people stating they exceeded the rating with what it could break lose, maybe mine is a dud built on Friday afternoon with a weak motor. All the reviews were glowing online and on youtube. Story of my life I guess, my DeWalt glass is half empty not half full.
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on December 17, 2016
I should of bought one years ago. Light weight and the battery doesn't leak like the old 18V batteries when not in use; so I guess all my 18V gear is going up for sale. I hurt my arm changing my suspension with hand tools, and the air compressor didn't work, so it was time to go cordless. So yes lug nuts at 94ft, putting them back on was cool with the variable speed trigger topping off with a torque wench.

I changed the timing belt on my Zetec 2L with hand tools, and that got me to pull the trigger for this. So next project is upgrading my small disc and drum brakes to the SVT brakes; in which should go super fast this time.

So I watch Street Outlaws and saw Chief using the same model on his engine. I'm very happy with it and it should last over 20 years for me; I still have DeWalts from 1998 that I still use and there going strong. If your on the fence like I was and thinking about saving money on a 18V, it's not worth it, just swallow the price and go 20V. And I bought the 1/2 impact today as well.
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on June 5, 2017
Bought this to replace my snap on gun after it broke, a fraction of the price and frankly much nicer
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on December 16, 2017
Helps tremendously on big car jobs.
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on September 10, 2017
great seem to have alot of power
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on August 21, 2017
This driver has some balls!
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on June 9, 2017
This item works better than I could have hoped. I am very happy with my purchase.
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on April 26, 2017
great tool
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