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on February 9, 2011
A friend has converted me to a Dewalt believer over the last few years. And I've always loved his 18V cordless drill. When I spotted this set on sale I couldn't pass it up!

The drill is a 3 speed, 3 mode, adjustable clutch, locking keyless chuck MONSTER of a cordless drill. Three selectable speed ranges lets you maximize availble torque to suit material and application. I have mine in the middle range which suits most applications. Three modes: Screw, Drill, Hammer... The screw mode engauges the clutches to avoid stripping your heads. With 23 clutch settings I think you'll find the right one for your fasteners. Drill mode disengauges the clutches and lets you run your bits without changing your clutch setting. The final mode is Hammer Drill mode for masonry drilling. You gotta love that! I've never seen a keyless chuck that works like this. Holding the cylinder and turnin the chuck unlocks it then spinning the cylinder will tighten or loosen the jaws. Once the jaws are tight, turn the chuck again to lock. NICE! I couldn't be happier with this drill!!!

Also in this set are two 18V XRP DC9096 Ni-Cad batteries and a one hour charger. The packs aren't that much larger than the 15.6V I'm used to with my previous drill but definitely offer much more power. They are heavy but not so much that you care. The one hour quick charger is mode protected to prevent over charging and even has an indicator to tell whether it's charging, complete, or even if their's a problem with the battery. One word about your batteries...keep them charged ALL OF THE TIME. Batteries tend to devlop issues if they'll left in discharged state. Fully charged batteries will have better overall performance and a longer life. I just put mine on the charge every month or so to top them off.

6.5" Circular Saw. I haven't cut anything with it yet but I have an up and coming project involving 1/2" ply, 2x4s, 2x6s, and 4x4 porch spindles. I'll let you know how it did. As for the physics of it. It feels like a beast. A good heavy motor and cast body. It has a nice lever lock for the depth adjustment and nob lock for for the angle.

Reciprocating Saw... Again haven't cut anything with it yet, but soon. It feels good in the hand. With a pack inserted it feels about the same weight as my 7.5amp Craftsman. I have high hopes for this little beauty.

Update: 12-27-2011: I recently had to repair and upgrade a shower. I used this on metal, wood, and PVC. I'm thoroughly impressed. It cuts like a champ, as fast as my corded model, and though I wasn't cutting all day long, the battery held it's charge thru the entire project. This handly tool just moved to the head of the pack. Loading the blade is simple and tooless. But even being tooless, the blade was rock solid! It accepts all standard reciprocating saw blades.

4" Angle Grinder... This and the price difference were the reasons I went with this set over the 4 tool set. I caught this one on sale and the difference was less than $50. I wasn't sure how this thing was going to work but man am I impressed. It comes with one thin cutoff wheel and it does DAMAGE. I used it to cut some 1.25" x 1/8" thick angle steel to length. It went thru it nearly as fast as my 7" 13 amp grinder. You can feel the torque! The safty sroud is fully adjustable for the best angle with a lever tensioner. The stablizer handle can be mounted on either the right or left side. There's not much more to say about it. Great for those little jobs and in tight spaces.

On to the "what's with this?" category. The impact driver I'm not as impressed with but then I wasn't expecting much or even really to use it. I thought I read somewhere it puts out 400 in-lbs of torque. I'm not even sure it this converts but assuming there's not some strange law of physics I'm unaware of that's something like 33-ft-lbs? Okay... But I suppose if your lazy or you have TON of little bolts to take off that are rusted on, then maybe...

Update 4-28-2011: I recently installed a full glass storm door on my parent's house. I used the drill to pre-drill the three dozen or so holes in the project. I finally figured out that the impact driver has a locking collet and is actaully a "impacting" screw gun. And surprisingly it works really well. It made short work of this project and I had NO...NOT ONE issue with rounding my screw heads. All-in-all VERY impressed!

The light is...well a light. Though I can say it's strong and bright! Honestly, I would prefer LED just because I hate wasting my battery power on these little portable space heaters. Seriously, if your cold stand in front of this thing for a minute, it'll warm you up. That said if power's no where to be found, this will light up your little corner of the universe.

It comes also with a nylon bag that once closed is just about busting with your new toys. It's not really heavy duty nylon but at the same time it should be fine. It also comes with a few accessories. As I mensioned before a single 4" cutoff wheel for your grinder. It also comes with one 16 tooth carbide blade for your circular saw and a tool to install it.

All in all, the price is amazing and so is this set. If you casual hobbist or a professional contractor you should be equaly impressed. These are battery tools and as such aren't going to be as strong or reliable as your bigger corded models. But trust me, if for no other reason than sake of ease, these will be the ones I grab first.
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on October 8, 2016
When going with cordless tools, the brand and type becomes an important decision as you want to get tools that will use the same battery and charging system. The DeWalt tools have a consistent high quality and I feel that the 18 volt XRP system is the right balance of size, weight, and capacity for the battery. The 6 tools in this set was the right group for me as I will be able to use every tool in this set. The only thing missing was the jig saw which I purchased separately. For me it was the right balance between the 4 or 5 tool set which was not enough and the 9 tool set which was too much. I purchased this set to replace and add to my regular corded drill, circular saw, etc. The freedom of cordless tools makes projects so much easier. The batteries have lasted through entire weekend projects on a single charge, with plenty of power to spare.

While I purchased this set as a homeowner for use with projects around the house, I am involved in the construction industry and DeWalt tools (including some of the very same models found in this set) are always found out on our job sites. It's hard to argue with the guys that make their living using these tools!

Delivery was fast - arriving before expected, and the everything was in perfect condition.
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on August 16, 2014
what a good deal ! I have been wanting to upgrade my tools since I have become retired so to speak , and this is what I wanted . after 35 years in the construction plumbing contractor business/trades , I have seen all brands out there and most are very reliable for hard work but after seeing the Dewalt brand at my last job in St. Thomas , USVI ,, I had seen them being abused and beaten up and still kept going . yes they do burn out , but after years of hard service . I just loved the complete set I got , it had every tool I wanted and could need . I did add the jigsaw but to only complete my set of tools ! I know that they have come out with 20 volt and + , but the 18 volt works great for all my needs and then some . it does charge quickly and holds the charge for awhile ,, impressive .! would have liked they were made in the USA , but being made in Mexico was just fine too. well constructed and packaged . the skilled workers who made these tools had given pride and care into making them , I think .
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on December 29, 2013
This is a great cordless Dewalt set. It has just about everything you need for projects around the house which is what I bought it for.
I actually use the same kind at work which is why I bought this kind for my self.

Update 5/3/12: I have used every tool in this kit remodeling my house and cleaning up the yard.

The angle grinder works great but its draw back is that it eats the batteries up quickly.

The impact driver works great and is my favorite tool.

I used the sawzall to cut up a huge branch that broke off of a tree in my yard... Worked great... only problem was I would kill the two batteries and than have to wait for them to charge.

Circular saw works great.

The drill works great too used it in hammer drill mode to attach some stuff to the basement wall. worked like a champ.

I didn't expect anything less from this set of tools. like I said I used them in a heavy use scenario at work so I know they will perform to what ever I throw at them at home.
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on January 11, 2015
Been using these tools for several months as core to a home remodel. Having two batteries is great. They last quite a while and charge very quickly. Having two is nice not because I need to switch them out but because I am often using more than one two for the same job.
They tools shipped with blades for the circular and cutoff tool. It was a little disappointing that I had to buy blades for the reciprocating saw and bits for the drills. Also, the flashlight arm should be a bit stiffer as it tends to sag if you try to position it anyway but straight up or snapped into the base (it tends to fall over easily too as the base is not heavy enough).
Accessories and add-ons are easily found at Home Depot. I would recommend this for any DIYer
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on December 29, 2013
I couldn't be happier with a tool kit. I replaced a kit I owned for almost 10 years, that was a homeowner type kit. I was going to get a Makita kit until I spoke with a guy at work that explained about their interchangeable batteries from NiCad, NiMHydride and LiIon all being able to be used in them. The ratings were as good as the Makita, I am sold. I have been prejudiced against DeWalt cordless tools due to the older designs being unbalanced and difficult to use. These are not, they have fixed that problem
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on December 27, 2013
My husband kept hinting that he wanted Dewalt tools for Christmas. All of his tools were hand me downs from his Dad or quick purchases to get a job done. It was nice to give him a set with known quality. It's the perfect set to get started. I especially love the charging dock for the battery. He is notorious for leaving things plugged in all the time and the dock has a smart sensor on it. It will not overcharge and drain the battery. Instead it will re-balance the battery cells.
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on January 25, 2014
I was actually not looking for such a large kit, but Amazon had this priced at an amazing price. It has every cordless tool I need for the job, no matter what the job is. I would recommend additional batteries with all the extra tools. It is handy to have extras to reduce the inconvenience of changing back and forth on a complex project. The XRP batteries included are still the high quality strong workhorse they have been for years. Be it known that the 2 saws and the cutoff tool will drain the batteries quickly when you are really working the tools, but for moderate jobs or the other tools, the batteries last a good long time. I absolutely would recommend to a friend or family member. If you are on the fence about the new 20 volt stuff, forget it, you can't beat the value of these old 18 volt tried and true.
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on December 10, 2015
For the price this is a good set. Not something I see the contractors using. However, this set got me started building my house and working as a carpenter. Great starter kit for you silly hipsters that want to prove that your beard is more than just a fad.
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on February 16, 2014
Good tools. Used the Recip. Saw and drill yesterday under a house cutting out old plumbing. Worked all day and didnot have to change battery. Actually more tools than I needed for the job but a bargain for all six and you never know when you will need a cut off saw or an impact driver. I have to say that hte supposed contractors bag is not something I would call a contractors bag. I worked for a lot of contractors when I worked construction and no contractor I worked for would send his good tools out in a bag that light and flimsy and expect them to come back in good shape. The bag arrived already torn at the bottom but , Amazon the good people that they are , made it all right. One more reason I like toorder from Amazon
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