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on January 3, 2003
I'll just hit the major points:
- Very solidly built. Very stable.
- The electric brake is so much more convenient than I expected. You can switch out workpieces within about 2 seconds of a cut. Now my table saw bugs me because it takes so freakin' long to spin down.
- It should have come with at least some worthy accessories. The vertical clamp (DW7082) would be a good choice, IMO.
- The dust bag is completely worthless - without a vacuum-assisted dust collection system, sawdust rockets out the back of the machine. Even with a vacuum-assist, you'll be sweeping up afterwards. If this is really an issue, maybe sawing isn't for you. (*laugh*)
- The depth-stop system is shady. If you press a little harder than "last time", the saw will bow down a little more. It's very inconsistent. Don't depend on it for a "real" dado. That said, it is very convenient if ultra-consistent depth isn't important for a given task.
- The over-45 degree angle cuts are more a marketing gimmick than really useful - it takes more than trivial adjustments to bring this setup around. And then you have to un-do everything to get the stops back to 45.
- When I was researching this saw, I read several complaints about the sliding arm bearings "shifting" or being a shaky (which would result in inconsisent cuts, of course). These people obviously do not read manuals. Just adjust the bearings using the tool in the back of the arm. It takes maybe 30 seconds to do a very thorough job of getting the sliding arm very tight (tolerance) and exact.
- Yellow is a good color for tools.
- It comes more-or-less set up. It's always a little disheartening to open up your new tool to discover a bunch of metal bits and a few baggies of screws. You can make some sawdust within a few minutes of opening the box. It did take some adjustment to get it to where I was ready to *use* it, but nothing major. A minor point, but still pleasing.
- The handle being perpendicular to the blade and shifted towards center makes it not only more ergonomic, but also you can cut with either hand.
- The fences are very nice - they are tall, very sturdy and stable, and adjust/remove with only one wing-bolt.
- Of course the dual-bevel is great (though, honestly, gratuitous - still, I'm a fan)
- The cam-action miter base is superb.
- The adjusty-tool stores right in the back of the arm. Very convenient.
- The included saw blade is mediocre. It's great for chopping 2x4s or something, but it's not appropriate for "pretty" lumber.
So - I really like this saw. If there was a 4.5 star option, I'd go with it. If it was less or came with accessories (other than that dust bag), I'd give it 5.
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on November 13, 2004
I bougt this saw and then used it as my primary cutting tool when I framed a 2600 SF home. It works great for framing and really improves your cuts while in many cases saving you the time of using the framing square. The large 12" diameter blade and the large cut capacity allow you to miter even big pieces of lumber.

I live in Washington and in this part of the country we frame outside even in poor weather. This saw stood up to work in heavy rains, freezing temperatures and hot sun. The blade that came with the saw also lasts quite a while. I framed the whole house and the blade only showed signs of getting dull towards the end.

Many framers and carpenters I've seen who use this saw simply place it on the ground or a temporary work bench. It's tough to get a good cut on a longer piece of wood if you do it this way so I highly recommend a miter saw stand. The Dewalt stand is what I use. It's better than nothing but it's pretty flimsy.

As for the cons...

If you're lugging this thing to a construction site every day and then throwing it in the back of your truck after work you'll find that it's heavy, bulky and akward to move. I stored mine at the construction site in a steel shed for security and so I didn't have to lug it home every day.

Also, although the saw is great for framing, I've had problems using it to do millwork. The 12" diameter blade flexes a lot and makes it very difficult to get precise cuts in many cases.

The motor is powerful and will cut effortlessly through most materials, but it does bog down quite a bit when you do angle cuts through gluelam or versalam engineered lumber.
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on November 25, 2000
I have had several Radial Arm Saws in the shop for years. I got this Dewalt Sliding Miter saw as a modern replacement (substitute).
I have had the saw in operation for about 60 days now. The primary advantage is in the ability to saw while pushing towards the fence. You can do this with the RAS but it is tricky getting the stock in place. The 708 swings the blade downward to the stock. This is very helpful when crosscutting wide sections of hard maple. The saw comes up to full speed and down to a halt very quickly ( less than one second). it seems to have plenty of power.
The miter stops are OK for general use; but you will need to measure and clamp for precision work.
The saw is not effective without both a long support table both left and right. I am a short person and setting the compound tilt requires my walking around the saw. I can't reach over it to the knob on the back. This is awkward with the long support tables in place. The dadoing (depth adustment) is useless. It is just a little screw that bears against an unsound part of the frame. 12" is probably as small as I would go for blade size.
There is a dust port; but almost no dust either naturally nor with vacuum attached; goes out this port. You will need to adapt your shop dust system to collect dust as it exits, fairly straight back from the blade.
My shop is not a construction site, so I have not exposed the DeWalt to the rigors of those tasks. I am happy with this tool; but alas it is not the perfect tool....
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on December 16, 2004
The DW708 is a great saw for miters that do not require perfection. On mine, when the split fence was set perp. to the blade, the other half of the fence was .007 out (V-shaped if you will). This doesn't cut it when building furniture. I had the fence surface ground at a local machine shop and all is perfect now. Out of the box, this saw may be good for mitering decking material or for cutting ends that are going to twist, warp and bend anyway. But, if you are looking for a precision saw for furniture building or cabinet face framing, expect to add another $300 fixing up the fence. I was a little disappointed at the quality, but I guess it's I should have not expected precision from overseas.
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on September 16, 2001
I bought this saw around 8 months ago and have used it both on contruction projects and fine woodworking jobs (oak, ash and walnut). The Dewalt cuts through everything I have thrown at it very nicely including the 6/4 oak.
I have two relatively minor complaints. As others have noted, the dust collection port on the saw is a joke. The other problem I have had deals with trying to read the bevel gauge. At 90 degrees, it it nearly impollible to get a straight view of the hair line in order to line it up directly on the 90 degree line. Fortunately, it is easy to use a compound square for this setting in lieu of the gauge. My list of two flaws didn't include the depth of cut adjustment (it doesn't work) only because no one should buy this saw to cut dados anyway.
All in all, I am very pleased with this purchase. I attached the saw to a mobile stand (the Trojan) and bought a better blade than the one provided when I am doing fine cutting. The blade that was provided works fine for rough carpentry projects.
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on August 10, 2002
I just got my DW708 from all set up. While I had fiddled with the saw at my local home center, I really didn't see the quality until I started adjusting it. The adjustments are well thought out and very user friendly. While it was near perfect out of the box, I just couldn't leave well enough alone and re-adjusted every angle. I got it set up on my folding miter stand and it works like a dream. While I looked at the Makita and Milwaukee sliders, the DW708 is to dawg. The only downside is that the dust collection and bag design are not up to par with the rest of the saw.
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on December 16, 2013
This saw is my personal choice, after using one of them at work for several years. The motor has plenty of torque and speed, the blade has lots of cutting depth, and the miter is spot-on, once set. I haven't had to re-adjust a thing, after three carbide blades-worth of woodworking. Excellent product!
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on July 5, 2004
This is a great saw, and they've improved the dust collection -- my only complaint with an older model. Buying it from Amazon/toolcrib, however, is a nuisance. Trying to get presales support was useless, with conflicting information or tech people just reading me things from the web site. More importantly, the delivery time they gave me was a window of more than two weeks, and it took nearly 3 weeks to get the thing. AND, it arrived BROKEN. Fortunately, Dewalt is sending me a new one, but clearly someone had dropped this saw along the way since the lockdown pin was bent and the handle housing was broken. I bought from amazon only because they had a (...) when I bought the saw, but the price they quoted changed from day to day on the web site.
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on May 27, 2008
I had been eyeing this product in the stores for years, but could never afford it. Then offered it at an unbeatable price.

I have had the saw about two years now and I must say it is worth every penny I spent on it. I am an amateur woodworker and the precision this saw gives me is superb. Moreover, it is very flexible in its set-ups allowing me to do things I couldn't imagine doing two years ago.

As always, made the process easy and fast.

Bill Affleck
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on August 16, 2001
I have owned several miter saws, including a second that I still maintain, a Delta. This saw by far exceeds my expectations. It is accurate and smooth in its operation. I enjoy the fact that the motor shuts off almost instantly once finished. The "D" Handle is a must and DeWalt has done and promised it's best in this tool
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