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on June 25, 2016
While it is a great router for small projects, I wouldn't run it for extended periods of time. It will get hot and melt parts. The one I bought melted a rubber bushing, and destroyed a brush. I did some research after the fact and found out that this router is notorious for burning out brushes.
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on October 24, 2014
After returning the Bosch colt and plunge base to amazon because 3 separate plunge bases would not allow the Bosch motor to go all the way in and the fine adjustment was a nightmare (changes when locked in) i ordered the Dewalt 611 PK from amazon. After a week with this router it is much better than the Bosch hands down. I have always been a fan of Bosch but they lost out on this one. I have been a woodworker for over 50 years and have several routers but at my age the smaller the better if it performs. The only complaint i have with the Dewalt is at my age (84) the spindle lock for changing bits is hard for me to use with artheritis in my hands, i really prefer the 2 wrench system myself for me it's much easier to use. Other than that to me it beats the Bosch colt hands down. Every part of this router is very easy to set up and use. Hope this helps others to decide. W. Booker
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on January 3, 2015
It's everything I needed in a router. I know it's just a palm router, but I cut out an entire guitar with it plus built templates, planed joints, did very precise cuts, and gutted hoards of wood out of thick slabs and it never noticed. I love how fast it is to swap bases and bits. The LED lights are a huge plus! This is a quality piece of equipment!
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on May 7, 2011
With the Amazon price drop & DeWalt's current $30 rebate, I took the plunge (pun intended) on the DeWalt DWP611PK. I am *very* impressed!

I like my Bosch Colt routers a lot and use them often, but IMO the DeWalt is clearly superior (although durability is unknown). The after-rebate price seems very fair for all this functionality.

The only things that I prefer on the Colt are the:
1) Rubber grips (vs. the raised-dimple aluminum on the DeWalt). The Colt's grip is better when your hands get sweaty, and generally more comfortable.
2) Offset base which has come in handy a few times (no equivalent on the DeWalt)
3) Less-cheesy wrench (the DeWalt is flat stamped steel)
4) Hard case (the DeWalt comes with a canvas bag, but this is obviously personal preference) - see update below
Only the grip and offset base are significant to me. In every other respect (accuracy, flexibility, precision, ease-of-use) the DeWalt is better than the Colt.

Much of the dado-style & circle-cutting work that I do is with small bits where a 1/4" shaft works well (and a smaller/lighter router is easier to handle). But without a plunge base I was reluctant to use the Colt (I'm not comfortable plunging fixed-base routers...). The DeWalt plunge action is very smooth, and feels similar to my Bosch 1617 (but obviously with less tension). The plunge depth stop is just outstanding - very easy to adjust quickly, but also quite precise.

DeWalt obviously did their homework, and hopefully the DWP611 is reliable. The overall quality is higher than I expected, with minimal slop and very precise adjustments. The little DeWalt has an abundance of small refinements that I'd read about in other reviews but are even more impressive in-person. One surprise is that the motor can easily be re-oriented 180 deg; this is helpful for handling the power cord or aligning the power switch with the correct base edge. The LEDs near the shaft work very well to illuminate the cutting zone. And the clear polycarbonate ("Lexan") bases are one less thing that I need to replace!

If your woodworking includes lots of cuts appropriate for 1/4" shaft bits, definitely consider this router. My Colts are now relegated mostly to basic round-over work.

FWIW, the one I received was made in Mexico.

** Update August 2011 **

If anything, my impressions of the DWP611 are even better after several months of use. So far, no reliability issues. The dust collection hoods are sturdy and work very well, although dragging around a hose for long cuts is a PITA so I only use the hoods for relatively small cuts. Overall, I just *love* this little router! I'm thinking about getting a second one and unloading one of my Colt's. The only reason I'd keep a Colt at all is for the occasional use of the offset base. The little DeWalt is just a much better router.

FWIW, with all the accessories, I now prefer the canvas case. I'm not dragging the router around in the back of a pickup, and the canvas case is easier and faster for the relatively light DWP611.

If the cost of the DWP611PK seems too high, then consider the fixed-base-only model: DEWALT DWP611, but the plunge base is *very* handy, and what I use most often.
Or, keep your eyes open for a periodic price-drop from Amazon, and/or a rebate from DeWalt. :D
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on December 10, 2014
Let me start off by saying I in no way shape or form work for Dewalt. I only own one Dewalt tool and this is it.

The Dewalt DWP611PK is the absolute BEST router you can buy. I have owned several, including the Bosch Colt which is no comparison. That is coming from a Bosch loyalist. But no more will I be brand loyal. Dewalt has made the best trim router available. I bought mine during the Dewalt sale this Christmas and got the Combo(plunge base and fixed base), the Edge guide, and the Round sub base for less than $150 shipped. The Bosch Colt only came with the fixed base and edge guide for ~$115 YMMV. The plunge base for it was an additional ~$90.

1) The LED lights. They are positioned perfectly to light you path. Why haven't they made these sooner.
2) The Plunge base adjusts with ease. Press the lever to adjust and release to hold with confidence that it will not slip.
3) Changeover from the fixed base to the plunge base takes literally seconds.
4) Micro depth adjustment just simply WORKS! You couldn't ask for anything easier.
5) Amazon had the lowest price I found. The big box houses couldn't come close. Good Job Amazon!

1) Where was this router 10 years ago?!?
2) I couldn't find anymore. Sorry.

For all those negative reviews, all that can be said is A) you're not truthful, B) you got a dud, send it back or call Dewalt Customer Service, or C)you're a competitor writing false reviews.

I will definitely look at Dewalt more seriously.

Good Job Dewalt!!!
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on August 18, 2016
What can i say? i was always leery of a "compact' router thinking it wasnt built for "routering". This thing is killer. It handles all my everyday router needs. Hundreds of feet of smooth roundover on lots of furniture pieces. i cant believe i have been using my big router for these tasks. The big one works good but hard to see around it and it is cumbersome. this compact unit is easy to handle and see around and it is light enough to comfortably hold with one hand. i still have a tendency to bump the adjustment ring loose and thats something i have to get used to working around. And it is also surprisingly quiet which is a nice change for router projects. Took my old big one and put it on the router table to stay and take care of shaping needs.i will update after i do some plunging work but by playing with it i expect to be impressed with that aspect as well. I have a lot of dewalts and this is definitely one of the best yellow tools i own. Highly recommend. But check the big box stores. Could have saved some money by buying at Home Depot.
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on August 7, 2016
When Dewalt markets this router as "Max Torque" they're actually referring to the screws that attach the subbase plate to the motor housing. The first one that Amazon sent me had screws so tight that they couldn't be removed to change the base plate, so I sent it back. Yesterday the second kit arrived - same problem. This time the screw head completely stripped smooth and still wouldn't budge, so I went to Lowes and bought a screw extractor kit and new screws. Not the end of the world, but it pisses me off that I should have to spend time and money to fix a new machine.

Other than that, OK router, for a trimmer.

As usual, Amazon service is the best, bar none.
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on November 9, 2014
This is a well-designed, well-made tool. It's smaller and less powerful than a standard sized 1-3/4 to 2-1/4 HP router, so if you're buying your first router you should look elsewhere - the DeWalt 618, Bosch 1617, or Porter-Cable 690. The DeWalt 611 has a 1-1/4 HP motor and it's small enough to be held with one hand, but it only takes bits with a ¼" shaft, whereas a standard router will accept both 1/4" and 1/2" bits. If you use it with one hand, be sure to keep your other hand clear of the router bit. It's good for chamfering, rounding over edges, edging countertop laminate, and for trimming the stick-on facing used on the exposed edges of plywood. It might make shallow dados, but for any moderately heavy work it's better to use a standard two-handed router. Similarly, it wouldn't be sensible to mount the DeWalt 611 under a router table, because the lack of extra power would limit the depth and width of cuts.

The design of the fixed base is similar to the Porter-Cable 690, which is a classic. The motor rotates inside the base like a big screw inside a big nut (the base). So it's easy to make fine adjustments up and down. A rotating collar lets you set zero and then rotate the motor to a specific depth. A locking collar holds the motor securely so that the bit stays at the desired depth. The adjustment mechanism probably makes it a better choice than the Bosch Colt trim router, with which it competes, and it has a couple of refinements vs. the Porter-Cable trim router, even though both brands are owned by the same corporation. The motor has a soft start, which makes it safer and easier to use as a hand-held tool. There's a shaft lock you hold so that you can tighten or loosen the bit with one wrench instead of two, and it works better than most router shaft locks. The wrench that was included (in Nov. 2014) was made from heavy gauge steel - heavier than the wrench included with the larger DeWalt 618.

The plunge base included with the 611PK kit is well designed, with four turret stops and a threaded stop rod that can be used to make very fine depth adjustments, so it's suitable for doing marquetry and inlay work. You can orient the router in both the fixed and plunge bases with the cord facing toward you or away from you.

The 611PK kit comes in a heavy duty nylon bag rather than in a hard case, which some reviewers complain about. I think it's fine as long as you don't fling it around. The only complaint I have is that the instructions are printed in 8 point type, which is just too small. That seems to be a corporate policy for Porter-Cable routers, and P-C owns DeWalt. Even the downloadable PDF manual uses tiny type, and if you enlarge it and print it at home, the image fuzzy. Bosch makes a much more readable instruction manual and DeWalt could learn from that.
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on January 27, 2017
This is a nice, solidly built, little router. The LED's in the clear base provide excellent visibility to the bit. The tool feels well made and fits comfortably in the hand. To add some perspective, virtually all of my other hand power tools are Festool, including the routers, and I am still pleased with the quality and workability of this router.

I recently used this router with a trammel to cut out some circles out of 3/4" plywood using a 3/8" bit. While I cut them using several passes, the operation didn't bog the motor down and the router performed admirably. This router has also performed beautifully using a 1/4-Inch Spiral Flush Trim Bit to trim 1" hard maple face frame.
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on April 27, 2015
Top quality router, highly recommend.
Very easy to work with, intuitive and easy snaps and clamps, good quality cord, very convenient handles and transparent sub-plate — so good to finally see what I'm doing! And having fixed AND plunge bases in one kit — it's amazing for the money!

The weight (I can operate with it single-handed!), size (on fixed base it can be conveniently held with just one palm) and power of this router is amazing — I flipped it over for a DIY router table — and it is very good even with large bits!

Variable speed — you'll love it!
Many trimming routers don't have it, but I sometimes use large bits and this is a must have for them, as you have to use lower speed to avoid burning.

Be aware that fixed base has a standard "D" sub-plate, which hole doesn't accommodate standard 1-3/16" bushings, you'll have to buy a round plate replacement for this. But the round plate is quite small, making the footprint (and stability) is even smaller, so I just use the plunge base, which accommodates the bushings natively.

Also be aware that this router doesn't have a vacuum attachment — you have to buy them separately. Both bases have their own attachments, so be prepared to pay, like, 6-8 additional dollars for each, if you are going to use the vacuum.

The only con I can think of — the standard "D" sub plate (fixed base) and the replacement round one are quite small and you have to be careful holding the router flat to the table — but plunge base doesn't have this issue, it's much larger and sturdier.

Highly recommend this router to anyone!
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