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on January 31, 2011
i normally don't do reviews, but they helped me, and i hope this helps you.

on the electric start, it starts up great. coldest day so far was about 10 degrees, and it takes about 4 spins to hit, and a few more turns to sustain. a big puff of black smoke and some loping, and then you are off to the races. the starter whirs without engaging sometimes, but catches the next time.

the frame and chassis are adequate. too often they skimp on wheels, etc. this bitch is heavy and needs the rugged frame.

it seeems to sip diesel fuel, as advertised. i don't let it get close to running out, but i've gone 6-7 hours without refueling. the fuel cap is well positioned and easy to access (can't say the same for the oil).

i haven't challenged the electrical side but i think the outlets work as advertised and don't overload prematurely. i'm running a well pump on it, 50 hours continuous at 230v 15 amp no problem.


so far, biggest complaint is how unfriendly it is to drain and refill the oil. the drain spills oil all over the frame and filling gets it all over the tires. i think a turkey baster might solve the filling problem next time.

it seems awful noisy to me, but i'm not used to being around these things.


i tried to man up and start it with the rope the first day, since i didn't have a battery on hand. i could not get it to start, and it had me worried. it still wouldn't start with a battery, so i pulled the fuel lines and bled the air out, and it started. i haven't tried the pull rope since. i pulled all the lines, but i think you only need to pull the rubber line which is not hard to do.

the factory settings were too low for engine rpm and the voltage wasn't high enough. my pump man said i needed 215 v. minimum. we reset the idle speed and got 230v right off the bat. no issues since.


i did the math and decided the payback point was only about 200 hours for the fuel consumption and the extra [...] bucks to get the diesel version. i would already have hated to haul as much gasoline as i've used so far but i have a diesel tank, and that helps.

at one point before he became a failed presidential lecher candidate, john edwards asked: what have we ever got from china, besides lead in our toys, blah blah. i thought then, we all have toys like this (and cordless drills, and on and on) that we never would have had a generation ago. not saying it's a good thing, but there it is..

good luck.
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on December 27, 2011
Ok, so this is a long story but bear with me. There were enough people on here that had good reviews that I took the chance and purchased the unit. That was March 2011.

I was in Afghanistan until July, so I didn't get a chance to check out the gen until August. In August, I finally fueled it up, and put oil in it and tried to start it using the pull-cord starter. OUCH! Now I know diesel engines naturally have very high compression rates and if I were in a "Life and Death" situation, I think I could EVENTUALLY start this thing with the pull cord, but after the thing pulled me back and almost broke my wrist; I quit!

August became September and I purchased a battery from "the battery store" for $80 and it fired right up! I am running bio-diesel through it and it worked great, and because its bio-diesel the exhaust smells great too. I was so excited and got all my extension cords out. The first thing I was going to run on it was my microwave and TV. (Essentials in an emergency situation, right?) So I plug in the microwave and the light inside is about half as bright as it's supposed to be and the turn-table turns (slowly) but no "microwaving" happens. Now I had read the complaints about the voltage regulator, but I thought that they must have been isolated incidents. Unfortunately, I was wrong. I hooked up my multimeter to it and found out that it was only putting out 69 volts.

So I called ETQ and they were very helpful, very courteous. 2-3 weeks later, I got the part, changed it out, and there was no change. However, the guy I talked to (who no longer works there) sent me a Voltage Converter (to convert from 12VDC to 110VAC) but not the proper voltage regulator.

Long story short, Eastern Tools doesn't stock enough parts for this (or any of their generators) to be able to send them out if/when they break down, so they had to come and get it so that they could send me a brand new one. This policy is stupid in my opinion, instead of just having a $20 part on hand, but that's what they wanted to do.

So now I'm waiting for my new one. I'll keep ya'll up-to-date on whether or not the new one works...

...Update, February 2013.
(It was only so difficult to start with the pull cord because it had never been started and there was air in the lines. It starts every time, very easily now that it has been broken in.)
I received my new, replacement generator from Eastern Tools in less than 8 weeks. The delivery man help my wife put it in the garage as I was at work at the time.
At the time we were in Fort Campbell, KY (Clarksville, TN) and I used it numerous times during power-outages. I especially like the fact that it comes with a 240 Volt (L14-30 plug) so I can even run my dryer with it. It's got more than enough power to run my standup deep freezer, refrigerator, microwave, washer and dryer, and TV/DVD player all at the same time!

All-in-all, even though it was a bumpy start, I love my diesel generator because with only 3.17 Gallons (12 Liters) of fuel the generator will run for over 12 hours at a 70% load!

Just to defend Eastern Tools, everyone I ever spoke to was very professional, very courteous and extremely helpful! They get 5 stars for their customer service! If you want a diesel generator that is guaranteed to not have ANY problems then pay 5-6 THOUSAND DOLLARS, but if you want an excellent Chinese made diesel generator with excellent customer service then pay the $1000 for this one!

I know this review is long, but I hope it has helped someone decide either way!
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on December 19, 2011
I keep this gen around for backup in case of power outage .. we typically get 1 - 2 outages a year due to heavy snowfall ... of coarse since I've had this we've had none! I'm gonna get a snowblower to make sure it snows no more next year??!!

But seriously, I've run this for some power tools (only a small 4" grinder) at the end of the drive way, and it works great. When I first got it the Oil Filter was a bit bunged up from the factory .. looked like it was installed a bit crooked .. I emailed ETQ and they sent me out 2 new ones no charge very quickly. Make sure when you store it you pull the pull start cord until you feel sig resistance .. this will make sure both valves are closed and will keep moisture from accumulating in the Cyl.

Overall Very happy with it. I would have given it full stars ... but I just don't have enough "real time" hours on it to say for sure.

Tractor on.
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on August 26, 2011
I received this generator on time, but it hasn't worked since I received it. Initial issues were addressed by manufacturer mailing me parts (Oil pressure sensor and starter recoil assembly) which I installed. However, that didn't fix it, as it initially put out very low voltage, and now won't start at all, and has developed a fuel leak at the fuel switch. After an approximately 6 week search, the manufacturer (Eastern Tools) cannot seem to find an authorized service location in Phoenix AZ, a rather large metro area. (I recently found a place that will fix it, and sent the firm's info to them, and am still awaiting a response.) The distributor (Tooltopia) says they cannot do an exchange since they have no more in stock (I got the very last one? Ooookay.), nor will they refund my money. So I have a 300 pound paper weight, that leaks diesel fuel, sitting in my garage unsued, where it has been since I received it, over two ago months now. I guess that's the risk you take when you buy a Chinese made generator, "made" and distributed by two U.S. companies, neither of which is able or willing to honor their warranty, at least so far. The saga continues...

UPDATE: Eastern Tools eventually replaced it after 4 months, but only because they did not have a part in stock (fuel switch). I had to box it up, palletize it, and take it to the airport at my own expense (lesson learned: save the box AND the pallet). The new generator works just fine.
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on December 12, 2009
Now I have a genset we have no Hurricanes!!!! I've powered up the gen a number of times, it's noisey but not crazy, it takes load very well and barely uses fuel.
Very good buy.
NOTE It comes with a cover.
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on June 27, 2011
nothing but good things to say about this generator. Everything works. It starts easily. The wheels are large enough that it's very portable. All is good.
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