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on June 22, 2010
This laptop sponge case definitely does the job. It completely fits my MacBook Pro 15.4" laptop and the thick, spongy, black padding on the inside provides a protective design, which keeps the zipper from scratching the laptop. Also, a little plus, it was delivered with some styrofoam support to keep the case from folding during shipping. I just kept that foam in there as extra padding for my laptop.

I love the floral print on this case, but I had two set-backs. 1) It's definitely a print on top of a case...I assumed that the print was ingrained into the fabric and that the fabric was dyed to hold the floral design. I just hope that in the future, the floral design does not start peeling off or cracking off the case. For that sake, I'd be afraid to wash it in the washer if it got dirty. Instead I'd spot clean it. It has the feel of iron-on stickers being applied to a gray case. Other than that, the color of the print is vivid and the print itself is heavy duty. 2) The print is only on one side. I was under the impression that maybe it was on both sides, but nope! Only one side. I guess if the fabric was dyed and the print was on both sides...that'd just add to the cost of it.

In conclusion, for the $$$ I spent, this is a great, functional, and aesthetically pleasing urban-esque floral art printed case. Already received compliments on it and I'd recommend it for personal use or as a gift.
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on November 5, 2010
Overall, this case is very nice for me. I got it purely for the design(which is on both sides, by the way), and was very glad that it seems to be a fairly quality product as well. The stitching isn't exactly invincible, but it should stand up to moderate use for a good while. The colors are nice, but mine did have three very very tiny white spots on one side that look like bleach spots. Nothing I worry much about, probably just a fluke, and I'm not kidding when I say tiny - I wouldn't have noticed if I wasn't examining every single stitch on the thing. Here are the basic points --

~ This case is quite small. I have an ASUS UL30, and I only just get it shut. It would probably fit a macbook perfectly, but if your PC isn't an UltraLight, you probably wont get this thing zipped.

~ I really don't like the rings on the side. They're for attaching a strap to, but it doesn't come with a strap, and this isn't really a heavy duty carrying case anyway. I think they are annoying and unnecessary, and they add a bit of weight to it that I'd rather do without.

~ It STINKS! Very strong chemical odor as soon as I opened it up... But, of course, that will be gone once it's had a chance to air a bit, definitely not a huge concern.

~ Very cool design -- as I'm sure you agree, or you wouldn't be reading this.

~ Thick padding, sure to keep it from getting scratched up in a backpack or just carrying it around -- Though this does have the downside of making it a we bit bulky.

~ Nice zipper. Good inside seam to keep it from scratching your computer, and it has the name Digittrade on the zipper tab, which gives it some traction so its easier to grab and pull.

I really really like this case. If you have a thin computer, I say go for it! I don't think you'll regret buying this. I know I don't.
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on April 12, 2011
I just opened the package, and no the smell was not too overwhelming. Yes, it smells like new plastic-y material, but it isn't overwhelming.

I love the design of it, it looks nice. The picture on here uses a softer yellow than it is really, but that's okay. The image is in the bag, not screened on, so it won't come off.

Zips very very nicely, though the zipper is a bit loud. It is very soft and foamy. I love that, I feel like it's just enough padding.

The only complaint I have is that it is bigger than I expected, slightly too large for my 17" laptop.. but honestly, that's my fault. It's difficult to find a laptop sleeve that will fit just right.

All in all, it's a great sleeve.

I have been using that extra space to carry my charger, mouse, and mousepad along with my laptop so now it is the perfect carrying case!

**EDIT 2**
After a couple years with it the zippers have come off, but the bag itself is still in great shape. Still would recommend.
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on November 30, 2011
Arrived on time, just as it looks on picture. However, there are rings on the side leading one to believe that one can use a strap to carry laptop. Don't try this! The first day I used the sleeve and nylon strip holding the ring on frayed and my 1 month old Toshiba Satellite P775-S7320 fell and broke! So keep in mind this is a large sleeve, made for a large laptop. Don't use the rings, just slip it into a tote or backpack.
So if you want a pretty cover for your laptop, this is for you! But if you want to be able to carry your laptop with a strap, think twice.
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on October 31, 2012
As soon as I saw this, I had to have it for my new 17.3" HP laptop that I'm using for music production.

Just got it, and the quality is very nice - the zipper is heavy duty and yes, the image is printed on both sides of the sleeve - they even went the extra mile to screen print one side of the cassette "A" and the other side "B"!

Things to note are:

Fit is pretty snug - even if you have low profile USB plugs like a wireless mouse mini plug, you'll probably need to remove it every time you use this sleeve.

Fit is even "snugger" with my HP dv7 - this computer has a battery pack "foot" that stretches this sleeve somewhat.

As many others have said, this case DOES smell like your local tire store, and if you are sensitive to this, it could be a deal breaker - if you keep it unzipped and let it air out for about a week, the smell pretty much goes away.

Otherwise, it's a really cool sleeve that brings a smile to my face...
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on July 6, 2015
I've had this for about a year now. The material is a bit thin, but it gives added protection in my laptop bag and while my laptop isn't in use at home.

The design is fantastic. It's still holding up in shape and design after about a year of use. No issues with the zipper, no tears in the fabric, it's a great cover. I've never utilized the D rings on the sides for a shoulder strap, since I just slip this into my laptop bag or backpack as-is (with my laptop in it).

My laptop is 11.6" in size and this fits perfectly around it. I'd recommend it for sure.
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on August 9, 2015
The sleeve is cushy, the zippers are sturdy, and I really love the gear pattern. There are side rings to attach a strap to wear the bag on your shoulder, though note that it doesn't come with a strap. Was reasonably inexpensive - I got mine for just under $20

I have only two complaints, which is why I give it 4 stars instead of 5:
- The straps holding the D rings wear out if you carry a heavy load in it. I used the bag to cart my laptop and a big textbook around campus and on trips home, and broke one of the little straps about 6 months in. I fixed it, and reinforced them on both sides. No new breaking after another couple years, but I wish they'd been that strong in the first place.
- The material holding the two neoprene sides together is a lot thinner, and wears out faster than the rest. The round corners of my macbook were fine, but after carrying a textbook in the bag the corners started to wear through.

Now part of this is my own fault, for carrying both a computer and a textbook in the sleeve, but it does highlight the parts where they cut corners on an otherwise nice bag. I will say that this bag didn't fall prey to the issue of cheap zippers that many others do.
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on March 3, 2011
This case is really nice. It feels smooth and the design is beautiful. The graphics are really nice, and the zipper is of a high quality. [This may seem a minor issue, but seriously, I've had too many zippers that are terrible and just break.] The graphic is not a simple stick on, but it seems as if it's sewn INTO the case, which makes it very durable. The inside of the case is very soft, and has yet to scratch my laptop [the zippers haven't scratched it either]. I love the neoprene material; it's very soft and smooth. Also, it stretches out very nicely in order for me to put my mouse and power cables into the case together with the laptop. The stretchy quality of the case makes it so that it fits very snugly around my laptop, and I really like this.

I have only two complaints about this, both of which would NEVER prevent me from buying a new one:
1) On the inside of the case on the bottom, you can see the sewing, and the stitching sort of overlaps, creating a bump on the outside of the case. However, this is no biggie, since it's a small bump, and barely noticeable.
2) As mentioned by the previous reviewer, there IS a smell to the case. However, I don't think it's nearly as bad as she reviewed it to be. To me, it smelled a little bit, but it was just the neoprene smell that every laptop case comes with. After one or two days, it aired out and smelled like nothing to me.

Addl note: My friend saw my case and asked me where it was. Turns out she really liked the design on it and was considering buying one for herself.

This case is a good buy and is a fashionable way to protect your laptop.
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on April 2, 2011
I wanted to write a review, first of all, because I know a lot of people have been concerned with the smell. I actually like it. It reminds me of going into pool stores when I was little, during summer time. To me it just means that it's NEW/fresh off the press. I'm not sure if that's a proper assessment, but I wouldn't say it stinks, I'd just say few hands have been on it since it was made and that makes it feel clean, to me. It was made and put into the plastic right away.

The case is a little loose on my 15.4" MacBook Pro, so I think it'll fit most 15.4" notebooks pretty well. The extra room is really no big deal/doesn't make a difference. I love neoprene cases because they don't need to be removed when you're going through airport security. Love that it as small rings on the sides so you can clip on a strap. Also would be perfect for the airport and rather than having to open up my carryon and make other travelers wait, I can just go through the line with it over my shoulder (clearly, traveling with a laptop is a big deal to me lol).

The case is exactly what you'd expect. Nice quality. Definitely doesn't seem "cheap" or any different than something coming from some of the more well known case companies. Before this, I had the regular 'ol incase sleeve that everyone and their mom has as well. I believe I paid in excess of $30 for it. It did the job, and they're great cases, but I've never seen sleeves like Digittrade's. I've seen solid colors and polka dots or stripes. The designs on these cases are different. The zebra is ADORABLE. Just a really cute idea to cover an expensive business laptop with something playful and childlike. Always makes things more fun and who knows, maybe it'll spark a little of your own imagination as you're going to open your computer.

Like I said, the quality is exactly what you'd expect/hope for. Sleeves are meant to keep computers from being scratched and it will certainly do that. It's thin, as sleeve should be (great because you can just slide it into your bag that may contain other items that can scratch your computer), but it is not flimsy. There's definitely some protection there.

Overall, definitely like how different it is. It was a great buy and a reasonable price. If the smell is bothersome, I'd just give it a few days to air out or give it a little spritz of febreeze. :)
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on April 15, 2012
I ordered this sleeve based on its positive reviews from other Amazon shoppers. It fits my 15-inch Toshiba Satellite like a glove and is very pretty -- much more stylish than your generic black laptop sleeve, and the design is on both sides (I think other Digitrade sleeves only have the print on one side). However, a few other reviewers had mentioned this product having an acrid, chemical smell out of the box, and MAN, they were not kidding. I left it sitting in my living room and had to open a window the next morning because the smell was still lingering. I'm hoping the stink subsides more with a few more days of airing out, because otherwise it's a very nice case.
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