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Platform: Nintendo Wii|Edition: Standard|Change
Price:$135.96+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on August 18, 2013
Summary: An quick review for the Wii version of Disney Infinity.

Essential points:

- Play Sets only support 1-player gaming; Toy Box supports 2 players

- No concrete information on online support for the Wii version

- One hexagon Power Disc comes with the Starter Pack

- Buying the Sidekick or Villain packs (counterparts for the 3 included characters) is the cheapest way to get more figurines for 2-player co-op.

- Each character is confined to their Play Set when not in Toy Box
- For example, Sulley cannot play in the Pirates/Caribbean Set, Jack Sparrow cannot
play in The Incredibles Set

Controls: Disney Infinity is fairly easy to pick up, but I would advise reading the manual, because this game uses all Wii remote buttons in different ways. Nunchucks are required to play this game, so be prepared. Most controls are standard, so there is not so much of a learning curve here.

Play Set Gameplay: Each Play Set involves completing a plethora of missions (6-10 hours) that help you level up characters, buy special vehicles and weapons, and earn Spins in the Disney Infinity Vault. Some missions are harder than others, but they are fun to complete.

Toy Box Gameplay: Mentioned previously, Spins allow the player to receive items in the Disney Infinity Vault that fill their Toy Box worlds (Block packs, Creativi-Toys, and Landmarks). Those Spins can be earned through Play Set missions and other activities. Toy Box is a really fun experience, and I will certainly have a blast making game 'levels' for my family to win.

Online Play: First off, the Wii is nearly seven years old, so the Internet capabilities are limited. It does not have an option to link to my Disney ID, and I do not see an option to play with others. For now, I would not count on online gaming for the Wii version.

Power Discs: There are three types of discs: Toy Box Toys, Toy Box Themes, and Character Powers. The only way to re-theme a Toy Box world is to collect a Theme disc, FYI. We received "Carl's Cane" (Up) in our pack.

Audio and Video: The audio part of the game seems a little lacking, and not as rich, but the music is dead on. One of the songs makes me feel like I am in Disney World, and 'Metroville' from The Incredibles is fast-paced and jazzy. The graphics were also less than desired, but that's expected from the non-HD Wii.

Overall: This game gets a B+ from me after six hours of gameplay. The Toy Box component is a little more advanced, so that's a good chance for the parent to jump in (wink, wink). The Play Sets are freeplay for the most part, and missions are completed on your own time. Disney hit a triple with this game.

Thanks for reading my review. I may be able to help with any questions, so feel free to ask.
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on September 1, 2013
If you're buying this thinking it's more like Skylanders, you'll be disappointed like almost all of the reviewers. If you're thinking it's more like Mine Craft, then you'll probably be less disappointed, maybe even pleased.

First, I won't go into the details of the game and how it works - "Denise" did a nice job of that in her Most Helpful review.
Secondly, a little perspective may be helpful - the Wii simply doesn't have the technological capabilities/specifications of XBOX or PS3/4, but I knew that when I bought the system (the gameplay was unique at the time - it was also lot less expensive than those systems), so I'm not expecting the best graphics, multiplayer, etc. For the starter pack, if you factor in that individual characters retail for ~$14, then more than half of the cost of this starter set is for the characters, which can be used on any system.
Bottom line, I don't feel ripped off because I know the limitations of my system and I went in with eyes open on this purchase. I'd rather spend the $75 than $400 for a new system, but the main reason why I don't feel ripped off and think the game is cool --

It is basically like Minecraft with a Skylanders twist, except populated by everything Disney. I may be way out in left field here, but I think Toy Box is the main point of the game, not the Play Sets. The Play Sets are fun and I can understand why folks are disappointed in the single-player only restriction, but that's assuming you want a traditional video game. I personally think Play Set mode is your run-of-the-mill mission-driven adventure game, nothing new or groundbreaking here.

But once me and my 9 yr old and 6 yr old figured out how to use the Toy Box mode, which is 2-player, we're spending more time there than in Play Set. Again, its like Disney exploded in Mine Craft (or vice versa). If you've been to Disneyland CA, you'll recognize the cars from the Autopia ride as items you can interact with. The little Lego/Weeble-like denizens are side characters from Disney movies, like Gaston from Beauty and the Beast, and you can build your own Temple of Agrabah from Aladdin with the building materials you acquire. You can ultimately build your own Disney worlds and games, and I think that's what Disney is really advertising and pushing (it certainly looks like that from the commercials and Infinity website). A bonus is that you can download the Toy Box game for your PC and iPad and go mobile! You can enter the codes for all the characters that you purchased and they'll be available on your PC or iPad, and you can download and share toy boxes, plus I don't think you're as limited on how many pieces you can put in your toy box (I haven't explored as much on the PC or iPad versions yet so someone correct me if I am wrong). Keep in mind that the PC and iPad versions are for the Toy Box only (not the playset adventures).

On the Wii, the lack of online multiplayer and downloadable worlds is a slight bummer (but somewhat made up for by the PC and iPad versions), and navigation within the game is not the most intuitive. But we're still enjoying the game. The kids love it and can't wait until other characters come out so we can have Rapunzel battling it out with Perry the Platypus in a Tron-inspired Cars world. Or Lightning McQueen racing Vanellope around the Magic Kingdom. You get the idea...

I have a feeling most won't agree with me, but I just wanted to provide a different perspective as folks consider whether or not to buy this game.
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on March 1, 2016
Purchased this for my grandson at Christmas. It was the 1.0 version. By 6 months, they had come out with 2.0 voiding the option to play the new game pieces on the 1.0. I scurried around and picked up all the 1.0 version I could. We got some that were for the specific game to add a player. Come to find out, cannot play 2 players at same time... example: Incredibles, Dash and Dad. Or cars: Lightening, and Holly. Then, we are having issues with the game programming not playing properly in Incredibles, when you get to Dodge section> can't by pass or get any farther. That is half of the game he can't play. I am so disappointed in Disney. I contacted them, and they said that the Wii was not a good compatible system for the Infinity.... so why make it for it then???? Very upset. Now they have come up with a 3.0 so none of those figures are compatible with the 1.0 or 2.0 either. I had just bought a 2.0 system for the X-box one that their grandfather had so he could play with them..... Never again Disney. Thinking seriously of boycotting movies too.... Just out for the dirty money. Don't care about the kids enjoyment one bit.
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My daughters are in first and fourth grade, and they love to play Disney Infinity Toy Box on the iPad, so we bought them this starter kit for the Wii for Christmas.

In the box, you will get:
The Wii game disc, with instruction booklet.
Three figures: Jack Sparrow, Mr. Incredible, and Sully (not the best choices for girls, but enough to see if they really liked it or not)
1 Disney Infinity base (this is a USB cabled platform that plugs into the back of your Wii console)
One Power Disc (ours was the Cinderella carriage, which the girls were happy with)
One Starter Pack play set piece (a clear plastic gem-like figure)
One Web Code Card

From box to playing took under ten minutes. The Wii had no problems detecting the base or the characters on the base.

So far, the girls are loving it and asking for more girly characters to play with.
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on April 29, 2014
Disney Infinity is an amazing game! I really enjoy getting to sit down and play in so many different ways. The toy box can be overwhelming with so many things to do. I am giving the review 5 stars because the game in general deserves it but the wii version is watered down. Apparently the wii system cannot handle as much as the other systems, so it is limited as to how much can be put in your toy box, there are only blank pre-built toy boxes and you are limited to which toys you can put in the box depending on the theme. For example, you can't put a race track down in a sports toy box. I do have a WiiU disc for when we upgrade out system. The great thing is the portal and characters transfer between the two systems, as well as the ps3. (Xbox has to have an xbox portal.) One of the wonderful things about this game is you are constantly unlocking new items and things to play with as you go through the game. Plan to spend some money if you or your kids get into it though, once you start collecting it is hard to stop.
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on August 25, 2013
I bought this much wanted game after reading all of the negative reviews posted here. It was the only birthday present my son requested so I went for it. I knew it was one player for Wii (except in toybox,) and bought it anyway. My kids love to create in games like minecraft and I knew the toybox aspect would appeal. I was right. They have been playing for three days and love discovering new items, building and re-building new things. I am happy that I bought it despite the reviews. Yes, it would be awesome if all aspects were two player, and yes, the Wii version should have been made to be two player, but if you buy it KNOWING what you are getting you will be pleased. The graphics are good, characters are great and the kids keep earning new "spins" and finding new toybox items. If your children are creative and have played other games with building modes, they should enjoy this despite the one player flaw. Mine take turns in one player and play together in toybox.
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on February 4, 2014
I already knew the Wii version had some limitations but until this is available for Xbox One, it was our only option. I am impressed how immersive the game is for the kids, they play until I ask them to turn it off, no problem getting bored for them. I think the Wii platform is on its last legs but there are still many games available and its great for younger players. Back to the game, the characters are very good quality, a bit expensive at $13 each, but still look very good. The power discs add another dimension to the game and we have already had the kids trade a couple duplicates with fiends. Again, they make you buy these in addition to the game and the mystery packs can be a bit frustrating when you see the same discs again and again.

I will purchase the next generation of the game, assuming it will be available for the Xbox One and the accessories (characters and power discs) will be compatible.
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on November 1, 2014
I have 3 sons who are 4, 6, and 8, and they have really enjoyed playing this both together and individually! They love the characters that came with this set which is wonderful, because if I had them to pick, I probably wouldn't have selected ANY of these...but they really have enjoyed them! Sometimes they play multiplayer in the Toy Box area, and other times, one will play and show the others tips on how to get through the single-player game area, but regardless, they have really enjoyed this game!
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on May 5, 2014
My son just bought this game and loves it. He plays it every day, and really enjoys it. The starter kit comes with three game sets, each of which is like a small game in itself, as well as the ability to carry over certain items from that playset into the toy box mode. I think he said it has taken him about 6 hours to beat each playset which isn't too bad. That is about the time I suppose it would take to play a shorter game. (Some games these days take forever to beat)

It is also nice because it has the add-on playsets (I think there are only three currently) as well as many other figures that you can buy to play the game as well. We have recently ordered the Lone Ranger playset, so I don't have any experience with playing other sets so far. My son also mentioned that he thinks that if you get a villain and play the story mode, that it will be a different story. **I have no verification on that, just going by what he has told me** It does make sense though, because say in the Pirates of the Caribbean playset, your goal is to kill the villain, Davy Jones, but if you play as Davy Jones, surely the goal isn't going to be to kill yourself??

He did complain a little about the graphics not being as good as he wanted them, which is surprising because he usually doesn't mind the graphics. I have read several other reviews about the same thing. Also, you can't play two-player in the story mode which we knew prior to buying, but that does make it a little less appealing. And one thing I have noticed in the couple of times I have played with him was that in the toy box mode (which is where you just build whatever you want granted you have the pieces) both players can't build at the same time. I really wish you could both build at the same time, but if one person is building the other person can only run around, no building.

Overall, the game seems pretty good. My kids like it and that is really all that matters to me. Hopefully they continue making playsets for this thing or I'm afraid my kids will eventually get bored with it.
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on December 30, 2013
I'm so utterly frustrated.
#1. The Wii won't read the disc. Returned the entire game for a new replacement in case it was a fluke. Still not reading it.
#2. NOTHING is wrong with my Wii. It works perfectly on ALL of the kids games. We even updated it anyway and it's running on the latest software. It doesn't glitch or freeze or anything. It is perfect.
#3. Everything I've read on different forums including Disneys own Infinity forum pretty much sums it up-most of the posters discs are unreadable. I'm not replacing my optical eye or fixing something that's not broken. Disney needs to fix their discs!!!

I'm not going to complain about the one person game play... I never even got on to play.
Guess we will stick to Skylanders & Little Big Planet.
Sad to have to return things. Wish they would be able to fix it so my kids could play!!
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